C104 — Kill That Big Star(2)

Bonus Chap

While Shao Ge was cooking in the kitchen, Shen Jue went back to his room and put another piece of clothing over his body.

With his memory, he knew that his body had been inexplicably transformed from the moment he opened his eyes, to the zombies, he was an extremely tasty piece of cake on the move, and as time went on, the smell of his body would become more and more attractive to the zombies, though people couldn’t smell it.

Shao Ge cooked congee and came out, seeing Shen Jue who was wearing a lot of clothes, his eyes changed slightly, “You’re cold?”

“Uh-huh.” Shen Jue answered with his head lowered.

Although Shao Ge had been living with Shen Jue for a few months now, their relationship was still quite rusty, as it had been when they were in the group. Shao Ge was the most popular member of the group when they debuted, while Shen Jue was always criticized for being a leech whenever he got close to Shao Ge.


After a long time, Shen Jue was a little bit upset, and Shao Ge seemed to be a cold person, he was hard to get close to. Later, they were forced to live together, and Shen Jue didn’t show any abilities for a long time. He was a bit Jealousy of Shao Ge, who had already possessed dual abilities, so his heart became even more divided until his body changed.

Shen Jue wasn’t strong and got pregnant, although he enjoyed Shao Ge’s care, he wanted to rely on himself, but his ability was limited, every time he had to go to Shao Ge to help. At that time, Shen Jue felt even more ashamed, even more unwilling to see the other’s face, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

Until they arrived at the base, Shen Jue and Shao Ge no longer lived together, although he lived a hard life, but he felt that he really lived.

But he didn’t live long without Shao Ge, the baby was taken away and he was left at the base, and within a few months, the base was surrounded by Zombies.

Shen Jue died under the attack of the zombies.


Shao Ge only served his own food, because he knew Shen Jue’s temperament. Shen Jue was always very resistant to some of the things he helped with, and usually cooked his own food, so he was a little surprised when he asked the other man if he had eaten anything today, and the other man said he wanted congee.

But Shao Ge quickly thought that maybe it had something to do with Shen Jue being sick, it was possible that he didn’t want to do anything when he was sick.

Shao Ge had just sat down, and before he picked up his chopsticks he heard Shen Jue say, “Where’s mine?”

He paused, “In the kitchen.” His eyes lifted slightly, with a sharp beauty in his eyebrows. “I’ll serve it for you?”

Shao Ge asked with some doubt.

But he didn’t expect the other party to actually nod, so he had to stand up, go and bring out the cooked porridge and put it in front of Shen Jue, “Drink it.”

Shen Jue said thanks, then lowered his head and started drinking the congee. When Shao Ge saw the other drinking the congee, a trace of strangeness flashed through his heart, but he didn’t say anything.

After finishing his food, Shao Ge was ready to go wash the dishes, he glanced at Shen Jue, and saw the other push the dishes in front of him, and whispered “Trouble you.”

Shao Ge: “……”

He washed Shen Jue’s dishes and chopsticks together, and after that, he went to take a shower, and by the way, he washed the clothes he changed out of together, only when he was about to do the laundry, he realized that Shen Jue’s clothes were thrown away in the bucket where he usually put his dirty clothes.

Shao Ge looked at the bucket of clothes, silent for a moment, then he stretched out two fingers and turned it over, inside were some outerwear and pants, no intimate clothing.

He wanted him to wash them together?

He looked down at the empty bucket belonging to Shen Jue, and after some thought, he still got up and walked over to the door of Shen Jue’s room, and knocked on it.

It took a while for the door to be opened, and Shen Jue’s face was still sickly flushed. He saw Shao Ge in the doorway, licked his somewhat dry lips, and asked, “Is something wrong?”

“Your clothes …… Should I help you wash them?” Shao Ge asked uncertainly.

Unexpectedly, the other party directly nodded, “Trouble you.”

An incredibly familiar dialog.

Shao Ge had done a lot for Shen Jue in just half a day, and he suddenly felt like his teammate had changed after he got sick.

However, this appearance was a bit more pleasing than before, originally, he had to try to do things that he obviously couldn’t do, but in Shao Ge’s eyes, he felt even more annoyed because Shen Jue was always trying to be strong, causing them to be in danger several times.

If you’re sick, it’s better to rest and not try to be strong, so as not to make your illness even worse, and then you’ll be in even more trouble.

Thinking this way Shao Ge helped Shen Jue washed off his clothes.


In the room, Shen Jue had been lying on the bed, he was thinking about what to do next, the time Shao Ge met the person he liked was still more than a year away, so in less than a year, he had to make Shao Ge like him as soon as possible.


The first thing to do was naturally to enhance their relationship, but Shao Ge was a quiet person who basically didn’t like to make small talk, much less do something boring.

All Shen Jue could think of was to trouble Shao Ge first, getting the other man to do some small things for him to get used to his presence and dependence.

And the second thing was to confess to Shao Ge about his physical condition, before he attracted the zombies and made a big mess, in his previous lives, he almost caused Shao Ge to die with him several times because he hid this physique.

Although Shao Ge didn’t say it directly, but in fact he minded it very much, so when Shen Jue couldn’t hide it, Shao Ge’s expression was very complicated, with a layer of loathing underneath the surprise.

He loathed the fact that Shen Jue had actually kept such a big thing from him, causing him to almost die.

So his first choice at the time was to leave Shen Jue behind, only for Shen Jue to beg him.

But after Shen Jue got pregnant, he wasn’t able to reconcile his psyche, he resented the heavens for playing games with him like this, so sometimes he couldn’t help but be angry at Shao Ge, and even tried to be brave enough to do things he couldn’t do.

In Shao Ge’s eyes, he didn’t want to be the father of Shen Jue’s child, Shen Jue begged him, he had no choice but to help, there was no obligation here. He was kind to Shen Jue, only based on his former relationship as a group.


But Shen Jue’s behavior made him even more disgusted, so when they arrived at the base, Shen Jue’s life was at ease and he could survive, he resolutely separated from Shen Jue, and even outside, he wouldn’t mention that Shen Jue’s child was his. Shen Jue, because he wanted to be strong, was even less willing to mention Shao Ge.

Sometimes when Shao Ge gave him things, people would ask him curiously about his relationship with Shao Ge.

Although both he and Shao Ge were celebrities, Shao Ge was almost a household name compared to Shen Jue, who wasn’t a big hit and whose face and name were a bit off.

Whenever someone asked Shen Jue about his relationship with Shao Ge, Shen Jue would blush and say that they used to be in a group and had nothing else to do with each other.

He always said this, and such words couldn’t help but reach Shao Ge’s ears. Someone then said to Shao Ge, “Why do you need to go and give him things? He doesn’t even appreciate it, you’re already being benevolent, he has a big belly, so the child’s father should take care of him.”

Shao Ge didn’t say anything after hearing this, but he started to reduce the number of times he went to see Shen Jue in front of outsiders, they even got to the point where they didn’t even greet each other when they met.

Except for themselves, no one knew that the child in Shen Jue’s belly was Shao Ge, and on the day the child was born, Shao Ge didn’t even go to see Shen Jue, he was out on a mission, and came back a few days later, only to hear from others that Shen Jue had given birth to a child.

He thought about it, and went to change a few bags of milk powder and diapers, not going himself, he sent someone else pass it on to Shen Jue.

The day Shao Ge carried off that child was actually the first time he’d seen that child. The child was already a few months old, smelling of milk, but thin, and not well fed.

When Shen Jue saw Shao Ge at the time, his face initially flashed with a hint of joy, but he soon asked Shao Ge what he was doing here.

Shao Ge offered to take the child, Shen Jue was naturally reluctant, but what Shao Ge said later made Shen Jue could only compromise.

“I’m the child’s father, I have the right to carry him away, and you can’t take care of him at all, can you? To get on a spaceship, besides having a child, you need a large sum of money, which you don’t have, you can’t even afford a good pack of milk powder right now, you can only continue to stay in this base with him, you don’t want to live, should he not live either?” Shao Ge mercilessly exposed the reality.

Shen Jue’s lips trembled slightly, looking at the baby sleeping peacefully on the bed, not knowing what to say. He knew that Shao Ge was right, either hand the child over, at least the child would still be alive, or keep the child with him, then he didn’t know if he would grow up safely.

In the end Shen Jue handed the child over, when Shao Ge went out, he couldn’t help but call out to the other party, “His nickname is Mo Mo, you can call him by that name.”

Shao Ge’s footsteps slightly paused, and he gave a hmmm.


In this life, Shen Jue naturally couldn’t go to this ending, even if it was to rely on him, he would firmly rely on Shao Ge, and that child ……

Maybe it was a good tie, he would tie himself and Shao Ge together. It was just that when Shen Jue thought of that child, his mood was a little complicated.


“After the laundry is done, I’m going out for a trip, are you coming with me or staying at home?” Shao Ge walked to the door.

The door to Shen Jue’s room was left open.

When Shen Jue heard this, he sat up.

“I’m not going out, but bring something back for me.”

Shao Ge remained composed and casually asked, “What is it?”

“Lubricant and anti-inflammatory medicine.” Shen Jue said.



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