C1=====> Kill the Emperor (1)

It was said that after death one remembered the past, and Shen Jue couldn’t help but smile a little as he stood in front of the mirror, so that was true.

He was originally a direct disciple of Patriarch Chi Yan, but now he was suffering from reincarnation. And all this originated from the peach banquet a thousand years ago.

At the Peach Banquet a thousand years ago, when he first came to Heaven with his master, he met an immortal who seemed to be extremely interested in him, pestering him with words, and even always coming to Liquid Cloud Mountain afterwards to look for him. Shen Jue was only troubled, and after that immortal confessed to him, he was in a bad mood to the extreme. He was devoted to the Dao and didn’t like to be involved in such love affairs, so he rejected the immortal directly.

  Who knew that the immortal wouldn’t give up and even dared to poison him with tiger and wolf medicine. In anger, Shen Jue laid a death sentence on that Immortal. By the time his master arrived, the immortal was only half-dead. His master sighed incessantly, and asked him to face the wall and ponder over his mistakes, and then carried the immortal to heaven.

It was only later that Shen Jue realized that the immortal was the ninth son of the Jade Emperor.

The Jade Emperor was so furious that even his master couldn’t protect him, and although he didn’t perish, he had to suffer all the hardships of the world and reincarnation.

He had already experienced a whole thousand years of such days.



When Shen Jue heard the call behind him, he was startled before turning back. When he realized that the person calling out to him was really his master, Old Ancestor Chi Yan, his body trembled slightly, “Master!”

Old Ancestor Chi Yan seemed to be the same as he was a thousand years ago, but he looked much more tired than he did a thousand years ago.

“Disciple, I can’t stay in the dungeon for long, so I’ll keep this short. I have already found out about the method of breaking the cycle of reincarnation from the Immortal teacher.”

Shen Jue didn’t react very well to the news.

Seeing him like this, Old Ancestor Chi Yan couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Originally, this disciple of his was the most spirited, but now he was tossed to death by the pain of this cycle of reincarnation. He couldn’t help but hate the Heavenly Emperor and that unworthy youngest child of the Heavenly Emperor even more. His son had woken up hundreds of years ago, and yet his disciple was still suffering, and it wasn’t his disciple’s fault.

Old Ancestor Chi Yan didn’t have any other thoughts right now, his only thought was to quickly get his disciple out of the pain of reincarnation. Although he couldn’t directly intervene in reincarnation and change his fate against the heavens, he could help Shen Jue.

He pulled out a palm-sized mirror from his sleeve and struck it directly into Shen Jue’s seal.

“Disciple, this is a retrospective mirror, and although it can’t completely resist Meng Po’s Soup [ ‘Old Lady Meng’ is the goddess of forgetfulness in Chinese mythology, who serves soup on the Bridge of Forgetfulness] , it will remind you of your past when you’re on the verge of death. Every time you reincarnate your situation is extremely bitter, and I’m afraid the moment of near death won’t be less, so this retrospective mirror can still help you a bit.”

Because Shen Jue was about to go to reincarnation, Old Ancestor Chi Yan spoke quickly, “The situations you will go to reincarnate later are all situations you have already experienced several times, as long as the retrospective mirror works, you will be able to retrieve your memories, and with your memories you don’t have to be afraid. Also, you must remember that you must kill someone to get out of the reincarnation realm.”

Shen Jue’s eyes moved slightly, “Who?”

The Old Ancestor said, “Every reincarnation you go through is a person’s realm, because that person is the master of the realm, so in that realm, almost everyone will fall in love with him, and you, you can only crack his realm if you kill him. Keep in mind that you have to kill him on the premise that he must fall in love with you before you can kill him, otherwise it’s a waste killing him. And some of the realm masters may be resentful because you killed him and forcefully drag you through his realm again, there is only one way for you to break it, make him fall in love with you and then kill him.”

“With your memories, I’m sure it won’t be difficult to kill him. Disciple, Master is waiting for you to return.”

Old Ancestor Chi Yan hurriedly threw down these last words and left the dungeon. He couldn’t stay in the dungeon for long, if he was discovered, Shen Jue’s matter would be exposed instead.

After Shen Jue waited for the old Ancestor to leave, he stood in place for a while before going to the Yellow Spring. The benevolent-looking Meng Po was guarding the entrance to the Yellow Spring Road, using a large spoon to stir the soup in the pot in front of her. When it was Shen Jue’s turn to drink the soup, Meng Po seemed to sigh. She had been here for an unknown number of years, and the young man in front of her had been here for an unknown number of times. She didn’t know what mistakes this youth, who was filled with immortal aura, had made, but she always sighed as she watched him drink the soup obediently countless times.

There were few people who had to go through the pain of reincarnation like him, but none of them were as calm as he was, not making any noise every time he drank the soup.

Shen Jue didn’t pay attention to Meng Po’s eyes as he drank the soup in one gulp and lifted his leg onto the bridge.

He had walked this bridge countless times, and he had tasted a hundred hardships in his reincarnation, while those who had harmed him were still alive and well.

Shen Jue couldn’t help but snicker.

He didn’t care who the owner of those realms was this time, he wanted nothing more than to break the mirror.

After breaking the mirror, he wanted to return to the Celestial Court and directly kill the person who had harmed him to this point.  



His head and face were all pressed into the water.

In that instant, all he could feel was the multitude of water pouring into his body, cold and uncomfortable, as if he would die in the next instant.

He felt someone on him, more than one person, but he couldn’t raise his head.

Just when he thought he was going to die, the person holding his head down, let go.

As he struggled to lift his head from the water, he received a slap on the face


It was so hard that he was caught off guard and bit his tongue.

The taste of blood spread through his mouth.

He opened his eyes blankly and saw a grinning face.

Shen Jue couldn’t help but cough violently a few times, the jumbled memories all flooding into his brain, leaving him in a trance, and when the person in front of him began to speak, he gradually reacted.

So this was the realm.

The pain coming from his body reminded him that he had just suffered a severe beating. 

The man standing in front of Shen Jue saw that Shen Jue was deaf to his words and laughed in anger as he grabbed Shen Jue’s face, “Eunuch Shen, you can still be out of your mind at this time?”

As he spoke, he saw a flash of murder in the other man’s eyes, an emotion so fleeting that even he couldn’t be sure. He frowned and looked at the person in front of him in shock. A man came up beside him, “Head Manager Qin, the emperor’s side wants Shen Jue over to serve.”If the beating hadn’t nearly killed him, he didn’t think the retrospective mirror in his body would have worked.  

Qin Yuan looked at Shen Jue, who was bruised and battered in front of him, and after thinking about it, he let go, only to end up giving Shen Jue a kick.

“Today, count yourself lucky that the emperor is still willing to protect you, but next time you won’t be so lucky.”

After Qin Yuan left, the others followed him.

It was only after everyone left that Shen Jue shook his body and stood up.

In this realm, he was a young eunuch serving at the emperor’s side, except that this emperor was a puppet emperor and had no real power at all. This time he was beaten, it was an order from the regent because he had accidentally knocked over the tea cup while serving the emperor.

But the real reason wasn’t that, it was that he rushed in while the regent was bearing down[having sex] on the emperor.

The Regent was annoyed and ordered him to be dragged out directly.

Shen Jue’s fate in this situation was very miserable, he was loyal to the emperor and could not bear to see the emperor humiliated, so he seduced the regent himself, the regent saw him as a eunuch and almost beat him half to death, in the end it was the emperor who begged for mercy and he survived. Because of this, however, Shen Jue became more and more grateful to the Emperor, believing that he was living for him, so he continued to persevere to get closer to the Regent, trying to find out the Regent’s weaknesses.

The Regent had no feelings for him and spared him because of the Emperor, but the Regent had an odd habit as a sadist, especially in bed. The Regent had no feelings for Shen Jue, but he couldn’t bear hurting the Emperor, so he started abusing Shen Jue because he was the closest person to the Emperor.

He made Shen Jue wear the emperor’s clothes, and then beat Shen Jue with a whip, each time beating Shen Jue half to death.

The emperor and the regent quarreled, but in the end, the two of them reconciled and were even sweetly together. Although Shen Jue was dead, his spirit remained, and he drifted in the deep palace for seven years, watching the emperor and regent grow more and more in love, and even the emperor adopted a child from his clan.

Together, the two of them taught that child and groomed him to be the next new emperor.

Shen Jue was nothing more than a lackey in this realm.

How ridiculous that he gave everything for the emperor, but the other party could still be sweet with his enemy.

This was the realm of reincarnation, and each realm made Shen Jue love but not be love, humble to the bone, and he had to watch the person he loved be sweet with the other person. 


Shen Jue couldn’t help but smile as he remembered the memories of this realm. For this one realm, he had reincarnated several times, and the most painful moment was not the moment he was killed, but when he turned into a soul and saw the Emperor and the Regent sweetly together. 

 He was so angry that he was going to vomit blood, but it was no use at all.

 Despair, pain, remorse, and a million other emotions flooded his mind.

 He wanted to kill the regent, but he also wanted to scream at the emperor-.

“How can you be with him?”

But then he was just a soul.

When he came back again, he’d lost his memory again and was still foolish enough to give everything.

With little thought, Shen Jue thought of who the owner of this realm was.

Naturally, it was the innocent and charming Emperor.

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