C111 — Kill That Big Star (9)

Shi Cheng had never heard of this kind of request; how could someone pay money to ask him to do it?


He stared blankly at the person in front of him, not knowing how to react for a moment. Shi Cheng’s original nature was dull; he didn’t like to watch TV; he only watched historical dramas, so he didn’t recognize who Shen Jue was; he only thought that the young man in front of him was really strange.


But he quickly thought that since this world had so many people, having different feti-shes was also very normal.


But the five-minute request…


Shi Cheng said with some embarrassment, “I… I don’t know if it can end in five minutes.” He was ashamed; he grew up to be 35 years old and had never been in a relationship except for his previous college years.


When he was in college, the school atmosphere was simple. He and the girl were just holding hands, hugging, and kissing each other. Both faces were flushed red, and he couldn’t even think about the next step, let alone do it.


After graduation, he continued to study for a PhD; his studies were already heavy enough, and he didn’t have the heart to fall in love. When he graduated, he was already twenty-eight or twenty-nine, and he was busy looking for a job, so in short, he had never done it on top.


Shen Jue heard this; the satisfaction in his eyes obviously faded. He frowned a little unhappily and thought for a moment before saying, “Ten minutes at most, okay?”


Shi Cheng stuttered, “I will try my best.”


After he finished, he glanced at Shen Jue and found that he had only taken off his pants and shirt, and he somewhat understood the other person’s meaning.


Shi Cheng thought about it, lowered his head, and started to take off his own trousers. When he got on the bed as well, the two of them looked at each other face-to-face. Shi Cheng was the first to turn red and was a little afraid to look at Shen Jue.


Shen Jue thought about it and leaned slightly towards Shi Cheng’s side; his eyes narrowed as he stared at Shi Cheng.


Shi Cheng hadn’t received this kind of attention before; he had always been the one at the bottom, and those people didn’t care if he reacted or not.


But the more he stared, the more embarrassed he became, and his face was about to turn even more red when, all of a sudden, Shen Jue coldly said, “Get up.”


Shi Cheng only felt numb at that moment; he wanted to find a place to hide himself. Obviously,  he had previously received customers, but he had never been so bashful, it was as if he were back in university.


But being bashful all the time wasn’t a good thing.


Shi Cheng boldly extended his hand to Shen Jue. He put his hand on the other party’s underwear, and just before he could pull it off, a knock suddenly sounded at the door.


Hearing the sound, Shi Cheng froze for a moment. It was reasonable to say that if the doorman knew he had someone here, he wouldn’t let other guests book him. Could it be that there was something else going on?


Shi Cheng thought for a moment and retracted his hand again. “I’ll go take a look.” He whispered, quickly putting his trousers back on again.


Shen Jue saw Shi Cheng get up to open the door and simply lay down as he waited for Shi Cheng to return. After the door was opened, he heard Shi Cheng talking. It seemed there was another person, but it was too low for him to hear what was being said.


It took a while before Shen Jue saw Shi Cheng return. An awkward smile hung on Shi Cheng’s face as he looked at Shen Jue with difficulty, handing over the meal ticket and crystal core he had collected earlier. “Sorry, guest, I may not be able to take your order tonight.”


Shen Jue sat up at that. “Why?”


Shi Cheng pursed his lips. “The person above booked me; according to the rules here, we have to give priority to the person above. I’m really sorry, or how about this? Come to me next time, and I’ll give you a freebie.”


Shen Jue was silent for a moment; at the end of the world, there was still rank suppression. He got out of bed, put his trousers back on, and took the things into the hands of Shi Cheng. “Forget it; I’ll change to someone else.”



After he finished speaking, he left.


Seeing this, Shi Cheng couldn’t help but pull on Shen Jue’s hand. His tone was soft, with a pleasing tone. “I’m really sorry; I didn’t want to. Will you come and find me next time?”


For some reason, Shi Cheng inexplicably had a good feeling about the person in front of him; he didn’t know if it was his skin or his character; he felt as if staying with the other wasn’t so difficult.


Shen Jue glanced at Shi Cheng’s hand gripping his arm, slowly pulling his hand out, then raised his eyes to look squarely at the other. “If I come next time and you’re free, I’ll book you. You don’t have to give me a freebie; you deserve these things.”


Shi Cheng’s lipsticked lips opened slightly, seemingly a little surprised by the other’s words, but before he could say anything, Shen Jue had already turned his head and walked away.



He looked at the other man’s back as he left and lowered his head with a feeling of loss.


Shen Jue was actually very depressed; he had waited for so long and was actually cut off, but he couldn’t get angry with Shi Cheng; after all, he was innocent.


He retraced his steps back to the doorway on the seventh floor, and when the man guarding the door saw him come out, he smiled and said, “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry; you can book a new one.” He looked at the list in his hand and said, “However, there’s only one young master who’s free now, and the princess’ side is also full.”



Not even having a choice, Shen Jue could only nod. “That’s it; which room is he in?”


“Room fourteen.” The man said,.


Shen Jue took a step and turned back. “Will it be cut off this time? If anyone else wants to order him, then I’ll go back.”


The man smiled and said, “No, don’t worry about it.”


Shen Jue sniffed before he felt relieved enough to go find the door to room number fourteen.


He found the door with the number 14 sign hanging, and then raised his hand to knock on it. This time, he waited at the door for a long time before someone opened it.


And when the door was opened, Shen Jue froze for a moment.


What first burst into his eyes was a head of long hair.


The owner of the long hair lifted his eyes slightly and looked at Shen Jue, his red lips gently tugging up into a smile. “Two meal tickets and two pieces of top-quality crystal cores at a time, multiplied by five for the night.”


So expensive.


Shen Jue couldn’t help but think of his heart.


But fortunately, the other party was a man, not a woman.


This young master number fourteen had long, silky black hair and even had neat bangs. The pair of eyes under his fringes were a pair of peach blossom-like eyes with extremely black pupils, and the corners of his eyes were upturned, inexplicably clear with a sense of charm.


He had snow-red lips, delicate facial features, and even a small body size; he was possibly only about 1.7 meters. Shen Jue was about a head taller than him.


But there was absolutely nothing to fault with this face; it was beautiful to the point of being a little over the top, and if it weren’t for the fact that his voice was a man’s, Shen Jue would have thought he’d knocked on the wrong door.


Shen Jue thought about it for a moment and took out the meal tickets and crystal cores from his pockets, just enough to buy the other once.


Young Master Fourteen took the items before throwing a wink at Shen Jue, “Come in.”


This room was a bit more luxurious than the room that Shi Cheng had just been in, and even the bed was a two-meter king.


Young Master Fourteen waited for Shen Jue to enter the room, then closed the door and locked it. When Shen Jue heard him lock it, he couldn’t help but look back at him.


Young Master Number Fourteen smiled and said, “You don’t want someone to come in later when you’re doing your work, do you?”


He didn’t want to.


Shen Jue looked at young master number fourteen and asked, “Do you want to take a shower first?”


The other party shook his head and said, “I’ve just washed; let’s start straight away; my time is precious.”


Very well.


He liked people who were in a hurry.


Shen Jue walked over to the bed and started to take off his trousers. Just as he finished, he realized that young master number fourteen had already finished taking his trousers off. After the other party had finished, he walked over to the white wardrobe and took out a high-cut dress from it and a pair of white lace underwear from the middle drawer.


Shen Jue froze for a moment and couldn’t help but speak, “You…”


The young master heard Shen Jue’s voice and turned back. “Oh, I forgot you ordered me for the first time. I like to wear women’s clothes when I do that. You don’t mind, do you?”


Shen Jue hesitated, but the other party had already started wearing it, so he could only exhale softly and sit down on the edge of the bed.


Young Master Fourteen beautifully put on the aqua-colored dress, turned from side to side in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror, and then, from the dresser next to him, took a lipstick.


His lip color was already red, and it became even redder when he put on the lipstick.


The person in the mirror was as colorful as a red lotus, and if it wasn’t for the obvious throat knot on his neck, no one would think he was a man.


Young Master Fourteen did all this before he came towards the bed. He looked at Shen Jue, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, his eyebrows that were trimmed to a fine point gently raised, and he asked, “What position do you want?”


“Ordinary will do.” Shen Jue looked into the other man’s eyes and asked, “Can you accept going without a con-dom?”


The young master blinked, “Okay.”


“Be on top and finish in five minutes; can you do that?” Shen Jue added.


Unlike Shi Cheng, Young Master Number Fourteen wasn’t even surprised and simply shook his head. “Five minutes is too short; it’s not like I’m a silver bullet; it’ll take half an hour anyway.” Speaking of which, he glanced underneath Shen Jue and said, “First time? The first time is even more troublesome; there’s also dilation.”


Shen Jue hesitated a little when he heard it would take half an hour. Young Master 14 seemed to have guessed what Shen Jue was thinking at this point and leisurely sat down on the edge of the bed, his thin, white legs folded together. “If you regret it now, I’m not going to return the stuff to you; if you can’t take it, just get out.”


After he finished speaking, he ruffled his long hair behind him, revealing the tattoo on the back of his neck underneath. The tattoo’s design was of a scorpion, which made the feminine aura on his body dissipate quite a bit, but it was even more seductive.


Shen Jue stared at the other man for a moment before suddenly saying, “You were the one who dropped something two days ago?”


Young Master Fourteen’s eyes turned slightly, and he looked at Shen Jue and said, “Yeah, I accidentally dropped it while sunbathing; you’re the one who picked it up, ah, then I’ll give you an extra kiss, alright?”


“No need.” Shen Jue just refused, but Young Master 14 suddenly leaned over; he directly grabbed Shen Jue’s shoulder, his red lips quickly pressing against his.


Shen Jue immediately tried to push the other away, but was pressed down by the other. Although this young master looked petite, his strength was somewhat frightening, and Shen Jue was almost unable to move as he was pressed underneath him.


Lips pressed against each other, the tip of his nose was filled with the perfume of the other man’s body.

It was somewhat thick.


A smile surfaced in young master number fourteen’s eyes, he dragged out the red color as he licked Shen Jue’s face, whispering, “My lipstick is edible; try it; I rarely give it away for free.”


Shen Jue inclined his face to the side, and the other man’s kiss landed on his cheek, leaving a conspicuous lip mark.


“No need; if you’re going to keep teasing me, I’ll just have to leave.” Shen Jue said it in a cold, lower voice.


The other party’s long hair fell against his neck, tickling him a little.


A low laugh came from above: “Hey, you’re pissed off? Alright then, I won’t tease you; let’s get started then. If you want me to end it quickly, then you have to work hard too.”


Young Master Fourteen lowered his head; his red lips were close to Shen Jue’s earlobe, and he spoke in an almost airy tone.




Because his voice was so soft, Shen Jue couldn’t only hear properly, but he knew for sure they weren’t good words.


Unlike Shao Ge, this Young Master 14’s hands were hot, and the places he touched seemed to be on fire.



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