C46—- Antique Market

The two of them stayed at the cafe for more than an hour, and when they were going back, Gu Yanshen received a call from the driver. The car was blocked on the bridge, and cars couldn’t go in or out.


“Where does Mr. Gu live? I’ll drop you off.”


Gu Yanshen didn’t try to politely refuse.


“Dihai Garden.”


Lu Wenxing took the car keys, thinking that Gu Yanshen would live in a single villa. Unexpectedly, it was in the city center.


However, those who could live in Dihai Garden were valuable bosses or leaders in various industries. Their privacy was no less than that of a single family villa.

The two of them took the elevator to the underground garage, Lu Wenxing opened the door a moment before he suddenly remembered the two other gifts he had placed on the passenger side when he arrived.


“What happened?”

Gu Yanshen asked in deep doubt. He had already walked around to the passenger’s door. As soon as he opened the door, he saw a dark blue gift box on the seat and a picture frame covered with cloth.


“Is this a gift you received, or is it for someone else?”


“It’s for Mr Gu.”


“I was worried that Mr Gu didn’t like perfume, so I prepared other gifts.”


Gu Yanshen picked up the blue gift box, “What is it?”


“Mr. Gu can open it and see.”


Gu Yanshen was a little surprised. If the driver had come, he would have missed the other gift from Lu Wenxing.


While Gu Yanshen’s attention was on the blue gift box, Lu Wenxing crossed over to the driver’s seat and was about to move the picture frame to the back seat when he saw Gu Yanshen’s eyes shining at him.


“Can I see your painting?”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


“It’s not finished yet.” Lu Wenxing lowered his head with a weak heart.


“Can’t see it?”


Gu Yanshen felt slightly regretful, he liked Lu Wenxing’s concentration when he was drawing.


In his opinion, the seriousness of Lu Wenxing had a special attraction that made people unable to move their eyes after just one glance.


The two of them were standing by the car door, staring at each other with big eyes. It would be OK if he just sent it out in a big way, but this situation suddenly made him a little embarrassed.


“I won’t look.”


Gu Yanshen sees that Lu Wenxing was unwilling and didn’t demand it. After all, Lu Wenxing was the owner of the painting.


“Do you want to put the back seat? Let me help you.”


Gu Yanshen was standing next to the door. It was more convenient for him to move this painting than Lu Wenxing.



The two of them were mostly silent on the way, not as enthusiastic as they were at the cafe.


In less than half an hour, Lu Wenxing brought him to the door, the security guard immediately came over, Gu Yanshen rolled down the car window.


“Good evening, Mr. Gu.”


The security guard greeted him and returned to the security room.


“Please drive carefully and tell me when you get home.”




Gu Yanshen opened the door sideways. Just as he was getting off the car, Lu Wenxing stopped him.

“Actually …… that painting is also a gift for you.”


Gu Yanshen didn’t explore whether Lu Wenxing had really not finished the painting, but since Lu Wenxing said it was unfinished, then it was considered unfinished.



Gu Yanshen had been very sorry that he couldn’t see the painting, so he looked at Lu Wenxing in surprise.

“How many gifts did you prepare for me?” Gu Yanshen was amused.


“Aren’t you worried that you won’t like it?”



“I like everything you give me.”


Lu Wenxing didn’t think much about it. He just thought Gu Yanshen was saying that all the gifts he gave were just his favorite.


Gu Yanshen went to open the door of the back seat. As soon as he touched the picture frame, Lu Wenxing suddenly spoke, “Teacher Gu, go home then have a look.”


Gu Yanshen obediently covered the exposed corner of the picture frame again, “OK, I covered it tightly.”


Lu Wenxing sighed with relief, “I’m leaving.”



As soon as he entered the house, the housekeeper greeted him.


“Xingxing, are you hungry? Let me make you some supper.”


“Thank you, I’m not hungry. Is my brother back yet?”



“Xiao Zheng hasn’t come back yet. He called at dinner time and said that he was busy at work and asked us not to wait for him. Mr. and Mrs. also called, they will be back next Monday.”



Lu Wenxing nodded, “Okay, I’ll go upstairs first, Auntie, have an early rest.”



After returning to the room, Lu Wenxing didn’t receive any message from Gu Yanshen. After thinking about it, Lu Wenxing took the initiative to send a message.


[ET] I’m home now.


【. 】 Okay, I was afraid you were still driving. I didn’t dare to send you a message.


【. 】 When did you start painting?


[ET] After returning home.


【. 】 I like it very much. Thank you, madam


What madam?


Lu Wenxing’s ears were a little hot, when his fans were calling him ‘Madam.’, Lu Wenxing didn’t feel this way, because that was how they chose too call him in, but why did Gu Yanshen call him that, then ……


[ET] Teacher Gu, don’t shout.


【. 】 How can it be shouting?



【. 】 I see a lot of stars that are chased by fans and called ‘Madam’.



Lu Wenxing wanted to tell Gu Yanshen that although they had a good relationship, it couldn’t withstand his several collapse.

After a few seconds of pause, Lu Wenxing replied to Gu Yanshen’s message.


[ET] I’m going to take a shower, go to bed early



After coming out of the bathroom, Lu Wenxing was really hungry. The lights on the first floor were still on, but Auntie was not in the hall, so she should have gone to rest.


Lu Wenxing walked into the kitchen, looked through the refrigerator, and chose the simplest frozen dumplings.


This was the dumpling that auntie had already wrapped, cooking it wasn’t difficulty, it was suitable for Lu Wenxing, who had little talent in cooking.



The water in the pot was just boiling when a sound came from the entrance.


Lu Wenxing walked out of the kitchen. Wen Zheng wore slippers and was pulling his tie. His face was a little tired.



“Brother, you’re back.”


“You’re still up so late?”



“I’m a little hungry, so I came down to make something to eat.”


Lu Wenxing was holding frozen dumplings in his left hand and chopsticks in his right hand, obviously he hadn’t had time to put them in the pot yet.



Wen Zheng put his briefcase on the sofa, took off his suit, rolled up his sleeves and walked towards Lu Wenxing, “I’ll do it.”


“No, it’ll be ready in a minute.”


Lu Wenxing avoided Wen Zheng’s hand and turned around to go into the kitchen again.


Ji Yuan and Wen Huaizhe were on a business trip together, so apart from the housekeeper, only Lu Wenxing and Wen Zheng were left at home.



Ten minutes later, Lu Wenxing came out with dumplings and a plate of dipping sauce.



“Brother, go wash your hands.”


Wen Zheng went into the kitchen to wash his hands and came out with two bowls of hibiscus soup in his hands.


“Have some soup first.”


Wen Zheng had a habit of drinking soup before meals, but it was a bit late, so he casually got two bowls of instant soup.


“What’s going on at the company?”



“A project is being reviewed.”



Lu Wenxing knew that Wen Zheng was busy bidding for new projects during this period of time.


“The project that was reviewed is fine, but the new project on …… We shouldn’t be able to win.”


Wen Zheng didn’t plan to hide it from Lu Wenxing. He told the truth.



Lu Wenxing didn’t understand the operation in the mall, but he thought the time of review was too coincidental. “Which project was reviewed?”


“Last year’s project.”



Last year’s project would go through several rounds of screening before the commencement of construction. This year, the project would be suddenly reviewed, except for random inspection, it was probably reported maliciously.


“Is it a company that participated in the bidding?”



“That hasn’t been ruled out. You have to drink the soup first, it’s late, it’s time to sleep.”



Lu Wenxing didn’t continue to ask, Wen Zheng must be very tired, since he had arrived home, he needed to have a good rest.


“Brother, you should go up and take a shower first.”


Lu Wenxing was cleaning up the dishes, so Wen Zheng helped to wipe the table.



Wen Zheng’s room was next to Lu Wenxing’s. They said good night to each other before closing the door behind them.



When Wen Zheng came out from the shower, he received a call from his friend Xu Weiyao.


“Wen Zheng, I suddenly thought of something.”


If it wasn’t something important, Xu Weiyao wouldn’t have called at night, “What is it?”



“Last week, I went to the antique market to choose a birthday gift for my old man, didn’t I?”



Xu Weiyao’s voice sank a bit, “Just now I remembered, I don’t know if I’m thinking too much. I met Li Xiao at the antique market last week.”


It was normal for the two companies to compete in the market, but what was not normal was that …… He had been sticking to Wen Zheng, or to be more precise, Wen Zheng’s company, like a dog’s skin over the past few years.



As long as Wen Zheng was interested, or had the intention, regardless of whether the project was under discussion or in hand, Li Xiao would always come to stir up trouble.



The biggest beneficiary of Wen Zheng’s project being investigated this time was Li Xiao.


Li Xiao’s back was against the Li Family, but he was an illegitimate son. When he just came home, the Li Family people never looked at him squarely, and there was no sense of existence until he graduated from college.


However, in the past few years ……, Mr. Li had successfully taken the position of vice president of the Li family branch.



There was no project that passed through his hands that didn’t make money. When Li Xiao’s father showed up several times, he due bring his eldest son back from overseas studies, but Li Xiao, who had been neglected by him since childhood.



Xu Weiyao liked to collect, and every once in a while he would go to the antique market, where several shopkeepers knew him, and every time they saw him, they would treat him with great hospitality.



“I just called a few antique store owners and guess what they told me?”



“Li Xiao goes to the antique market every month, but seldom buys anything, and from what the owner told me, I feel like he’s there for an appointment.”



That was just right?


Li Xiao, who went to the antique market every month, and Wen Yu, who never attended auctions but liked to go to the antique market.



Wen Zheng had never seen the two cross paths, nor could he imagine how they could have. But his intuition told him that both of them had problems.




After going back to his room, Lu Wenxing didn’t go to sleep immediately, and opened the “When the Top Star.”.


The commentary area was a sound of criticism, there were criticism of it being lame, the collapsed plot, some people even felt that there was a difference between the style of writing before and after, some readers asked if someone replaced the original author.



Lu Wenxing opened the text and looked at it at a glance, ignoring the story of Lu Wenxing being abused as cannon fodder in the original book and the story related to the entertainment industry.



Finally, Lu Wenxing stopped at ‘Xie Shiyi’s brother missed the bidding time because the company was audited.’



The main character of “When the Top Star” was the son of the richest man in a city, and there was a president brother above.



The original different plot lines overlapped strangely at this moment.


The reason for this was that the company’s name was …… the Xie family’s rival company, the Xu family.



The name of the person and the name of the place didn’t match, but the plot of these chapters was highly consistent with Lu Wenxing’s current situation.


What was the matter with this book?


There was a supporting character with the same name as him, but …… had a protagonist with a similar personal situation as Lu Wenxing?


Lu Wenxing opened an author column. The author named Feng Bu only serialized this novel, without any way to contact. He went to Weibo and forums to search for the pseudonym, but found none.



Lu Wenxing had a sudden idea. He filled a huge sum of money that would pain him for a long time. He threw 100 deep-water torpedoes to the author and left a comment against his will.



[Do you have a Weibo page? I like your novel very much. Please come online!]


In the midst of all the criticism, this comment looked out of place.



But Lu Wenxing couldn’t care less. He was desperate to get in touch with the author to find out if it was a coincidence or something else.



The next day, when Wen Zheng knew that Lu Wenxing wasn’t going out, he asked him if he wanted to go to the office.



Lu Wenxing had never been to Wen Zheng’s office before, but when he saw that Wen Zheng was in a good mood and didn’t seem worried about last night’s incident, he was sure that he wouldn’t disturb Wen Zheng, so Lu Wenxing readily agreed.


Wen Zheng took him around and returned Lu Wen Xing to his office. He was at his desk grading documents and took the time to look at Lu Wenxing who was playing with his tablet on the sofa.



He felt as if he was back in his childhood, doing his homework in his room and playing with his toys in his room, without disturbing each other.



However, Wen Zheng’s good mood didn’t last long when an untimely disturbance appeared.



–It was Lu Wenxing’s cell phone ringing.



Wen Zheng: “……”



But he wasn’t disturbed by the ringing of Lu Wenxing’s cell phone, but after hearing Lu Wenxing call out ‘Mr. Gu’, Wen Zheng felt annoyed.


Why was it Gu Yanshen again?





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