C101 —- Kill That Half Blood(30)

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The diamond brooch belonged to Xiang Wen, a man he’d almost forgotten.


He’d tricked a few hoodlums into snatching the brooch from Xiang Wen’s hands, but how had this diamond brooch gotten into Shen Jue’s hands?


Yu Qing dropped his gaze to the diary next to him, which looked a little old, with a heavy black cover.


He rubbed his hand over the cover for a while, but couldn’t resist opening it.

“May 27th, 1×32″.


This is the first time I’ve seen him, he’s the son of my father’s best friend. I hated him a little, because he was taller than me.

I grabbed a handful of mud and smeared it on his back when the adults weren’t looking. I didn’t expect him to notice. He grabbed my hand and laughed.

I didn’t understand why he laughed, but I was afraid that he would expose me to the adults, so I apologized to him.
He shook his head and said it was okay, grumpy as hell.
I felt like I finally had a friend.”

“1×57 Oct. 9
This Qiao Jiangyuan guy is really too much, can’t he see that guy is interested in him? I told him that and he even said I was overthinking it and continued to come home from school with that guy every day.
I’m pissed, I’m going to figure out a way to separate the two of them.”

“1×11 April 17th.
Someone actually said that I like Qiao Jiangyuan… that’s nonsense… how could I like Qiao Jiangyuan?
Although he’s nice to me, I don’t like him, he always smiles at everyone, the person I like must be nice to me only.”

“1×58 July 3
I hinted to Qiao Jiangyuan today that I like him, but he didn’t seem to get it.
It’s so annoying, why can’t he be smarter?
It’s so annoying to like someone, when will Qiao Jiangyuan understand what I mean?”

“1×98 February 11th.
Turns out it’s not that he doesn’t understand, he likes someone else, and that person is actually a servant on my estate… It’s ridiculous, Qiao Jiangyuan likes another person right under my nose.
I wanted to kill the guy who seduced Qiao Jiangyuan, but I knew that if I killed that guy, Qiao Jiangyuan would surely hate me, but I had ways.
It’s just a lowly half-blood, it’s easy to fix.”

“1×99 May 21st.
I was injured, but Qiao Jiangyuan didn’t come to see me, and when he managed to come to see me, his eyes couldn’t help but look at that guy.

“1×99 June 5th.
I purposely asked him to kneel down and serve me so that Qiao Jiangyuan, the doorman, could hear and see that the person he liked was nothing but a b*tch.
It’s funny how Qiao Jiangyuan is obviously angry, but he has to play along with me. I’m just going to toy with the person he likes, and if I’m not happy anyway, no one will be happy.”

“1×99 July 19th.
Xiang Wen has been having a hard time with that guy lately, I want to comfort Xiang Wen but I’m afraid Xiang Wen’s quick mouth will leak out my plan, forget it, I’ll buy some gifts to comfort this idiot.”

“1×99 July 25th.
I slept with that guy, still in front of Qiao Jiangyuan. Maybe I was drunk, but I know that Qiao Jiangyuan won’t be with him anymore, so it’s okay for this little sacrifice, consider it a dog bite.
I exempted him from being a servant and took him to and from banquets, so he could see the extravagant life of an aristocrat.
He seems to be completely mesmerized by this kind of life and loves the banquets. But I don’t like those messy banquets, so I sent someone to monitor him to see if he talked to Qiao Jiangyuan.


Sure enough, I still know Qiao Jiangyuan, he’s a man who likes the soft ones, and now that guy has changed drastically, becoming greedy and hateful, Qiao Jiangyuan definitely won’t like him anymore.”

“1×99 September 5th.
Qiao Jiangyuan actually proposed to me, I was surprised and even found it a bit ironic.
I purposely told the guy about it, he seemed shocked and came running to beg me not to consummate the marriage, I purposely humiliated him by calling him a leech on my body, and I felt real pleasure watching him turn pale.
He wanted to join the army, which I thought was a bit ridiculous, but for the sake of the soul contract I agreed, and I was a bit curious as to how far a lowly half-blood like him could climb.”

“1×01 April 7
Time flies, two years have flown by, Qiao Jiangyuan’s relationship with me seems to have become the same again in the past two years, but I always had a grudge in my heart.
I purposely engaged Qiao Jiangyuan to try and see if he still liked that half-blood, but I didn’t expect that half-blood to come running back to ……
Qiao Jiangyuan humiliated me with his words. I looked at Qiao Jiangyuan like this, but in my heart, I it felt a bit meaningless.
I originally thought that Qiao Jiangyuan was different from the rest of the world, but now it seems that he is no different from the rest of the world, just as shallow and childish.
Qiao Jiangyuan canceled his engagement with me, which I expected, I don’t want to get married anyway.
Just where did Xiang Wen go? I miss him a little.”

“1×02 July 18th.
I finally found Xiang Wen, but what I found was his white bones.
He actually died three years ago.
Xiang Wen was buried in the wasteland, and because that piece of land had recently been contracted and planting started, Xiang Wen’s body was revealed.
The police sent me Xiang Wen’s belongings, which contained only a letter.
The letter was written by Xiang Wen, he wrote a letter from his cousin’s uncle’s side, but unfortunately the letter was not sent.
In the letter, he said that he was going to join his cousin’s uncle, and that he had fallen in love with an unlikely person, a kindly duke, who also liked him, except that they couldn’t be together because of the huge difference in their two statuses.
He wants to elevate himself to match that duke.
Xiang Wen mentions Ye Ye in his letter, saying that if Ye Ye hadn’t kindly reminded him, he wouldn’t have realized that the duke had his heart set on him.
Ye Ye? Was he the one who persuaded Xiang Wen to leave?”

“1×02 August 5th.
The police caught Xiang Wen’s murderers, those people confessed, saying that they thought Xiang Wen had money on him, so they went up to rob him, but they didn’t realize that Xiang Wen kept grabbing the jeweled brooch in his hand and refused to give it to rgem, so they got angry and beat Xiang Wen to death.
I looked at those murderers and hated them, but soon, the police told me that those murderers also confessed to one thing, they had robbed Xiang Wen once a few years ago, and the robbery was a broken diamond brooch.
They also told me that the first time they robbed Xiang Wen, someone paid them off. They couldn’t tell me the name of that person, but they told me that that person was beautiful, unforgettably beautiful.
It was the first robbery that gave them a sweet taste, that’s why they went up to rob Xiang Wen the second time they saw him, not realizing that this time Xiang Wen was so uncooperative.
I know who it is.
He and Ye Ye killed my Xiang Wen, the person who is probably the most loyal to me in this world.
They told me where the two brooches were sold to, and I bought them back again at a big price. The jeweled brooch that caused Xiang Wen’s death was buried in the grave with Xiang Wen, and the rest, this broken diamond brooch, I will take with me.

I’ll help Xiang Wen get revenge, whether it’s Ye Ye, or that person.”

The last diary entry was written a few months ago, and it only had one sentence on it.
“I will kill dirty him in this dirty place.”


The door suddenly opened from outside.


“Yu Qing, you ……”


The person’s words stopped only halfway through.


Shen Jue looked at Yu Qing who was sitting on the sofa.



Yu Qing looked like he had turned into a statue, not moving or speaking, a black diary on his lap while an iron box sat next to him.



It was as if he hadn’t noticed Shen Jue’s arrival, his gaze landing straight on the page of the diary that was open.



Shen Jue’s eyes twitched slightly, and after half a second, he stepped forward and snatched the diary from Yu Qing’s lap, “You’re going through my stuff?”


It was as if Yu Qing only noticed Shen Jue’s arrival at this point, he slowly turned his head to look at Shen Jue, his eyes a ruddy color with a hundred complicated emotions underneath.


“You ……,” he opened his mouth softly, but then stopped, his voice all hoarse and hard to hear, as if it had been worn on an emery board.


Shen Jue put the diary back into the iron box, re-covered the box and stuffed it back on top of the closet, his tone cold, “Next time don’t touch my things.”


Yu Qing seemed to find it a little ridiculous and gave a silent laugh, he looked fixedly at the person with his back to him, his lips trembled, it took half a dozen times before he could manage to squeeze out a sentence, “Don’t you …… have anything you want to say to me …… about this? ”


Please tell me that what was written in that diary was false.


But the man just turned his back to him and said lightly, “Explain what? Didn’t you see it all? Yes, I am going to kill you, you are my servant and signed a soul contract with me, your life was originally mine.”


Yu Qing couldn’t stop his teeth from chattering when he heard this. He couldn’t help but shake and get chills all over his body because of the other party’s ruthlessness and good acting.



He simply couldn’t imagine that there was such a thing in the world, that in order to keep the person he liked from being with someone else, he would go to great lengths to seduce that person, and even go so far as to give himself up.



Then what was all his persistence over the years?


The times he’d been pinned down in a public bathhouse, the times he’d died nine times in battle, the times he’d pushed away the glory and riches that were within his reach.


Because of Shen Jue, he was willing to give everything, but now? He turned out to be nothing more than a fool.


Foolishly thinking that the other party had a heart, thinking that the other party liked him, even if he didn’t like him at first, he would melt and be impressed by his love.


Yu Qing even wondered to himself if Shen Jue had come here because of him. Because he grew up here, so Shen Jue came.



The answer was true, except that Shen Jue was going to kill him here, because the lowly man only deserved to die here.


Yu Qing stood up, he looked at Shen Jue steadily for a moment before he whispered, “You want me to die?”



Shen Jue didn’t even hesitate, “Uh-huh.”



“If I die, will you leave here?” Yu Qing asked again.


“Will, what’s there to stay in this place.” Shen Jue said coldly.



“Then how will you go back and live?”


Shen Jue looked back, a sneer on the corner of his lips, “You don’t think I really gave all my property to Qiao Jiangyuan, do you?”


Yu Qing was silent for a moment before nodding his head, “I see, then I’m relieved.” He walked to the corner and opened his suitcase, taking a box out of it.


He stared at the box for a moment before getting up and placing it on the table, “These are the cufflinks you gave me, I’m returning them to you.” He finished calmly and lowered his head again, looking at the light-avoidance ring on his finger.


He heard that one of the cleanest ways for a Blood to die was to die in sunlight.


Yu Qing had hated his birth since he was a child, because of his birth, he had suffered too much injustice, those rare things that other people could get without even saying anything, he had to squeeze his head to fight for them.


He often thought before going to bed why he was born, if he wasn’t born, then he didn’t have to suffer all these hardships.


He didn’t get anything in his life, the glory and wealth he dreamed of was cut off by his own hands, and the person he loved didn’t love him and only wanted him dead.


He, Yu Qing, from birth, was a loser, him coming to this earth was a mistake.


Yu Qing raised his head and looked deeply at Shen Jue, a very faint smile appeared at the corner of his lips, “I can’t betray the Duke, so I will do as the Duke wishes.” There was a pause, “But I signed a soul contract with the duke and can’t kill myself, so I need the duke’s hand to kill me or personally command me to die.”


A person who signed a soul contract didn’t even have the power to die, and could only kill himself if he personally heard his master tell him to die.


Shen Jue looked at Yu Qing, his red lips slightly parted, “I allow you to die.”



Yu Qing didn’t say anything when he heard this, the smile at the corner of his lips was still hanging on, only his eyes were getting more and more hollow.


After half a minute, he turned around and walked out of the room. Before stepping out of the front door of the house, he removed the Light Avoidance Ring from his hand and opened the front door as soon as he could.



Outside, the sky was getting brighter, and the sun struggled to reveal its face from the thick clouds.


Yu Qing turned his head back at this time, the person he wanted to see didn’t follow him. He couldn’t help but smile down, turned his head and stepped out resolutely.


If there was an afterlife, he didn’t want to love.


Because it hurt too much.



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