C94 – Tear Mole Xingxing

The director hadn’t made a decision yet, but the preparations had to be complete. Various dresses and qipaos, all customized according to Lu Wenxing’s height, as well as high heels, were prepared.


Looking at the different colors of the clothes on the mobile racks, the smile on Lu Wenxing’s face suddenly froze.


He didn’t care if it was a woman’s dress or not, but he didn’t want to be surrounded by a group of people, acting as a doll.


Lu Wenxing didn’t allow others to watch, except for the make-up and costume artists, as well as Ai Ou, who was invited by Gu Yanshen. The other staff and artists were all kicked out, and Gu Yanshen wasn’t spared either.


Only Song Jiajia was left behind; she had been praised for her style and good temperament since her debut, so Lu Wenxing trusted her.


At this moment, the costume team and make-up team had different opinions.


The costume team felt that they had to decide on the makeup first and then choose the suitable clothes. But the make-up team thought that they had to choose the right make-up according to the clothes, which meant that Lu Wenxing had to keep changing and removing his make-up in the make-up room all morning.


It was a bit overwhelming.


Ai Ou didn’t participate in their discussion. He stared at Lu Wenxing for a while, then smiled and said, “Wenxing, can I touch your face?”


Lu Wenxing:?


The costumers and make-up artists who were still discussing:?


Song Jiajia’s eyes were round and wide, but Ai Ou’s expression was serious.


Lu Wenxing froze for a moment, but seeing that Ai Ou was serious about his makeup needs, he nodded hesitantly.


Ai Ou happily stood in front of Lu Wenxing; his upper hand touched the side of his face, his knuckles slid along his jaw line, then it stopped at Lu Wenxing’s chin. He came close to the end of the examination after a few seconds.


The surrounding atmosphere instantly quieted down; the two were extremely close. Ai Ou sized up Lu Wenxing, and Lu Wenxing was also looking at him.


Before Lu Wenxing could ask, Gu Yanshen pushed the door and walked in.


“What are you doing?”


Ai Ou took a step back as an afterthought: “I’m thinking about what make-up to draw for Brother Xing.”


Brother Xing?


Gu Yanshen’s brows furrowed slightly. “Stand away and look.”


Ai Ou didn’t care. “I’ve touched it anyway.”


Gu Yanshen:????



Ai Ou’s tone carried a few points of smugness. Gu Yanshen resisted the urge to throw the person out, gritting his teeth as he asked.


“Then have you found the right makeup?”



“Two makeup looks are enough; try both the dress and the qipao.”


“I don’t like people watching me work.” Ai Ou’s eyes fell on the make-up and costume artists in the crew.



“For the time being, I don’t need a few of you to help, so please go out and take a break… Teacher Gu, I have to ask you not to stand here.”


Gu Yanshen, who had just walked in, “…”


Song Jiajia was interested in this, and seeing that Ai Ou didn’t mention her, she tried to lower her presence as much as possible.


Lu Wenxing didn’t feel surprised, not to mention make-up artists. Even in their art academy, many students or teachers had strange habits that they didn’t want to explain to outsiders when they were creating.


His roommate had to take a bath before painting, and it wasn’t a special hobby; it was a ritual that he insisted on, and Lu Wenxing also expressed his respect.


After the others walked out, Ai Ou walked over to the mobile clothes rack and said, “Bring two sets of clothes out, one for the qipao and one for the foreign dress.”


Song Jiajia froze for a split second. “Are you talking to me?”


Ai Qu nodded. “Make sure it fits Xingxing.”.


Song Jiajia picked left and right; that look suddenly reminded Lu Wenxing of the fear he had when he being dominated by Song Jiajia on the variety show, and the next moment confirmed his suspicions.


Song Jiajia selected a set of satin black qipao with red plum petals printed on the neckline and a set of openwork lace-trimmed white mini dresses.


One black and one white, the contrast was especially obvious.


Lu Wenxing turned to Ai Ou and sincerely asked, “Teacher Ai Ou do you think we should change the set?”


Ai Ou replied very seriously to Lu Wenxing.


“I think it’s quite good; the black color shows temperament, is sexy, and is charming. White is pure and enticing; which set do you like?”


Lu Wenxing: “……” Neither of them.


That wasn’t quite the same as what Lu Wenxing thought; his eyes fell on a few other sets of slightly plainer costumes. Ai Ou’s sentence doused Lu Wenxing’s thoughts of changing clothes.


“You’re going to play a sultry and charming dancer, not a Republican schoolgirl.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


He suddenly felt that he wasn’t completely without idol baggage.


Dressed like this and filming a TV series, if Wen Huaizhe and Wen Zheng saw him, Lu Wenxing wouldn’t dare to think about it in detail.


“Get a big wave wig, and the hair accessories can’t be much, but they must be exquisite.”


Song Jiajia was inspired by Ai Ou’s words, “Then how about a tear mole? Being sexy and enchanting and being loveable don’t conflict.”


Lu Wenxing looked at Song Jiajia expressionlessly and said, “Sister Jia shouldn’t steal the job from the make-up artist.”


Looking at the two people who had quite a desire to talk, fearing that they would come up with some suggestion that would be difficult for him to resist, Lu Wenxing interrupted them lifelessly.


Song Jiajia consoled him, “Just don’t care; what does Zhou Yun’s women’s clothing have to do with you, Lu Wenxing?”


This was a particularly pale statement, but it was the only way to think about it. However,  Song Jiajia’s next sentence makes Lu Wenxing’s newly prepared mental construction break down once again.



“You’re just trying to play Zhou Yun.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


After deliberating and determining the overall makeup, Lu Wenxing looked at the small ocean dress, then at the qipo with the fork open to his thighs, and finally chose the small ocean dress.


Song Jiajia covered her mouth and snickered, “Don’t get entangled; you have to try both anyway.”


In the original story, Zhou Yun wore a qipao, but the qipao was too much of a test for his body, so the alternative was a small ocean dress.


“Let me put on your make-up first.”


Ai Ou took out his heavy toolbox and opened several layers inside. There were five or six bottles of foundation alone.


When he opened the makeup brush set, there were a dozen or so differently shaped brushes spread out.


Song Jiajia looked for a while and went to find a suitable wig and accessories for Lu Wenxing. The most important thing was the shoes. Lu Wenxing was high, so the heels couldn’t be too high or too thin. Since it was his first time wearing high heels, he would definitely not be able to adapt. Not to mention dancing; walking would be difficult.


The style must also look good.


Song Jiajia carefully selected earrings for Lu Wenxing. Lu Wenxing only had one ear hole, so Song Jiajia chose ear clips for him.


Ai Ou’s speed was very fast, and he had already drawn it in less than half an hour. He stared at Lu Wenxing for a while, put powder blusher on his cheeks, and finally added a tear mole under his right eye.


Lu Wenxing’s eyelashes were long and thick. Ai Ou stopped to look at them for a moment longer, lengthening the upper eyeliner and applying lipstick to finish it off.




The moment Lu Wenxing turned around, Song Jiajia stood up directly from her chair, her eyes full of amazement. His large, wavy hair was paired with a white lace top hat and pearl ear clips.


A knee-high white dress with fluffy ends accentuated his straight and slender legs. Song Jiajia paired it with flat shoes.


“Right, put these gloves on.”


Song Jiajia handed him a pair of lace gloves; Lu Wenxing took them expressionlessly and put them on calmly.


There was nothing to be ashamed of after wearing them all.


Song Jiajia exclaimed, “You look like a doll! When I was a kid, I was especially envious of our class president; her dad would bring her half-person tall dolls every time he went back home, which was very exquisite and they could even dance.”


“When I went back to her house to dress up the dolls, I could change them for an afternoon.”


Meeting Song Jiajia’s wide eyes, Lu Wenxing instantly took a big step back, expressing his refusal with his actions.


“The director will be stunned!” Song Jiajia was overjoyed. “Quickly go out; such a beautiful costume can’t be seen by only me and Ai Ou.”


Song Jiajia said and took out her mobile phone. Lu Wenxing turned around and stared at the phone she was just about to raise, resistance written all over his face.


“No taking pictures.”


“I didn’t take a picture.” Song Jiajia didn’t feel any embarrassment about being exposed and calmly put away her phone.


A scene was being filmed on set. Gu Yanshen’s character Lu Zhuo caught the spy; he backhanded the man to the ground, and a few henchmen rushed over. Then Lu Zhuo fished out handcuffs from his waist before he could cuff the spy’s wrists.


Lu Wenxing’s appearance caused the crew on the set to look sideways, and a camera boy froze directly in place.


“Heh, heh, heh! What’s going on? You need to walk over and shoot the side.”


The director frowned and shouted with a loud speaker, “Start over.”


“Right, sorry, ah! Director Wang.” The staff member said he was sorry, but apart from him, so many people’s eyes were fixed behind the director, and there was a faint sound of intakes of breath around them.


“What?” As soon as the director’s words left his mouth, he turned around and saw Lu Wenxing. With a speaker in his hand and his mouth open into an ‘O’ shape, if he hadn’t known that Lu Wenxing was dressing up inside, the director wouldn’t have been able to recognize him so quickly.


He looked Lu Wenxing up and down, slightly dumbfounded, and patted the assistant director next to him. “Is this the legendary female crossdresser?”


The assistant director blinked, and it took a while for him to come back to his senses. “Who can top this?”


The director swallowed his saliva and said, “Awesome, too awesome.”


The several artists on the set were far away from the monitors and didn’t notice the commotion on this side. Several artists were ready but waited for a long time without hearing the director call for the start.


Gu Yanshen was still in a semi-crouching position, and the spy who had been caught on the spot was lying on the ground; both of his hands were held behind him.


“Lu Wenxing came out.”


A staff member close to the filming site pointed over to the monitor, and when a few people looked over, there was already a circle of people around them, so they couldn’t see anything.


The director had stopped filming; what was the point of Gu Yanshen being dedicated? He dropped his handcuffs and headed towards the director’s place. The few artists who were slow to catch up immediately followed.


“I want to see it too!”


“Xingxing’s face value is so high; him in the female costume must be absolutely beautiful.”


The people on the set all headed out of the studio, and once Gu Yanshen passed, the staff consciously made a path.


“What kind of divine face is this?”


“It’s like this as a man and woman.”


“Like a doll, the little hat and gloves are really too charming.”


“Absolutely right? The tear mole is enough to make people think; I’ve already brainstormed all kinds of…”


“Various what?”


Gu Yanshen’s low voice rang out, and Song Jiajia’s words came to an abrupt end: “Hahaha, nothing.”


Hearing his voice, Lu Wenxing also raised his eyes to look; four eyes met, and Gu Yanshen took a deep breath in.


He has seen a lot of beautiful girls, but no matter how beautiful or pure they dressed, Gu Yanshen never had a bright feeling.


Seeing more also caused a bit of aesthetic fatigue.


But the moment he saw Lu Wenxing, aesthetic fatigue didn’t exist; even his heartbeat was a few points faster, and his palms were slightly warm.


He noticed what Song Jiajia said about the tear mole. Lu Wenxing stood there and did nothing, yet just a glance tickled the heart.


Lu Wenxing had already done enough mental construction in the lounge, and he was already out; how could he still be afraid of people looking?


He walked forward, took Gu Yanshen’s arm, and smiled faintly at him.


It was filled with Zhou Yun’s generosity, beauty, and self-awareness. He was very good at using his own advantages to tease people’s hearts, and it was a common method used by actors.


Even though many people mocked Zhou Yun as a playwright who couldn’t get on stage and even Zhou Yun often laughed at himself like this, but in fact, he never felt slighted and raised his hands and feet with confidence.


The director clapped his hands, unable to stop the smile on his face. “I really didn’t choose the wrong person; one look brought Zhou Yun to life.”


“Thank you, Teacher Ai.” The director happily went to shake Ai Ou’s hand and said, “This costume is great.”


Ai Ou smiled. “There’s also a qipao costume; want to take a look?”


The eyes of the people present all fell on Lu Wenxing’s body. The small dress Xingxing was wearing was already extreme, but it turned out that there was also a qipao; who wouldn’t want to see it?


Everyone saw curiosity and excitement in each other’s eyes.


“You’re not allowed to take photos!” The director was also worried about someone leaking the stills, “Let the photographer take a few shots first, we’ll compare them with the qipao later and pick the best.”


The director, who was originally inclined towards the qipao, already had a bias after seeing Lu Wenxing’s small ocean dress, so with Ai Ou saying this, it was fine to try the other set.


It was just two comparison photos; the director didn’t have any special requirements and took a side and front face photo. Lu Wenxing went to change clothes, but his makeup didn’t change. He changed his hairstyle instead.


The neckline of the qipao was a light gold buckle, and in order to fit the identity of a dancer, a finger-long diagonal opening was specially exposed at the lower right corner of the collarbone. The black clothes made his skin look more fair. Song Jiajia chose a white plush shawl for Lu Wenxing to wear.



The ankle-long qipao was slit up to the thigh, and Lu Wenxing walked out over the threshold. As he walked, one could see the long white legs under the high slit. The qipao outlined his slender waist with a string of pearl necklaces around his neck.


The sight of the people present started from his ankles, to his long legs, and then to his waist, and finally stopped at the fair and flawless face of Lu Wenxing, and the red lipstick was the finishing touch.


There was a small curve of hair beside both ears that had been curled, and the hair at the back was curled up. Lu Wenxing’s chin was slightly raised, and his naturally charming and arrogant demeanor made it difficult for anyone to move their eyes.


If his appearance just now was like a doll, then the Lu Wenxing in front of them had a kind of arrogance as he walked, which made people feel that he should be like that.


“Too charming, absolutely.”


“I can’t!!! It feels like I’m going to be bent if I look at him one more time.” A girl covered her chest, “Oh no, I’m messed up now. Am I straight or bent?”


“His eyes are too teasing!!!”


Gu Yanshen stared at Lu Wenxing for a while and said, “There’s still one prop missing.”




The others all turned to Gu Yanshen, who brought a cigarette stick from the props team and handed it to Lu Wenxing.


Lu Wenxing sat sideways on the yellow car, crossing his legs and revealing his fair, long legs. He deliberately pulled down the shawl on his left shoulder, pressed his cigarette against his lips, and lowered his black eyelashes.


He looked unearthly; even his hair carried a seductive connotation.


His beauty was so overwhelming that people couldn’t even breathe easily.


There was no need for the director to speak; the cameraman shot several pictures in a row.


Song Jiajia quietly spoke, “Boys being charming is really nothing like girls.”


“Yanshen, go over and take a shot with him.”


Director Wang thought to himself that this would be absolutely perfect to be used as the stills.


Gu Yanshen put on his coat and walked over, and at the cameraman’s request, he wrapped one hand around Lu Wenxing’s waist.


In the camera, Gu Yanshen looked at Lu Wenshing with his eyes downcast, and Lu Wenxing focused on his cigarette, completely unconcerned about the extra person beside him.


“Ah! I can’t; I want to scream so badly.”


An artist exaggeratedly wiped his non-existent nosebleed.


“It’s so tempting to grab someone! I’m almost in tears; Xingxing is too overwhelming.”


“When the finale is released, it’ll be sweet. The opera actor transforms into a warlord’s wife, holding onto him tightly.”


“I’m gone. I’m gone.”


“Don’t talk about boys anymore; I can’t even handle a girl.”


“I can!!!”


“Sister can do it, and so can the other sisters.”




There was little hesitation, the director immediately chose the qipao costume. After taking the photos, Gu Yanshen dismissed the others and pulled the shawl on Lu Wenxing, covering the fair skin exposed below his collarbone.


He pulled Lu Wenxing towards the dressing room.


“What’s the point of walking so fast?” Lu Wenxing couldn’t walk fast at all with his high heels. Gu Yanshen’s footsteps lurched, and he bent down to pick him up.


Lu Wenxing was startled. “What are you doing? We’re on set.”


“We’ve already made it public; even if I kiss you here, no one will say anything.”


“The photos will be mistaken for us acting if they get out. Are you thinking that the movie passed through the review too quickly at the start of filming, so you want to give the post-review an extended period of time?”


Gu Yanshen: “……”


Closing the door to the dressing room and meeting Gu Yanshen’s straight line of sight, Lu Wenxing blinked. “There’s still filming to do later.”


“What do you think I’m going to do?” Gu Yanshen was exasperated and amused. “I escorted you to change your clothes.”




Lu Wenxing lowered his head and unbuttoned his qipao. His movements were slow, but due to his lack of proficiency, it added a touch of intensity.


Gu Yanshen breathed in and inclined his head.


“Hurry up.”


Lu Wenxing was dissatisfied with Gu Yanshen rushing him like this: “If you’re in a hurry, you can just go out; it’s not even my turn; the director hasn’t rushed me.”


Gu Yanshen choked for a moment and turned around, deciding not to watch a scene that agitated him this much.


After Lu Wenxing changed his clothes, Gu Yanshen stared at the make-up on his face for a while and couldn’t help but touch the tear mole that the eyeliner had dotted on.


Lu Wenxing dodged, “Get out of the way; I’m going to remove my make-up.”


“Go later.”


Gu Yanshen pulled Lu Wenxing’s wrist and brought him into his arms. Not giving him time to react, he lowered his head and kissed him.


“My mouth… the lipstick hasn’t been removed yet.”


Gu Yanshen kissed him lightly for a split second before releasing him, a triumphant smile on his lips.


“Chocolate flavoured.”



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