C53—- Endorsements

Bonus Chap

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Gu Yanshen went deep into the hot search. The first was the post sent by the gossip entertainment blogger.


[Lu Wenxing is imitating Wen Yu, right? But Wen Yu is a real rich young man. The clothes on his body are all extravagant and customized. I checked his brands of clothes and pants when Lu Wenxing just went to the variety show. They are all fast-selling brands worn by college students, and they all add up to less than 1000 yuan.]


The accompanying pictures were several photos of Lu Wenxing’s variety show. Each picture was taken in pairs, with Lu Wenxing on the left and Wen Yu on the right.


There were all kinds of comments in the comment area. The highest jump was Wen Yu’s fans.



[My brother is the second generation of real wealth. Lu Wenxing should get decent clothes first.]


[I remember that my brother accidentally exposed several black cards in his wallet and senior membership cards of high-end clubs when recording a variety show]



[I know it was a membership card of a golf course. Is it a place you can enter with money? They only entertain fixed members, and don’t sell cards]



[Are the fans upstairs suffering from a disease? Only Wen Yu is a rich second generation in the entertainment industry?]


[Laughing to death, are there still rich second and third generations in the entertainment industry??]



[I support Wenxing.]



[Don’t talk about Wenxing.]


[Are fans of Wen Yu crazy? Your brother himself held Wenxing on the program and said he was a friend. Wenxing just nodded when he saw him]


[Lu Wenxing is such a mess. My brother looked after him as an artist of Mang Cheng, but Lu Wenxing didn’t appreciate it.]


The comment area was very noisy, and netizens excitedly watched the drama.



Lu Wenxing approached to see, but Gu Yanshen already turned off the screen.


“Why not let me see?”

“Drink the ginger tea first, and the temperature will drop as the sun goes down.”


Lu Wenxing wasn’t so curious. He mainly didn’t want to drink ginger tea and looked around to delay time.


However, it was difficult to ignore the sight of Chen Che and Gu Yanshen’s gaze on him.


Lu Wenxing: “…”



He silently took a sip, and as always, it was hard to drink.


“You won’t finish drinking at this rate until the evening.”


Chen Che was after all Lu Wenxing’s life assistant, after a month of close care, he figured out Lu Wenxing’s taste.



He liked sweet and spicy food, but he didn’t eat anything that tasted too strong except chili, such as snails, stinky tofu, and sour bamboo noodles.



A few days ago, Wen Miao particularly wanted to eat snail noodles, so she asked her assistant to buy it. Because she ate it in the greenhouse, Lu Wenxing was directly chased out of the greenhouse and ran to Gu Yanshen’s nanny van.


“You don’t like ginger tea?”


Lu Wenxing dawdled, and Gu Yanshen, who was on the side, also noticed.




Lu Wenxing didn’t deny it, why should he?



“It doesn’t matter if you like it or not, you have to drink it anyway.” Chen Che looked at Lu Wenxing with a smile, not giving him a choice.



Lu Wenxing: “……”


Under the watchful eyes of the two, Lu Wenxing drank the entire cup of ginger tea, with unhappiness written all over his face.


Gu Yan Shen handed a candy to him.





“Give me the phone.” Lu Wenxing’s palms were up.


“Don’t look at Weibo.” Chen Che knew he couldn’t hide it from Lu Wenxing and gave him psychological work, “Keyboard warriors and anti fans just have nothing better to do.”


Lu Wenxing didn’t answer. He picked up his mobile phone and started checking the hot search list.


Chen Che and Gu Yanshen quietly observed his expression.


“Sister Xu Rong is already trying to deal with it.”



“Oh.” Lu Wenxing nodded.



Chen Che: “Don’t look at comments.”


Lu Wenxing kept scrolling once every few seconds. Suddenly, he saw and gave it a like.


While Gu Yanshen was getting ready to appease him. Lu Wenxing approached him, “Look.”



His line of sight fell on Lu Wenxing’s phone.



[Lu Wenxing is good-looking but has no brains. He really thinks it’s easy to be rich. Has he ever been to UIN Restaurant? Has he ever been to the Maveri Golf Course? Do you know what the swimming pool of the Wi Club is like? Oh, yes, and the sky garden of the skyscraper. He must have never been there.]


Then he also attached several photos of Wen Yu taking or being captured in these places.


Gu Yanshen:???


Chen Che and Gu Yanshen looked at each other. They looked at Lu Wenxing for unknown reasons.


“Look at the first sentence.”


——Lu Wenxing is good-looking


Gu Yanshen: “…”


Chen Che: “…”



“Even the anti fans really think I look good.” Lu Wenxing handed his phone to Chen Che, “Take a picture for me, take a handsome one, I want to post it on Weibo.”



Gu Yanshen: “……”


Chen Che: “……”



Chen Che took the phone in a mute manner, opened the camera and pointed it at Lu Wenxing’s face, and Gu Yanshen, who was sitting at the side, followed him into the picture.


His hand rested on the back of Lu Wenxing. Although he had no physical contact with Lu Wenxing, his pose was very thought-provoking.



Chen Che was shocked by his idea for a moment. He felt sorry for his salary.





They were wearing costumes and their hair was half dry. Although they had changed their wet clothes, they were still draped in bath towels.


Soon, netizens saw Lu Wenxing tweeting.


[Lu Wenxing v] I and Mr. Gu together after the rain scene.



The spammers who thought Lu Wenxing had sent a Weibo clarification had arrived with their keyboards on fire, and the result ……


This was it?


The fans saw that Lu Wenxing wasn’t affected by the online comments, they made a tacit agreement not to mention it.


[ Wenxing is so handsome!]


[It’s still cool in April, so keep warm.]


[The hand of Brother Shen on the shoulder of Wenxing, ah ah ah ah ah ah, I liked again]



[The cp fans came uninvited]


[Is Brother Shen’s protection too obvious?]


New comments flooded in under the gossip page.


[What kind of garden… can it be more expensive than the photo with Brother Shen?]



[I don’t need to go to those high-end consumer places. I just want to have a chance to take a photo with Brother Shen]



[Laughing to death, You’re passionate about rumours on the internet. He’s serious about filming. It’s Wen Yu’s fans. Isn’t it true that your brother came to take advantage because he was too confused?]



[Wen Yu’s fans have a big face and copied their brother’s personal settings. Have your brother’s personal settings applied for intangible cultural heritage? Is he the only rich second generation in the entertainment industry?]


[Brother Shen and Director Qin are also the second generation of rich people. When Brother Shen started his career, I don’t know where Wen Yu was. So, can his fans laugh at Wen Yu’s plagiarism?]



[There are many second generation artists in the entertainment industry who made their debut earlier than Wen Yu.]



When Lu Wenxing was filming at ease, he was far away from the Wen Family in C city.



When Huaizhe said proudly, “The navy I bought has three seconds to reach the battlefield.”


Wen Zheng: “…”


“Dad, can you be more reliable?”



Wen Huaizhe turned to Ji Yuan, “Xiao Zheng said I’m not reliable, the pressure comment isn’t right? My assistant told me that the entertainment industry will buy, forces to control the reviews, is not it so?”



Ji Yuan thought about it, “How about I let Wen Yu ……”



“Don’t.” Wen Huaizhe interrupted Ji Yuan, “Wen Yu had to go to set before, so he can’t be on his account, now his account has been signed out, we promised the former orphanage director to do all that, there is no need to ……”



Ji Yuan understood what he meant. She would make a phone call during the Spring Festival and occasionally Wen Yu would come to visit. Since they didn’t need Wen Yu’s thanks and gratitude, there was no need to bother Wen Yu because of this matter. Besides, Wen Yu may not have a voice in his Weibo page.


Wen Zheng picked up the phone and called Wen Yan.



“Your public relations team are a little slow.”


“At the meeting, do you want to listen to Xu Rong?”



Wen Yan turned on the loudspeaker, and Xu Rong’s voice came out from the receiver.


“Actually …… I suggest not issuing any statement for the time being.”



“Although it is at the top of the storm now, it should be the water army that is commenting the most. Just ignore it. Lu Wenxing also posted and mde it clear that he didn’t want to pay attention, so let him feel at ease in filming. Look at the wind direction in the comment area, they say that he is committed to filming.”



Wen Zheng retorted without thinking.


“Xingxing is in the wind and the sun in the crew. He’s wrapped in thick costumes at noon. He works repeatedly… These are not professional? Only someone that doesn’t respond to rumors is professional?”



Xu Rong was speechless, but the entertainment industry was sometimes outrageous.


Ji Yuan nodded approvingly, “Why should we condemn our Xingxing.”



They had planned to announce it to the public at Lu Wenxing’s birthday party next month, but now it seemed that it may have to be brought forward.



The company’s manager, Xu Rong, naturally knew the identity of Lu Wenxing, and before Xu Rong could say anything, someone on the other end was already talking.



“Look at Weibo!”



Wen Huaizhe looked down at Weibo, another entertainment blogger broke the news.



[I thought Wen Yu was just an ordinary rich kid, but it turned out that ……]


with a picture of Wen Yu standing with Ji Yuan and Wen Zheng, and another picture of Wen Yu with a few classmates, and the parents of the classmates.



One of those standing next to Wen Yu was Ji Yuan.


#c city richest wen family


The comment section was led by the water army with all kinds of awe.


[Shit, I’m shocked. This is not the same level as the rich second generation in the entertainment industry]



[There are a lot of rich people, and there are also many artists who are called the second generation of rich people. Wen Yu is from a top rich family, right?]


[Excuse me, I shouldn’t say that the entertainment industry is full of rich people, and there are not many like this]



[My mother, is the pocket money given by such a rich family equal to my lifetime income in one month]


[Sisters, remember my brother said on the variety show that he entered the entertainment industry to prove himself]



[So, if he’s really not popular, he has to go back and inherit the family property?]



[Fuck! Inheritance is better than hard work to become an actor and gain fame and fortune]



[It seems like that]


The most happy was the fans of Wen Yu. Lu Wenxing wasn’t a rich second generation. However, there were only a few such fans in the entertainment Industry.



Wen Yu was from the Wen family. In fact, their surname had already explained everything, but they had no association. But when they thought about it now, it seemed that there was no rich family named Lu.


“It’s not quite right to release the identity of Wenxing at this time.” Xu Rong didn’t expect there to be such a big wave of operations behind this.


The identity of Wen Yu was exposed, if Lu Wenxing’s background was also exposed. The two would certainly be compared and there would be people who dug deeper into the issue of Lu Wenxing’s surname.



“If the netizens know that Xingxing was lost, it won’t be conducive to investigate the disappearance of the year. Since we’re giving the false impression of not being able to find out the clues, if the netizens intervene, those who are picked will only be scapegoats, and the real black hand will be hidden more secretly.”


Wen Yan pondered for a moment and continued.



“In addition, now that Wen Yu’s identity is out, if Wenxing comes from the same family background, netizens would react maliciously.”



“The adopted son and the biological son are mostly topical. The unscrupulous media may turn Lu Wenxing, into someone’s that jealous of the adopted son and drove him out of his family.”


“Of course, rumor and slander can be prosecuted, but the truth will be misinterpreted when some things need to be concealed. Our goal is to solve the problem of Wenxing being trampled on, not to push them to a higher level.”



Ji Yuan calmed down for a moment, but still disagreed. “So… suggestion is inaction?”



Xu Rong knew that the Wen family protected the shortcomings of the family, doing nothing may not be very good.



“I have a suggestion, now the problem is ‘selling the rich second generation persona’, there is no need to pull the other, as long as Wenxing is proven to be a rich second generation.”


Ji Yuan and Wen Huaizhe looked at each other.


Although it was possible, they still felt aggrieved for Xingxing.



“Then how do you plan to prove it?”



Xu Rong: “It’s simple, smashing endorsements.”



Wen Huaizhe immediately said, “There are many companies under the Wen family …… which one is suitable?”



“Not the Wen family’s, now it’s better for Xingxing not get involved with the Wen family.”


Xu Rong thought clearly.



“If the Wen Family stands out at this time… Even if the identity of Wen Yu’s adopted son isn’t exposed, netizens will be puzzled about it. If the identity of the adopted son is revealed, they will also endorse it to Lu Wenxing. In the public’s view, they may doubt that Wen Yu’s life at the Wen Family isn’t good.”



“Many people simply don’t care how the truth is, they only see the true image of their own imagination. Since Wenxing is affected, let’s not be concerned.”



“There is also the suspicion that Wen Yu isn’t in the Wen family account book now, there will be the suspicion that the Wen family adopted Wen Yu and then abandoned him ……”


They and the former dean had a verbal covenant to raise Wen Yu to adulthood, but others didn’t know, and may not believe, and may even suspect that they covered up the facts and do whatever they wanted.



In fact, Wen Zheng also thought that if he wanted to take Xingxing home, it would be fair and aboveboard, and it would be better if he could throw out evidence. There must be some problems with Wen Yu’s strange behavior.


Only by showing evidence that Wenxing was an outsider from beginning to end, would he not be affected by public opinion.



“We’ll give him the endorsement.”



Xu Rong thought for a while and told Wen Zheng, “Don’t be too high-profile.”





After hanging up the phone, Wen Zheng took his car keys and left.


“Where are you going?” Ji Yuan asked after him.



“Don’t wait for me for dinner.”



Wen Zheng drove straight to the house where Wen Yu lived, his face was sullen, and Wen Yu was shocked the moment he opened the door.


“Brother, how do you ……”



Not waiting for Wen Yu to finish his words, Wen Zheng pushed him and followed into the room to close the door.



“Is it you?”



“Brother what are you talking about?”


“Looking at the Weibo news, you bought the water army to step on Xingxing. Then you posted several photos and linked them to the Wen family…”


“I really don’t know.” Wen Yu looked innocent.


Wen Zheng was too lazy to play to him.



“Don’t worry, I won’t expose your lies in front of the media for the time being. You can pretend as you like on the surface. In private… From today on, the convenience that the Wen family has given you is over.”



“Don’t go to the private club that you often go to. And the vice card that my father gave you has also been frozen. The private customized clothes that you often wear…”



Wen Yu’s expression turned ugly and his heart sank.


“I don’t care what you use money to buy yourself, but as long as I can interfere, don’t be delusional.”



Wen Yu’s face was pale, “Brother, I really don’t know anything. You can’t suspect me without evidence ……”



He knew that such a bold move would lead to Wen Zheng’s suspicion, but he couldn’t help it.



At the banquet, he accidentally heard that Wen Huaizhe intended to find time to make public the fact that his account had been signed out, and after hearing this news, Wen Yu finally couldn’t hide it anymore.



He couldn’t rely on the Wen family for the time being, but there were always people who gave him the convenience of the line because of his identity.


The agent Wang Man was one of them.



Now, he had become a hot topic of discussion, as well as the Wen family, their words and actions held much attention. As long as the Wen family didn’t want Lu Wenxing to be involved, they wouldn’t announce Lu Wenxing’s identity at this time.


Wen Zheng wasn’t sulking, but the cold look on his face made Wen Yu even more flustered.



“You always felt that I was targeting you before?” Wen Zheng sneered, “This is what I call targeting.”



“You still have a few endorsements right, it’s okay, I will inform them to hire other endorsers.”


Wen Yu froze and looked at Wen Zheng, “Brother, it’s really not my fault, I ……”



He was now riding a tiger, for so many years he had been trying to please the Wen family as much as possible, but it wasn’t half as useful. He only had one bargaining chip left.


Wen Zheng wasn’t worried about what news Wen Yu wanted to expose, because it was even more detrimental to him. Wen Yu was really greedy for vanity, so he would maintain his only dignity in front of outsiders.



Wen Zheng shook off Wen Yu’s hand.




The heavy closing sound of the door seemed to hit Wen Yu’s chest.



After Wen Zheng left Wen Yu’s home, he drove to find his friend Xu Weiyao.




“Understood, it’s to create the feeling that there is someone behind Wenxing.” Xu Weiyao nodded, “Is it to highlight the fact that …… as long as Wenxing is willing, he doesn’t lack endorsements?”



“Pretty much.” Wen Zheng thought about it, someone backing him was equal to conforming to the rich second generation identity.



“Don’t worry, I’ll let my assistant inform them to clock up the right official page, it’s absolutely done.”



Xu Weiyao secretly sent a message to his good friends in the group to show off.


[You may not know, Wenxing will soon take over our family’s endorsement.]



[What do you mean? What do you mean? Our family …… has a watch endorsement for him]


[We have a watch endorsement, why does he need your family? Or he can come to our company ……] ……



The new topic hot search made Xu Rong’s eyebrows jump and she almost thought she was blinded.


#Luwenxing endorsement
#qiqi’s endorsement
#wu family endorsement


More than a dozen brands seemed to have been hacked. One after another, they @ed Lu Wenxing.



[Wenxing, do you want an endorsement?]



The netizens in the comment area looked confused.


[Can someone tell me what happened?]


[Did I miss anything?]



[Lu Wenxing is dissatisfied with being trampled on by Wen Yu’s fans, so he spent a lot of money on major brands?]



Xu Rong: “……” This is low-profile? What the fuck is low-profile about this?


On the other hand, Lu Wenxing, who was still on the set.


“Finally off the scene, so hungry.”


Gu Yanshen came out from the changing room, “Let’s eat together?”



“Yes.” Lu Wenxing responded, “Chen Che, give me my phone.”



After Lu Wenxing returned a few weibo messages, and then clicked into Weibo, it was stuck for a moment before it exploded.



“Wenxing. You, look.” Chen Che was dumbfounded and held his phone out to Lu Wenxing to see.



Looking at the row of copy-pasted endorsement invitations, Lu Wenxing blinked blankly.



What happened?




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