C9—– Another Hot Search

  After “Weekend Without Limits” was scheduled for air time, the fans started squatting early.

Many viewers who loved watching variety shows had been waiting for a long time, variety shows had become the best choice for them to relax and unwind after work and study. Before the broadcast, the program first introduced the three guests, and when it came to their idols, fans enthusiastically commented.

Then, a variety of confessions and compliments densely occupied the screen. After the introduction of Gu Yanshen, compliments were interspersed with honest and frank comments from the old fans.

【 It’s my elder brother! Come on! ! ! 】

[Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! ! Close-up shots makes me cry. 】

[Brother Shen’s variety show debut! ! ! 】

 【 Although Brother Shen is cold and calm, he is still a real proud man. 】

[Speaking of this, I guess Brother Shen may have no interest for variety shows ! ! But don’t mention it. 】

[Yes, yes, don’t mention it. Brother Shen may check the comments. This is his first variety show. The compliments must be enough. 】

[New fan here, I just want to ask, why can’t we mention it? 】

[Brother Shen is a tsundere, szd, he’s obviously a powerful actor, but artists are usually very image conscious. 】

[TN: szd – – – – – It Is Real]

  Lu Wenxing just opened the video and saw these comments with crown emojis by the side.

 This was the unique logo of the premium members of ‘Bringblink Video’. The font of their comments were one size larger than the ordinary members, the color was bright and bold, and the sliding speed slowed down. It was the most conspicuous among many comments.

On the first night of the recording for the variety show, the two of them didn’t communicate much in private, and the next two days of the weekend, Lu Wenxing didn’t even show his face.

But even so, Lu Wenxing agreed with this comment, Gu Yanshen’s consciousness was quite heavy, but he didn’t seem to realize it.

From the time he noticed Gu Yanshen’s refusal to dance, Lu Wenxing guessed that Gu Yanshen probably couldn’t dance, but he was different from Zhou Zitong and Li Xiangming who also couldn’t dance.

Those two were reluctant because they thought they would lose and didn’t want to be compared. Gu Yanshen, on the other hand, was extremely resistant!

The program began to air, it started with scenery of G City after the heavy snow, then turned to a small two-story single-family home.

Then there was the scene of Song Jiajia sitting on the sofa drinking water.

[I confess, elder sister Song Jiajia really looks like a fairy!

[I just became a fan of sister Jiajia, she’s really too beautiful!]

[The girl next to her is her chosen teammate?]

[She’s a member of the New4 group, Wen Min, she sings well.]

[The door opened! Is that my brother?]

The screen turned to the front door, the cameraman didn’t directly show the person, instead the lens aimed at the dark green luggage.

[Luggage: Woman, who are you talking about?]

[What if it’s Gu Yanshen [stubborn dog head]]

[No way, he would never use this kind of luggage]

The camera moved to the person’s long legs, and the comments instantly changed.

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!]

[Upstairs, your comment is disturbing my eyes]

[Long legs!!! I want to lick the screen!]

[Lick!!!! Lick!!!]

[Hello, I’m this brother’s jeans.]

[His legs are so straight!!! Even thinner than mine, for crying out loud.]

[But it’s cold in G City, I can feel the cold through the screen]

The door of the room opened and the screen switched to the moment Song Jiajia raised his eyes, not only Song Jiajia’s fans but also other viewers went into a frenzy.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the moment, Jiajia raised her eyes, awsl]

[TN: awsl——- I’m dead]

[Too beautiful, too beautiful, too beautiful]

The screen was full of comments, the next second the camera moved with Song Jiajia’s gaze and landed on Lu Wenxing’s body, shooting from the legs up, a turtleneck sweater with a jacket, the camera stopped at Lu Wenxing’s chin.

“Hello!” It was Song Jiajia’s voice.

“Hello sister Jiajia, I’m Lu Wenxing, Mr. Gu’s partner.”

[His voice is so nice ah !!!!]

[Little brother has a nice voice!]

[Ah, that’s the best sounding little sufferer voice I’ve ever heard]

[TN: little sufferer – – – – shou/bottom]

[The sister upstairs needs to calm down.]

[Actually, I think it’s an attacker’s voice.]

[TN: attacker – – – – – – gong/top]

[Gu Yanshen said no]

[Wait, this is Brother Shen’s partner!]

[I don’t care, Brother Shen is the top attacker in the entertainment industry!]

[Did it pause? I’m ready to take a screenshot, yet it’s just showing me a chin?]

[gkd, don’t stop here! This long-legged little brother with a great voice must be very handsome!]

[TN: gkd – – – – – hurry up]

The audience commented crazily, and the show gave enough suspense until the people introduced themselves to each other, and the camera guy finally gave Lu Wenxing a chance to show his face, followed by an army of comments sweeping in.

  [His Eyelashes!!! Are these eyelashes real?]

[Nice skin! So white! Nice eyes! Nice nose! Nice lips too!]

[I suggest the people upstairs go back to elementary school and retake their language classes.]

[Ah ah ah ah, so good-looking and he still hasn’t debuted?]

[He’s already debuted, so I suggest that those who don’t know make good use of Baidu search.]

[I searched, I didn’t find any pictures, I also checked wiki? It only has a few words and the photo there is so blurred that I thought it was mosaic]

[Brother Shen had good vision!]

[The partner name for Shen and Xing, is drop-dead gorgeous, I won’t accept rebuttal]

Then Gu Yanshen and Wen Yu came in one after the other, greeted each other and chatted for a while, the program team began to make things happen, once they mentioned checking the suitcases, the camera deliberately give a few artists close-up.

When Li Xiangming took out the tennis ball, the comments were all hahahahahaha, followed by Lu Wenxing’s little rooster. The comments were the same as the reactions of several other artists.

[I can’t believe there is this kind of alarm clock???]

[I also just found out! The alarm clock has become a spirit, right?]

[Song Jiajia’s expression cracked!]

[Sister Jiajia will close her room door tightly, so Lu Wenxing’s little rooster won’t slip in, hahahahaha]

[Did anyone notice Gu Yanshen’s expression, I f*cking died laughing.]

[Gu Yanshen: Oh, childish]

When the little rooster ran out, the director’s team asking the staff to chase it was also recorded, the screen was filled with “hahahahahaha” comments.

The poster in Gu Yanshen’s suitcase was cut out by the staff who had a strong desire to live, the topic would be very big, but it’d also attract gossip, after weighing the pros and cons, the director team decided to edit the clip out.

The audience only saw Gu Yanshen open the suitcase, there was nothing special in it.

The director’s team hadn’t yet announced the task, so several people gathered around to chat, Gu Yanshen expressionlessly sat in the middle, when no one paid attention to him, he secretly grabbed the small rooster that was placed on the table.

  [Brother Shen suffered from not having been to variety shows. Doesn’t he know that cameras are everywhere? 】

  [Even Brother Shen can’t escape, hahahahahaha]

【 Let’s not make memes from Brother Shen’s expression, no matter how funny it is! ! ! 】

[I can’t help secretly sharing it among fans, but I won’t put it on the Internet, Brother Shen won’t see it]

When Lu Wenxing saw this comments, he was curious and asked why.

 [Brother Shen is image conscious. I’ve seen stars spend money to withdraw news from the hot search list. For the first time, I found out that he can withdraw memes.]

[Ha ha ha ha ha ha, I can click in one second, but it’s gone the next? ? ? 】

Lu Wenxing: “………………………”

Lu Wenxing underestimated Gu Yanshen.

Lu Wenxing actually didn’t care, but he hadn’t been popular much, last time he dipped in the light of Wei – lucky koi – Ze, although it was withdrawn in less than an hour.

  In the later editing, the screen was divided into two parts. On the one hand, several artists scrambled to guess the movie title, and on the other hand, their reaction after the director announced the real task. By contrast, the comment laughed happily.

How did Lu Wenxing not expect that after the show aired, he was in the hot search because of the not-so-difficult house dance he copied. The reason for the hot search wasn’t the dance Lu Wenxing did, but a quote from Lu Wenxing.

# Learned a little #

The video of Lu Wenxing learning a dance in a few minutes and dancing it fully, then someone else added the conversation between Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshan to it.

“Do you know how to dance?”

“I learned a little.”

[Other people’s learned a little vs. my learned a little]

[This is the difference between a school bully and a school scum?]

[This little brother looks familiar!]

[!!! It seems like the little brother who danced last time, the male group that hasn’t debuted yet?]

[What are you talking about in the comment section?]

  The other artists on the show forwarded the video, and the search climbed from the middle to the front row, followed by the hot search, and the prominent one was –

The little rooster alarm clock that Lu Wenxing brought.

The netizens went to Lu Wenxing’s page, all begging for the same alarm clock.

There were also other topics, from Lu Wenxing’s ‘learned a little’ to some others.

A few hours later, every hot search related to Lu Wenxing inexplicably disappeared.

Lu Wenxing suddenly remembered the WeChat sent by Wei Ze’s teammate.

—— Why do I feel that this hot search wasn’t suppressed, it’s like it was removed? It’s puzzling.

If it was a hot search that was hanging on the end before, Lu Wenxing wouldn’t notice anything wrong, but the first dozen hot searches couldn’t have been suddenly suppressed, they could only have been withdrawn.

Lu Wenxing was now sure that the hot search at that time may have really been removed.

It wasn’t because of Wei Ze and the others, but because of Lu Wenxing.

But what was strange to Lu Wenxing was that the little rooster alarm clock related to him wasn’t removed, and the official announcement of the first episode was still hanging on the hot search.

Eventually, Lu Wenxing attributed these to the resistance of the novel world.

Because he was a cannon fodder? So …… it blocked all opportunities that would give him exposure?

If that was the case.

Why not just stop him from participating in the show?

This question was unanswered for now.


Soon, it was time to record the second episode of the show.

The second phase of the program was in M City, which was a very tourist-friendly city.

The last time Lu Wenxing didn’t bring many clothes, others brought two suitcases, he only brought one, learning from that, this time Lu Wenxing prepared a few more clothes. In addition, he brought a suitcase for daily necessities and gifts for the other artists.

Director: “Today is also the same as last time, the group with the highest score can have the help of the guest.”

“So what is the first round?”

“Everyone saw the message I sent in the group, right? Give gifts to each other.”

Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen looked at each other, suddenly feeling that there was something very wrong in these words. The director didn’t answer the question about the competition, but first talked about the gifts.

The gifts weren’t given in person, nor could it be written who gave them, they were put in boxes by the staff and given to the artists, none of them knew what gifts the other gave them except the person who gave them.

“Now there are six gift boxes in each person’s hand, and I have five labels here.” The director picked up the different colored tags in his hand, “One of you will come to me and take them and add it to the gifts you received, sorting them according to how much you like them.”

“The most liked is five hearts, favorite is three hearts, average is two hearts, dislike it is one heart, extremely dislike is the cracked heart sticker.”

The crowd was instantly alert, only to hear the director continue.

“This time the score is very simple, according to the gifts given, the group that gets the most hearts will get the help of the guest.”

The crowd: “!!!”

After hearing the director team’s ‘alternative competition’, several artists’ eyes fell on Lu Wenxing, as if they were looking at a walking score-giving machine.

The artists who were filled with self-confidence had already started to draft their ‘winning speech’.

First of all, thank you Song Jiajia! Secondly, thanks to Lu Wenxing! Lastly, thanks to Pink!

The unaware Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen were whispering the gifts they had given to each other, and they planned to secretly cheat, no matter what the other had given them, they would give a five heart review first.

Before Gu Yanshen could say what he gave Lu Wenxing, he heard Lu Wenxing question the “wolf-like” stares from the left and right side. “What are you looking at me for?”

“Nothing! Wenxing, you look very handsome today!”

  ”What are you talking about? When is Wenxing not handsome!”

“That’s right, I’m going to compliment Wenxing every day!”

“I’m a fan of Wenxing from today.”

“Don’t argue with me, I want to be a true fan of Wenxing!!!”

Lu Wenxing:?

“What are you all looking at Wenxing for? Are you expecting him to open his gifts?” The director was also confused by everyone’s hot eyes.

“Okay, then let Wenxing open his first.”

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  1. Huh. So the novel world has awareness and any signs of our Xing’er getting popular is suppressed? If this is true, then it leaves a stuffy feeling in my heart. My baby deserves all the best thing that this damned world has to offer. If that Wenyu can be happy, why can’t my Wenxing ㅠㅠ

    Thank you for taking the time to translate this, UntamedAlley! <3

  2. who is clearing his hot search ?? the wen family? shouldnt they support our baby? i guess its mango entertainment since they didnt want him to get popular after terminating contract 🤔🤔🤔

  3. Guess the other commenters don’t read this trope much? My money for deleting the hot searches is on Wen Yu and whatever goldfinger he has (he’s most likely a transmigrator). Seeing how only the searches with Lu Wenxing’s image disappear and how even his wiki page only has a blurry picture, all that (and his previous supression) should be done so his biological family can’t find him again.
    Thank you for the great translation, UntamedAlley. It’s been a while since I had such a pleasant reading experience 🙂

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