C5—- Temptation Of Gossip

 He didn’t expect Wei Ze’s casual words to come true.

Lu Wenxing switched the screen to Weibo’s interface, clicked on the hot search, and slid to the bottom one.


The first post that was topped –

The first day of my internship with the big beautiful editor-in-chief out in the field, surprisingly there were surprises [/wipes saliva]]
Video attached.

The video of the dance was less than thirty seconds, it was taken near the end of the dance, and then the scene of Wei Ze coming over to hug Lu Wenxing.

[Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I’m dead I’m dead]

[The side face is so handsome, one person is enough to make me spit blood!]

  [Blogger, I have a friend ……]

[Their moves are too great! Tears shot out.]

[Upstairs, there’s something wrong with you.]

[So many beautiful faces, really no filter? The shortest little baby in the middle, let mama hug you.]

[I like the little brother with the chestnut hair, he looks so handsome.]

[The same upstairs, chestnut hair little brother is a bomb!]

Subsequently, some people took screenshots of them, which were reposted by netizens many times, and various face fans screamed in the comment section.

  [So many handsome faces, I want to enter the screen]

[You are all looking at the face, is it only me that noticed the screen full of long legs?]

[Are these trainees? It feels like they haven’t debuted yet.]

  [I don’t think they’ve debuted yet, but they’re so good looking that they’re sure to be a hit! Debut quickly, mama will support you!]

  [The Chestnut-haired little brother in a group of gray haired brothers looks out of place, let me take him away]

  [Is the blogger a journalist intern? Asking for the little brothers’ Weibo IDs.]



[Sisters, let’s try and find them].

Lu Wenxing was in a complicated mood, he was ready to leave the industry but suddenly because of a video, he became popular. Going to WeChat, Lu Wenxing ha been pulled into a small group.

Group name: Overnight Popularity.

  Lu Wenxing: “……” It didn’t have to be so appropriate.

  [Top Star Wei] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! What type of lucky koi am I? Are we going to be famous?

  [A dog] Wei Ze, your mouth is still open, right?

  [Another dog] Don’t be a bully! Xiao Ze, say more.

  【Dog breeder】Xiao Ze was  possessed by a koi, right? I need a blessing of riches here, thanks @topstarwei

  Lu Wenxing typed on the keyboard with one hand.

[ET] I’m sorry, I take back my daydreaming words.



[Top Star Wei] It’s okay, I forgive you. Wait for it, a hundred and eighty concerts a year, I’m coming!!!




Lu Wenxing could almost see Wei Ze’s excited expression through the screen, he shook his head with some amusement, typed a line and pressed send.

  [ET] You guys aren’t curious about who took the video?

[Top Star Wei] You know?

Lu Wenxing posted a screenshot of the person’s Weibo page and circled a text with a red oval box.

  –The first day of my internship with the big beautiful editor-in-chief out in the field, surprisingly there were surprises [/wipes saliva]

[ET] Underlined.



[Top Star Wei] !!!!

[A dog] Wait, it wouldn’t be …… that editor-in-chief that came to interview Wen Yu this afternoon, would it?



[Dog breeder] I didn’t think I would have this kind of luck.

[The other dog] Is it too late for me to buy a lottery ticket?



However, they weren’t happy for long, that hot search was quickly squashed and replaced by a milk ad.

[Top Star Wei] No, I thought I could stay for at least an hour.




  [A dog] At least you’ve been there.

[ Dog Breeder] This hot search was too fast, I hadn’t even gotten comfortable.]




[Another dog] Why do I feel that this hot search was suppressed, it seemed to be removed, isn’t it puzzling?

[ET] Brother, it costs money to withdraw a hot search. It is normal for it to go down.

The entertainment industry artists bought spots on hot search list, and they also withdrew it when their scandals were exposed, these were common routines. Lu Wenxing hadn’t even been on the big screen, and most of his advertising jobs were paper, magazines or outdoor publicity ads.

The four of them hadn’t made their debut, so who would be so free to pay to withdraw the search?



Looking at the bubbling WeChat group, Lu Wenxing couldn’t continue chatting, so he said good night and went to bed.




A few days later, the official blog of “Weekend Without Limits” released the latest news.



The official announcement of “Weekend Without Limits” that everyone has been waiting for is here! @GuYanshen @LiXiangming @SongJiaJia [/love you][/love you][/love you], the partner group members are temporarily confidential Oh, rest assured, they’re all drop dead gorgeous [/shhh]



The pictures of Gu Yanshen, Li Xiangming and Song Jiajia were attached.



[They’re still being secretive? The program group is acting inhumane ah. 】



[A lick of my brother’s beautiful face, brother is so handsome!]

[Brother Shen has disappeared for three months, seeing an update makes me so happy, although it isn’t from Brother Shen].

[Sister Jiajia is still as beautiful as ever, forever loving you].

[Sisters who like Mingming, let’s have a group hug. ]

 This variety show had the reigning three-time award winning movie star Gu Yanshun, plus Li Xiangming, known as the little prince of music, and the most popular national goddess of film and drama Song Jiajia, any one of them was a hot search resident.

  It took less than half a day for the announcement to be topped on the hot search.

  The netizens were still hotly debating what kind of partner the three big names would choose, and it didn’t take long for the voting wind to blow up.

It was normal when it came to speculating about Li Xiangming and Song Jiajia, but it suddenly changed when it came to Gu Yanshan.

  #The official announcement of “Weekend Without Limits” # Fans, guess what kind of teammate Brother Shen will choose, forward comments, and lucky winners will be sent three LV lipsticks, with random color numbers.

[beautiful big sister]

[gentle little lady]

[Brother Shen can win on his own, he doesn’t need a teammate]

The netizens in the comment area made a blind selection, and some people made suggestions on newcomers.

[Cute little loli apply to join the group chat]

[He’s my true love]

[Brother Shen has to be a bachelor]

[To be honest, Brother Shen and I are together]

[Stop talking upstairs, I’m already jealous, and Brother Shen is busy coaxing me [/shy]]


The first episode of “Weekend Without Limits” was filmed in E country.

After Lu Wenxing got off the plane, there was a shuttle bus from the program group. From the airport, it took about 40 minutes to reach the filming location, and they finally stopped at the entrance of a residential building with good scenery and environment.

  Lu Wenxing wasn’t the first to arrive, he entered the house and saw the national goddess Song Jiajia sitting on the sofa. There were also two other artists that he didn’t know, which had to be group members like Lu Wenxing.


Song Jiajia was the first to notice Lu Wenxing coming in, her face was painted with delicate makeup, worthy of being a national goddess, she didn’t have a single dead angle.

  ”Hello sister Jiajia, I’m Lu Wenxing, Mr. Gu’s partner.”

Song Jiajia covered her mouth in surprise, “How come the program team didn’t tell me that there was a guest with such a high face value. Can I apply for a partner exchange?”

   Lu Wenxing smiled, “Sister Jiajia has the best face value.”

Lu Wenxing also looked at the two partners, a man and a woman. The girl was Song Jiajia’s chosen partner, Lu Wenxing had never met her, but he blindly guessed that she was a female group member.

  ”Hello, Wenxing, I’m Wen Min, a member of New4.”

Lu Wenxing politely reached out his hand, and Wen Min reached back to shake it.

“Hello Wenxing, I’m Zhou Zitong. Mr. Li’s partner.”

They weren’t shy people the atmosphere gradually became warm as they chatted happily, Li Xiangming walked in with his luggage.

After greeting several people, Li Xiangming pushed the suitcase and intended to go upstairs, but was stopped by Song Jiajia.

“We haven’t divided the room yet, put the luggage down there first.” Song Jiajia winked at Li Xiangming, and he instantly picked up Song Jiajia’s hint and understood Song Jiajia’s meaning correctly.

He pushed the luggage aside and joked about it.

“Will it be rock-paper-scissors for the room sharing later?”

“The director said the first task will be announced when everyone arrives.”

  Just as she finished speaking, Gu Yanshen opened the door and walked in, the atmosphere suddenly became high, several people stood up and greeted Gu Yanshen, Lu Wenxing nodded towards Gu Yanshen and was about to withdraw his gaze when another person walked in behind the unclosed door.

“Hello everyone, I’m Wen Yu.”

After seeing Wen Yu, a trace of surprise flashed in Lu Wenxing’s eyes, and the question that was bothering him was also answered.

No wonder Mang Cheng Entertainment agreed to terminate his contract, it turned out that Wen Yu had been inserted.

Lu Wenxing was sure that this matter had something to do with Gu Yanshen, and suddenly felt that the appreciation gift he wanted to give him was far from enough.

But Wen Yu’s appearance also made Lu Wenxing breathe a sigh of relief, the good news was that certain plot deviations wouldn’t affect the important plot, Wen Yu still participated in the variety show.



Lu Wenxing ventured to guess that the plot and the development, although it was slightly different, the main direction wasn’t going to change, even if the butterfly effect led to minor deviations, it wouldn’t hinder the contact between the attacker and the recipient and the development of the emotional line.



Therefore, even if Wen Yu didn’t catch the audition, he still joined the variety show in another way.



Wen Yu smilingly greeted the crowd and finally walked towards Lu Wenxing, “Long time no see, Xingxing.”



The two of them were brought up by Wang Man, but the number of times they met was only a handful. Wen Yu was busy shooting movies and receiving endorsements, while Lu Wenxing was busy with magazines and posters.



Occasionally when they met they nodded and said hello, their relationship was far from being able to call each other nicknames.

  ”You two know each other?”

“Yes.” Wen Yu smiled faintly, in the end, he didn’t say anything about the two of them having been the same manager. “We’re friends, aren’t we? Xingxing.”

   Wen Yu said so, Lu Wenxing certainly couldn’t disagree, so he nodded in response.

  ”Wen Yu and Brother Shen came together?”

Speaking of this, the corners of Wen Yu’s mouth lifted slightly, “I never thought I would be on the same plane as Brother Shen.”

  Song Jiajia asked, “How many partners are there?”

“One.” The cameraman gave an answer.

When everyone arrived, the director started to announce the rules.

“There will be one guest in each episode, and the team that wins in the first round will get the help of the guest, which means one of the three teams will have three people.”

  ”One more person will make us have a better chance of winning? Is that what it means? Then Wen Yu will be the one everyone is fighting for.”

  The director laughed without answering, Li Xiangming spoke.

  ”What is the first round?”

  The director rolled the book in his hand and put it to his mouth like a microphone. “I will announce this later, now there is a round of inspection.”

  Lu Wenxing received a message from Sheng Chao before packing, the director team would check the luggage and confiscate snacks or all cheating supplies.

  Of course, more importantly for the sake of popularity, the audience would definitely be curious about what was in the artists’ suitcases.

  It was ostensibly a surprise inspection, but in order to avoid embarrassing incidents, the directing team reminded them to put away supplies that were personal or things that they didn’t want to be seen.

Just now, Song Jiajia stopped Li Xiangming from carrying the luggage because of this. But for the sake of the show’s effect, they still had surprised expressions.



“You guys stand in a row, let’s start from left to right.”



The first one to be checked was Li Xiangming, his clothes and shoes were all packed in white storage bags, no one would go through the clothes, but the thing placed on the top was very conspicuous.



A soft green tennis ball.



“What is this?” Song Jiajia was so  surprised that her Sichuan accent became noticeable. “Do you carry around a tennis ball as a basketball racket?”



Several people were amused by Song Jiajia’s straightforwardness.



Li Xiangming didn’t understand what they were laughing at and explained in a serious manner, “It’s just that when I write a song, I’m used to holding something in my hand.”

Song Jiajia expressed understanding, “I understand, talented people will always have some strange fetishes. But why a tennis ball?”

Li Xiangming didn’t hear the ambiguous meaning in Song Jiajia’s words, he seriously and strictly replied. “A basketball is too big and I can’t hold it with one hand.”

  Several people: “……”

Then came Lu Wenxing, in addition to clothes and daily necessities, he had a palm-sized chicken alarm clock.



Without waiting for them to ask, Lu Wenxing explained directly, “My mother bought it for me when I was in high school.”

“You’ve been using it until now and it hasn’t broken?”

Lu Wenxing shook his head, “It’s quite durable, the battery just needs to be changed. I’m more used to using an alarm clock than a cell phone alarm.”



Several people were curious about Lu Wenxing’s small alarm clock, it was quite cute.

“Is it an ordinary alarm clock, or will it be like a rooster crowing?”

“Like a rooster.”

Hearing Lu Wenxing say so, several people became more curious, nowadays few people bought alarm clocks, so it seemed interesting.

“I’d like to hear how it sounds.”

“I want to too.”


Lu Wenxing set an alarm clock for one minute later, and then they watched quietly as Lu Wenxing put the alarm clock on the floor.

  ”Just put it on the table, we’ll just listen to the sound.”

“It will fall and break.”

The crowd:????



Several pairs of eyes fell in unison on the little rooster, bearing the expectant gaze of the crowd, one minute passed.

Then, the rooster craned its neck, crowed and suddenly ran with its short legs.



The crowd: ????



“It can run?” Li Xiangming’s eyes widened in surprise.




With the crowd’s stunned gaze, the little rooster ran away with short legs, the director laughed happily, then urged the staff to go chase Lu Wenxing’s little alarm clock back.



In the face of the crowd’s gaze, Lu Wenxing explained frankly.




“I’m difficult to wake up, before going to bed, I put the alarm clock on the floor, when it rings it will run all over the house.”



The crowd: “…………”



“Everyone remember to close the door to your room at night, so that Wenxing’s little rooster doesn’t slip in.”

Lu Wenxing: “……”

For the next few people, there were things like photo albums or pillows, all of which were normal items. The last was Gu Yanshen, the crowd’s eyes instantly lit up, all of them looked at Gu Yanshen’s suitcase.



They were too curious about what Gu Yanshen would bring, but at the same time felt that with Gu Yanshen’s high-cold image, in addition to the necessities, there shouldn’t be any strange and bizarre things.

As expected, the first suitcase opened, all clothing.



The crowd regrettably turned their attention to the second suitcase.



The second suitcase was filled with daily necessities.

There was no rare and interesting object, Song Jiajia sighed and was about to get up when she suddenly saw a poster-like roll of paper pressed on the side.

“Brother Shen, what is this?”



Song Jiajia’s face was full of curiosity, several people also came forward to see.



Li Xiangming reached out and took out the poster rolled into a roll and unrolled it. Lu Wenxing didn’t half hesitate and flew to join the curious group.



  Then, the spread poster was exposed to the view of several people, and the person on the poster was none other than the one in the gossip seeking group – Lu Wenxing.

Lu Wenxing: “!”

Gu Yanshen: “!”

  Several other people: “!”

  They saw their stunned selves in each other’s eyes, and the atmosphere froze, no one recovered from the shock of this amazing gossip.

Lu Wenxing looked at himself on the poster with a complicated face, he seemed to see a big and round scandal.



Li Xiangming took the poster and asked woodenly, “Brother, why do you have Wenxing’s poster?”

Gu Yanshen: “……”



Lu Wenxing: “……”

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