C57—– Video Call


Qin Yu and Gu Yanshen were going to attend the Golden Deer Festival awards on Friday, and the whole crew would be off from the afternoon to the evening.


Lu Wenxing was thinking about what to do on his half-day vacation, going back to C City would take too much time, he intended to find a place to relax and rest.



The first choice was the library, but there was too much traffic. Lu Wenxing was also at risk of being recognized with a mask.


After thinking for a moment, Lu Wenxing planned to find a quiet and private coffee shop.


“Chen Che, I want to go to a cafe on Friday, is there a recommended store?”


“I’ll see.”


Lu Wenxing was bored with his mobile phone, and suddenly received a text from Feng Bu.


[¥#%¥] Do you have a weekend off?


He didn’t know what Lu Wenxing did. He thought he was an office worker.


[…] Yes, Friday. Which city are you in?


[¥#%¥] City c


[¥#%¥] I have a lot of time. I can find you in your city.


Lu Wenxing didn’t expect him to live in the same city as him. He didn’t hesitate. If he really wanted to come, then Chen Che could accompany him to the appointment on Friday.



[…] I’m in D City, and I have time on Friday afternoon


[¥#%¥] OK, I’ll see you on Friday. You can book the place.



During the short chat between Lu Wenxing and Feng, Chen Che had been very efficient in finding the right place.


“Wenxing, look here.”


Chen Che chose an air cafe, Lu Wenxing scanned a few eyes and sent the location to Feng Bu.


Friday afternoon.


Chen Che drove Lu Wenxing to the skyscraper, the cafe was on the top floor, two floors in total.



The second floor had an office area, which was dedicated to providing a quiet office environment for freelancers, and a small meeting room for small groups to chat and talk.


The first floor was a relaxation area, suitable for gathering and chatting with friends.



Lu Wenxing booked the sky garden on the second floor, except for the customers sitting indoors with their heads buried in work or reading books, there was no one else outside the sky garden.


The sky garden was paved with solid wood panels, surrounded by potted plants, and Lu Wenxing chose a position on the outside, where he could see the scenery of half of D City at a glance.


Knowing that Lu Wenxing was waiting, Chen Che sat a few tables away.

【¥#%¥】I’m here


[…] second floor, sky garden


Feng Bu wore sunglasses, lowered the brim of his hat, he wore white T and jeans, and looked very studious.


As soon as he came out, he saw Lu Wenxing and Chen Che. He paused and hesitated. Lu Wenxing had seen him and waved to him.

Feng Bu froze in place and looked behind himself, there was no one else. He turned his head to look at Lu Wenxing again and pointed at himself in shock.


Lu Wenxing stood up, “Hello, Feng Bu. I’m Xiao Lu.”


“You, you you you ……” Feng Bu was stunned, stammering, “Xiao Lu? Lu Wenxing?”


“That’s me.”


Feng Bu was still frozen in place, the shock on his face wasn’t enough to show the shock in his heart. “You’re really Xiao Lu?”


Lu Wenxing smiled helplessly, “The sky garden, I asked you out.”


Feng Bu turned his head to look at Chen Che on the other side, Lu Wenxing saw his intention, “You can go ask.”


Feng Bu looked at Chen Che who was playing with his phone with his headphones down, turned his eyes back again and repeated. “Are you really Xiao Lu?”


Feng Bu’s social circle was small because he had social phobia. This was Lu Wenxing’s guess when talking with him, and now Lu Wenxing confirmed his guess.


Because he saw that he didn’t believe that he was Xiao Lu, but he didn’t dare to ask Chen Che at another table.


Lu Wenxing picked up the mobile phone on the table and sent a WeChat message to Feng Bu.


“It’s me.”




Feng Bu then walked over stiffly and stood three steps away from Lu Wenxing, a bit in a trance.


“This …… how can it be you?”


Lu Wenxing looked at him with amusement, “Did I let you down?”


“No.” Feng Bu quickly shook his head, “I, I I just didn’t think it would be you.”


Feng Bu wasn’t quite used to talking to people face to face, so his face was extremely red, “You, you are very good. Really.”



He was also afraid that Lu Wenxing didn’t believe, “you are very good, I, I have seen your movie ……”



He lowered his head, and his voice was getting smaller and smaller.



“Take it easy. If you’re not used to meeting strangers, I can wear a mask.”


Feng Bu stared in surprise, the fans on the internet were really right, Lu Wenxing was a very gentle person.


“No, no need. I, I’ll get used to it later.”


“Then you can sit down, do you need me to stay away?”



Feng Bu waved his hand, Lu Wenxing chatted with him casually for a few minutes, then gradually he relaxed.



“You’re so scared, how did you get here by plane?” Lu Wenxing is quite curious.


“My family has a private plane.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”



“So …… that, your family is quite rich.”


Feng Bu dared not look at Lu Wenxing before, but now he stared at Lu Wenxing, “You look really good.”


“Thank you.” Lu Wenxing graciously accepted Feng BuShou’s praise, “Can I ask why you wanted to meet with me?”


Feng BuShou said without thinking, “I want to make friends with you. You are the first person who praised me for my talent.”


“Just because of that?”


He nodded honestly.


“Can I ask, in your novel, why am I written so badly?”


Feng Bu was instantly horrified, “You, did you add me because of this? Do you want to take revenge on me?”


Lu Wenxing: “…… I don’t mean that, don’t be nervous. I’m just curious.”


He was immediately relieved, “The Lu Wenxing in the novel is not you, it’s just a fictional character.”




Feng Bu bit his lip, he wasn’t good at lying, so he lowered his eyes, not daring to look at Lu Wenxing.


“It’s difficult? Since the prototype is not me, then I won’t ask.”


Lu Wenxing’s understanding made Feng Bu feel a little guilty, he only had one friend, he didn’t know what a normal relationship between friends was, and hesitated for a long time.



“I’m actually not very good at naming, Lu Wenxing’s name is …… was thought up for me by my friend, I didn’t know you at that time. I, I didn’t mean to.” Feng Bu incoherently tried to explain.


“I don’t mean to blame you.” Lu Wenxing soothed Feng Bu, in order to not let Feng Bu feel nervous, he deliberately change the topic, “Will you eat something?”



Feng Bu nodded.


Lu Wenxing called the waiter and ordered two cups of coffee and dessert.


“I’ll be honest, I wanted to add you on Wechat because I was curious, if my next few questions, if you find it difficult, you can refuse to answer.” Lu Wenxing worried that Feng Bu didn’t understand, and added a sentence.


“The two of us are friends, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept my request unconditionally, if you don’t want to talk about it, just tell me and say ‘I don’t want to answer’, okay? I won’t keep asking, and whether you answer or not won’t affect our relationship.”


He could see that Feng Bu was easily alarmed or rushed, Lu Wenxing was eager to know why, after all this time together, he actually considered Feng Bu as a friend.


He rarely talked to Feng Bu about himself, also because of caution. But he was very sincere, after treating him as a friend, he would often share his life’s trivial matters.


“You said that a friend gave you inspiration?”


Speaking of this matter, Feng Bu wasn’t as calm as the online reply. He lowered his head and was a bit hesitant, but he held it for too long and wanted to talk about it.




He took a deep breath, “The novel wasn’t written by me.”


Lu Wenxing was surprised by his confession, “You ……”



“I dare not talk to others, I published at first and few people paid attention, I also didn’t expect this novel to suddenly become popular …… although the end was terribly written by me.”


Feng Bu was a little demoralized.



“I can’t do anything well, I’m so useless, when I was a child, the children of my relatives were multi-talented and learnt anything fast, only I learned extremely slow. When I started writing novels, I thought I had found my strengths, but it turns out I still can’t do anything ……”



“Who said that? Some people are so talented that they can perform better than most people the first time, but actually more people get there by working hard later in life.” Lu Wenxing looked at him and said very seriously.



“I’ve analyzed it, you were scolded in the late stage not because you didn’t write well, but your style in the late stage was different from the early stage. Readers were attracted in by your early plot, and because they expected too much and didn’t see the plot they wanted, they vented under your text.”


Feng Bu raised his head, black eyes blinking at Lu Wenxing.


“Wenxing, you are really extraordinarily good.” This was the first smile that Feng Bu showed in front of Lu WenXing.



“I just said that the novel was not conceived by me. Because it was my first friend who helped me think of it.”



“I told him that it was a plot he conceived and he should write it himself. But he was so busy, he said he didn’t mind letting me write it, and that he would actually be happy if someone read it.”



Lu Wenxing was surprised, “That friend of yours from the entertainment industry?”


Feng Bu nodded, “He also said that I would become a great novelist in the future and told me not to give up my dream. I can’t tell you who he is without his permission, it’s not right.”



“That’s okay, I won’t ask.” Lu Wenxing asked again, “So, this is a novel you adapted from what your friend told you? Then can you relay the plot that was not adapted?”




In the original plot, the protagonist of the novel was Lu Wenxing. He grew up in the love of his family. After graduation, he wanted to enter the entertainment industry, so his family signed him under their company.


Even the agent and assistant were chosen by the protagonist’s brother, because he was praised by others, and because he was strong in his own ability and liked by others, he soon became popular.



Accidentally, the protagonist and the male lead participated in the same variety show. Because of their sweet contact, there were many CP fans. Fate made them participate in the same film, and the protagonists understood each other in the film shooting, so they naturally got together.


Under the careful cultivation of the male lead, the protagonist became a popular star in the entertainment industry. The two held a wedding abroad, and also got the blessing of fans, and finally lived happily together.



“So, this turned out to be a sweet spoiled text?”



“Right. My friend said that sweet spoiled text is forgettable after reading it, so we have to add the abusive plot so that readers will expect to get hit in their faces.”


“So ‘Lu Wenxing’ became the abused cannon fodder scum?”


Feng Bu whispered a response.



“Sorry, I didn’t mean to write you as cannon fodder, in fact …… my main character is written based on you.”



Lu Wenxing was puzzled, “But you didn’t know me before.”



“I didn’t know Lu Wenxing, but I have seen you.” Feng Bu explained, “You have participated in some company’s ribbon cutting ceremony before, right?”






Lu Wenxing had taken part in ribbon-cutting ceremonies of companies, or attended small dinner parties to perform songs and dances, in addition to shooting print advertisements. This was the reason why he was so busy and yet had no exposure, because none of his these resources had anything to do with the screen.



“I met you at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of my sister’s company, and I automatically brought in your face when I wrote the main character. Although I only saw you once, you’re too stunning.”



Lu Wenxing didn’t know what to say for a moment and responded dryly, “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome.” Feng Bu very honestly gave the response.



Lu Wenxing: “……”






Lu Wenxing suddenly realized that something was wrong, “Then when you wrote the male lead, who did you bring in?”


“No one.”



Lu Wenxing was relieved, although this novel and his life was strangely similar, but there were still differences. For example, he didn’t grow up in a luxurious family. Another example was that there was no male lead, Lu Wenxing didn’t fall in love with anyone from a drama.


Lu Wenxing assumed that the drama was “Hundred Ghosts”, which was long over. Besides, he only met with Gu Yanshen then, how could Gu Yanshen have that idea about him?



This matter had nothing to do with Feng Bu, but some parts of the plot were highly consistent with reality, did it have something to do with Feng Bu’s friend?



Because he mistook himself for a character in a book before, Lu Wenxing’s idea was more bold, but it was useless to think carefully.


It didn’t matter if he really lives in the novel. It was OK since he was sure that he wasn’t a cannon fodder. As long as his family and friends weren’t involved, it was enough to live a happy life.


But if there was a chance, Lu Wenxing still wanted to know who Feng Bu’s friend was, but he wasn’t in a hurry this moment.



The two chatted and it was getting dark, Lu Wenxing naturally spoke. “I’ll buy you a meal, right?”


“Sure!” Feng Bu’s eyes suddenly brightened, he hadn’t eaten with someone for a long time, because his family was very busy.



“Then ……”



Before Lu Wenxing could finish his sentence, Feng Bu’s eyes darkened again. Then a man with tall sunglasses came over, “Little sir, Mr. Cheng told me you to answer the phone.”


Feng Bu’s eyebrows knitted, “I obviously brought my phone, why not call me?”



He didn’t understand, but Lu Wenxing did, Cheng should be Feng Bu’s family. He deliberately called the man suspected of being a bodyguard and asked him to go to Feng Bu.



If Lu Wenxing had a bad heart and they let him know that there were bodyguards around him, then he wouldn’t dare to do anything to him.



He really wanted to say that Feng Bu was a protagonist in the sense. He was born in a rich family, and his family cared about and loved him. The family members didn’t stop him from making friends, even supporting him, and were willing to send him to other cities by private plane to meet online friends.


At the same time, they were worried that he would be deceived, that was why they had bodyguards who followed.



“Brother, can I go to dinner with my friend, I promise to go back to the hotel obediently after dinner.”



Feng Bu was still softening up his brother.


In the end, Feng Bu’s brother didn’t let him down.



Lu Wenxing and Feng Bu had a dinner and also learned that Feng Bu short’s real name was Cheng Xuan, him and the name was too contrasting, though it was a little cute.


“I, can I take a picture with you?” Cheng Xuan said, and immediately reacted, “Sorry, I forgot you are a big star, you can’t just take pictures with others.”


Lu Wenxing wondered, “Taking a picture with a good friend, why not?”


“Is it really okay?” Cheng Xuan couldn’t believe it, “Wenxing, you are so nice. I, I used to want to take pictures with that friend of mine, and he said no. But I understand, because of his identity problem ……”



“It’s okay, I’ll take one with you.” Lu Wenxing picked up his phone and half-jokingly asked, “Do you need to use the beauty filter?”


“With, whatever.” Cheng Xuan’s face held a bright smile, he looked very happy.


Lu Wenxing finished taking the photo and sent it to Cheng Xuan.


“Don’t worry, I only have my family in my WeChat, I won’t leak for the photos.”


Lu Wenxing didn’t care about this, “It’s okay, you want to send where you can.”


After Lu Wenxing and Cheng Xuan added each other on their private WeChat, he also posted the same photo.


The difference was that he put an emoji on Cheng Xuan’s photo to cover his face, “There are many people in my circle of friends, I’ll put a emoji on you, they can’t see you.”


This was to take care of Cheng Xuan’s sensitive heart, knowing that he wasn’t very able to communicate with strangers and shouldn’t want his photos to be seen.


Cheng Xuan posted it to his friend circle because he wanted to express happiness, and Lu Wenxing posted his friend circle because he wanted to make Cheng Xuan happy. The reason was that Cheng Xuan was extremely unconfident and even too cautious in socializing. The reason for this was to let him know that he also cared about him as a friend.



At eight o’clock in the evening, Lu Wenxing returned to the hotel and sat comfortably in the bathtub.



When he picked up his phone, there were dozens of replies in his circle of friends.



[Having dinner with friends, happy (●°u°●)]


This wasn’t quite like what Lu Wenxing posted. The photo shows Lu Wenxing smiling and making a toast with Cheng Xuan.



The comments were asking who Lu Wenxing was having dinner with, and he received several texts



[Brother] Who did you go out to dinner with, how come I haven’t seen that friend of yours?



[ET] Brother, I blocked his face, how can you see who it is?



[Brother] So who is it?



[ET] A friend, I can introduce you to him when I have the chance.



After replying to Wen Zheng, Lu Wenxing looked to the next WeChat, from Gu Yanshen.


【.] Looks delicious, where did you go?


[ ET] Sky garden.


[ET] The award show hasn’t started yet?



[…] It starts at nine o’clock, i’m resting in the lounge, are you back in the hotel?


[ET] I’m back.


Lu Wenxing just finished posting, a video call request popped up, Lu Wenxing who forgot that he was taking a bath, quickly accepted.


Gu Yanshen was waiting in the lounge.



After he realized what he wanted, he missed Lu Wenxing a bit after just half a day of not seeing him. After seeing the picture, the longing was even more.



Gu Yanshen didn’t intend to hide it, and directly called Lu Wenxing.


The call connected in less than three seconds.



Then, the screen reflected Lu Wenxing’s pink cheeks and foggy view, water droplets slid down his white swan neck and fell in the deep collarbone nest.




Gu Yanshen’s phone fell on the ground.





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