C10—- Kill The Emperor[10]

The Regent naturally attached great importance to Murong Xiu’s birthday.

The Ministry of Rites had started preparing for it three months ago.

On the day of his birthday, Murong Xiu was sitting on a high seat, receiving congratulations from the civil and military officials, with a reserved smile on his beautiful face. As the birthday boy, he inevitably had to share his happiness with the officials, so he drank a few cups of wine. After a few cups of wine, Murong Xiu felt a little drunk, suddenly there was an extra bowl of soup in front of him.

Murong Xiu was stunned, and then he saw Shen Jue.

When Shen Jue put down the soup, he stood low-browed and obedient to the side.

“Your Majesty, wine hurts your body, it’s better to drink less, this is sobering soup, Your Majesty, drink some.” Shen Jue said softly, “It’s already been tested for poison.”

Murong Xiu wanted to refuse, but he suddenly caught a glimpse of Shen Jue’s hand holding the food tray, which still had unhealed whip marks.

He asked Imperial Doctor Xu privately, and Shen Jue had gone to him for ointment in the past few days.

In this palace, what kind of person dared to wantonly punish people and still cross him as the emperor?

Only the regent now.

Murong Xiu lowered his eyes, his long eyelashes restraining the complicated emotions in his eyes.

He hated and feared the Regent, not to mention, he didn’t why the other had fallen for him.

He couldn’t help but raise his hand to rub his brow, and just as he was about to take the bowl of sobering soup, a hand stretched out next to him to take the lead in carrying away the soup.

“Eunuch Shen can’t give His Majesty anything to eat.”

The one who spoke was Liang Rong, the eunuch newly placed by the Regent to Murong Xiu’s side.

Shen Jue was entangled in a sick bed, so he didn’t have much to do with the head eunuch Liang Rong.

Liang Rong handed the sobering soup directly to a young eunuch behind himself, “Go, pour it.”He finished his command, and then directed a hidden smile at Shen Jue.

Murong Xiu was a little angry, “Liang Rong!”

Liang Rong gave an ah, knelt on the ground and pretended to be terrified, “I hope Your Majesty will forgive slave’s recklessness, but the Regent has explained that Your Majesty’s food and drink must pass through the slave’s hands, lest some treacherous villains have ill intentions.”

Murong Xiu choked with anger at his words.

An eunuch slave even knew to use the Regent to pressure him.

Shen Jue knew that his bowl of sobering soup couldn’t go into Murong Xiu’s stomach, so he didn’t feel frustrated, but pleaded on behalf of Liang Rong: “Head Eunuch Liang is also anxious to protect his master, it’s slave who doesn’t know the rules.”

When Murong Xiu heard the words “protect his master” in Shen Jue’s words, his face became even more ugly, and his hand gripped the wine cup with a little more force. Shen Jue exclaimed in alarm, and went forward to clean up the shattered glass for Murong Xiu, but was pushed away by Liang Rong.

Murong Xiu frowned at the sight and glared at Liang Rong, “You, retreat.”

Liang Rong was reluctant, but could only retreat.

Murong Xiu casually wiped the debris from his hand with a silk handkerchief, then stood up and raised his voice, “Ministers, I am a bit overwhelmed with alcohol, so I won’t drink with you, so enjoy yourselves.”

He left after saying that, not bothering to care what the reactions of the civil and military officials were, but he specifically called out to Shen Jue before he left.

Shen Jue knowingly hurried up and followed him.

The Regent was now surrounded by a group of officials, and when he saw Murong Xiu walking away, he couldn’t help but look over and see that Shen Jue was following behind Murong Xiu, so he couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.That little hedgehog was really interesting. In front of Murong Xiu, he was a dog that couldn’t be more loyal, but in front of him, he straightened his back.

He thought of the last time he whipped Shen Jue, but Shen Jue didn’t even grunt.

Tsk, tsk, what fun.


By the time a group of officials finished toasting and flattering, the regent was already in the mood for wine. He had also prepared fireworks for Murong Xiu today, but he had left the scene early. Dao Zhan whispered to regent, “Your Highness, are you returning to the house now?”

Half-lidded, the regent shook his head, “No, this regent is going to meet that peacock.”

The fireworks hadn’t gone off yet.

After holding his forehead with his palm, he pushed away Dao Zhan and threw his sleeves to go to Murong Xiu’s bedchamber. When he arrived at the entrance of the bedchamber, the regent asked all his men to wait outside.

Yang Xu was a little unsure and wanted to follow, but Dao Zhan gently pulled him and lowered his voice, “Are you stupid? What do you think the regent is doing here when he is so drunk yet still going to the emperor’s place?”

Yang Xu’s gaze paused, then lowered his head.

They all knew what the Regent’s intention towards Murong Xiu was.

Yang Xu was a bit confused about his regent, if he liked him, he could just possess him, why did he need to go round with that puppet emperor and play a roundabout trick. Dao Zhan, knowing his thoughts, laughed and scolded, “What kind of person is the regent? He’s not like a reckless man in the mountains, let alone towards love. Love, of course it has to be two-hearted to be interesting.”

Yang Xu quirked his eyebrows, “What if he can’t have that type of love?”

Dao Zhan revealed a mysterious smile, “Is there anyone in this world who can escape the prince’s tactics?”
Murong Xiu smelled like wine at the banquet, so he went back to his bedchamber and bathed first. At this time, he was sitting on the beautiful couch in the inner palace, reviewing today’s memorials. Although his corrections didn’t make much sense, Murong Xiu always wanted to do what an emperor should do.

Shen Jue, on the other hand, was standing behind Murong Xiu, carefully wiping Murong Xiu’s wet hair.

As soon as he reached the palace door, he met the Regent.

The regent was covered with the smell of wine, his fair skin was now red, and when he saw Shen Jue, he raised the left corner of his lips, revealing an evil smile, “Little hedgehog, is your master in there?”

Shen Jue immediately closed the palace door behind him and looked at the regent with a wary face, “His Majesty has already rested, if the regent has something to do, he may as well talk about it tomorrow morning.”

The Regent laughed, he was in a better mood than ever after drinking too much, and he had a lot more patience. He bullied his way forward and reached out a hand to pinch Shen Jue’s cheek, “Little hedgehog, this regent is in a good mood today, so I won’t bother with you, so get out of the way.”

After saying that, he pushed Shen Jue away and went straight into the palace.

The two of them were entangled outside the palace, and Murong Xiu inside the palace had already heard the noise, and when he saw the regent, who was drunk enter the inner palace, his face visibly stiffened, and his voice couldn’t help but go cold, “I wonder what the regent came for late at night?”

It was stiflingly hot in the summer, although Murong Xiu put ice in his palace, he also wore only his inner clothes.

The regent invited Murong Xiu to watch the fireworks, and saw his delicate appearance, but his heart was actually a little wild.

He smiled gently, ” I was afraid that Your Majesty will have trouble sleeping alone ah.”

This was a real tease, and Murong Xiu’s face became even a little worse, “Get out.”

The regent shook his head, “This situation, how can your humble servant leave? What’s more, your humble servant has a gift to give His Majesty.”He said and walked forward.


When Shen Jue heard the movement inside the palace become louder, the corner of his lips slightly curved.

The Regent purposely left all of his people at the main gate outside the palace tonight, and those people didn’t dare to come in without his orders, while Liang Rong and the others weren’t serving in the bedchamber because they were despised by Murong Xiu tonight.

Now there were only the three of them in the large bedchamber.

“Ni Xinyan! F*ck off! Get out of my way!”

When Shen Jue heard Murong Xiu’s furious scolding inside, he immediately changed his expression and barged straight into the palace.

When he rushed to the inner palace, the regent was on top of Murong Xiu, and Murong Xiu’s inner trousers had been taken down to his ankles, so everything looked mundane without the two long legs to cover up.

Murong Xiu should have used the vase to knock out the regent, but before the regent arrived, Shen Jue took the vase out before nightfall under the guise of changing the water for the vase. Murong Xiu’s had never paid much attention to the furnishings in his palace, so he hadn’t noticed that a vase was missing from his table.

Now, Murong Xiu cries were running out, but the regent was smiling. He didn’t even notice that someone had come in.

By the time he noticed, the brass candlestick in Shen Jue’s hand had already smashed into his head.

The Regent’s body stiffened, and before he could recover, his head received a second and third blow… until he fell helplessly onto Murong Xiu.

Murong Xiu’s eyelashes trembled as he looked first at the Regent who was on top of him, and then at Shen Jue whose face was splattered with blood.

Shen Jue’s face was pale, and the blood-stained candlestick was still held high in his hand.

Shen Jue’s face wasn’t pretty, and now that it was stained with blood, he looked like an evil ghost.

Murong Xiu shuddered slightly and he pushed the regent away with force. He climbed up from the couch, clasped Shen Jue’s hand, and said intently, “Well done, Shen Jue.”

Even if the person in front of him was an evil spirit, he could save him from hell.
Murong Xiu thought in his mind.

At this time, he didn’t know, the evil spirit always claimed a life.

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