C58 – Overturning The Jealousy Jar


As soon as Qin Yu came in, he saw Gu Yanshen lowering his head to pick up his phone.


His eyes naturally fell on Gu Yanshen’s ears, which seemed… a little red.


“Is it hot?”


The sudden voice startled Gu Yanshen’s hand and the phone fell to the ground again.


Gu Yanshen: “……”


Qin Yu looked at him strangely, “It’s about to start, we have to go outside and wait.”


“I know, go out first.”



Gu Yan took a deep breath, picked up the phone again, the video had been hung up, and wasn’t surprised.


The other side.


The video was connected before Lu Wenxing realized what he had done. The reason was because leaning on the bathtub was too comfortable, after replying a few time, he forgot that he was taking a bath.


The more Lu Wenxing thought about it, the more embarrassed he became, and his cheeks burned slightly, and his ears turned red.


What did he just do?


Lu Wenxing laid back, and sank into the water.



He smothered himself in the water for a while, until he couldn’t hold his breath then he poked out a wet head, his mind lingered on the fact that he did something stupid.



He jerked up from the tub, put on a towel and walked out.


The phone was deliberately forgotten in the bathroom, as if not seeing it would cover up the embarrassment just now.



Lu Wenxing laid down on the bed, rolled around a few times and buried his face in the blanket for a while before he tried to forget the embarrassment he had just felt, he pretended nothing had happened , blow dried his hair and changed into his pajamas. Then he hung his clothes neatly and lingered for a while.


When there was nothing to do, Lu Wenxing climbed into bed, he was used to playing with his phone for a while before going to bed, sitting against the bed for a while, he hesitated for a few minutes and finally got up and walked to the bathroom.



The moment he touched his phone, Lu Wenxing’s heart thumped, both afraid to see Gu Yanshan’s reply, and afraid that Gu Yanshan would ask him why he answered the call in the bathtub.


The moment the screen lit up, he subconsciously closed his eyes. He took a deep breath, the notification bar showed a message from Gu Yanshen.


[Pressed the answer button by mistake?]


Lu Wenxing breathed a sigh of relief and followed Gu Yanshen’s words and returned a hmm.



[ET] I’m going to sleep first, good night.


Gu Yanshen didn’t respond, which made Lu Wenxing breathe a sigh of relief. Soon, the internet addict was so engrossed in the internet that a moment of embarrassment was gradually forgotten.


A few days later, Lu Wenxing received a call from the car dealership.


“Did you guys call the wrong number? I didn’t buy a car.”


“Is your name Lu Wenxing?”




“That’s right, on April 27th, it was paid in full, please tell me when you are free. Leave an address and I’ll have my colleague drive it over to you?”


Lu Wenxing:???


Lu Wenxing was alert instantly. Wasn’t it a new type of fraud?


“Are you free this Sunday, then? Do you want to pick it up from the store or will we deliver the car to your door?”


“Who is the car for?”


“Mr. Lu Wenxing’s.”


Lu Wenxing instantly retorted, “Then you have the wrong number.”


Opposite side: “……”


At 4 pm, Cheng Xuan called Lu Wenxing. Lu Wenxing was filming, and Chen Che answered the phone.


In Lu Wenxing’s scene, Feng Xao was stabbed and injured, and the clothes and props on her shoulder were deliberately cut, with one side draped over her back.


When he walked over from the scene, Gu Yanshen also helped Lu Wenxing pull the other side of the sleeve.


“Wenxing, just someone called you.”


“Car line? Leave it, I didn’t buy a car.”


“No, it’s the friend you met last Friday.”


Gu Yanshen stopped going to change his clothes. Lu Wenxing had already taken the phone and called Cheng Xuan.



As soon as he picked up, Cheng Xuan asked anxiously, “Xingxing, don’t you like the gift I gave you?”


Lu Wenxing gave a beat, “The car?”

“Yes.” Cheng Xuan thought about it, “I know, don’t like Ferrari. Then Bentley? Or Maserati? Or do you like something else.”


Lu Wenxing: “…… the car you gave me? Is Ferrari?”


The first time his voice fell, the people in the crew close to Lu Wenxing all cast strange eyes, they saw shock from each other’s eyes.


Cheng Xuan didn’t think there was anything wrong and asked persistently. “So what kind of car does Xingxing like?”




Lu Wenxing sighed, “I have a car, you don’t need to send another.”


Cheng Xuan was anxious, “That’s not the same. This is a gift from me to you, it is not quite normal to send gifts between friends.”


“…… It is normal to give gifts, but not to send such an expensive gift casually.”


“Not casually. I only have two friends, and I don’t have much chance to give them away.”


Lu Wenxing’s refusal came to his lips and he asked, “Did you also send a car to another friend?”





Lu Wenxing was relieved, when he heard Cheng Xuan say, “I only sent a house, and a watch, and an endorsement. He really liked the watch I picked out. Do you want the house, Xingxing?”




Lu Wenxing’s strange feeling increased, “What kind of house did you send?”


“A house with a sea view in C City, he said he likes to see the sea when he pulls open the curtains.”




“Do your family know that you’re giving away a house out of hand? They don’t say anything?”


“They think it’s fine if I’m happy.”




“I don’t want your car, and I don’t want your house.” Lu Wenxing intended to explain properly Cheng Hyun, friendships weren’t built on material needs.


Qin Yu didn’t know what was going on over here, he saw a group of people together and shouted with a loudspeaker, “The next scene is ready.”


Lu Wenxing also heard the urging, “I have to shoot the scene, call you back later. Don’t buy again, I don’t want these things.”



After hanging up the phone, Wen Miao and Xu Yichen stared at Lu Wenxing with big eyes, not blinking.


“I can’t believe someone can resist the temptation of a Ferrari.”


“Oooooo, I also want a friend who gives me luxury cars at the drop of a hat.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


After changing clothes and coming out, Gu Yanshen ‘inadvertently’ asked.


“The friend that you had dinner together last week?”




Gu Yanshen continued, “He treats you so well? It’s not like there’s some kind of plan, right?”


Lu Wenxing: “…… No, he is very well behaved.”




Alarm bells rang in Gu Yanshen’s heart, especially after noticing Lu Wencing’s attitude towards ‘that friend’, although he rejected the other side, his voice was gentle and also contained patience and a little indulgence.



As Gu Yanshen’s thoughts were flying, Lu Wen Xing and Wen Miao were on the set. He stood to the side, his mind not on the scene, he was also standing aside Xu Yichen.


“So Brother Shen is also curious?”


Xu Yichen smiled vaguely, “they aren’t ordinary friends. Anyway, my group of ‘fox friends’ won’t even give me a ride. I also understand that it’s convenient to pursue under the banner of a friend, I understand everything.”





Gu Yanshen panicked, but he remained calm on the surface, Xu Yichen also didn’t feel wrong, instead he continued.


“Yes, it’s quite obvious. It only makes sense if the person is pursuing him. Brother Shen and Director Qin are friends, right? Will you give Director Qin a Ferrari?”



Gu Yanshen: “…”


“However, Brother Shen is not short of money. If he is pursuing a target, what is giving Ferrari as a gift? It should be like a romantic novel read by Wen Miao. During the female lead’s birthday, the male lead directly gave her the right to name a planet without saying a word.”



“In this comparison, Ferrari really doesn’t seem to matter.”


Xu Yichen talked a lot and didn’t get a response from Gu Yanshen.


“Am I wrong?”


Gu Yanshen’s expression sank at a speed visible to the n-aked eye, what friend was so mysterious? He was even hidden from his circle of friends, and even the style of the text wasn’t what Lu Wenxing would normally send, he even mentioned a house.



Not knowing that he upgraded from a friend to a ‘certain suitor’ Cheng Xuan, he was still distressed by Lu Wenxing’s rejection, with a bitter expression, the light under his eyes instantly darkened.


Mr. Cheng was reading a document and occasionally dropped a line of sight to Cheng Xuan, seeing his sad expression, he had to ask: “What’s wrong? Cut off by your friend?”


“No.” Cheng Xuan said depressingly, “He doesn’t want the car I sent.”


Cheng Xuan thought for a moment, “Then you send him a house.”


He didn’t mind Cheng Xuan’s friend’s snobbery, as long as it wasn’t too much to ask, and could make Cheng Xuan happy, he would be thankful for this person instead. Because of Cheng Xuan’s timid character, as long as the so-called friend didn’t behave out of character, Cheng didn’t even mind a few more such friends.



“He doesn’t want it either.”


Mr. Cheng’s hand holding the pen paused, “Then you didn’t ask him what he wanted?”


“He said he was busy and would call me back later.”


“Then you just wait for him to call you, what’s there to worry about?”


“Brother, you don’t understand. Giving a gift is to create a surprise, so quickly help me think of what I can give?”


“Your friend is an entertainer, right? Otherwise you give him some resources …… or I’ll ask Dad, I don’t know if he found a suitable star for the next season’s promo. I looked at it yesterday, your friend is good-looking, it’s no problem to be on camera.”


Cheng Xuan lowered his head, “I think he may be busy.”


Mr. Cheng: ????


Cheng Xuan opened Weibo, and showed him the dozen high luxury brands that @ed Lu Wenxing’s page that had dominated the screen some time ago.


“Look, they’re all lining up for Wenxing to take the endorsement.”




Mr. Cheng was so shocked that he dropped his pen, “Which young master went out to play?”


Mr Cheng thought it made sense, he was from a wealthy family so no wonder he didn’t want Cheng Xuan’s gift, perhaps making friends was just for fun. But also because of this, Mr. Cheng had a different view of Lu Wenxing.



“His name is Lu Wenxing?”




“That friend of yours named Wen Yu, has he ignored you for a long time?”


Cheng Xuan defended, “No, he’s very busy.”


Mr. Cheng sneered and didn’t refute, following Cheng Xuan’s words.


“Well, he is very busy. So try not to disturb him in the future, if you are bored, when Lu Wenxing has time, you can ask him out more often. Or, you can invite him to come to your home as a guest.”

Cheng Xuan held the phone for a while longer, and finally received a call from Lu Wenxing before dinner.


Mr. Cheng asked Cheng Xuan to put him on speakerphone, he wanted to hear what was going on.


“Return the Ferrari, or you can drive it home if you like.” Lu Wenxing’s tone was firm, then asked, “Has that friend of yours ever returned your gift after receiving it?”



“Yes.” Cheng Xuan said happily, “He gave me antiques, although I don’t know these, but I have kept them well.”


“Sending antiques?”


Lu Wenxing still felt that something was wrong, listening to Cheng Xuan’s description, Lu Wenxing felt that his friend might just admire Cheng Xuan’s generosity, but the other gave back antiques, antiques were rare, who knew whether they were genuine or fake.


Lu Wenxing did not explain too much, “Cheng Xuan, next time you give your friend a gift, try to give something with a heart. This thoughtfulness refers not to the value of the item itself.”


“Then what is it?”


Lu Wenxing thought about it, “Let’s say, I like sweets, if I receive a bag of delicious snacks, I will be very happy.”


“I get it. He likes to read books, so I’ll send him books next time.”


Lu Wenxing held back a smile, “Okay.”


Maybe he was overly concerned, but if Cheng Xuan’s friend was sincere to him, then even if he received just a postcard, he would accept it with a smile. But if his friend was really for fame and fortune, then it would for itself.


Mr Cheng never opened his mouth, but every word of Lu Wenxing stunned him. He originally thought that it would be difficult to make a sincere friend with his brother’s character, but this Lu Wenxing seemed …… to be very attached to her brother.


In his opinion, Lu Wenxing was obviously aware of Wen Yu’s power, but chose to hide Wen Yu’s ulterior motives in the same way as their family, for the simple reason that they both didn’t want to make Cheng Xuan sad.


Lu Wenxing remembered that Cheng Xuan said he had sent a friend a watch, since it was sent by Cheng Xuan, it must also be a high luxury brand, most likely a limited edition.


“Was the latest gift you gave to that friend a watch?”


“Yes.” Cheng Xuan thought Lu Wenxing wanted it, “Do you like it? I can also ……”


“I don’t like it.” Lu Wenxing panicked, “I want to give it to a friend in the crew, but I don’t know what to give. Can you refer to the style you gave to your friend?”


“No problem, then I’ll send you pictures later.”



Lu Wenxing originally didn’t want to ask who this friend was, but Cheng Xuan was too simple, and this friend also involved Lu Wenxing in the novel, was the novel linked to reality? Lu Wenxing didn’t want Cheng Xuan to be embarrassed if he didn’t ask directly.


He’d check from the limited edition watch ……

Many times, celebrities in the circle would be recognized by sharp-eyed netizens at a glance by what clothes they wear and what accessories they bring. Lu Wenxing didn’t need to do any personal research, it could be found by just searching the internet.



On this side of the road, Lu Wenxing had just hung up the phone and turned to meet Gu Yanshen’s deeply resentful eyes.


A deep grievance? He… was mistaken.



“Mr. Gu, you eavesdropped on me talking on the phone?”



Originally, it wasn’t something he couldn’t listen to. It was Gu Yanshen, and Lu Wenxing wasn’t worried about being exposed, so he asked half jokingly.



“I didn’t listen, I just came over.” Gu Yanshen’s tone was light, and a little aggravated?


“It’s that friend again?”




“You and he are very close?”


Lu Wenxing didn’t deny, “We haven’t known each other for long, but we are very close.”


Gu Yanshen felt even more jealous, he would like to follow what Lu Wenxing said, and straightforwardly tell him his feelings, but it would be bad to scare him away.



Lu Wenxing said, ‘If you like it, you have to go after it boldly.’ Gu Yanshen didn’t deny this view.


But Lu Wenxing’s love experience from his roommates was still too childish. They were young and dared to make mistakes.


But Gu Yanshen was different, it was his first time being moved. He didn’t want to take Lu Wenxing as trial and error, he just liked Lu Wenxing, and there would certainly not be anyone else like Lu Wenxing that made his heart flutter.



He wanted to pursue Lu Wenxing not just to fall in love with him, but to live with him for the rest of his life.


He could wait for Lu Wenxing, but ……


He’d never allow himself to miss out.




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