C47—- Filming In The Group


Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen had a long chat. He raised his eyes and looked up at Wen Zheng cautiously.


“I’ll go to Weibo first, then text on WeChat”




Wen Zheng’s expression, which was slightly relieved, suddenly sank again.


What didn’t they already talk about? They still needed to continue on WeChat?


Lu Wenxing put away his mobile phone. Looking at Wen Zheng who was walking in front of him, he quietly asked, “did I disturb you?”



“Why did Gu Yanshen look for you again?”

Lu Wenxig had suspected that his brother didn’t like Gu Yanshen very much, now he was sure that he didn’t like him.



“He just asked me to make a post.”


“What post?”



“Mr. Gu invited me to be the lead actor in his TV drama, which is now being promoted, and the artists have to cooperate with the promotion.”



“Gu Yanshen can’t get along in the entertainment industry and has switched to investing?”


Lu Wenxing: “…”



His brother’s persona always collapsed when it involved Gu Yanshen.


“Mr. Gu bought the film and television copyright for a script. He wants to participate behind the camera.”


Wen Zheng raised his eyebrows, “Not as an investor, but as a director? He hasn’t directed any TV dramas, right? If you want to shoot, I can ask Wen Yan to find some suitable projects for you… ”



“I promised ……,” Lu Wenxing’s voice changed, “…… Gu Yanshen.”



He didn’t dare to call him ‘Teacher Gu’ in front of Wen Zheng, but the pause seemed a little intimate, which made Wen Zheng’s heart jump.


“When will you join the group?”



“Not so soon.”


The first TV drama directed by Gu Yanshen wasn’t intended to be shot in a low profile. It had been publicized just after buying the film and television copyright, but Gu Yanshen wasn’t the director.


He was… the assistant director.


The director was Gu Yanshen’s classmate, who seemed to be called Qin Yu.


During the filming of “Ghosts”, Lu Wenxing often saw him study with Director Wang, who should be his teacher.


“You have a good relationship with Gu Yanshen…?”


“Not bad. He helped me several times and taught me how to act. I’m very grateful to him.”


Lu Wenxing’s eyes were clear, so Wen Zheng’s heart slowly relaxed.



Oh, just gratitude. That was all right.


“What would you like for lunch?”


“Hot pot?”



Lu Wenxing imagined Wen Zheng sitting with him in a hot pot restaurant wearing a suit, “…… or else we can order takeaway.”

“Okay, we’ll order take-out at noon and eat hot pot at night.”




The official Weibo page of “The Power is on” had already started promoting, with the forwarding of his friends in the industry, this drama was on fire before filming started.



It was learned that Gu Yanshen would act as the assistant director. At that moment, there were different opinions on the Internet. Anti-fans and fans always took the first place.



[Gu Yanshen wants to be a director?]


[How is filming and directing be the same?!]



[The assistant director is just in name. Gu Yanshen is a movie star. Is he going to do chores?]



[The people upstairs are so sad. He can do whatever he wants.]


[It’s his first time directing a movie, I’ll watch it!!]



[I hope they record more on the spot tidbits. The assistant director is so handsome.]


[Don’t you care who the actors are?]


[Brother Shen is an artist himself, so the selected artists must be good]



[Bet on a spicy stick, Lu Wenxing will definitely play!]


[!!! Come to think of it, Brother Shen said on his Weibo last year that he looked forward to working with Lu Wenxing again, which means that it could have been premeditated]


[According to his impatient to eat sugar, Shuangxu CP has a BE, but Princess szd]


[What is Princess?]


[Brother Shen acted as a cruel and ruthless Regent. Last year’s variety show, the director asked several guests how they chose their partners, and Brother Shen said Lu Wenxing was chosen according to the criteria for choosing a concubine. Then CP fans knocked up the Regent and small charming concubine, and gave them the CP name Princess.]


[Laughing to death, what kind of CP name is Princess?]


[Sister, I recommend “princess” CP…]


Originally, anti fans caused trouble, but it caused a wave of CP fans to come out. They were so angry that they wanted to break the keyboard.



[Remove Brother Shen’e name from this topic!]



After seeing Gu Yanshen’s fans, the anti-fans, which were originally defeated, quickly shifted its attack point, intending to provoke Gu Yanshen’s fans to fight with the CP fans.



[Gu Yanshen should be in love, he’s afraid of losing his fans, so he is going to retire behind the scenes?]



[What kind of rubbish is that, upstairs? Brother Shen needs to be secretive when he is in love?]



[My brother is a person that won’t hide when he is in love.]


[Brother Shen wants to act and wants to be a director. How does that concern you?]


Anti- fans:???



Gu Yanshen had been busy choosing actors recently, so he had no time to contact Lu Wenxing. Wen Zheng was busy with the reviewed cases, and he was busy every day.


Lu Wenxing, on the other hand, went to the text of “When the top Star” as usual to attract the attention of the author.



The readers who returned to the article “When the Top Star” were stunned by Lu Wenxing’s strange operation, and some even cursed the author along with Lu Wenxing, treating him as the author’s secret account.


Lu Wenxing ignored all of them, he only wanted to connect with the author.



After a week of insisting on sending money and commenting compliments every day, …… The author finally took the initiative to contact him.


[Add WeChat?]


Feng was probably worried about being chased and scolded by other readers, so he added another sentence after the comment.



[I’ll add you]


Lu Wenxing registered a fake account and immediately switched to WeChat.



After the friend request was accepted, Feng directly asked Lu Wenxing whether he preferred the first 200,000 words of the plot or the last 200,000 words of the plot.



Lu Wenxing thought of Wei Ze, he said that the first part was sweet and easy to like, and the second part was like a wild horse. Once again, he checked the comment area. Some readers asked whether this article had been written by another person, but the author didn’t respond.



Was it different people?



Was this the author of the first two hundred thousand or the last two hundred thousand?



Lu Wenxing guessed that if Feng was unhappy with his answer, the other might delete him.


【¥#%¥】? ? ?


Looking at the name of his WeChat account, Lu Wenxing affirmed that the other was also using a fake account. Lu Wenxing replied cautiously.


[…] I like Xie Shiyi


[¥#%¥] What do you like about him?



[…] I want to ask a question first.


That was fair. He didn’t expect Lu Wenxing to say that. He paused for a few seconds and responded, “yes”.



[…] What was the original intention of writing this story?


[¥#%¥] “….”

[¥ #% ¥] felt it.


Lu Wenxing quickly typed: How did you feel it? Where did you get the feeling?



[¥#%¥] Now answer my question


One by one, Lu Wenxing got a lot of information, although he couldn’t determine the authenticity of the information.



According to what Lu Wenxing learned, Feng heard a story from a friend, which stimulated his creative desire so he wrote a similar story according to this theme.



Lu Wenxing asked him what the story was, but Feng refused to tell him.



Knowing that he couldn’t be too eager, Lu Wenxing didn’t ask questions and kept in touch once a few days.


Once in a while, Feng treated him as an empty void. Occasionally, he would complain to Lu Wenxing or complain about different things.


Then he transferred Lu Wenxing’s money on WeChat, indicating that he wasn’t short of money, and writing novels wasn’t for making money.


Lu Wenxing went to finish the novel, ignoring the cannon fodder with his name, “When The Top Star” was a sweet pet.



The protagonist’s brother missed the bid after being maliciously reported, which was similar to the recent development. Lu Wenxing wanted determine whether the subsequent development of the plot was just like in the novel, or whether it was just a coincidence of this plot.



“You don’t have to worry, it’s just a project.”


Wen Zheng didn’t expect Lu Wenxing to be worried about this matter, so he comforted him, “The company can get several projects a year, there is still another one after this one.”



“Did you find out who reported?”


Wen Zheng’s eyes softened, as expected of his soft hearted brother.


There were so many industries in Wen’s home that Wen Huaizhe couldn’t ask everything. He only looked at the results. Every company in Wen’s home would submit a report every quarter. When Wen Huaizhe knew about this, it was estimated that it would be the next quarter.



“It’s Li Xiao.” Wen Zheng explained.



“It’s the Li family in City A. After Li Xiao became the vice president of the subsidiary, he turned his career focus to City C.”



“Li Xiao often competes with the company for the same project?”


“How do you know?”


Lu Wenxing didn’t say anything about the novel, he didn’t understand it himself, so he found an excuse, “I just came in and heard people discussing it.”


Wen Zheng wasn’t surprised. The employees of the company often discussed this matter, and some people complained that Li Xiao couldn’t walk independently, and played tricks to grab the project several times.



“Then next time he …”



“There will be no next time.” Wen Zheng soothed Wenxing, then waved Special Assistant Xu in.


“Boss, you wanted to see me.”



He came in and greeted Lu Wenxing.


“Do you want to talk about business?” Lu Wenxing turned to Wen Zheng, “Shall I go out and wait for you?”



“No, you can sit on the sofa, I’ll take you out to eat at noon.”



Lu Wenxing obediently went to the sofa and sat down, poured himself a glass of water, and listened to the conversation between the two in silence.



“That project in the East City …… let Director Chen write a tender as soon as possible.”


Special Assistant Xu didn’t quite understand.



“Boss, as previously discussed at the meeting, this project is too risky, too much investment in the early stage, may lead to the latter part of the capital getting trapped.”



A large amount of money trapped wouldn’t be able to turnover, it could lead to bankruptcy, of course, behind Wen Zheng was the entire Wen family, bankruptcy was impossible.



But the project was attractive enough that the greater the risk, the more money could be made. Who in the business world wasn’t confident and ambitious?



What assistant Xu didn’t understand was that during the project meeting a few weeks ago, Wen Zheng said that this project wasn’t worth doing, the chance of making money was very slim, and that it would be better to do more small projects with this energy.



But why the sudden need to bid?


“It’s better to be risky.” Wen Zheng’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Li Xiao likes to grab ……, so let him grab it.”


Assistant Xu nodded.



“It is better to disclose the tender plan ‘accidentally’.”


Lu Wenxing suddenly raised his head. It was probably because Wen Zheng was so soft in front of him that Lu Wenxing almost forgot. Wen Zheng wasn’t soft. He didn’t want to bid, but he wanted to invite fierce bidding.



Assistant Xu Te understood Wen Zheng’s meaning, and his tangled expression slowly relaxed, “Don’t worry, boss. I’ll be sure to be very ‘careless’.”





The new project process wasn’t as fast as it could have been, but the project that Wen Zheng had been reviewed for was successful and had resumed operations.


Gu Yanshen also sent a message, informing Lu Wenxing that he could join the group next week.


When Lu Wenxing returned to Wen’s home, Wen Huaizhe and Ji Yuan were very upset when they found out he was leaving.



“Xingxing, how many months will it take to shoot?”



“It depends on the progress, the plan is four months.”



“You haven’t even lived at home for two months, and now you’re going to be on set for four months?” Ji Yuan was so upset that she couldn’t even finish dinner.



“The four months is the filming schedule, not four months without going home, the crew will also have time off. And I promised Xiao Cheng that I would accompany him during the college entrance examination.”


“I heard that you can visit the set?”


Lu Wenxing thought for a moment.


“Generally, friends in the industry will visit each other, or investors’ will ‘inspect’ the crew.”



Ji Yuan nodded thoughtfully, and Wen Huaizhe found an opportunity to say, “Are ancient costume dramas shot in the film and television city?”




“I heard Xiao Zheng say that someone blocked you in the hotel before. There are many people in hotels. I don’t feel at ease, you can live in the apartment I bought. It’s near the film and television base. The security is strictly supervised, and only the owner can get in and out.”


Ji Yuan immediately agreed, “Your father is right, Xingxing, stay in the apartment.”


Lu Wenxing hesitated for a moment. The filming of the crew must be consistent with the schedule. It wasn’t convenient for him to live alone in other places.



“Dad, everyone in the production team lives in a hotel, so it’s not unsafe. It’s more convenient to be together when filming…”



“It doesn’t matter. Let the artists in the same group live together. You have a good relationship with Mr. Gu, let him stay.”



“The crew is not only artists, but also a lot of staff.” Lu Wenxing explained.



“In that case, that one building may not be enough.”


Lu Wenxing:???



Lu Wenxing realized that what his father meant wasn’t an apartment, but a building!!!



Without waiting for Lu Wenxing to say anything, Wen Huaizhe asked with burning eyes, “Then I will buy the apartment building next door. Will it be enough for your crew to live in?”



Lu Wenxing: “…”



“Dad, Xingxing is going there to film, what’s the point of living in an apartment building?” Wen Zheng’s eyebrows jumped, “The point is not to live in an apartment, but to choose a hotel with high privacy and safety.”



Lu Wenxing silently agreed and was about to follow up with a few words of advice when he heard Wen Zheng say.



“We should buy a hotel.”



Lu Wenxing: “……”



Ji Yuan also felt that her oldest son’s words were reasonable, “You need to hire five-star chefs too. I’ll look for some chefs who can make meals for the crew.”



Lu Wenxing: “…” Is he going to film or going on a vacation?




In the evening, Gu Yanshen received a call from Qin Yu.



“Yanshen, good news. Do you know that Wen Cooperation invested 100 million yuan in our drama team?”


Gu Yanshen: “…?”



Qin Yu didn’t notice anything wrong, still immersed in excitement.


“We can let go. First class equipment and venues can be rented with confidence, and we can have full class special effects. The food and clothing of artists must be a luxury package. This is definitely a big production!”


“Mr. Wen is really too generous!!!”


Gu Yanshen: “……?”





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