C93 — Filming

Half a month had passed since Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing went public, and the popularity of the topic was still unabated. CP fans had increased exponentially, and clips of the two could be seen on Weibo and various short video apps.

There were also people who went back to watch the variety shows and the activities that the two of them attended together. The more they noticed, the more it became sweeter and more addictive.

Fans were looking forward to the two working together again, and CP fans directly listed various variety shows and started working as agents to find suitable variety shows for them.

They never dreamed of getting a real CP, but… could they collaborate a little more?

[Honestly, the other artists who speculate on CP have more cooperation than the two of them.]

[I can count their works together on five fingers! I can count them on five fingers. Wake up! You guys are for real; there is no need to avoid suspicion; give me some support.]

[It’s sweet, but not enough!]

[Sugar-loving patients are in desperate need of more sugar; please don’t be stingy with sugar.]

Soon, fans led the topic #want to see the Wangfei CP work together again #to the top.

[Whether it’s a film, drama, or variety show, please, please, please]

[Trouble the agent to make the arrangement.]

[I’m coming! Recently, a few love variety shows have been good; do Sister Rong and Brother Sheng want to consider them?]


[Brother Shen’s new movies have all been filmed, and Xingxing has only done some endorsement shoots recently. Did they arrange other schedules?]

[The latest news is that brother Shen and Xingxing are talking about a new script; I don’t know if they’ll sign it.]


[Which drama?]

[It seems to be a Republican-themed drama.]

Perhaps it was due to the high demand from fans that no one expected the crew to act so quickly; they uploaded their makeup photos the next day.

In this Republic of China script, there were four main actors who weren’t limited to the love and affection of the Republic of China period. The central characters had their own aspirations, and both the male and female leads’ makeup photos were eye-catching.

The first picture showed Gu Yanshen wearing a blue military uniform with buttons fastened to the top and a coat draped over him. His eyebrows were sharp, and his eyes exuded a cold and proud aura. He was playing with a g*un in his hand, and one could feel a sense of oppression through the photo.

The second picture showed Lu Wenxing dressed in theatrical attire with a rolled-up sleeve. His eyebrows had a hint of extravagant beauty, and a faint smile filled the corners of his mouth. His lips remained untainted and red, with a seductive yet self-aware charm, as if he had just stepped off the stage.

The most surprising thing to the audience was Song Jiajia in Figure 3.

Previously, there was no news at all, and no one expected that this drama would gather top-tier celebrities, all of whom had been trending as regular artists in the past six months.

She played the role of a wealthy young lady, dressed in a delicate small foreign dress with the most popular big waves permed hairstyle. Her beautiful eyes were lively, and her smile was generous and stunning. Just looking at the photos, one could imagine that she played the goddess who was admired by many boys.

Figure 4 was a popular starlet in the industry. She looked like a simple and innocent girl with Fried Dough Twists braids and a book in her hand, dressed as a student in the Republic of China.


[I love you, Director Wang. You’re so fast.]

[It’s too fast, isn’t it? Was it a response to those requests?]

[I love the costume and make-up artists; their costumes are amazing.]

[It’s Xingxing, brother Shen, and sister Jia; I love watching the three of them interact on set.]

[Sisters, get it on the hot search list!]


After a round of script reviews, filming officially began.

After the floor manager hit the board, Zhou Yun, played by Lu Wenxing, sat down with a glass of wine.

Beside him was Marshal Xu in his military uniform and moustache; his face was red from drinking, and he smiled as he let Zhou Yun feed him wine.

“Little beauty, in this theater of yours, are all of them as seductive as you?”

Zhou Yun pursed his lips and smiled, the emotions in his eyes screaming for people to look. “The Marshal has me with him, but he’s still thinking about other people; I’ll be angry.”

“Little beauty, don’t be angry.”

“The marshal can’t even remember my name; how can I not be angry? My name is Zhou Yun; the Marshal will have to remember, remember, remember this time.”


[TN: Important things are said three times]

Zhou Yun had a smile in his eyes, his words had a deeper meaning, but Marshal Xu, who was already immersed in the gentle service of the beauty, didn’t feel anything wrong and jokingly wanted to go to embrace Zhou Yun’s waist.

“Okay, okay, it’s my fault. I’ve remembered, you’re called Zhou Yun, right? This name is well acquired; your parents gave it to you.”


Zhou Yun’s hand rested on Xu Dashuai’s shoulder and slowly slid down the shoulder line, from his arm to the back of Xu Dashuai’s rough hand. “I also think it’s a good name.”

He leaned down and whispered in Marshal Xu’s ear. “It’s a pity that my parents were k*illed, and I lived on the streets since I was a child.”

“Tsk, what a poor little thing. Then follow me in the future; I’ll love you.”


Before the words were finished, the door of the room was suddenly slammed open, startling the two people in the room. Zhou Yun furrowed his brows and quickly revealed a look of shock. He hid behind Xu Dashuai, nervously pulling on his sleeve.


That look quickly raised Marshal Xu’s protectiveness; he pulled out a pistol from his waist and slapped it on the table, glaring angrily at Lu Zhuo, who had led the team to barge in.

The camera zoomed in on Gu Yanshen and gave him a close-up. His eyebrows were sharp, and his eyes were tinged with coldness. He sneered at the scene inside the room.

“Take him down.”

“Lu Zhuo, what are you doing?”

“What am I doing?” Lu Zhuo’s eyes narrowed slightly. “An important item in the Commanding General’s office was stolen. Marshal Xu is quite suspicious here.”


Marshal Xu’s brows furrowed fiercely, and he was about to retort when he was shocked by Lu Zhuo’s later sentence. “What did you say? Something in the command headquarters was stolen? What was lost?”

Marshal Xu turned to Zhou Yun, who was pulling him. Zhou Yun blinked, his eyes pure and innocent.

“Lu Zhuo, you’re not trying to find someone to take the blame for not being able to catch the culprit, are you?” Xu Dashuai grabbed Zhou Yun’s hand and pushed him towards Lu Zhuo. “Do you see his fragile appearance, how can he steal from the headquarters?”

Zhou Yun raised his eyes to look at Lu Zhuo, as if he were frightened by Lu Zhuo’s harsh sight; he tightly pursed his lips and didn’t speak.

Lu Zhuo raised his hand and held Zhou Yun’s neck; his grip tightened; Zhou Yun’s face was pale; it looked like he was powerless; and at the mercy of others, even his frown was so beautiful that it made one’s heart ache.

“The room smells like blo*od.” Lu Zhuo stared straight at Zhou Yun.

“Marshal.” The one who spoke was Lu Zhuo’s henchman. “That person’s figure is similar to this one, but I forgot to mention that that person suffered a gu*nshot wound, and he must have been wounded in the waist and abdomen…”

Lu Zhuo sniffed in disgust and let go. Breathing fresh air again, Zhou Yun choked, coughed a few times, and stumbled to the ground.


As soon as Lu Zhuo’s words fell, everyone looked at Zhou Yun.

Zhou Yun’s face was still white, like he was in shock.

“Take it off yourself, or I’ll get someone to do it for you.”

Lu Zhuo looked at him coldly.

Zhou Yun trembled a little, and with great difficulty, he stood up from the ground and took off his long outer shirt.

“Go on.”

His waist and stomach were white and flat, without any injuries, but his arms were wrapped in gauze and oozing bl*ood.

Lu Zhuo’s expression was grave. “Take him away.”

“No, he said that the criminal injured his waist and abdomen; how can you just arrest someone?” Marshal Xu was particularly dissatisfied with Lu Zhuo’s do-it-yourself approach and how he suppressed him every time. The two of them were in similar positions, but now that Lu Zhuo wanted to arrest him, he was inclined to disagree.

However, just at this time, there was the sound of a woman crying outside the door. “Good Xu Dashuai, you said you came out to do business; it turns out you went to this kind of place…”


The woman rushed in; it was Xu Dashuai’s wife, a noble woman. Xu Dashuai’s expression instantly changed. “I’m here on official business.”

Looking at so many people present, as well as Zhou Yun, whose clothes were loose and whose hands were pressed behind his back, the woman wasn’t convinced. “Is it this little goblin, male vixen…”

The woman moved to hit Zhou Yun but was stopped by the people around Lu Zhuo. “Ma’am, please don’t interfere with our official duties.”

“Go home; it’s not even your turn to be on duty tonight, and you’re still trying to trick me.” The woman grabbed Marshal Xu’s ear.

As the farce dispersed, Lu Zhuo didn’t even look at Zhou Yun and turned to walk out.

“Take the side door; don’t let anyone see you.”


After everyone left, the room fell into silence, and after a while, the door of the cupboard loosened, and a white hand pushed open the door of the wardrobe, imprinted with bl*ood.

It was a woman dressed in black, her other hand covering her waist and abdomen. Bloo*d kept spilling out, and her delicate face lost its color. It was none other than Yu Shengsheng, the Yu family’s eldest young lady, played by Song Jiajia.


The shooting ended, and the assistant and make-up artist both walked up.

“Take a break.”

Lu Wenxing was reading the script when the staff came over and told him that the director was looking for him.

“Then will you drink water?” The assistant handed him the water cup and said, “Drink some; the weather’s too dry.”

Lu Wenxing took the water cup and took a few big gulps. “Help me make a cup of coffee.”

The director was looking for Lu Wenxing to discuss the subsequent filming. There was a scene in a few days that was slightly more intimate; although it was said that the two were a couple, that didn’t mean that they wouldn’t mind.

“Do you need to prepare?”

“Let’s clear the scene.”

Just now, when filming the scene where Lu Wenxing took off his clothes, only his neck and shoulders were exposed in front of the camera. Later, when the camera moved down, it captured his waist and abdomen.

Not much was exposed, but what was seen on set was different from what was seen on camera. Gu Yanshen didn’t want Lu Wenxing to be mobbed, and even though the director had forbidden taking pictures, it was inevitable that some other staff would disobey.

Lu Wenxing thought for a moment, “This can’t be filmed too explicitly; will it be okay?”

The scene the director was talking about was the one where Lu Zhuo was drunk and Zhou Yun tried to seduce him.

“Seduction, you can do it, right?” The director looked towards Lu Wenxing and had high hopes for him.

“Xingxing’s acting is good; this shouldn’t be hard for you. The next one is Jiajia’s scene. There are still a few days left; it’s not very urgent. If you really can’t, let Yanshen teach you.”

Gu Yanshen was silent for a split second. “I haven’t seduced anyone either.”

The director let out a laugh.


“You guys give it a try. Anyway, the point Zhou Yun has to capture is that the atmosphere must be heavy and filled with human charm! He’s an opera singer, even more charming than many women! But don’t be feminine.”

Song Jiajia came over from nowhere and asked, “Is it my turn next? But I want to see the two of them play against each other so much. I want to see Xingxing like that.”

“You can’t.”


Gu Yanshen interrupted her mercilessly, raising his eyes before addressing the director.

“Yu Shengsheng has a double identity; externally, she’s a well-informed young lady of the noble family, and no one can know about her identity as an undercover agent. The acting must be superb; So Director Wang can focus on her scenes a bit more.”


Song Jiajia had a sulky look on her face, and Lu Wenxing shrugged helplessly; he was then pulled away by Gu Yanshen.

“Xingxing and I will go to the next scene.”


“It’s too much! Look, director, they’re showing love on set; I’m going to expose them.”

The director laughed.

“We don’t mind if you want to show off, but first you have to have a date.”

Song Jiajia: “……”

Then Song Jiajia cursed and walked onto the set.


What Lu Wenxing had taken wasn’t a script, but the original novel. But there was another important issue at the moment.

In the original novel, Lu Zhuo took Zhou Yun but didn’t put him in prison; instead, he brought him back home and got someone to watch him. The doors to the rooms were locked; even the windows were guarded in shifts, and except for the three meals a day that would be delivered, he didn’t even have a chance to walk out.

Lu Zhuo was attending a banquet, and at that time of the year, all young masters and young ladies who received invitations had to bring along a male or female companion.


But Lu Zhuo couldn’t find a suitable female companion. The rich young masters and young ladies came back from overseas studies and were more open-minded.


But Lu Zhuo was different; he had never been exposed to the new entertainment that came in from overseas, and he wasn’t able to dance and drink with girls comfortably.

Some people under him suggested that he should go to a dance hall to find a suitable female partner, so that he didn’t have to worry about affecting the girl’s reputation, but that place was mostly a place for people to climb up the ladder, and Lu Zhuo didn’t want to get caught up in it either.

Accidentally hearing something related to Lu Zhuo, Zhou Yun pretended that he had something to report and had someone find Lu Zhuo.

The director and scriptwriter of this scene were discussing whether to cut the scene or not. Because in this scene, Zhou Yun was a man dressed as a woman. In the novel, Zhou Yun was over 1.7 meters tall, but Lu Wenxing was 1.8 meters tall, which didn’t quite match his size.

However, Gu Yanshen was tall and had a net height nearly eight centimeters higher than Lu Wenxing. If he put on military boots, it was about 1.9 meters.

The height difference between the two could be used to disguise Lu Wenxing’s height. But the problem was that the director wasn’t sure how Lu Wenxing’s female costume would look, and if it didn’t fit, then the scene would have to be changed.

Let’s say that both of them attended the banquet, but with different female companions. Then Zhou Yun would kind of force the plot if he attended in male attire.

Zhou Yun had to attend because the subsequent plot was involved. Lu Zhuo didn’t intend to bring Zhou Yun at first, but then he thought that maybe Zhou Yun, who was so proactive in trying to help him, was going to take the opportunity to meet with someone at the banquet, and Lu Zhuo became a little more suspicious of Zhou Yun.

Regardless of whether that person would appear or not, as long as there was a chance that he could catch that person, he had to take Zhou Yun.

Zhou Yun was also smart enough to know that Lu Zhuo suspected him, so all he had to do was dispel Lu Zhuo’s suspicions. For the few days he was at Lu Zhuo’s house, he tried his best to act like he was greedy and vain, a lowly actor who wanted to climb the bed.

The two men had different minds, each competing with the other.

Lu Wenxing read the script several times: “Teacher Gu, do you think I should dress up as a woman?”

Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing had the same idea; they both wanted to highly recreate the script and do their best.

“Why don’t you give it a try?”

Gu Yanshen was also of the more serious type when it came to filming. “The novel is more reasonable; if we change it, we’ll have to see how the screenwriter changes it.”

“Do you mind female costumes?” Gu Yanshen asked to the point.

“I don’t mind.”

Lu Wenxing was experimental when it came to filming and enjoyed the immersive filming that involved getting into character even more.

Zhou Yun wanted to go to the banquet, so Lu Wenxing didn’t mind women’s clothing, but in the novel, Zhou Yun’s women’s clothing was particularly stunning, and as a result, he also linked up with a higher level leader and probed a certain secret.

But the female costume scene wasn’t very easy to perform; first of all, it was about appearance, and second of all, it was about acting skills.

In the novel, Zhou Yun disguised himself as a woman but deceived many people. His movements, postures, and other aspects followed the original principle of being gentle and charming. The charm of a girl was different from that of a boy.

Lu Wenxing could perform a boy’s charm, but it was a bit difficult for him to perform a girl’s charm. Moreover, what the director wanted was stunning.

If the scene couldn’t be presented perfectly, then it was better not to do it.


“Dressing up depends on the costume and make-up, but…” Gu Yanshen looked Lu Wenxing up and down and said, “Although you’re a man, with this face of yours, women’s clothes will definitely look good on you.”

Lu Wenxing raised his eyebrows and held onto Gu Yanshen’s shoulders, his entire body plastered against his, softening into a puddle as he relaxed on him.

“Marshal, don’t be so tense. Suppressing the bandits is exciting, but the exciting things in a person’s life can be much more… Do you want to try?”

Lu Wenxing went straight into the scene without any warning, and Gu Yanshen picked it up calmly.

Instead of slapping off the hand on his shoulder, Lu Zhuo felt out his pistol, loaded it, and held it in his hand to play with it.

“I don’t know about other thrills, but the thrill of a bullet penetrating your heart—do you want to try it?”

The words were full of playfulness, but the tone held a cold intent.

Zhou Yun immediately raised his hands in a surrendering gesture, but there was no trace of fear on his face.


“If you kill me, the Marshal will have a lot less fun; I don’t advise you to do that.”

“Sure enough, you are very good at acting; the you in front of Xu Dashuai, and the you now, are not really you, right?”

Zhou Yun raised his hand and arranged the loose hair on his forehead, not bothered.

“Xu Dashuai has a tough wife at home, so he prefers the softer ones. But I know you don’t like it, Marshal, so why don’t you just tell me what kind you like? I can play it all.”

“Are you really not considering it?”

Zhou Yun revealed a hint of regret: “I do look forward to taking the Marshal’s hand to the banquet; an opera singer like me isn’t like those young masters and young ladies. Even if we climb up the ranks of the powerful, these occasions are not something we can fantasize about.”


“Zhou Yun, is it a pseudonym?”

“Real name. But I also have another name.” Zhou Yun lowered his eyes and laughed out, “Does the Marshal want to know?”

Lu Zhuo intuited that it wouldn’t be something he would want to know, but somehow managed to ask it in passing. “What is it called?”

Zhou Yun moved closer to him and blew in his ear.


Lu Zhuo’s forehead veins jumped, and Zhou Yun looked at his appearance with interest. He admired it for a while before chuckling.

His smile was very open, the kind that made people look at it and not be able to move their eyes.

“You are truly not afraid of death.”

Zhou Yun immediately covered his chest and exaggerated, “Don’t scare me, Marshal; I’m timid. I’m just relying on the fact that the Marshal won’t kill me; the Marshal wants to find someone, doesn’t he?”

“Heh. I can also put you in prison and torture you to make you confess.”

Zhou Yun stretched out his hand with an attitude of letting the king do as he pleased.

“You didn’t believe me when I said that you guys caught the wrong person. Now you still think I’m an accomplice? What can I do as an opera singer? Kill someone? Set a fire. Stealing would be even more impossible.”


“In fact, I can’t do anything, at most…” Zhou Yun arched an eyebrow. “Hook up with a powerful person like you? Maybe if I get the eye of a nobleman that day, I can still lead a good life after I step out of the theater, or is that…is that also against the law?”

“Marshal is so worried about me committing a crime; why don’t you take me? I will definitely behave myself by your side.”


Lu Zhuo shook off Zhou Yun in disgust, frowned, and stood far away. He was going to leave, but suddenly thought of something: “Yes, I will take you there the day after tomorrow. But you’d better settle down a bit.”

His mouth said for Zhou Yun to be peaceful, but in his heart, he was thinking something else; he rather hoped that Zhou Yun would be a bit more rowdy.

Even if he didn’t find out anything wrong with Zhou Yun, Lu Zhuo just felt that Zhou Yun wasn’t simple, so he could neither put him in prison nor let him leave.

His intuition told him that Zhou Yun was definitely more than just a trouper.

“How about this part?”

Lu Wenxing sat on the table and raised his eyes to Gu Yanshen.

“I acted okay, didn’t I?”

Zhou Yun’s origin was as an opera singer; there was a kind of charm in his movements. At the director’s request, it couldn’t be feminine, but it had to be delicate and charming.

“The look and movement are fine; changing the costume should make it better.”

Gu Yanshen never skimped on praising Lu Wenxing: “This scene doesn’t have a problem; have you decided on the banquet scene?”

He was referring to the female costume scene.

Lu Wenxing nodded. “I want to try.”

“That’s fine.” Gu Yanshen took out his mobile phone and made a call: “Hey, Sheng Chao, help me contact Aiou.”

“Who is Aiou?”

Lu Wenxing hadn’t heard of this person.

Gu Yanshen explained.

“A makeup artist I met a long time ago. He is very skilled at imitation makeup and has also helped artists with cross-dressing. Since you want to give it a try, why not prepare more comprehensively?”

“What about costumes? Will I wear a foreign dress or a qipao?” Lu Wenxing didn’t have any burden at all, as if he wasn’t the one wearing it.

Gu Yanshen looked at him with interest.

“Why don’t you try both?”



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