C112 — Kill That Big Star(10)

Shen Jue was feeling more and more out of sorts, and when the other man was about to enter, he couldn’t help but call a halt and say, “Wait.”


Young Master XIV paused, blinking those beautiful peach blossom-like eyes. “What’s wrong?”


“I’m not doing it; get up.” Shen Jue said it in a cold voice.


Young Master XIV’s shoulder strap had long since fallen aside; his long hair covered his snow-white shoulders, revealing a bit of metallurgy. He raised his hand and yawned, lazily saying, “Have you thought about it?”


“I’ve thought about it; get up.” Shen Jue said.


“Alright.” Young Master XIV climbed up, and in doing so, he tugged his shoulder straps back on and pulled his high-cut skirt down a bit, barely concealing one side of a spring-colored area.


Only his white lace underwear was still honestly left on the floor.


He got out of bed, stepped right over the pants, and went to the dresser to dig out a packet of women’s cigarettes. Holding the packet of cigarettes between his long, thin fingers, he inhaled the smoke as he watched Shen Jue get dressed.


Shen Jue finished putting on his clothes and headed out without looking at young master number fourteen, and when he reached the door, he heard a soft chuckle.


“You’re welcome to visit again.”


Shen Jue paused and went out without a second thought; he wouldn’t come back next time.


He gave out two meal tickets and two crystal cores for nothing. As he descended the stairs, Shen Jue was a little frustrated. For some reason, there was always the feeling that he had been cheated, but he was the one who shouted for it to stop because it felt so wrong.


Young Master XIV didn’t give him the feeling of being an ordinary person—a completely different feeling from Shi Cheng. This person was too flashy, with no trace of hardship on his body, like a flower of wealth in the human world. However, this flower of wealth shouldn’t exist at the end of the world; its existence was abnormal.


Shen Jue returned to his dormitory while thinking about it. Old Song and the others had lit candles and were playing fighting the landlord. When they saw him come back, the three pairs of eyes looked over in unison and finally coincidentally landed on the lip print on Shen Jue’s left cheek.


“Wow, tsk, tsk, tsk, how did it feel?” Wang Jingyi was the first to open his mouth.


Shen Jue shook his head, ready to go take a shower. Being touched by hands didn’t feel good at all.


Wang Jingyi was a little confused when he saw Shen Jue shaking his head and was about to ask again when Wang Jingming held down his hand and said, “Brother, it’s your turn to play.”


Old Song and the others all knew that Shen Jue had gone to the seventh floor to spend money, but when he came back, it was as if he wasn’t happy at all, and he laid down on the bed after taking a shower.


Wang Jingming and Shen Jue’s beds were opposite each other, and after lying there for a while, he looked over to Shen Jue’s side, saw that he wasn’t sleeping, and lowered his voice. “What’s wrong with you?”


Shen Jue glanced at Wang Jingming and said, “Nothing.”


“I feel like you’re not very happy. Are the people up there bullying you?” Wang Jingming asked, “Those people of theirs really look down on ordinary people like us; in the future, you shouldn’t go.”


Shen Jue rolled over and faced him. “No, I’m still going.”



He’d just avoid that fourteenth young master.


But for the next ten days, no matter if Shen Jue went at 8 p.m. or 10 p.m., the only person who was free was that one expensive and devilish young master number fourteen.

The gatekeeper looked at Shen Jue and couldn’t help but smile. “You’ve been here a few times now; why don’t you order the 14th young master? I’m embarrassed to see that you’ve been waiting for so many days, but the other young masters really aren’t available, but there’s a princess that’s available; would you like to order?”


Shen Jue shook his head decisively and went back.


After a dozen days of hitting the nail on the head, Shen Jue became suspicious because it was just too strange. How could it be that no matter when he went, only young master number fourteen was free?

So he found Wang Jingming. “Wang Jingming, can you do me a favor?”


Wang Jingming nodded. “Tell me, what is it? I can help you for sure.”


Shen Jue pulled out two fourth-floor meal tickets and two top-grade crystal cores from his pocket and handed them to Wang Jingming. “Go to the seventh floor and ask the gatekeeper which young master is free tonight; if it’s only number fourteen, come back. This is for you, just in case the other party forces you to spend money on them. Give them to him, and you can come straight back.”


Wang Jingming caught an important point of information in Shen Jue’s words, “Young master?”


“Hmm,” Shen Jue said.


Wang Jingming froze for a moment. “Do you like men?”


“Sort of.” Shen Jue said, “Can you go for me? If you find it troublesome, forget it.”


Wang Jingming still looked a bit dazed but nodded. “It’s fine; I’ll just go up and ask for you.”


Wang Jingming went to the seventh floor, and after a while he came back, “I just asked; the person guarding the door said that number fourteen is free, and all the others are booked.”


He returned the crystal cores and meal tickets to Shen Jue.


When Shen Jue heard Wang Jingming’s words, he was slightly more at ease, but this ease didn’t last long; he’s been here for almost a month, and so far he hadn’t been able to successfully do it. He didn’t want to go to Young Master’s place, and other people were fully booked. Now he had saved dozens of fourth-floor meal tickets and crystal cores.


He couldn’t drag it out for too long; in these recent days when he went out on missions, those zombies were restless when they smelled him, and the people around him already had some suspicions about him.


If he continued like this, his zombie-attracting physique would always come to light, and what was even more unspeakable was his physical condition, which couldn’t be delayed for much longer.



After all, pregnancy still took time. If it didn’t work once, there would be a second time. If it didn’t work twice, there would be three, four, or five times… It would take some time for the embryo to form, and he couldn’t delay it anymore.



The next day, Shen Jue made up his mind that no matter who was on the seventh floor, he had to go up; failure wasn’t allowed, only success.


On his mission today, Shen Jue was a little restless, probably because of what was about to happen at night, and the zombies were a little restless as well. Shen Jue had only just entered the building when he heard footsteps.


He didn’t hesitate; he turned around and ran. When the squad leader and the others saw Shen Jue come out, they immediately raised their alertness and prepared their abilities. Today’s zombies were unusually excited, swarming up to the building in extremely large numbers. There were only a dozen or so of them, and they were struggling to face dozens of zombies.


Shen Jue saw the situation; he could only take the gu*n and hide behind the crowd, aiming at the zombie head burst, but the zombies were still increasing. The captain saw the situation and directly called the crowd to retreat, “No way, there are too many zombies; retreat!”


And just at this moment, a car drove behind. That car stopped, and from above came down a few people. Those few people also had abilities, so they quickly joined the team to fight the zombies.


With the support of those few people, the pressure plummeted.


They retreated back while fighting, and Shen Jue retreated the furthest because he knew that those zombies were chasing after his scent; as long as they were far away, those zombies couldn’t smell it and wouldn’t come after them.


The squad leader saw that the zombies were all dead, wiped the sweat from his face, and immediately went to thank the supporting few, saying, “Thank you.. eh, aren’t you that star, Shao Ge?”


Shao Ge was dressed in all black with a duck-tongued cap on his head, and his expression was faint as he gave a hmmm.


Even in the post-apocalyptic world, seeing such a big star made many people a little excited; after all, one could only see them on TV before. Unlike a small, transparent star like Shen Jue, Shao Ge’s fame was so big that everyone from eight years old down to eighty knew his name.


For a while, this place turned into Shao Ge’s autograph session.


Shen Jue naturally saw Shao Ge, but he didn’t get close; he stood far away, waiting for the crowd to finish signing.


But Shao Ge saw him and took it in stride.


“Didn’t you go to become a young master?” Shao Ge’s eyes under his duck-tongue cap were cold but also beautiful enough, like pupils made of glaze.


“I’m doing two jobs, can’t I?” Shen Jue brushed the hair from his face away.


Shao Ge was silent for a split second, then he pulled on Shen Jue’s wrist and said in a low voice, “Come with me; don’t be a young master.”


“It’s not like you’re helping me get pregnant; I’ll die one day if I go with you.” Shen Jue tried to take his hand back, but Shao Ge used force.


Shao Ge looked at Shen Jue with downcast eyes, his rose-colored lips letting out a sentence: “I’ll help you, okay? Stop it, come with me.”


Shen Jue sniffed and immediately looked at Shao Ge. “Are you serious?”


Shao Ge’s gaze was frozen for a moment, but he still nodded his head.


“Alright then, I’ll go with you.” Shen Jue said.


Shen Jue didn’t leave anything at the base; whenever he went out, he put anything important in his backpack at all times. It wasn’t really anything important, just the meal tickets and crystal cores from the base.


The crystal cores could be kept, but those meal tickets were of little use.


After saying goodbye to the squad leader, Shen Jue sat in the car driven by Shao Ge and destroyed all those meal tickets.


He felt that these things harmed people to some degree, so he didn’t want to pass them on to others.


After Shao Ge parted ways with Shen Jue at that time, he met a few people who also had abilities, so they simply moved in together.


Shao Ge sat next to Shen Jue and watched him destroy the meal tickets for a long time before asking, “What is this? Why did you destroy it?”


Shen Jue thought for a moment before saying, “If you want to order a princess or young master, you need this.”


Hearing this, Shao Ge narrowed his eyes and said, “You’ve earned quite a bit.”


“Well, I was working hard to complete the mission.” Shen Jue didn’t seem to hear the tone of Shao Ge’s words.


Shao Ge looked at the people in front and behind him, then he took off his hat, used it to cover his face, and stopped talking to Shen Jue.


But Shen Jue didn’t want to let Shao Ge go; he needed to make sure the other guy was telling the truth, or else he’d have to go back to the base and hand in his crystals again.


He moved over and laid on Shao Ge’s shoulder; his voice lowered because there were other people next to him. “You said you’d help me, really?”


Shao Ge closed his eyes and pushed Shen Jue away, giving a perfunctory hmmm.


Seeing his attitude, Shen Jue was a little uneasy. “If you’re not willing, then I’d better go back to base.”


Just as the words fell, Shao Ge took his hat off and turned his head to look at him, those eyes bright as hell. “I’ll help, of course.”


After saying that, he pulled Shen Jue towards him and kissed him directly.


When talking to this guy, the only way to get through to him was through actions.




But his lips were quite soft.



Awwww, I was rooting for the 14th young master, I just want lovvvvvee 😪

Plus the description of him sounded 🔥

I’m learning to draw, so I almost attempted to draw him. I can’t yet but I will **one day*

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