C98 – Pointed Strawberries

“Okay, I’m not going out this year.”


When Lu Wenxing walked out with the strawberries, Gu Yanshen was on the sofa on a video call with someone.


Lu Wenxing’s footsteps lurched, and instead of walking over, he turned to the dining room, pulled out a stool, and sat down to wait for him.


“So do you want to come to D country?”


Before Gu Yanshen could answer, another girl’s voice came out of the receiver.


“You’re not going out this year?”


The girl was a bit surprised.


“Every year, when mom asks you if you’re coming, you say you’re going on a trip. Why are you suddenly not going this year?”


Gu Yanshen noticed Lu Wenxing sitting in the room and beckoned. “Xingxing, come here.”


Lu Wenxing walked over with a basket of strawberries, asking him ‘what’s wrong’ with his eyes.


“I’m spending time with my boyfriend this year.”


It just so happened that Lu Wenxing was also there, so Gu Yanshen took this opportunity to bring Lu Wenxing to meet his mother.


“This is my mother.”


Lu Wenxing moved closer to look at the screen and froze.


The woman in the video had full, wavy hair and a delicate face; she looked noticeably young; if she were said to be Gu Yanshen’s sister, he’d believe it.


But that wasn’t the point; the point was:


Gu Yanshen’s mother was Xia Yuxuan, a popular actress from over a decade ago. Later, she caused a lot of trouble due to her withdrawal from the entertainment industry because she fell in love, but many fans cried and sent their blessings.


“It’s Xingxing, hello.”


Lu Wenxing returned to his senses. “Hello, Auntie.”


“Xingxing looks really good; when you have time, come play in D country with Yanshen.”


“Okay.” Lu Wenxing smiled. “I thought Teacher Gu was chatting with a pretty sister, but it turned out to be Auntie.”


“Let me see.”


The girl who had just let out an exclamation appeared on the screen. She didn’t look very old; she was probably still in school.


“Brother Xing, hello.” The girl warmly greeted Lu Wenxing, saying, “I’m Gu Yanshen’s younger sister, Xu Meng.”


“Xiao Meng, hello.” Lu Wenxing bumped Gu Yanshen with his arm. “You know everything about our family, but you didn’t tell me anything about your family.”


Gu Yanshen knew he was being unreasonable. “It’s my fault.”


Xia Yuxuan smiled. “We’re not in China, so Yanshen didn’t have the chance to introduce us to you. But he did mention you to me; we all know.”


The corners of Lu Wenxing’s eyes curled as he glanced at Gu Yanshen, a hint of complaint in his tone.


“It was just too much of a surprise. I didn’t expect that the film goddess I was a fan of as a child would be my boyfriend’s mother.”


“Xingxing also likes watching films?”


Lu Wenxing: “I’ve loved watching films since I was a kid.”


The first time he and Gu Yanshen had a deep conversation was when they talked about films all night at the dinner table.


Lu Wenxing continued, “When I was in junior high school, police films were particularly popular, and Auntie’s portrayal of a police beauty made most teenagers dream of being a police officer.”


Xia Yuxuan was quite surprised; she knew of Lu Wenxing but didn’t know much about him.


Since retiring from the industry, she hadn’t paid much attention to the domestic entertainment industry, and she didn’t know about Lu Wenxing’s family background. She only knew that Gu Yanshen’s partner was a boy; he was also in the entertainment industry and was younger than her son.


When she asked at the time, Gu Yanshen said that he would introduce her to him when he had the chance.


Xia Yuxuan didn’t pay much attention to it; she thought that Gu Yanshen, who liked to be alone and quiet, should find a quiet and introverted partner, but the youth in front of her was pretty, talked generously, and was very good at coaxing people.


Xia Yuxuan had to admit that she was also coaxed into being happy.


“Then did Xingxing also dreamt of becoming a police officer?”


“I didn’t; I just wanted to be an actor.” Lu Wenxing said, revealing some regret, “It’s a pity that I debuted too late and didn’t have the chance to act with Auntie.”


“How did Yanshen, with his uptight nature, chase you?” Xia Yuxuan was really curious. “It wouldn’t be that even the confession was initiated by you?”


“The confession was initiated by Teacher Gu.”


Gu Yanshen interjected, “It’s good that the gifts were received; I won’t disturb your nap.”


At seven or eight o’clock in China, it was noon for Xia Yuxuan. Gu Yanshen knew very well that she had a habit of taking naps, so he would just say a few words and then hang up. Today, Lu Wenxing was around, so they chatted for a while.


“Do you not want to disturb me, or are you afraid that I will disturb you?” Xia Yuxuan looked at her son meaningfully.




“It’s good to have someone to keep you company.”


Xia Yuxuan sighed. Like Gu Ansheng, she only cared about herself when she was young, and she did feel sorry for Gu Yanshen. She always said that Gu Ansheng wasn’t a good father, but she wasn’t a dutiful mother either.


“Bring Xingxing to D Country when you have the chance; I won’t disturb your two-person world. Bye.”




Lu Wenxing gave a small wave to the screen, and when Gu Yanshen hung up the video call, he moved over and placed an arm around his neck in a prisoner interrogation stance.


“Confess, and I’ll be lenient.”


Gu Yanshen cooperated and made a surrendering gesture, “I’ll speak.”


“I didn’t intentionally hide it from you; I was just waiting for the opportunity to introduce you to each other. As for my sister, she’s not my biological sister; she’s the daughter of my mother’s current husband and his ex-wife.”


Lu Wenxing was taken aback for a moment, and his heart suddenly felt a little sour and swollen. The suppressed emotions in his heart were a bit uncomfortable.


He had never known that Gu Yanshen not only lacked a father’s love, but even the mother’s love he received was pitifully small. He had heard Gu Yanshen say that his mother was unwilling to give up her career in the entertainment industry, so she chose to divorce his father.


Was Xia Yuxuan at fault?


Lu Wenshing wasn’t qualified to discuss right and wrong because it was everyone’s personal freedom to pursue life. But it was true that Xia Yuxuan wasn’t a competent mother.


She also didn’t love her career as much as she thought she did. Or, he should say, after meeting her current husband, career was no longer her only option.


Because when she was at the height of her popularity, she chose to retire from the industry for the sake of her current husband, and the two of them went abroad to get married.


Xia Yuxuan chose to divorce and give up custody of Gu Yanshen for the sake of her career. Later on, she was willing to give up her hard-earned career and fame for her current husband.


She definitely loved her current husband and was willing to do her best to take care of him and his ex-wife’s daughter. Although they hadn’t been in contact, Lu Wenxing could tell that Xia Yuxuan and her stepdaughter had a good relationship.


But what about Gu Yanshen?


Had she ever taken care of Gu Yanshen with all her heart?


Lu Wenxing knew that Gu Yanshen had already let go of the past, and with the passage of time, those things in the past didn’t matter so much.


For the current Gu Yanshen, looking deeper was the most pointless.


“I’m sorry.” Gu Yanshen sensed that Lu Wenxing wasn’t too happy and admitted his mistake with a particularly good attitude.


“I was wrong; I shouldn’t have remained silent, or you can punish me.”


Lu Wenxing didn’t say anything and just looked at him.


Gu Yanshen went to pull his hand. “Are you really angry?”




“Then what’s wrong?”


“I feel bad.” Lu Wenxing raised his eyes to look at him, his light-colored eyes reflecting Gu Yanshen’s figure. “Comfort me a little.”


“Okay, I’ll comfort you.” Gu Yanshen reached out to hug Lu Wenxing, patting him on the back with a soothing beat as if he were patting a child.


“Feeling better?”




“Then tell me, why does it hurt?”


“I feel heartache for you.”


Gu Yanshen froze for a moment, not expecting this answer. He felt uncomfortable because he felt sorry for him, so he needed him to comfort me.


Well, there was nothing wrong with that.


But it was a bit cute.


Looking at Lu Wenxing earnestly seeking comfort, Gu Yanshen’s heart softened.


In fact, it wasn’t just a little cute; it was especially cute.


It was also very appealing to him.


“I’m not sad, really.” Gu Yanshen comforted him.


“I’m happy because this person in my arms is someone I like; he’ll be heartbroken for me and will accompany me. The most important thing is that he also likes me.”


Gu Yanshen hugged him, while Lu Wenxing sat on his lap with his arms around his neck. Nestled in his arms without moving, they felt each other’s breath and heartbeat.


“Want to know what my dad said to me?” Gu Yanshen suddenly spoke.


Lu Wenxing nodded.


“He said that you’re young and have an uncertain heart. He also said that you’re only in love with me because of the role and that when you meet more people in the future, you might run away with someone.”


Lu Wenxing frowned as he listened. “Then what do you think?”


“I definitely won’t take it seriously.” Gu Yanshen held Lu Wenxing’s hand and interlocked their fingers.


“It’s not easy to have a boyfriend, so I have to watch you closely before you can run away.”


“Didn’t I tell you before? The most rebellious thing I’ve ever done was to disobey my dad and change my college entrance examination major.”


“I changed my major, went to art school, entered the entertainment industry, met you, and fell in love with you. You see, how lucky am I?”


Lu Wenxing cheered up at that.


“The answer is quite standard; I’ll reluctantly give you a score of sixty.”


“So little?”


Gu Yanshen reached out to tickle Lu Wenxing’s itchy flesh and said, “But, Teacher Lu, I think I can get a higher score.”


The teacher Lu in his arms couldn’t withstand the disturbance and dodged a few times. His hands hugged his waist, then his voice softened: “Nine, ninety points.”


Gu Yanshen didn’t let him go; his fingers slid in from the hem of his shirt. His fingers carried a bit of coolness, causing Lu Wenxing to tremble lightly. “Also, there’s a reward.”


Gu Yanshen stopped his movements, his gaze deepening. “What is Teacher Lu planning to reward me with?”


Lu Wenxing stood up, and Gu Yanshen thought he was going to hide, but instead, Lu Wenxing sat down beside him again and picked up the strawberries he had just washed.


“I’ll reward you with the sweetest strawberries.”


Gu Yanshen didn’t reach out to pick it up, clearly meaning that he wanted Lu Wenxing to feed him.


“Fine, I’ll feed you.”


He brought the strawberry to Gu Yanshen’s mouth.


As Gu Yanshen opened his mouth to bite, Lu Wenxing smiled and withdrew his hand, and his white teeth crushed the flesh of the strawberry, causing the juice to burst in his mouth.


The sweet and sour flavor spread in his mouth. Lu Wenxing lifted his chin and gave Gu Yanshen a provocative look.


Gu Yanshen reached out and grabbed him, pressing him closer. Without giving Lu Wenxing time to react, he kissed him on the chin.


Their lips were pressed together, and the tip of his tongue gently probed in.


The sweet fragrance hooked Gu Yanshen to continue; the tip of his tongue curled around the strawberry crushed flesh, savoring the sweet and sour fruity taste.


The strawberry flavor left him unsatisfied, and he couldn’t help but want to taste more.


Lu Wenxing’s breathing gradually became heavy, his chest rising and falling slightly as he gave a light gasp, causing Gu Yanshen to want to go even further.


A large hand slid in from the hem of the back of his shirt, rubbing Lu Wenxing’s smooth back.


“Wait ……”


The words were engulfed before they left his mouth.


Lu Wenxing lightly bit Gu Yanshen’s tongue and pushed Gu Yanshen away. The lips separated, but the tip of their tongue parted, with ambiguous silver threads snapping as they separated.


Gu Yanshen’s gaze fell on Lu Wenxing’s red lips, recalling the softness and sweetness; the corner of his lips hooked up slightly, and his gaze became meaningful.


“I agreed to go buy gifts for my parents tomorrow.”


Lu Wenxing took a wary step back, smoothly fishing for the fruit tray on the table and feeding himself another strawberry.


Gu Yanshen let out a light laugh. “What are you hiding from? Afraid you won’t be able to get out of bed tomorrow?”


Lu Wenxing: “… Gu Yanshen has changed.”


He used to be different from this; he would turn red with just some casual teasing. The two of them had only been together this long, yet he had become very proficient in using vulgar language.


Not to mention shyness, he could still put what he said into action.


Gu Yanshen glanced at him and said quietly. “Just now you said you were heartbroken for me, now you won’t even share strawberries with me.”


Lu Wenxing directly shoved the fruit bowl at him.


“It’s all for you.”.


Gu Yanshen smiled and didn’t say anything, as if he were really only there to eat the strawberries. He lazily leaned back on the sofa chair, holding onto the fruit tray and feeding strawberries one by one into his mouth.


“So sweet.”


“Do you want some?”


“I’ll feed you.”


Lu Wenxing turned his head; he wasn’t going to be tempted.


His eyes glanced around the hall and landed on the black piano that was set up in the living room.


He noticed the piano when he entered, a little surprised that Gu Yanshen could still play the piano, but not that surprised.


In the past, he felt that Gu Yanshen’s hands were very suitable for playing the piano, with clear bones and long, slender knuckles, and the two of them had held hands many times. Gu Yanshen’s hands were one size larger than his.


Lu Wenxing suddenly had the thought of Gu Yanshen playing the piano, his long and slender fingers dancing on the black and white keys.


Lu Wenxing lifted the lid of the piano and sat on the bench.


His fingertips fell, and the sound of the piano rang out.


“Teacher Gu, I want to watch you play the piano.”


Lu Wenxing turned his head to look at Gu Yanshen, who was still sitting on the sofa eating strawberries.


“I only want to eat strawberries.”


“Then play after you finish eating.”




It was like Gu Yanshen was glued to the sofa; he refused to get up.


“I’ll draw you a picture.”


Gu Yanshen lifted his eyelids and asked, “Draw me playing the piano?”




“Just that?”


“Then what do you want me to draw?”


“Another reward.”


Lu Wenxing agreed without hesitation, “Okay, what do you want?”


Gu Yanshen placed the fruit plate in his hand and walked over with large strides. Lu Wenxing was about to stand up, but was held down by Gu Yanshen.


The lid of the piano was smoothly closed by Gu Yanshen.


Lu Wenxing:????


He was confused for a split second and tilted his head to ask Gu Yanshen, “What are you doing?”


As soon as the words left his mouth, he was picked up by Gu Yanshen and placed on the lid of the piano.


Lu Wenxing’s heart skipped a beat, and he pushed Gu Yanshen, but he didn’t push him away.


Gu Yanshen leaned forward and imprisoned Lu Wenxing in his arms.


The warm breath brushed past Lu Wenxing’s ear, and a low and seductive voice fell, neither light nor heavy.


“I want you to kiss me here.”



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