C59—– Brainstorming


For several days in a row, Lu Wenxing ate a breakfast at 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. on the set, went back to the hotel and started sleeping, and slept until late in the evening.


The little rooster alarm clock was always very punctual to call him up for dinner.


He dragged his sleepy body into the bathroom to wash up, and after he changed his clothes, Chen Che arrived at the door of his room at the right time.



The other managers would have to ask for help in managing the weight of the artists, including the three meals a day. But Chen Che was different, he was Wen Zheng’s assistant, Wen Zheng wouldn’t allow Xu Rong to control Lu Wenxing’s diet.

“I’m so hungry.”


Lu Wenxing opened the bag and a strong aroma overflowed. There were also several dishes of vegetables in the bag.


“There is no night play today, so after dinner, you can go for a snack and go to bed early. Director Qin informed the group that tomorrow’s play is at four o’clock in the morning.”


“I saw it.”


Lu Wenxing was eating and playing with his mobile phone when he suddenly saw a photo of Wen Yu, seemingly attending an event. Just as he was about to zoom in, Chen Che took out his mobile phone.


“Eat first.”


“Wait, give it to me.”


Lu Wenxing put down the chopsticks in his hand, he wouldn’t pay attention to any activities Wen Yu participated in at ordinary times. However, he just saw the watch on Wen Yu’s wrist, which was a bit like the watch style sent to him by Cheng Xuan.


Chen Che coldly refused, “I’ll give it to you after you finish eating.”

Lu Wenxing was confused and could only eat numbly. But he ate one-third faster than usual. As soon as he picked up the phone, he zoomed in on the photo of Wen Yu and moved it to the position of his wrist, a bit confused.


The dial wasn’t visible, but the style was very similar.


Lu Wenxing compared the picture of his watch with the one Wen Yu was wearing. Could it be Wen Yu?

When there was a suspicion, something he had ignored suddenly came to his mind. Lu Wenxing remembered the dinner party he was taken to by Wen Zheng a few days after he returned to China, when he didn’t know much about Wen Yu and his family’s situation.


When he heard Wen Zheng say that Wen Yu didn’t live at home, he didn’t look into the matter except for a moment of surprise, and at the end of the dinner, Wen Yu came to say goodbye. Lu Wenxing remembered that Wen Zheng said one thing to him.



“Stay away from him.”


This ‘he’ referred to Wen Yu, Lu Wenxing didn’t take it to heart at that time, because he and Wen Yu didn’t have too many encounters, but now that he thought about it, did Wen Zheng also find something wrong?



Lu Wenxing went over a lot of photos taken by entertainment reporters while Wen Yu was participating in programs or attending events. He found dozens of pictures with different watches, and half of them weren’t particularly clear after zooming in, but they all highly match the style that Cheng Xuan sent to Lu Wenxing.


He deliberately searched the internet to see what Wen Yu wore to a certain event, and he really found one of the limited edition watches that was hotly debated last year.


The one that Wen Yu was carrying happened to be the one that Cheng Xuan gave out last year.


Lu Wenxing didn’t hesitate, he felt the need to exchange information with Wen Zheng that he knew about each other.


[ET] Brother, have you been busy lately?


[Brother] Something?


[Brother] There is a new development in the matter of Li Xiao


Lu Wenxing was no longer surprised, the new development Wen Zheng said might be the forgery mentioned in the article.


[ET] Yes, I need to talk in person. There’s no hurry, I’ll wait until you have time to talk


Wen Zheng was a man of action, he quickly let his assistant help him move a day of free time, he had a hunch that what Lu Wenxing said to him would be very important.


Three days later, Wen Zheng once again visited the set.


“Let me tell you, if you don’t seize the opportunity. Wenxing will soon be abducted by someone else.”


Qin Yu had to be anxious about Gu Yanshen’s feelings while working.


“A few days ago there was Ferrari suitor, today Mr Wen’s eyes are following him.”


Gu Yanshen: “……”


After looking at Lu Wenxing who stopped by Wen Zheng’s side, Gu Yanshen couldn’t sit still and took two bottles of water from the shed and walked over.


First, he politely handed it to Wen Zheng.



Wen Zheng glanced at him, and expressionlessly took the water, he flatly said thank you, but held the bottle without the intention to drink.


Gu Yanshen didn’t care if he drank it or not. He unscrewed the cap of another bottle of water in his hand and handed it to Lu Wenxing in front of Wen Zheng.



“Wenxing, drink some water.”


Lu Wenxing said thanks and tilted his head to take a sip.


Wen Zheng raised his eyebrows and looked at Gu Yanshen coldly throughout the process. He didn’t interrupt Gu Yanshen. Lu Wenxing reacted like it was very natural.


Wen Zheng’s heart wasn’t very calm because it didn’t seem like it was the first time.


Qin Yu, who was still standing in the shed, gave a “tut” and muttered, “He’d better not do something else to stimulate Mr Wen.”


Qin Yu sighed and shook his head, weighing the happiness of his brother and millions, both were very important, it was difficult to choose, Qin Yu’s heart went through a hundreds of rounds of battle before he chose his brother.


Qin Yu was touched by his own greatness, nowadays there weren’t many people like him who weren’t driven by money, when Gu Yanshen succeeded in getting the beauty, he had to give him a big red packet.


“Mr. Wen, came to visit the set again?” Qin Yu said boldly, “You and Wenxing have a good relationship, but you can rest assured, everyone takes care of him.”


Not waiting for Wen Zheng to answer, Qin Yu continued.


“Especially Yanshen, he and Wenxing are usually the closest. Mr. Wen invested in the “Power and Strategy” and must have also read the script, the two of them play a pair in the play. But in fact, they are also good outside the scene.”



“Wenxing has Yanshen’s care, so don’t worry about it. Yanshen always goes to eat delicious food with him and often accompanies him on the set. The two of them also went to the movies the previous week.”


Lu Wenxing: “…”



He wanted to interrupt Qin Yu, but there was no opportunity to speak.


“A few days ago, when filming a night scene, Yanshhen deliberately waited to go back to the hotel with Wenxing. Everyone in the cast said that Yanshen took good care of people.” Qin Yu smiled, “Actually, they were wrong. Yanshen only took care of Wenxing from beginning to end.”



Qin Yu was talking enthusiastically, by the way, he paid attention to Wen Zheng’s increasingly dark face, he was satisfied and gave a nod to his assists, at the same time he waved goodbye to ‘millions’ in his heart.


The two of them were just ordinary friends?


Lu Wenxing blinked, avoiding Wen Zheng’s eyes.


He didn’t know how to explain, it seemed to be a normal thing, Gu Yanshen would wait for him to get off the scene, but he would also help bring Gu Yanshen breakfast when Chen Che brought it to him.


It wasn’t a problem for artists in the same crew to be friends, and they lived in the same hotel, the two of them had the same scenes so they could eat breakfast during the thirty minutes waiting time.



But when Qin Yu talked about it, why did it sound like the two of them didn’t have a pure relationship.

Wen Zheng looked at Gu Yanshen with a faint smile, ‘Thank you very much for taking care of Wenxing. ”



Gu Yanshen responded with a deep and neutral tone, “Wenxing calls me ‘Teacher Gu’, so I should take care of him.”



As the two of them looked at each other, Lu Wenxing coughed, “Mr. Wen wants to see the progress of our work, are we ready to start the next scene?”


Gu Yanshen had no opinion, filming was good, Wen Zheng wouldn’t have the opportunity to dominate Lu Wenxing’s time, “The prop group should almost be ready.”


“Does Mr. Wen want to stay in front of the monitor? There is no live staff, it will be a little more intuitive.”


Wen Zheng didn’t hesitate to accept. The last time he visited Xingxing, they were already working, and he had a rare opportunity. Of course, he wanted to watch Xingxing shoot on the spot.


Qin Yu was sorry, after all, there was no feeling in the scene as seen on the monitor. Looking back on the next scene, Qin Yu felt even more regretful, it lacked any intimate drama. It was just in time to catch up with the plot of the two men abusing each other.


The director’s professionalism bound him, which allowed him to resist the impulse to change a scene.


The idea of Lu Wenxing and Qin Yu was exactly the opposite, fortunately this scene didn’t have nothing too intimate.


After hitting the board, Lu Wenxing’s eyes suddenly changed.


Feng Xiao’s light eyes were filled with cold intent.


“Taking all the trouble to follow me around, it’s been so long, and you still haven’t found out what you want to know?”


Lu Feixue was dressed in white, and the long sword he was holding was snatched by Feng Xiao.


“You have many opportunities to kill me, but right now …… is the worst time.” Feng Xiao sneered, and the guards in the royal residence ran out from all corners and surrounded Lu Feixue tightly.



“The jade pendant that I put under my pillow was taken by you when you first entered my bedroom. Being hijacked by robbers is fake, returning the favor is fake, wanting to serve me is also fake, so guess ……” Feng Xiao was extraordinarily patient today, the corners of his mouth still held a smile, “The jade pendant you took from my room, is it real… …or fake?”



Lu Feixue didn’t answer, Feng Xiao didn’t seem to mind, mockery flowed from his eyes.


“After taking away my jade pendant, you immediately replaced it with an identical fake jade pendant to swap it. Unfortunately …… the jade pendant you took away was also a fake.”


“Let me think, what else have you lied to me about.” Feng Xiao’s smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes, and the attendant standing by the side was intimidated by his aura, shivering and standing aside, trying to reduce his presence.


“Lu Feixue, I think the name is also fake, right? What else is fake, could this face also be a disguise?”


Lu Feixue lowered his eyes, to the end, he didn’t say a word, finally Feng Xiao’s patience ran out.




He turned his back, not to look at the guards and Lu Feixue’s fight, he just lightly left a sentence.


“The flowers in the courtyard are blooming just right, don’t let the filthy blood dirty the petals.”



Lu Wenxing’s scene ended with Gu Yanshen’s portrayal of Lu Feixue fighting with the guards.

Wen Zheng walked over, “No scene left?”


Lu Wenxing nodded, looked around the staff, they stared closely at the fight scene with Gu Yanshen, his cold temperament was in place, with a few high action added, it was extremely exciting. Also ……


particularly handsome.


“Find a place to talk.” Wen Zheng opened his mouth and interrupted Lu Wenxing’s attention.


Everyone’s gaze focused on Gu Yanshen, who was filming the drama. The two of them exchanged places to chat without attracting any attention. Lu Wenxing withdrew his gaze and followed Wen Zheng, as the two walked further away.


“What do you want to tell me?”


“It has to do with Wen Yu.” Lu Wenxing said straightforwardly.



“I learned something by accident. Brother, I know that you and Dad are investigating the orphanage, and you are still secretly investigating Wenyu in private? Can you tell me what you know first?”


Wen Zheng was silent for a few seconds, Lu Wenxing thought that Wen Zheng refused to say anything, and was about to ask a few side questions, when Wen Zheng gave him an answer.


“I suspect that your disappearance is related to Wen Yu.”


“As a child, Wen Yu and I were not close, and I lived in school and returned home once a week or two, not much contact. Mom and Dad knew that I didn’t like Wen Yu and only instructed me not to bully him, but didn’t ask me to get along with him.”


“Later, I came back from studying abroad. The investigation continued, and Wen Yu became my key suspect. But I had no evidence, and our parents wouldn’t agree. And at that time, Wen Yu did nothing out of the ordinary, so I couldn’t find anything.”


“Since you came back, Wen Yu can’t seem to hide anymore, his actions are a bit big.”


Wen Zheng also mentioned Li Xiao.


Li Xiao and Wen Yu hadn’t met, but both of them would run to the antique market. Another thing that Wen Zheng found recently was that Li Xiao happened to appear every time when Wen Zheng was negotiating a project, or at a bidding site. But his target wasn’t Wen Zheng, but the project that Wen Zheng wasn’t looking at.


It was strange, if it wasn’t targeted. Why did he have to grab with Wen Zheng every time? Until a business negotiation, Wen Zheng understood after a conversation with a client.


What the client said was – Mr. Wen has a good eye, as long as the project Mr. Wen sees is profitable.


Of course, this statement was just empty praised, but it opened Wen Zheng up to new ideas.


If Li Xiao wasn’t working against him, then Li Xiao was sure that all the projects that Wen Zheng bid for would make money. No businessman dared to be so conceited, and neither did Wen Zheng himself, but Li Xiao seemed to be certain that the projects chosen by Wen Zheng would all make money.


The most important point was that, leaving aside Li Xiao’s identity as an illegitimate son, he was very inconspicuous in the Li family, but after arriving in C City, Li Xiao’s name gradually spread in their circles.



Lu Wenxing thought but, according to Wen Zheng, Li Xiao and Wen Yu were allies, if that Wen Yu knew the plot of the book ……


He suddenly had a bold guess that he couldn’t believe.


Cheng Xuan said that the original protagonist had a sweet pet route, and the person who told Cheng Xuan was Wen Yu.



If Wen Yu could really change the plot with just a few words, he wouldn’t be in such a mess himself. So, the question was how did Wen Yu know about the plot, the plot he told Cheng Xuan, maybe it was related to the direction of the world.


It was hard to …… he was actually really a character in the book?


Only not the cannon fodder of the book written by Cheng Xuan, but the main character in the story told by Wen Yu.


Lu Wenxing brainstormed, in this way, Li Xiao believed in Wen Zheng’s vision, a large possibility was that Wen Yu found a way to make him believe.


There was also a blatant grabbing of projects by Li Xiao, and even for the sake of bidding, he didn’t hesitate to falsify and forge bids, and even the projects reported to government departments were also forged. Lu Wenxing didn’t understand engineering projects, but he knew that this behavior was certainly illegal.


So what was the deal between Wen Yu and Li Xiao?


“By the way.”


Wen Zheng interrupted Lu Wenxing’s brainstorming.


“The Xia family once signed a fake trading contract with someone more than ten years ago. Someone punched a million into his card every month and asked him to transfer it to the orphanage in the name of donation, which is exactly the orphanage where Wen Yu was.”


“Then, I found out that the antique market that Li Xiao often goes to, also signed a fake transaction contract.”


Lu Wenxing: “So the sale didn’t exist and the false contract was just to hide their more private transactions?”

Wen Zheng nodded, “I didn’t see the contract, but what I heard was a paraphrase.”


“The contract says if there are new goods, it must be left to Party A to pick first. But in fact party A, that is, Li Xiao didn’t buy many antiques, many times he just bought a few antiques.”



“This money is regularly remitted, but who the owner of the antique store eventually transferred it to, isn’t yet known.”


Wen Zheng put his previous speculation along with it. “I thought…what Li Xiao ambitiously wanted was the inheritance of the Li family.”



No wonder Wen Zheng had this thought, Li Xiao was an illegitimate son and wasn’t taken seriously when he was in A City, many people didn’t even know about Li Xiao’s existence.



The reason why Li Xiao started to be noticed by Elder Li is because he had more and more projects in C city, and now Li Xiao had some say in the Li family.


“They are investing in the C City project by the hand of Li Xiao, just to get a share of the pie.”


Wen Zheng didn’t expect Lu Wenxing to understand a little bit, he nodded his head to indicate him to continue.



Lu Wenxing was shocked to say his guess, “But in fact they were all cheated by Li Xiao, Li Xiao transferred the money invested by the Li family to other places, supposedly by the hand of the antique store owner, he was secretly transferring the assets of the Li family.”


Wen Zheng mockingly sneered.


“I underestimated the ambition of Li Xiao, what he wants is not the right of inheritance. What he wants is …… the bankruptcy of the Li family.”



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