C109 — Kill That Big Star (7)

Shen Jue looked at the hand with some confusion.

The hand hooked a finger at him, then retracted and never reached out again, as if what he’d just seen was an illusion.

Seeing this, Shen Jue didn’t look up again and went straight back to the dormitory.

Wang Jingyi and his brother came back from outside around one o’clock, and when they saw Shen Jue in the dormitory, Wang Jingming hesitated and took an opened half-box of biscuits and a bottle of water from his backpack, which he handed over to Shen Jue.

“You didn’t get an assignment this morning, did you? So eat this first.”

There was no way for Shen Jue to act politely to the other man, so he just took it and said thank you. This dormitory had nothing but beds and lockers, not even a table, so the only way to eat was to sit on the bed.

Because he had been hungry for a long time, Shen Jue ate a bit hastily, quickly finishing the biscuits in his hand. It was only after he had finished eating that he noticed Wang Jingming standing beside his bed, and he couldn’t help but look up at the other man.

After Wang Jingming met Shen Jue’s puzzled look, he coughed and busied himself by walking away. In the afternoon, Wang Jingyi and his brother went out again, and they took on both the morning and afternoon missions at once.

That was how everyone at this base did it.

With the biscuits to cushion his stomach, Shen Jue wasn’t as hungry, but sitting around here was never an option. He wanted to see the base boss, but he didn’t even know where he was.

He’d asked Wang Jingming about this place earlier.

The first to sixth floors here were all occupied by ordinary people of the base, like them; they lived on the first floor. And the upper eight to thirteen floors were occupied by people with abilities. Wang Jingming hadn’t been up there; he had only heard that above the eighth floor were all single rooms, unlike the crowded ones they lived in.

“What about the seventh floor?” Seeing that Wang Jingming hadn’t mentioned the seventh floor, Shen Jue couldn’t help but ask.

At the mention of the seventh floor, Wang Jingming’s face inexplicably reddened a bit, and he lowered his eyes before saying, “That’s where the princesses and young masters live, with the princesses on the left and the young masters on the right.”

Shen Jue understood that the person he saw today was probably a princess.

Wang Jingming raised his eyes to look at Shen Jue and added, “It’s expensive to go there and spend money there; although we’re egalitarian here, we’re not completely even. For example, if you get a mission to search for daily necessities and the mission asks you to search five boxes of tissue paper and you search twenty boxes, that’s an over-achievement of the mission, and you can receive an extra fourth-floor meal ticket and crystals. The princesses and young masters on the seventh floor only receive things.” His voice lowered with the words that followed: “Usually it’s one meal ticket and one top-quality crystal core a night.”

When Shen Jue heard this, he was suddenly a bit perturbed. This physique of his wouldn’t last long; he always had to go out and do missions, but once he went out, he would attract zombies. If he found a young master and got pregnant, then his attraction to zombies would be equal to 0, and he wouldn’t even have to be afraid of zombie attacks.


In this way, he could take on missions like searching for supplies every day, follow the car there, and follow the car back. It shouldn’t be too hard on the way.

He was a man after all; pregnancy wasn’t as hard as a woman’s pregnancy. At least in his previous lives, he was nine months old and had gone out and done missions.

It was better to be tired than to die at the hands of a zombie, not to mention that once the people he went out on the mission with realized that he was the one who attracted the zombies, there was a high chance that they would leave him behind. It was human nature.

He had to find a way to protect himself, so finding a young master seemed a lot simpler. He had money and goods, no one owed anyone, and he could ask the other party to do only what he wanted and for how long.

As he thought about it, Shen Jue couldn’t help but nod his head, feeling pretty good about it.

Wang Jingming kept looking at Shen Jue; seeing him pondering, he coldly asked, “You… you want to apply for the young master job?”

Shen Jue came back to his senses and shook his head. “No, I want to go to the seventh floor to spend money.”

Next to him, Wang Jingyi directly sprayed water out of his mouth as he roared with laughter.

He quickly wiped the corners of his mouth and looked at Shen Jue with some amusement. “You want to go to the seventh floor to spend money?”

“Yes, why?” Shen Jue asked Wang Jingyi in return.

Wang Jingyi still had a smile on his face; he couldn’t even hold it in. “Nothing; I’m just a little surprised, but the consumption there is really quite high; ordinary people usually can’t afford to spend money; it’s only people with abilities that can go there.”

Speaking here, he glanced at Wang Jingming next to him and said, “In fact, ordinary people like us also have a way to relieve our desire. Just find the person who looks good to you. It doesn’t matter if you have free love.”

Shen Jue sniffed and shook his head again. “I’m not interested in free love.”

Wang Jingyi’s look at Shen Jue instantly became respectful. “Big brother, big brother, I’ve lost to you.”

Wang Jingming had an unexplainable expression on his face: “You really want to go up there and spend money? It’s really extraordinarily expensive there, but there’s a reason it’s expensive. Even before the end of the world, I’d never even seen a woman that beautiful.”

Shen Jue’s target wasn’t a woman, but a man, but he wasn’t going to tell the brothers about it, lest he scare them.

Since he had thought about looking for the young master, Shen Jue felt that he had to do a good job of completing his mission, so the next day he got up even earlier than old Song, and by the time old Song got out of bed, Shen Jue was already ready to go out.

Old Song gave Shen Jue a somewhat surprised look but said nothing, only speeding up his movements.

By the time Shen Jue got to the first-floor mission hall, there was indeed a large queue, and he hurriedly stood at the end of the line. It was only at eight o’clock that the queue slowly began to move forward. The person handing out the quests today was the same as yesterday; he seemed to have some impression of Shen Jue. “You’re quite early today; what quests do you want to take on?”

“What’s available?” Shen Jue asked.

The man looked down before saying, “We need forty more people on this side to search for supplies, twenty on the east side of the city, and twenty on the west side of the city.” He looked up at Shen Jue and said, “You’re new here, right? A simpler task would be to search for clothes; as long as adults can fit into them, will you take it?”

“Yes.” Shin Jue said, “I’d like to take the afternoon mission together.”

“Afternoon ……” The man looked down again for a moment and said, “There won’t be an afternoon mission to search for clothes. Is this okay? Go to a field in the suburbs to harvest wheat; this mission is a little more tiring, the road is farther, and there’s a chance you’ll run into zombies, but it’s a lot easier than going directly to the zombie horde to get crystals.”

Shen Jue knew that he wasn’t capable of going head-to-head with the zombies right now, so he didn’t hesitate and directly took the two missions.

He still had half an hour to eat breakfast after taking the mission cards, and breakfast was something he could go eat after taking the mission cards.

Shen Jue went to the third floor of the canteen, and everyone had the same breakfast: two steamed buns and soy milk. He collected his breakfast and found a corner to sit down, and as he lowered his head to nibble on the steamed buns, there was suddenly a clamor at the door.

But Shen Jue wasn’t interested; he’d only eaten half a box of biscuits yesterday, and this morning his steamed buns were still a bit hot. By the time he’d finished the buns and soy milk in his hand, the noise was long gone, so he had no idea what had just happened.

At nine o’clock, the convoy set off on time.

They had ten people sitting in the back of this car, in addition to the driver and the co-pilot squad leader.

By the time Shen Jue got on the bus, the other nine had already arrived, and their gazes instantly swiped towards Shen Jue’s face in unison. When someone got a good look at Shen Jue’s face, they quickly began talking, “Isn’t that some kind of star?”

“Yeah, it’s a star; why is he on a mission with the team?”

“This kind should stay on the seventh floor.”

Shen Jue pretended he didn’t hear those words, found a seat, and sat down. The squad leader came over after a while, counting the number of people and checking the mission cards. This squad leader had an ability; it seemed to be enhanced hearing; the zombies were still far away; he could hear their footsteps and even the sound of breathing.

So many people liked to follow his car out, which was very safe. They always quickly left before the zombie appeared, effectively avoiding danger.

The car drove for an hour before stopping. Shen Jue was sitting on the outer corner, so he was the first to get out of the car. The squad leader gave them areas to search for supplies, and they all worked in pairs.

Shen Jue was grouped together with a small, thin man. They mainly searched the fifth floor of the shopping center in front of them. Because there was no electricity, they had to rely on the stairs to get up and down, and after a few trips, Shen Jue could already feel his back sweating, and his steps slowed down.

The skinny man next to him couldn’t help but snort when he saw Shen Jue like this: “A bit of strength isn’t even there, yet you still came out on a mission; you might as well go to the seventh floor; how comfortable would that be?”

Shen Jue gave him a look and said, “Since it’s so comfortable, why don’t you go?”

Unexpectedly, the skinny man didn’t get angry; instead, he cheered up, “I want to go, but unfortunately, my face isn’t pretty; I can’t go.”

In this post-apocalyptic world, some people chose to live by their own efforts, but some people didn’t want to live so hard. For some people, relying on their faces to eat was also a skill; at least they didn’t have to risk so much; they didn’t have to be so tired; every day they just had to stay in bed, smile, and spread their legs, and then they could live peacefully or even quite well.

Shen Jue didn’t say anything about it; he was neither for nor against it; he just wouldn’t want to be a young master.

“I can’t go either.”

The skinny man looked Shen Jue up and down, feeling strange. “You still can’t go like this? It can’t be; what would the people on the seventh floor have to look like?”

He hadn’t seen the people on the seventh floor either, the princesses and young masters; there were to a certain extent the treasures of the base; not everyone could see them, especially the princesses; all of them were valuable. He had heard that a man with an ability tossing a princess to her death, and the base directly scrapped the man’s ability and threw him into the zombie pile.

“Bad temper.” Shen Jue said, “I bite anyone who stares at my face too much; my mom said I was bitten by a dog when I was a kid.”

As if to confirm this, Shen Jue turned his head and showed his snow-white teeth to the skinny man.

Hearing this, the thin man silently moved away from Shen Jue. In the post-apocalyptic world, he was most afraid of meeting a biter, and when he heard the word “bite,” most people would think of a zombie.

“Alright, you really can’t go with this doggy temper, so work on yourself more.” The skinny man muttered.

By the time they finished moving the stuff, it was already eleven in the morning, and the convoy was ready to return. On the way back, Shen Jue was tired but still able to hold on. After all, when he was a star before, he often practiced dancing. His explosive power and endurance were okay; it was just that this body of his was a bit afraid of heat. After so many trips up and down the stairs, he was already sweating. His forehead and neck were sweaty.

He leaned on the car to rest, and the squad leader in front of him suddenly said, “Not good; there are zombies in front; change the path.”

Encountering zombies was already a common occurrence, so the people in the car didn’t have much of a reaction. Relying on the squad leader’s hearing ability, they arrived at the base safely.

As soon as Shen Jue went back, he went to collect food, then went back to the dormitory to take a shower, but the problem was that he only had two sets of clothes, and yesterday’s clothes hadn’t even dried yet after being washed, so he was all wet with sweat again.

While Shen Jue was hesitating, Wang Jingyi and his brother returned. Old Song usually didn’t come back at noon. Convoys that didn’t come back at noon usually ate on the road, and they could collect their boxed lunches in the morning.

Wang Jingyi came in first. As soon as he came in, he saw Shen Jue standing beside the bed with only a towel around him. He stopped violently, and behind him, Wang Jingming came in a foot behind him. He also saw Shen Jue, and his movements synchronized with Wang Jingyi.

Shen Jue glanced at them and withdrew his gaze. They were all men, and as long as they weren’t doing anything weird, it was okay to strip.

“You just took a shower, huh?” Wang Jingyi said.

Shen Jue nodded.

“Is it so hot that you can’t wear clothes?” Wang Jingyi added.

“I have no clothes to wear; I just washed, and the other set is dirty.” Shen Jue responded.

When Wang Jingming heard that, he suggested to Shen Jue, “I have a set of clean clothes; if you don’t mind, I’ll lend them to you to wear.”

Wang Jingyi sniffed and looked at Wang Jingming with a smirk. Wang Jingming’s face burned a little when he saw his big brother’s eyes, but he still went and got the clothes and handed them to Shen Jue.

After saying thank you, Shen Jue took the clothes. He went back to the bathroom and changed into the clothes before coming out to eat.

The food was already a bit cold, but Shen Jue hadn’t eaten rice in a few days and wasn’t fussy. Wang Jingming’s clothes were a bit short for Jue Shen, especially the trousers. As a star, Shen Jue was a meter eighty-two, with particularly superior leg proportions, and with his hands lowered vertically, his wrists were able to go over his crotch, which was the standard model ratio.

Although Wang Jingming wasn’t short, his upper body was a bit longer, so his trousers were a bit shorter for Shen Jue; his ankles were exposed there; and a section of Shen Jue’s wrists were also exposed.

When Wang Jingyi saw this, he couldn’t help but ponder out loud, ”A star is still a star; his body and looks are unrivaled. I used to think it was the filters that made them look good when I watched TV, but now I have to say I’m convinced.”

After he finished, he looked at Shen Jue curiously and asked, “Have you had any plastic surgery? I’ve heard that a lot of artists get plastic surgery before they debut.”

Shen Jue shook his head.

Wang Jingming tugged on Wang Jingyi’s arm. “Brother, what are you asking?”


Wang Jingyi let out a sigh. “Just asking out of curiosity.”


In the afternoon, Shen Jue followed another caravan to harvest wheat, a job no easier than the morning’s; he had to bend over all the time. Shen Jue felt like his back was about to break. Back in the post-apocalyptic world, it was as if mankind had gone back a few hundred years; without electricity, machines couldn’t be used, and they had to rely entirely on manual labor.

As he lay in bed after a long day’s work, Shen Jue suddenly realized that even though he’d worked all day, he’d only barely been able to feed himself and had no money to spend on the seventh floor.

He rolled over, listening to Old Song’s rising and falling snores above him, and decided that tomorrow he would take on a harder assignment.

The next day, Shen Jue got up even earlier, and he was already out the door before Old Song was even up. Most people who worked all day had some trouble getting up the next day, so waking up early was actually a painful and difficult thing to do, but Shen Jue was used to cultivating the Dao, and as long as his body held up, he was able to get up early.

When he walked out of the building, there were still very few people outside. Shen Jue had just reached the middle of the two buildings when his head was suddenly hit by something.

Shen Jue froze for a moment before catching the languidly floating pink lace underwear.



The heartache continues.

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