C88 — The Proper Script

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Recently, there had been many announcements from Lu Wenxing, but his business hours on Weibo were too few. Fans didn’t cry on Lu Wenxing’s Weibo but instead ran to Xu Rong’s Weibo page.

So Xu Rong thought of letting Lu Wenxing open a live broadcast to satisfy the desire of the fans to interact with the artist.

Lu Wenxing posted a live broadcast alert on Weibo.

[Lu Wenxing v] Tomorrow at 12:30 noon, the live broadcast room is waiting for you @Asteroids.

[Ah Ah Ah! Happiness came too suddenly.]

[I’ll start squatting at twelve o’clock.]

[I love this fan benefit.]

[I wish I could wake up at 12:00.]

Tomorrow, Wen Yan would go to the production team for a tour, and Lu Wenxing would also go. It would take about one or two hours. After the tour, he could return to the hotel for the live broadcast.

Of course, plans couldn’t keep up with changes.

Lu Wenxing and Wen Yan arrived on time, but Wen Yan was pulled by the director to talk about a new script he planned to take on. As a member of the Wen family, Lu Wenxing was also invited to dinner by the director.

Even if Wen Yan didn’t invest, Lu Wenxing could still invest. The Wen family had a great business, and if Lu Wenxing were to be the protagonist, the Wen family would definitely invest.


The other protagonist they chose was Gu Yanshen.


Of course, they weren’t sure that Gu Yanshen would take this drama; it was good enough to keep Lu Wenxing.

“I agreed with the fans yesterday that I would broadcast live at 12:30. You guys should go eat.”

The director’s eyes lit up, and his little abacus played very fast. Lu Wenxing’s visit to the production team was quite topical. Gu Yanshen had a great reputation, but there were other promotional channels that could be used.

CP fans were sure to be happy, and maybe they could really get Gu Yanshen to take on the next drama.


“Why don’t you broadcast live from the set?”


Lu Wenxing hesitated. “Wouldn’t it be too intrusive?”

The director thought he didn’t want to expose his whereabouts and said, “You can also go to the lounge.”

Gu Yanshen took off his jacket and walked over. “Go to my lounge.”

Lu Wenxing saw that Wen Yan seemed to have the intention of working with the director for a second time, so he didn’t bother. “Then my little uncle will talk to the director, and I’ll go start the live broadcast.”


Lu Wenxing entered the live broadcast room ten minutes earlier than the scheduled time. The fans that came early saw Lu Wenxing and quickly sent comments.

[Luckily, I came early.]

[Wenxing is in a shed?]

“Yes.” Lu Wenxing looked at the rapidly flashing comments and said, “You guys should slow down; I can’t see well.”

[Is Wenxing being filmed?]

[It looks like a temporary rest house on the set.]

[Wenxing, look at me.]


[Have you gotten any new scripts lately?]

“Not yet. Sister Rong is checking for me; recently, there have only been cover shoots and endorsements.”

[Look at me! Wenxing, can you post a selfie once a week from now on?]

[Yes, yes, yes, your Weibo page should be active.]

Lu Wenxing bargained with them, “Two weeks.”

[Two weeks is two weeks.]

[Send selfies]

[Video is fine too!]

[Will Wenxing register for a short video account? A lot of artists post their daily routines on short video platforms, and Asteroids wants to see yours too.]

[Will Wenxing still do variety shows?]

“Yes, it’s just that there’s no program group inviting me.”

Lu Wenxing’s words were meant to be a joke, but the CP fans had already pressed on.

[Will Wenxing and Brother Shen be together?]

[Are Wenxing and Brother Shen in regular contact in private?]

[Does Wenxing know Painter S?]

The live broadcast itself was a fan benefit; fans could ask questions or make requests, and Lu Wenxing selectively answered and appropriately fulfilled the fans’ requests.

“There is contact. I have a good relationship with teacher Gu, and Sister Jiajia, Brother Xiang Ming, and Wen Miao. The few of us have a group chat, and sometimes we send out red envelopes and stuff.”

[I’m especially curious about the size of the red envelopes you give out.]

[Is Brother Shen the most generous?]

“Brother Xiangming often sends out a one-yuan red packet at one o’clock at night.”

[Laughing on the floor, tomorrow’s hot search will be Li Xiangming sending one Yuan red packet in group chat.]

“The most I grabbed once was more than one hundred and eighty.”

[Do you eat together?]

“We’ve made appointments, but our schedules overlapped several times, so I haven’t seen everyone.”

Lu Wenxing sold Song Jiajia without mercy, saying, “Sister Jia and I have the same habit.”


[Song Jiajia: Don’t cue me]

[Song Jiajia: Suddenly feeling a chill down her back]

“Sister Jiajia and I are both managed by Sister Rong, and during a brand’s event, we were both there. After the event, the two of us made an appointment to eat all the local signature dishes.”

[No wonder Song Jiajia has gained weight lately; starting tomorrow, she won’t have any more eggs either.]

A comment with the management logo flashed by, which was the account of his agent, Xu Rong. The comment instantly grabbed attention.

[HHHHH, laughing to death, Song Jiajia probably couldn’t have imagined that she wasn’t found out by her agent for stealing food but was exposed by her brother.]

[Xu Rong: There’s really a surprise.]

[Song Jiajia: What did I do wrong? Why are you trying to hurt me?]

[Sister Jia will cry when she sees this.]


[I want to know if Wenxing and S are alumni of the same set.]

A few days ago, netizens were guessing, but there was no correlation between Xingxing and S on Weibo.


[Are you unfamiliar?]

Lu Wenxing thought for a moment and said, “We’re quite familiar.”

He didn’t continue to answer, just in time to see a comment.

[Today is my birthday; can Wenxing wish me a happy birthday?]

Lu Wenxing looked at the ID that sent the comment.

“Happy birthday to ‘Wenxing’s little baby’.”

[Ah ah ah ah ah, I want to hear Wenxing say happy birthday to me too, but it’s not my birthday today.]

[Ooooh, why isn’t it my birthday today?]

“You can make a request or ask a question, and I’ll try to respond.”

The girl was pleasantly typing on the keyboard, deleting and making changes.

[I am an asteroid and also a fan of the Wangfei CP… Can we watch Wenxing draw brother Shen?]

[Wow! CP fan welfare? Sister, I love you.

[Quick, fast, fast! Draw quickly!]

[I don’t know if Wenxing has seen it, but S drew brother Shen with a rose in his hand.]

[Ah, ah, ah! Although I’m not a fan of the Wangfei CP, I have never seen Wenxing’s painting before. I really want to see it.]


[I want to see it!]

“Then I’ll look for a pen and paper.”

Lu Wenxing got up and walked to the table in the corner, rummaging through the storage box.

[There’s a jacket on the chair where Wenxing was sitting, and it doesn’t look like Wenxing’s.]


[!!! Eyeballing the shoulder width of the jacket, it’s not Wenxing’s size; it seems to be a bit bigger.]

The jacket was draped over the backrest of the chair, and half of it was blocked when Lu Wenxing sat down, but when he got up, the jacket on the back of the chair were especially conspicuous.

Where the camera couldn’t see, Lu Wenxing sat on the table, head down, sending Gu Yanshen a text.

[ET] Do you have paper and a pen in your rest room?

[.] There’s a pen but no paper.

[.] There’s one in the props team, wait.


What Lu Wenxing didn’t know was that while he was struggling with paper and pen, the audience’s attention was drawn to the jacket, and in just a few minutes, someone had already picked out the brand of that jacket.

[This is JZKZ’s new model for this season.]

[Wenxing is on set, so it most likely belongs to a member of the cast.]

[Obviously, it’s a temporary resting room; someone probably put it here casually.]

[I think I’ve discovered something.]

[Today, when brother Shen came out of the hotel, a passerby photographed him. It isn’t too clear, but his jacket is especially similar to this one!]


[It seems to be a bit similar.]

[Why is brother Shen’s jacket here?]

[No, it’s Wenxing on the set of a drama! Brother Shen’s set!]

[I’m really steaming and holding my head down to kowtow to the CP.]

[The Wangfei CP is real; I’m tired of saying that.]

[I am the Civil Affairs Bureau; I came by myself.]

Lu Wenxing had just sat back in his chair when he saw a few comments, and the viewers asked directly.

[Did Wenxing go to visit the set?]

[Is Wenxing and brother Shen together? Can I see brother Shen?]

Lu Wenxing was still a bit confused, and he asked how the audience made those associations.

[Hahaha, Wenxing looks confused.]

[Wenxing, look at the back of your chair.]


[We can’t let Wenxing deny it; we have to put out the evidence.]


[We saw brother Shen wearing this jacket this morning.]

Lu Wenxing looked back at the jacket that hadn’t been hung up by Gu Yanshen and answered without changing his expression.

“I’m in Teacher Gu’s lounge; he’s filming. Huayi invested in this movie, so I came here with my boss to visit the set.”

Gu Yanshen walked in with a pen and paper, and Lu Wenxing raised his eyes to look.

“Teacher Gu, come over and say hello to the audience.”

Gu Yanshen looked at Lu Wenxing in surprise, but of course Gu Yanshen was happy to do this kind of good thing.
“Hello guys.”

[Ah ah ah ah! Brother Shen.]

[Is Brother Shen filming?]

“No, it’s break time.”

[Can Brother Shen go live with Wenxing?]

“Teacher Gu still has to film in the afternoon; he needs to rest.” Lu Wenxing politely refused for him, but Gu Yanshen blinked as he replied, “It’s okay if I don’t rest; there’s no night scene today.”

[Brother Shen should take care and rest.]

Gu Yanshen handed Lu Wenxing paper and a pen. “You want to draw?”

[I suspect Brother Shen was secretly watching the live broadcast outside the lounge.]


[Has Brother Shen seen Wenxing’s drawing?]

“I’ve seen it; he’s very good.”

[Whose painting does brother Shen like better, S’s or Wenxing’s?]


[Good man! That’s a question that can send someone to death.]


“Time is limited in the live broadcast room, so I’ll draw a mini version of a character.” Lu Wenxing thought for a moment, “Who should I draw?”

Gu Yanshen’s hand held the back of the chair, and he leaned down close to Lu Wenxing. “Draw me?”


Lu Wenxing’s grip on the brush accentuated the slenderness of his knuckles, and the fans had already begun to scream.

[Wenxing’s hands are so pretty!]

[So good for playing the piano.]

[Screenshot Screenshot]

As Lu Wenxing sketched out the character’s form, the comments finally shifted from Wenxing’s hands to the cute version of the character.

He drew Gu Yanshen, who was wearing a ski suit, stepping on a double board, and holding a ski pole in his hand.

[Brother Shen from the snow park. I want to see it in person so badly.]

[The cute version can’t satisfy me anymore!!!]

[I want to see Brother Shen’s long legs.]


[Let’s discuss it with Wenxing; let him continue to draw it.]

[I want to see brother Shen’s long legs.]

[Continue drawing.]

[Can you draw a cute version of yourself?]

[The main character himself drew his own CP! The sweetness of the drawing is guaranteed.]

Gu Yanshen nodded with a serious attitude, seeking benefits for his fans.


“It’s a rare live broadcast, so fulfill the fans’ request and add it.”

[I suspect Brother Shen himself wants it.]

[Brother Shen: I’ll kowtow to myself]

[TN: kowtow — a deep bow of respect]

[Brother Shen takes the lead in kowtowing to his CP]


“Then I’ll draw another one.”

Lu Wenxing was about to put pen to paper when Gu Yanshen stretched out his finger and pointed to the blank space on the other side and said, “Draw yourself here.”

Lu Wenxing:?

“Skiing competition.” Gu Yanshen was serious. “Look, we’ll ski down from here; you go faster; I’ll chase you from behind.”

Lu Wenxing: “……”

[I’ll chase you from behind!!!]

[Really, but if the two of them restrained themselves a bit, I wouldn’t be so adamant.]


[I’m so messed up.]

[Ah ah ah ah! Chase! Brother Shen, chase him! You’re not a man if you don’t chase.]


Lu Wenxing directly restored the ski resort; he also added other skiers to the background.

But that didn’t stop fans from making their own drawings later on, and there were also people who compared the drawings of painter S with those of Lu Wenxing. Of course, this was afterward.

Lu Wenxing also took them for a walk around the set at the request of the fans.

The director and Wen Yan were walking together, and when they saw Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen come out, they gave them both a greeting.


“Done with the broadcast?”

“Not yet.” Lu Wenxing said to the director, “Do you mind if I live stream on set?”

“It’s okay; there’s no one on the set during break time.”

Lu Wenxing turned on the rear camera, and the fans saw the handsomely dressed and handsome Wen Yan at a glance and were asking who it was.

“This is my little uncle, the president of Huayi Media, and the boss of Sister Jiajia and me.”

[Little Uncle is too young!!!]

[So he really came with his little uncle to visit the set.]

[I don’t care; I’ll be his fan anyway.]

Lu Wenxing took them for a stroll, and then it was about time to end the live broadcast.

It was rare for him to come to visit, so how could Gu Yanshen let go of this alone time? He brought Lu Wenxing back to his lounge.

“Wenxing, I heard you say happy birthday to your fan.”

Lu Wenxing quietly looked at him, waiting for his next words.

Gu Yanshen pinched his earlobe. “I used to not celebrate birthdays, but just now I heard you say happy birthday to someone else… I especially wanted to hear you say ‘happy birthday’ to me.”

“I’ll keep it in mind for next month.”

Lu Wenxing leaned on the back of the chair with a leisurely posture and turned the chair to ask Gu Yanshen.

“Do you know about the new script my little uncle is talking to the director about?”

Gu Yanshen brought out a novel from the table and said, “This is the one.”

The bookmark was clipped to the first few chapters, it was clear that Gu Yanshen had just started reading it.

“Want to consider picking this up with me?” Gu Yanshen strongly persuaded Lu Wenxing: “I’ve read the script; it’s not bad. I’m reading the novel now.”

Lu Wenxing casually flipped open the novel; one of the pages was clipped with a bookmark, which should be where Gu Yanshen had stopped.

“A novel adaptation.”

“A Republican drama; the director wants you to play Zhou Yun; he says your image fits.”

Lu Wenxing glanced at the cover and said, “You’re playing Marshal Lu?”

Gu Yanshen nodded, and Lu Wenxing flipped to a new page, his head lowered as his eyes were fixed on the last paragraph.

Zhou Yun cozily leaned back in his chair as the door was pushed open. He lifted his eyelids to look at Marshal Lu, who was wearing a military uniform, and slowly and methodically walked forward, his white arm resting on Marshal Lu’s shoulder.

His voice was so soft that it was almost cloying.

“Marshal, you hurt me yesterday.”

“Really, you don’t know how to be gentle. I said don’t, but you still pulled me to continue. So bad, ah.”

Lu Wenxing: “……”

He closed the novel and looked at Gu Yanshen, who had a calm expression, and asked.

“Is this a proper script?”



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