C107 — Kill That Big Star(5)

Bonus Chap


As soon as Shao Ge’s words came out, Shen Jue couldn’t help but frown. Although he didn’t pay much attention to looks, he knew that Shao Ge’s face had been voted one of the top three most handsome faces in the world for years.


It was almost as good as his. Could it be that he was going to find the other two? Whether those two were still alive or not, it was all a moot point.


While they were talking here, the man hesitantly came over, he showed a pleasing smile, “Let’s go together, we can take care of each other.”


Shao Ge’s expression was three times colder than before, “No need.”


The man sniffed, and looked at Shao Ge’s face a few more times, before he took a few steps and walked away.


Shao Ge watched the man walk away, slightly relieved, but as soon as he turned back, he saw Shen Jue looking at the man’s departing back with the same kind of gaze as the man.


Shao Ge: “……”


He couldn’t help but reach out and block Shen Jue’s eyes, “Don’t look, the man’s gone.”



With a hand blocking his view, Shen Jue could only retract his eyes and turn around to walk into the room. He was still thinking about the man’s spatial powers as they departed, and his mind hadn’t come back yet.


Shen Jue leaned back in his seat and thought about things, in Shao Ge’s eyes, it was Shen Jue moping about that man this morning.


He pursed his lips and said, “If you want to go with that man so badly, wait until you get to B City and see him again, then follow him.”


When Shen Jue heard this, he shook his head, “I’m not going with him.”


Shao Ge gave Shen Jue a look, “Alright then.”



They weren’t as lucky today, they didn’t find a place to stay, Shao Ge saw that it was getting dark, so he got off the highway and found a place to park.


They could only sleep in the car today, fortunately Shao Ge had water powers, so they had water everywhere.



Shao Ge put the newspaper on the window of the car, and then adjusted the seat back, but even so, he couldn’t fit his somewhat excessively long legs. He hiked his leg up on the steering wheel for a moment before he could only retract it again, while next to him, unlike him, Shen Jue’s entire body shrank into a ball.



The night was deepening, and if it wasn’t the end times, Shao Ge would have wanted to sit on the roof of the car and enjoy the moon. It was as if the days under the spotlight were already far away from him, it had obviously only been a few months.



Now he had no family or friends, there was only Shen Jue by his side. Thinking about this, Shao Ge couldn’t help but glance at Shen Jue, his back was turned to him so he couldn’t see his face.


He was probably still daydreaming about pregnancy.



Shao Ge slept until the middle of the night when he was suddenly awakened by the sound of heavy footsteps, his eyes snapped open and his hand immediately felt for the gun under his seat.


He looked and listened to the movement outside, there was more than one zombie, at least three or four, he could only hope that they didn’t find them, otherwise he might attract more zombies when he fired this shot.


While Shao Ge was listening to the commotion outside, Shen Jue seemed to have woken up, his body moved slightly, then he raised his head, before he could speak, Shao Ge moved over and covered Shen Jue’s lips.



His fingers were a little cold, pressing against Shen Jue’s warm lips.


The two were so close that they were almost on the verge of sticking together.


Shao Ge’s chin was just a little above the top of Shen Jue’s head, and he could smell the refreshing scent of shower gel on the other man.



Strange to say, both he and Jue Shen hadn’t bathed carefully for a few days, every day was just a rinse with water, but the other still had a faint scent of shower gel on him, as if it was his body odor.



Shen Jue couldn’t help but raise his hand to push Shao Ge away, Shao Ge saw this and pushed harder, his hand also held down Shen Jue’s shoulder, seeing that the person was still not cooperating, he could only lower his head and stick to Shen Jue’s ear, “There are zombies.”


Those three words were almost an air tone.


Not only did these zombies have good eyesight, they also had good hearing, and talking a little louder could draw them over.


In the darkness, Shen Jue’s eyes appeared a little brighter, and when he heard Shao Ge’s words, he stopped struggling, letting Shao Ge cover his lips, but those rough footsteps were still gradually approaching.



When the car window was slapped, Shao Ge couldn’t help but curse lowly, letting go of Shen Jue and ripping the newspaper off the window, then opening the door with force, slamming the zombies blocking the outside to the ground before firing a few shots.


With his other hand, he used his electricity to electrocute the zombie next to him.


Seeing this, Shen Jue also fished his slingshot and small stones out of his pocket. The small stones naturally couldn’t explode its head, but he could hit the zombie’s eyes and close off the other side’s vision.


It was just that the night light was bad and those zombies could move, Shen Jue missed the eyes several times, either hitting the zombie’s nose or forehead, those zombies didn’t care about this kind of light damage.


Instead, Shao Ge also received several blows to the back of his head, and feeling both helpless and amused, he whispered, “Put away your broken slingshot.”



Luckily, there were only six or seven zombies, so Shao Ge didn’t have much trouble solving them, but the only thing that bothered him a bit was that those zombies seemed to like to run towards Shen Jue’s side.



After solving these zombies, Shao Ge dug out the crystals from their heads and cleaned them with water before returning to the car.


He couldn’t stay here any longer, maybe the sound of their fight had attracted other zombies.


Shao Ge threw those crystals to Shen Jue and started the car. They returned to the highway, and met a few zombies on the highway, Shao Ge didn’t reduce the speed of the car, and drove directly around those zombies to drive forward.



He drove until the sky was dark, then he got off the highway again and stopped to rest.


After continuously driving in the middle of the night, Shao Ge was now also a little tired, he didn’t even have time to care about cleanliness, he took a jacket and draped it over his body, he hurriedly dropped a sentence, “I’ll sleep for a while, if something happens, wake me”, and then fell asleep tiredly.



When he woke up again, it was already noon, and he only woke up when he smelled the food. He tugged off his jacket and sat up, seeing that the door to Shen Jue’s side of the car was wide open, and he wasn’t in the car.



Shao Ge stretched before getting out of the car. He found Shen Jue not far away, who had gotten some hay and firewood from somewhere, lit it, and was cooking noodles. He was cooking instant noodles, the noodles in the small pot looked colorful and fragrant, and the soup was reddish, making it appetizing to look at.



As soon as Shao Ge approached, Shen Jue raised his head, and when he saw that he was awake, he took the small bowl next to him and filled it for Shao Ge. Shao Ge didn’t politely talk to Shen Jue, and ate it in one gulp before he breathed a sigh of relief.



After eating, Shao Ge sat in the car and studied the map, they were now close to B city, only a few dozen kilometers way, two hours should be enough to get there.



Shen Jue went to wash the pot and bowls, Shao Ge waited in the car for a while but didn’t see anyone come back, so he could only get out of the car, lock the car and go in the direction Shen Jue left to look for him.


He said that there was a waterhole nearby, so Shao Ge asked him to wash the pot and bowls there. He walked for seven or eight minutes before he saw the waterhole Shen Jue had mentioned.


There wasn’t much of a pool of water, and it was probably used to irrigate the paddy fields, but now that no one farmed anymore, the fields next to it were all barren.



The person he was looking for was standing at the water’s edge, and not far from Shen Jue was a zombie, the zombie pounced on Shen Jue a few times, but fortunately he dodged it, he only had a stick in his hand, and every time he smashed it into the zombie’s head, the damage was too low.


The zombie’s entire body was bathed in sunlight, its skin was clearly smoking, but it still persisted in trying to grab onto Shen Jue, with a long trail of drool trailing from the side of its mouth.


As soon as Shao Ge saw it, he rushed over, he killed the zombie in a few hits before turning back to look at Shen Jue, “Are you okay?”


His expression was still calm as he nodded to Shao Ge.



Only then did Shao Ge go to check on the zombie, he hadn’t seen any zombies that dared to walk in the sunlight yet, why was this zombie a bit different?


He took out the crystal core from the zombie’s head and found that it was a very ordinary crystal core, which made him feel even more strange.


Thinking about the strange behavior of the zombies last night, Shao Ge couldn’t help but put his eyes on Shen Jue’s body.


Last night those zombies also seemed to be interested in him, and several times they wanted to pounce on him.


It turned out that the zombies he met were all indiscriminate in their attacks, so why was this time different?



Shen Jue met Shao Ge’s eyes and already knew what the other was thinking, he pursed his lips, “It has something to do with my physique, I told you, I can attract zombies now, unless …… unless I’m pregnant, then the Zombies’ attraction will decrease.”


In the past, Shao Ge wouldn’t believe Shen Jue’s words. He would only think that Shen Jue was crazy, but now… he met a man who was pregnant a few days ago, and Shen Jue had told him several times, each time it didn’t seem like a joke.



Shao Ge stood up and paced back and forth a few times before looking at Shen Jue, “So what are you going to do?”


If Shen Jue was of this physique, it would be hard to live at all in the post-apocalyptic world, and he himself had no abilities, so if he was still attracting zombies that much, he’d pretty much be dead in the water.


No wonder he’d said he’d die if he didn’t get pregnant.


Shen Jue lowered his head slightly, “I’ll go find someone else to help.”


This help, both Shao Ge and Shen Jue knew what it meant.


Shao Ge’s expression was a little unnatural when he heard this, and after a while, he spoke, “Let’s go, we’ll go to B City first.”



Shen Jue gave a hmm, lifting up the pot and bowls he had washed earlier to go back with Shao Ge. During the two hour drive, both of them were silent, because Shao Ge drove almost all day yesterday, so today it was Shen Jue’s turn to drive.


Shen Jue kept looking ahead, his expression didn’t even change, while Shao Ge kept turning his head to look at the scenery along the way, he didn’t know what to say.


Shao Ge didn’t like men, at least he didn’t now, and Shen Jue was his teammate, he wouldn’t do that to his teammate, it would make him feel a little sick.


What was the difference between a bond without feelings and animals?



So even though Shao Ge felt a little guilty, he wouldn’t sacrifice himself to sleep with a man unless he was crazy.


Two hours later, they entered b city safely.


B City really had a small base, but if you wanted to enter the base, you had to hand over all the supplies you had, including crystal cores, they’d confiscate it, and distribute them later and so on.


Egalitarianism was adopted here.




When Shao Ge heard the requirement, he wasn’t prepared to go in, handing over part of it was still acceptable, but handing over all of it, was too risky.



The person in charge of reviewing the materials saw Shao Ge ready to leave, thinking that Shao Ge and Shen Jue were empty handed, he suddenly said, “It’s not impossible for you to stay here if you want to, we have a position here, you can come in without supplies.”



Shao Ge stopped and turned his head to look at the person in charge. Even though he was dusty from hia journey, it didn’t affect his beauty at all, “Position?”


The person in charge looked at Shao Ge, and then looked at Shen Jue next to him, he had long recognized that these were two stars, they also had a few stars living in here some time ago, and their looks were really unmatched.


These two were even better looking, especially this one who looked a few years older.


The person in charge rubbed his hands together, a lewd smile on his face, “We also recruit princesses and young masters here, staying in is free, as long as you work a couple times a week.”



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