C105 — Kill That Big Star(3)

Bonus Chap

After the words were spoken, the air seemed to freeze.





The emotions in Shao Ge’s eyes became a little complicated, his long eyelashes slightly raised and his brown eyes in the light had a kind of almost glass ball transparent beauty.





This face, since his debut, had been rated as one of the world’s 100 most handsome faces every year, even from the first year, he was ranked in the top ten, at that time many people didn’t know him, but remembered his impeccable face.





For the next few years, he was always in the top three.





“What…. lubricant?” Shao Ge asked.





Shen Jue was silent for a moment before he replied, “For humans.”





Shao Ge’s left eyebrow raised slightly.





He had a mole above the end of his left eyebrow, a small mole that his fans had praised at length, saying it was a drop of ink that the Creator had gently added to Shao Ge with a brush.





At this moment, with his eyebrows raised, the small mole also followed up, he always indifferent face suddenly seemed a little unruly, “That anti-inflammatory medicine for external use?”






“Uh-huh.” Shen Jue’s voice was even lower than before.





Shao Ge lowered his head to straighten his leather gloves, then turned to leave. He didn’t ask Shen Jue what he wanted those for. Shao Ge was this kind of character, and it turned out that even in the group, he rarely bothered with other people’s business, focusing only on doing his own thing.





He was born to be an entertainer, because if he showed up, no one would not be attracted to him, but being his teammate wasn’t at all pleasant.






If you got a little close, you’d be scolded for being a backstabber, if you got a little distant, you’d be scolded for isolating him, in short, not being popular was the original sin.






As the least popular of the four, Shen Jue’s existence was almost as transparent as a normal person’s, and his fan base was even less than pitiful; even at the group’s signing, some fans skipped his order.





At that time, Shen Jue felt the blood rush to his cheeks, but he still had to put on a smile and went to sign for the next fan.





And being called the wrong name was also the norm, participating in variety shows together and hearing the crowd shouting Shao Ge’s name yet he didn’t even have a few light tags.






People who put in ten times the effort and received a hundred times the reward were Shao Ge, while Shen Jue puts in a hundred times the effort and couldn’t even see a ten times reward…






No one would give him a chance, even if he did well, the footage would be cut, because the industry itself was all about traffic, and traffic was what got you the money, and the crew weren’t stupid.





That was why in his previous lives, Shen Jue had always been jealous of Shao Ge, when he was pregnant with his child, he often couldn’t sleep peacefully at night, his mind was filled with the way he used to sweat in the practice room, and at that time, he always thought that one day, the lights of the stage would be focused on him, and at a glance, the stage would be filled with the lighted signboards of his fans.






But the dream was shattered, and now he could only lie in bed with a big belly and limited mobility, not knowing if he was even male or female.






He had thought that one day he could catch up with Shao Ge and be able to compete with the other, but from beginning to end, he had always been a loser, as if the heavens had been playing a joke on him, not giving him a chance to win.






Even the chance for him to survive was something he begged for with Shao Ge. What kind of experience was it to beg the person he was most jealous of to fu-ck him?






Underneath the shame was an unrelieved sense of self-loathing.






He took Shao Ge as an imaginary enemy, but now the one who could save him was also this imaginary enemy. By all rights, he should be grateful to the other, but he was so embarrassed that he couldn’t even look straight into the other party’s eyes for fear of seeing contempt in his eyes, so he didn’t dare to show weakness, but the more he did it, the more wrong he became.




As long as Shao Ge frowned a little, he was scared to death that he would leave him and the child in his belly behind.




In his previous lives, Shen Jue didn’t dare to reveal the fear in his heart, so he could only disguise himself, pulling an obnoxious attitude and refusing some of Shao Ge’s help, trying to make the other feel that he wasn’t so useless.






He tried to prove himself, but failed.






The day the child was born, Shen Jue had been waiting for Shao Ge to come, he thought that Shao Ge, as the child’s father, might be willing to give the child a name, but he never came.








Shao Ge rushed back after nightfall. He took off his hat and threw it on the table, then walked over to the door of Shen Jue’s room.






He raised his hand and knocked on the door, “The thing you asked for, I hung it on the door.”





After Shao Ge finished speaking he turned around and went to take a shower, he had just been unlucky and met a group of zombies that came out to forage for food, those zombies climbed onto his car and he had to stop and take care of those zombies, resulting in some of the zombies’ blood on his clothes.






As soon as he came back, he was in a hurry to take a shower, and even forgot to take his underwear.






When Shao Ge finished washing up, he realized this problem, the removed underwear definitely couldn’t be worn again, he looked around the bathroom for a while but found nothing, he could only barely cover the front with a towel.





This towel was short, it covered the front but couldn’t block the back, so half of his a.ss was exposed.





Shao Ge had thought that Shen Jue was in the room, so after taking the towel and barely blocking it, he also went to the living room to retrieve his underwear from the clothesline, and as soon as he turned around, he met Shen Jue’s eyes.






Shen Jue’s gaze shifted slightly downward, looking impartially at the towel.






Even a superstar had to be a little embarrassed at this point, even though they were all men.





Shao Ge looked a little unnatural, but not obviously, as he grabbed his underwear and headed for his room. Just before he reached the door of his room, Shen Jue opened his mouth, “That ……”






Shao Ge stopped in his tracks and looked at Shen Jue with some confusion.





Shen Jue lowered his head, his voice a little low, “It’s nothing.” After he finished speaking, he turned around and went back to his room.





Shao Ge couldn’t help but wrinkle his eyebrows, and when he saw the other party close the door, he let out a light breath and went back to his room as well.





Shen Jue returned to his room, and took the lubricant he just brought in. The lubricant and anti-inflammatory medicine were placed on the bed, he studied these two things for a bit, in fact, he hadn’t used these two things in his previous lives.






When he had se.x with Shao Ge, it was the late stages of his body’s transformation, and it would run on its own, and the feeling was just too shameful that Shen Jue couldn’t help but cringe.





The first time, the situation scared Shao Ge, and the sheets were almost always wet.






As for the anti-inflammatory medicine, he would feel the pain, and even sit uncomfortably, but at that time, he only felt shame, and wasn’t willing to tell the others about his pain, he didn’t understand it, so he only thought that doing that kind of thing would be so embarrassing.






Later, when he arrived at the base, he met a man with the same physique as him.






That man was luckier than him, he was with his lover before the end of the world, and when his body was transformed, he was pregnant with his lover’s child.





That man and his lover were very much in love, and Shen Jue lived next door to him and often saw him coming back very late, while the other man was still rosy-cheeked, not like him at all. So Shen Jue couldn’t help but voice his confusion before realizing that there was something to be said for doing that.






If it hurt, you had to medicate it, and if you forced yourself, it was even worse.






“Of course it also has to do with skill, that one in your family is not ……” The man stopped violently in the middle of his sentence, because he knew that Shen Jue was now alone with the child.





Everyone on the base assumed that Shen Jue had been abandoned, or else the child’s biological father was dead.






So in this life Shen Jue told Shao Ge to buy these two things because he wanted to study them ahead of time, but he only knew one or two things, and had to sit on the bed and scrutinize the instructions for those two things.





He just went out because he wanted to ask Shao Ge if he knew how to use this stuff, but he didn’t expect to see the other party without clothes.





Shen Jue studied the instructions for half a day, his brows knit tighter and tighter, the confusion in his heart deeper, he obviously could read the words, but when he connected them together, why couldn’t he understand?





Apply it where it was needed?






He thought for a moment, and simply put the lubricant next to the medicine. He thought for a moment, and simply opened the lubricant and tried to squeeze a little out, but to his surprise, with a little pressure, he squeezed a lot out, and it dripped down onto his pants and the bedsheets.






Shen Jue hastily screwed the cap back on, looking at the mess, he could only stand up and go outside to wash his hands first, but he just opened the door and saw Shao Ge.





Shao Ge had just raised his hand as if he was about to knock on the door, and when he saw Shen Jue open the door, his expression froze for a moment, but he quickly noticed Shen Jue’s hand.






The look went from frozen to a little hard to describe.





“I want to go wash my hands.” Seeing Shao Ge blocking the doorway and hesitating to move, Shen Jue spoke first.





Shao Ge moved to the side, and only then did Shen Jue go and wash his hands, and after he did so he came back and pulled the sheets off.






While he changed the sheets, Shao Ge had been leaning in the doorway to watch. His legs were long and folded together, with a casual beauty.






When Shen Jue bent over to lay the new sheets, he coldly said, “You got the sheets dirty?”





“Uh-huh.” Shen Jue responded.





“You’re still sick, don’t play around.” Shao Ge’s tone was calm, as if he was just discussing what to eat later, but of course he did ask what Shen Jue wanted to eat later.






Shen Jue made the bed before turning to look at Shao Ge, “I’m not playing around.”





Shao Ge’s expression didn’t change, he just nodded, “Tell me first, what do you want to eat? Or do you want to make it yourself?”






“I’ll eat whatever you want.” Shen Jue knew that Shao Ge hadn’t taken his words in. He picked up the changed sheets and headed out the door, only he couldn’t help but look at the other man as he walked in front, “You know, the . . how do you use a lubricant?”





Shao Ge was nineteen years old when he started his career, now he was twenty-seven years old, for those things, he had only heard about them, he hadn’t seen them with his own eyes, today when he went out, he even searched for a long time before he found these two things.





Use? He hadn’t even seen it, how could know how to use it?




But Shao Ge never liked to say “can’t”, even in the face of this kind of problem, he was silent for a moment, but still stretched out his hand, “Bring it to me to see.”









In the living room.




Shen Jue lowered his head and ate his noodles slowly and methodically, looking up from a few mouthfuls to look at Shao Ge next to him. Shao Ge was also eating noodles, but his eyes were fixed on the instruction manual.





The instructions were actually very brief.





At the top were the ingredients, in the center were the precautions, and the last was the method of use.





The method of use was just a few sentences, adding up to just a few dozen words, but the writing was ambiguous.





Even Shao Ge looked at it and frowned.





He’d finished his noodles and still didn’t know how to tell Shen Jue about the usage method, so he could only look at the other man and calmly say, “I’ll open it and take a look?”





“Uh-huh.” Shen Jue nodded, and as he saw Shao Ge unscrew the cap, he added, “Be careful, it will ……”





The words hadn’t even finished, what happened to Shen Jue just now happened to Shao Ge all over again.





Shao Ge looked at the sticky liquid on his pants, and the look on that God-kissed face stiffened for a moment.



Seeing this, Shen Jue finished the sentence without delay-





“There’s a lot of flow.”





Shao Ge sniffed and looked at Shen Jue and raised an eyebrow, the meaning in his eyes clear.





You couldn’t say that earlier?





Shen Jue was silent for a second, “You were too quick.”





Shao Ge: “……”





He pulled the tissue next to him and wiped the liquid on his pants, but the more he wiped, the stranger that part of his pants looked. Shao Ge could only stand up and go back to his room to change his clothes. In the post-apocalyptic world, clothes were also consumed very quickly, because Shao Ge wouldn’t wear clothes that were stained with blood, and once they were stained with blood, he would throw them away, so he went back to his room and found that there were no pants left to wear.





The long pants that were in the sun weren’t dry yet.




Shao Ge could only put on a pair of shorts and come out.






Shao Ge had been made the walking hormone of the entertainment industry by his fans, when he didn’t wear long pants, those legs looked even longer, both long and straight.





He didn’t feel that way himself, and the couch was a bit soiled from before, so he walked over to sit down next to Shen Jue.





The space was small, and as soon as he sat down, his long legs couldn’t help but bump into Shen Jue.





Shen Jue was still eating noodles, when his legs were touched, he naturally glanced to the side, and when he realized that Shao Ge wasn’t wearing pants, he blinked, and slightly raised his eyes to look at Shao Ge, “It’s not cold?”





Shao Ge looked at Shen Jue who was wearing several pieces and calmly replied, “Not cold, are you hot?”





“Yes.” Shen Jue unexpectedly gave a different answer than he did at noon.





Shao Ge’s eyes shifted slightly, but he only looked at Shen Jue for a second before moving his eyes away as he repositioned the lubricant.He took it in his hand again.





Having learned from his previous mistake, he was much more careful this time.





After a while, Shao Ge whispered, “I know how to use it.”





Shen Jue put his chopsticks down at the sound of his voice and wiped his mouth with a piece of paper before turning his head to look at Shao Ge with a tired expression.





Shao Ge played with the object in his hand, his tone carrying a bit of carelessness, “Just take this head and squeeze a bit against you there, if it’s not enough, squeeze a bit more.” He paused, “You can also squeeze it onto your hand and apply it there.”










Shao Ge turned his eyes to look at Shin Jue, an unnamable emotion mixed in his eyes, “Are you playing dumb?”





Shen Jue shook his head, “No, it’s my first time using this, can you say it more carefully?”





Shao Ge didn’t say anything.





Seeing the other party’s hesitation to speak, Shen Jue thought about it and reached out for it, “If you don’t say it, forget it, I’ll study it myself.”





Before he could touch it, Shao Ge raised his hand, dodging Shen Jue’s.





“Even though this is your personal matter, I still want to ask why you’re using this.”







Shen Jue frowned, he wasn’t actually prepared to tell Shao Ge right now, he wanted to wait until he’d figured out those two things first, not to mention that his current body had only just been transformed, and wasn’t attractive enough to zombies for him to be able to function normally for a while yet.






“I don’t want to talk about it.” Shen Jue could only say this, because if he lied, Shao Ge would find out later.





Shao Ge’s expression changed ever so slightly, but he didn’t say anything and gave the item back to him.





As soon as Shen Jue got the item, he stuffed it into his pocket.





He decided to study it later when he took a shower.





Shao Ge’s eyes changed again when he saw how quickly Shen Jue put the thing away, but he changed the subject, “Are you done eating? I’ll go wash the dishes then.”





“Uh, thanks.” Shen Jue said, “Call me when you’re done, I’m going to take a shower.”






Although Shao Ge had water powers, they were limited, and could usually only turn on one faucet, so he couldn’t take a shower at the same time as he washed the dishes.




It was still only eight in the evening when Shen Jue went into the bathroom with his clothes in his arms.





By the time he came out, it was already ten in the evening.






Shao Ge was on the sofa in the living room, when he saw Shen Jue come out, he looked at his watch, “What took you so long?”






Shen Jue didn’t respond, and went straight to his room. Seeing this, Shao Ge frowned, stood up and went to the bathroom, the clothes he’d changed out of today hadn’t been washed yet.






Just as he entered the bathroom, he smelled a very faint scent, different from the usual scent of body wash.





He checked the shelf in the bathroom, there wasn’t an extra type of body wash or soap on it.






He hadn’t smelled this scent earlier.







Shao Ge finally searched around the bathroom, and finally found one more thing in the bathroom trash can, which was the lubricant that he took back earlier.





The bottle of lubricant was now thrown into the trash can, and there was some toilet paper next to it.







Back in his room, Shen Jue was lying on the bed, his cheeks still red, his eyes were closed and his brows were even more furrowed, but his fluttering eyelashes revealed what was going on in his mind.






He was really flustered right now.






He had just tried that thing in the bathroom, but it seemed to have an aphrodisiacal . . aphrodisiac effect, which was what caused him to stay in the bathroom for so long.






Shen Jue was now having a hard time getting rid of the effect. He hated this reaction, so he just threw it away.






He lay on the bed for half a day before sitting up again as if he couldn’t hold it in. He wanted to take a cold shower, but he went out of the room and saw Shao Ge again.







Shao Ge had unprecedentedly not gone back to his room early this night, and was now still in the living room studying the map.





When he saw Shen Jue, he didn’t even have time to say anything before he saw the other man hurrying into the bathroom.











This time Shen Jue stayed in the bathroom for nearly an hour before coming out, and when he did, his face was obviously much paler, and he was walking with a bit of lethargy.






Shao Ge looked at Shen Jue like this, and felt even more strange, why did he feel that his teammate was a bit weird?






It seemed to have started after he got sick.






What Shao Ge didn’t realize was that Shen Jue’s weirdness was just beginning.





A few days later, Shen Jue’s fever faded completely, and he began to go out with Shao Ge to search for supplies.






Shen Jue didn’t have any supernatural powers, so he could only follow Shao Ge. Originally, Shen Jue always wanted to search a store with Shao Ge, saying that it was faster, but now he didn’t, and followed Shao Ge honestly, helping to carry things back to the car.






Except that Shen Jue searched the drugstore every time.





Shao Ge looked at the various colors of lubricants Shen Jue had put in his pocket with a complicated expression.






There were always other people searching for supplies during the day, and Shao Ge, being a big star and conspicuous, was almost easily recognized.





When they were moving things and preparing to get on the car, they ran into a few people. Those people saw Shao Ge at a glance and recognized him, while they didn’t recognize Shen Jue next to them.





Those people were excited to greet Shao Ge, and wanted an autograph, but they didn’t have a pen in hand, so they looked at Shen Jue next to them, “Excuse me, do you have a pen?”





Shen Jue thought for a moment and pulled something out of his pocket, the pen came out at the same time as the lubricant. The lubricant also fell out of his pocket and onto the floor.





The thing fell to the ground and rolled twice.






Those present:”……”




Shen Jue handed the pen to the person who asked, and just bent down to pick the thing up with a calm demeanor, and next to him Shao Ge revealed a business-like smile and asked the person who’d frozen, “Where do I sign?”






When they were back in the car, Shao Ge couldn’t help but say after driving a mile, “Next time, don’t put it in your pocket.” He paused, “It’s a bad influence to be seen.”





“Why?” Shen Jue asked, “I put it in my pocket so I don’t have to rummage around for a long time when I get back.”





Shao Ge couldn’t help but give Shen Jue a look, “Why do you collect these things?” This question had been weighing on his mind for a long time, he wasn’t one to meddle in other people’s business, but looking at the person around him who kept collecting, even staying in the bathroom longer and longer, he had to ask a couple questions.






Shen Jue said, “I’m trying which one works best.”





Shao Ge: “……”





Shao Ge: “Trying it for what?”





Shen Jue didn’t say anything.





Shao Ge jerked the car to a stop and twisted his head to look at the other with complicated eyes, “What the hell are you doing?”





“I don’t want to say right now.” Shen Jue also looked at Shao Ge.






Shao Ge was silent for a split second and restarted the car, his tone regaining its calm, “Whatever.”






Shen Jue looked at the side of Shao Ge’s face, the sunlight coming in through the half-open window, colored half of Shao Ge’s face a warm yellow, while his long eyelashes looked like the butterfly wings of a golden butterfly.






He hesitated for a moment and slowly moved over.






Shao Ge naturally noticed Shen Jue’s approach, but he didn’t move, waiting for the other to get too close before he turned his eyes to look over, a hint of doubt in his eyes, and in the next instant, he heard Shen Jue speak with a lowered voice.






“I’m not sure yet, so I don’t dare tell you, but you keep asking, so I can only say.”




“Say it.” Shao Ge looked forward again, “But sit back down.”






Shen Jue didn’t obey, instead he moved closer to Shao Ge, he pressed his lips close to the other’s ear, “I seem to ……”





The words that followed were vague, Shao Ge didn’t hear them clearly as he had to drive, so he could only turn slightly sideways, “What did you say?”






Just as the words left his mouth, the car suddenly lurched, and his ear was touched by something.






Shen Jue was still so close to him, and his voice was quite a bit clearer than before, “After I got well, my body was transformed, just like your dual psychic abilities.”






Shao Ge’s ear was touched, so he sidled to the side a bit unnaturally, “You have psychic abilities too? What kind of psychic ability?”






Shen Jue was silent for a long time this time before he spoke, “The ability to get pregnant.”






Shao Ge: “……”





He let out a debelieving laugh, “Are you trying to joke with me because you think the atmosphere is too dull right now?”





Shen Jue’s tone was serious, “I’m not joking with you, forget it if you don’t believe me, I’ve already told you anyway.”





There was no pregnant man at this time, so it was normal that Shao Ge didn’t believe him.





He just confessed in advance, whether Shao Ge believes it or not was his business.





Shao Ge pushed down the smile at the corner of his lips and said coldly, “Okay, since you can get pregnant, I can get

you pregnant.”






This time it was Shen Jue’s turn to be silent.





He was quiet for a long time before saying, “You can indeed.”






Shao Ge glanced at Shen Jue, “Are you sick and confused? Forget it, I’m not going to ask you why you’re collecting those things, and you shouldn’t say such strange things next time.”






Shen Jue sniffed and sat back down.







This day, they didn’t talk again, Shen Jue returned to the house and went straight back to his room, and Shao Ge was a bit uncomfortable because of what happened in the car, so he didn’t ask Shen Jue to come out to eat, so they ate their own food.






But when Shen Jue stayed in the bathroom for another two hours, Shao Ge couldn’t help but stand at the bathroom door and knock twice.





“Shen Jue, come out, I need to talk to you.”






The sound of water inside continued.





Shao Ge was silent for a split second, and simply reached out and twisted the doorknob.



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