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“Brother, when did you come?”


Wen Zheng’s aura was so strong that the whole set was at low pressure. Finally, Qin Yuxian couldn’t stand it. He concluded the scene in a hurry, and changed to record the scene with Wen Miao and Xu Yichen.



Lu Wenxing was temporarily out of action, so Wen Zheng and Lu Wenxing went to a nearby coffee shop for coffee.



On the way, Lu Wenxing explained to Wen Zheng.


“The scene just now isn’t what you think.”



“Feng Xiao wanted to leave Lu Feixue around to test him, and he wanted to humiliate Lu Feixueby letting him serve him.”


Lu Feixue was white and beautiful, with fine skin and tender flesh. He was obviously delicately raised. Feng Xiao wanted to drive him to reveal his true intentions.



“Tut.” Wen Zheng’s eyebrow raised, “You needed to be stripped?”


Lu Wenxing: “…”



Forget it. Don’t talk about it.



“Has the project that Li Xiao went to bid for started?”


“Li Xiao has already invested money in it.”



Lu Wenxing looked relieved: it seemed to be going well.


If the development was like the novel, Li Xiao’s funds would be trapped, and the project would be found to be fraudulent at a later stage.


The character in the novel, similar to Li Xiao, had a successful bidding. Several projects mentioned in the novel were “nonexistent” projects, and there were fictitious qualifications to participate in the bidding.



“You said that the Li family came from City A, so wasn’t he too aggressive?”


As Lu Wenxing said so, Wen Zheng also fell into a deep thought.


If other companies wanted to settle in unfamiliar cities for development, they all knew the importance of interpersonal relationships. The first thing they needed do was to make connections, that was, to establish a friendly relationship with the local enterprise boss or senior leaders .



But Li Xiao was too arrogant, he brought his own team over. His style of conduct didn’t show mercy to any company, and he eagerly grabbed people’s territory. If Li Xiao had that ability, why was he disliked in the Li family back then?



“I already sent people to check.”


Lu Wenxing couldn’t be sure whether the development of the novel would carry over to reality, so he didn’t tell Wen Zheng directly, but mentioned it inadvertently.


When it came to shopping malls, Wen Zheng was much more professional than he was written in the novel. Wen Zheng would definitely consider more than Lu Wenxing. If there was a problem with Li Xiao, it would be found out.



Lu Wenxing originally intended to tell Wen Zheng about the matter when he came to visit, but when he called Wen Zheng a few days ago, his assistant told him that he stayed up for several nights and was resting.

The assistant didn’t say it explicitly, but Lu Wenxing understood what he meant. Wen Zheng was so busy, yet he found spare time to visit his set.



The project at hand wasn’t yet finished and he still had to pay attention to Li Xiao, Lu Wenxing didn’t want Wen Zheng to work too hard.



When he had met with Feng Bu, some things could be confirmed and he would tell Wen Zheng about it.



“Have you gotten used to filming here?”



Lu Wenxing nodded and took a sip of orange juice.



“Brother, where did you get all the snacks that you had someone send to Chen Che? The artists in our group say it’s delicious, but they haven’t seen it.”



Lu Wenxing didn’t know about the Weibo hot search list, but Wen Zheng had long noticed that ‘feeder’ hot search.



“Have you eaten it yourself?”



“Yes, it’s delicious.”



“You also liked to eat their cupcakes when you were a kid.” Wen Zheng’s eyes were also much softer when he talked about Lu Wenxing’s childhood.



The waiter brought up the small dessert ordered by Wen Zheng, “Try it?”


Wen Zheng had brought Lu Wenxing to this store. In addition to its proximity, it was also because the desserts here tasted good.



Lu Wenxing tried a round cake, which looked a little like Lamissu, but had a different taste. The top layer was chocolate powder, and the cream below was soft but not greasy, with strawberry flavor, and it melted in the mouth.


Lu Wenxing’s eyes shone brightly, “Brother, it’s delicious.”


Wen Zheng grew up not liking desserts, and he wouldn’t take the initiative to eat it except when Lu Wenxing gave him.


This store in the vicinity of the film and television city was often visited by stars, the shopkeeper had long been used to it. When he saw Lu Wenxing, he was surprised but didn’t lose his composure. But when Qin Yu and Gu Yanshen came in, the clerks pushed each other and their eyes were flooded with stars.



“It’s Gu Yanshen!”


“You, hello! Welcome, may I ask if it’s just the two of you?”


“Yes.” There was not much people in the store in the afternoon, so Qin Yu saw Lu Wenxing and Wen Zheng sitting by the floor-to-ceiling window.



He didn’t know what they were talking about, but Lu Wenxing’s pretty face was slightly pink in the sunlight, his eyes were curved, and the two looked like they were talking to each other gently.


“And that.” Qin Yu pointed in the direction of Lu Wenxing and said to the waiter. “We know each other, we’re together.”



The publicity for “Power And Strategy” was in place, the waiter knew they were in the same crew, and that Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing were still wearing their costumes.



“Feel free to send two cups of coffee over, we’ll just go over by ourselves.”



“Then can you leave your autograph for our store?”




After the waiter left, Qin Yu led Gu Yanshen inside.


“Wenxing is really loved by everyone. He and Mr Wen must have met at the premiere of” Hundred Ghosts “, right? It seems that they have a good relationship.”



“Mr. Wen invested, it’s not because of Wenxing, right?”


Qin Yu was worried about Gu Yanshen, his good friend.



In his view, Gu Yanshen finally managed to plant the iron tree. A passer-by couldn’t pick it.



“This is for you. If Mr. Wen is angry enough to withdraw his capital, you have to invest another two billion yuan to make up for it.”



Gu Yanshen: “…”



With a calm expression, Gu Yanshen followed Qin Yu and silently walked to Lu Wenxing’s table.

“Wow, Wenxing. It’s really you.” Qin Yu boasted, “I didn’t expect such a coincidence.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”
Wen Zheng: “……”
Gu Yanshen: “……”



Lu Wenxing finally knew why Qin Yu had a face that didn’t lose out to movie stars but chose to be a director. It wasn’t because he couldn’t, but because Qin Yu’s acting skills were so awkward that he couldn’t stand to watch.



The green tendons at the corners of Gu Yanshen’s forehead jumped and he resisted the urge to throw Qin Yu out.



“Xu Yichen and Wen Miao are practising, Qin Yu let everyone have a break for an hour.”



Gu Yanshen said half-truths and half-lies with a straight face. The true story was that Xu Yichen and Wen Miao were indeed practicing for the emotional scene. The falsehood was that there was no need to practise for that long.



Lu Wenxing didn’t think too much.



Qin Yu was waiting for this sentence. He said, ‘Will we disturb you?’ Yet he sat down honestly.


Lu Wenxing: “……”



Wen Zheng: “……” Coincidentally, these two people just appeared here, it was almost like it was on purpose.


Lu Wenxing and Wen Zheng sat at a round table. They sat face to face. Qin Yu and Gu Yanshen sat in the middle of the two.



The waiter had brought two cups of coffee, looked at the two desserts on the table, and asked, “Do you want anything else?”



Lu Wenxing looked at the small cake that had been eaten by himself and said to the waiter, “Two more.”



The dessert was less than the size of a palm, and Wen Zheng intended to order it for one person to eat, so he took two bites under Lu Wenxing’s feeding. There were traces of eating on both sides of the dessert, although they were all with forks, Qin Yu was still surprised.



Lu Wenxing actually ate with Wen Zheng?



This relationship was more intimate than he thought.

Wen Zheng was so big yet he ate two pieces with Lu Wenxing? Obviously, the relationship was different.

But he didn’t know to what extent.


“Mr. Wen also likes to eat sweets, huh?” Qin Yu pretended to ask a couple of questions.



Wen Zheng’s face wasn’t very good, it wasn’t easy to spare time to exchange more feelings with his brother, what were these two people doing here?



“He doesn’t like to eat, it was ordered for me.” Lu Wenxing saw that Wen Zheng didn’t want to pay attention, so he explained for him.



Falling on the ears of Qin Yu and Gu Yanshen, it had another meaning, their relationship was good to the point…… they even knew what the other didn’t like.



Qin Yu half-jokingly said, “The relationship between Wenxing and Yanshen is also good, then do you know what Yanshen doesn’t eat?”


“Mr. Gu only drinks mild soup, he doesn’t green onions and celery, and doesn’t like fish very much. He can eat spicy food, but not too much. His taste is light, and his preference belongs to the health care department.”



Lu Wenxing had eaten with Gu Yanshen a few times, he had always been careful, and didn’t need to remember in particular.



Wen Zheng’s eyebrows knitted tighter and tighter, how did Wenxing even know Gu Yanshen’s preferences?


“I …… Mr Wen’s taste is also on the light side, they both don’t eat much sweet food.” Lu Wenxing intentionally tried to ease the relationship between the two of them. “Mr. Gu and Mr. Wen have similar tastes, so you can eat together when you have the chance.”



Gu Yanshen’s elation at Lu Wenxing remembering his preferences instantly dissipated.



“Wenxing is so attentive ah.” Qin Yu and Gu Yanshen looked at each other twice and asked again, “Then do you know what I like to eat?”



This, Lu Wenxing really didn’t know.



He hadn’t eaten with Qin Yu, and had only thrown snacks. “Potato chips?”


Qin Yu: “…… Do I look like a potato chip spirit to you?”



Lu Wenxing bent his eyes, amused by Qin Yu’s helpless and depressed expression.



The four people ‘uncomfortably’ spent some time in the coffee shop, and finally Qin Yu took them back to the crew on the grounds of Lu Wenxing needing to practice.



Wen Zheng didn’t come to D City on purpose. He was going to Lincheng. He passed by to see Xingxing.



After Lu Wenxing left, his emotions were low, especially when he thought of Gu Yanshen and Qin Yu, both of whom were around Lu Wenxing, he went to the airport with a cold expression.


He also sent a weibo message to Lu Wenxing’s assistant Chen Che before boarding the plane.


[Don’t let Xingxing and Gu Yanshen have a chance to be alone]



[Not even Qin Yu]



After returning to the set, Wen Miao and Xu Yichen’s scenes were shot very smoothly. The next scene was the scene between Lu Wenxing and Xu Yichen.



Xu Yichen played the role of Crown Prince Feng Yue, the brother of Feng Xiao.


On the second day of Feng Xiao’s return to the capital, the new emperor held a celebration banquet for him. But Feng Yu was sick and couldn’t attend. Also because the new emperor deliberately concealed it, Feng Yue didn’t know that his little plum had been given by the emperor to marry Feng Xiao.



When he learned that the wedding was imminent, he was angry that Feng Xiao knew that he and Xue Qingruo loved each other, but didn’t refuse the new emperor’s marriage.



Although the gift of marriage couldn’t be refused, what Feng Yu wanted was Feng Xiao’s firm refusal, but Feng Xiao didn’t show resistance, Feng Yu also listened to the words of those around him.


Feng Yu was surrounded by the new emperor’s people. The new emperor asked them to keep it secret, so he had no way to know about his marriage.


The new emperor wanted to stimulate Feng Yue before the big marriage, and deliberately exaggerated the marriage, saying that Feng Xiaao had an intention to intervene in their relationship.


This scene was his emotional outburst.



“You are really my good brother.”



Drunk, Feng Yue sneered at Feng Xiao.



“When you were twelve years old you followed the great general to the border and asked me to take good care of your birth mother.”


“I did. When your mother was seriously ill, I was the one who waited at her bedside.”



“I went to your mother more times a month than I went to my mother. People in the palace gossiped and privately scolded me for not even being able to tell who my birth mother was, but I still went to your mother day after day.”



“She was sick, I followed the anxiety and fire, she was sad, I tried to find a way to make her happy. But what about you …… you have done nothing, it’s all me doing my filial duty for you.”



“After your mother died, it was also me who did the filial duty in front of the hearth. The people in the palace laughed at me in private, saying that I, the legitimate prince, was absurd to mourn on behalf of the emperor’s concubine while you, Feng Xiao, were no where to be found? You didn’t even send two letters back.”



Feng Xiao opened his mouth, but Feng Yu didn’t want to hear his explanation.



“Now that our good royal uncle Feng Sheng is on the throne, I will soon be no prince, and there will be no ruler-subject rituals. You really don’t need to be loyal and filial to me, after all, you are now serving a new emperor.”



Feng Yu suddenly burst into laughter, his body wobbled unstably.



“In the end, I, Feng Yu, am nothing but a joke. I lost the kingdom and couldn’t protect the woman I love.”


“Royal brother, listen to my explanation. I did not ……”


Feng Yue simply couldn’t listen to anything, interrupting Feng Xiao’s words, he muttered to himself.



“I took care of your birth mother for you, and you want to take care of my woman in return? Hahahahaha. Should I say that you know how to repay your kindness, you still want to ……”



Feng Yue’s words were becoming more and more unpleasant to the ears, and Feng Xiao hastily interrupted him.


“Imperial brother!”


“I am not your imperial brother.”


The rain was getting heavier and heavier, Feng Yu violently pushed him twice and ran into the rain curtain.


Feng Xiao stood at the entrance of the royal residence, quietly watching the direction Feng Yu left, his eyes red, the cold rain hitting his face.


The Empress was Feng Yue’s mother, while Feng Xiao’s biological mother had the grace to save her life. Feng Xiao’s biological mother was only a maid, and Feng Xiao wasn’t qualified to enter the royal school.


It was the queen who stood up for Feng Xiao.


However, Feng Xiao was intelligent since childhood. After entering the school, he soon entered the vision of the first emperor. The first emperor looked at him differently. There were even rumors that the first emperor wanted to establish another crown prince.


But as early as seven years old, his mother made him a poisonous oath, not to compete with Feng Yu for the throne in this life. Feng Yu would be the Emperor, he was a subject, he’d live to serve him.


Therefore, Feng Xiao was twelve years old when he knelt in front of the late emperor and said his ambition wasn’t in the court, he begged the late emperor to let him go to the military for training.



The late emperor was furious, he was beaten, punished, and scolded. But Feng Xiao just wouldn’t let go. Finally, the late emperor threw Feng Xiao to the general in anger and sent him far away.



The intention was to scare Feng Xiao, so that he’d return to school, instead Feng Xiao smiled and kowtowed. Fifteen-year-old Feng Xiao was injured by the enemy and was finally rescued. It was half a month after he learned that his mother died of illness.



When the Emperor died, he was on the battlefield, and Feng Sheng ascended the throne, but he was still on the battlefield.


Feng Xiao didn’t want him to go back. He couldn’t go back.


In the whole thirteen years, there were seventeen victories and six defeats.





He struggled with death all the time, of course he go afraid and tired. Watching his fellow officers die tragically in front of him, and the uncles who brought him up fall one by one in front of him ……



Feng Xiao knew then that as long as he was still alive he couldn’t back down.


The rain was getting bigger and bigger, like bright pearls falling to the ground, it didn’t fall on Feng Xiao’s body.



He raised his head sluggishly, two oil paper umbrellas was propped up overhead.



Feng Xiao turned back, behind him stood Lu Feixue.


Lu Feixue stood in the rain, allowing the rain to wet his own clothes, but doing his best to cover him from the rain.





Qin Yu shouted to stop. Several assistants immediately wrapped Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen with towels.


“Bring the ginger tea quickly.”


“Bring the warm bottles too.”



The two were gathered back to the shed and changed into dry clothes.


Lu Wenxing held the ginger tea, and Gu Yanshen sat side by side, the assistants were busy blowing their hair.


The staff members who were chatting together instantly fell into silence, and Lu Wenxing looked at them twice in confusion.



The staff would get together to gossip when they were free, anyway it was leisure time, Qin Yu wouldn’t care about these, Lu Wenxing was also occasionally ‘forced’ to listen to.


But this sudden silence …… Was a bit intriguing.



“Chen Che, did something happen?”


“No.” Chen Che urged Lu Wenxing, “Drink the ginger tea first.”


“Really nothing?”


Lu Wenxing felt that they were avoiding him, “Give me the phone.”


“Drink it first before you play.”


When Chen Che didn’t give him his phone, Lu Wenxing was more sure that he had something to hide from him.


Gu Yanshen didn’t move and looked at the two of them twice, then he brought out his phone and clicked into Weibo.



As expected, there were two hot searches on Weibo.


The first one was #The “rich boy” persona of Lu Wenxing.#





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