C45—- Signing With Huayi



Lu Wenxing’s light-colored eyes reflected a little smile.


“Sorry, it’s my fault.”


Gu Yanshen led Lu Wenxing towards the front desk, where he had sent his gift when he entered the hotel.


“So mysterious?”


Lu Wenxing received Gu Yanshin’s speakers in the variety show, vintage wooden speakers, the sound quality was clean and transparent, like a gentle violin, using it was always a pleasure.


Gu Yanshen received a bag from the receptionist.



“Before borrowing your tablet, I saw the wallpaper was Zhou Hezhen’s photo.”



Lu Wenxing was stunned. Did Gu Yanshen get an autograph?




Zhou Hechen’s works had a very profound influence in the film and music world. Lu Wenxing was fascinated by him when he was in primary school. His films were watched repeatedly, and his music was also listened to repeatedly.


Every once in a while, Lu Wenxing would go to revisit it.


After Lu Wenxing graduated from elementary school, Zhou Hezhen died of illness, revisiting his works was the way fans missed him, and his records had long been out of print, even signed photos couldn’t be bought.


“Open it and take a look.”


Seeing the surprise on Lu Wenxing’s face, Gu Yanshen knew that he had given the right gift.




Lu Wenxing’s hand trembled when he opened the gift. The more excited he was, the more uncontrollable he became. The outer plastic film was torn several times before it was torn open.



Gu Yanshen didn’t help him. He quietly looked at Lu Wenxing, and his eyes were filled with tenderness.




He understood his mood, when receiving a very precious and expected gift, the process of opening the gift was enjoyable and exciting.





Lu Wenxing’s eyes shone brightly, he thought that Gu Yanshen gave him a signed photo, but what he didn’t expect was that the box contained a vinyl record signed by Zhou Hechen himself.


“Mr. Gu, how did you get ……”


“Because I’m also a fan of his.” Gu Yan Shen’s voice was low and deep.




Lu Wenxing instantly tilted his head to look at him, “Then why did Mr. Gu give it to me?”


“I have all his signed records.”


What Gu Yanshen didn’t say was that his mother was one of the disciples brought out by Zhou Hechen.


Zhou Hechen liked training new artists, especially those who had the spirit and were willing to work hard. At that time, Gu Yanshen’s mother was just a little transparent star, who had no fame, but because of Zhou Hechen’s guidance and help, she eventually became a popular movie queen.


Gu Yanshen wouldn’t go out of his way to help anyone, like Zhou Hechen did. But when he met someone unexpectedly, Gu Yanshen would help them at will, but he wouldn’t let them know. Sheng Chao once asked Gu Yanshen why he did this kind of hard work and didn’t get any benefits. Gu Yanshen didn’t explain it, but in the entertainment industry… It was easy for talents to be overlooked.




Song Jiajia’s first film, the audition was only a supporting role with a small role. At that time, she wasn’t yet an artist of Huayi Media, just a small transparent star. The director was quite satisfied with her acting skills, but at that time there was a rich second generation with capital that wanted to enter the group, and because it wasn’t a particularly important role, the director almost agreed to replace her, and the one who asked for Song Jiajia to stay was Gu Yanshen.




To this day, Song Jiajia didn’t know that her role was almost stolen, Gu Yanshun also didn’t intend to mention it, he thought Song Jiajia had the spirit and was suitable for the role, and that was all.



The only person that Gu Yanshen took the trouble to understand and help with his heart was Lu Wenxing.


Gu Yanshen initially chose Lu Wenxing, because he thought that Lu Wenxing was an artist who wasn’t very utilitarian. When everyone was trying hard to show themselves, Lu Wenxing’s perfunctory self-introduction successfully caught his attention.


But Sheng Chao was worried, the artist who finally got the chance to appear on the screen might get caught up and gossip about him. Maybe it was because Lu Wenxing fit his eyes, or maybe it was because Lu Wenxing dared to ‘blatantly’ gossip about him when he first met him.


In short, he chose Lu Wenxing.




During the recording, Lu Wenxing’s just right distance made Gu Yanshen feel comfortable in his relationship mode. Even if they were in the same room, Gu Yanshen wasn’t bothered.


He found out that Lu Wenxing liked acting, also because he accidentally found those reading notes and movie watching notes when he borrowed the tablet.


The more they got along, the more surprising it was that they had the same interests and could have a lot of common topics. They would talk about film and television, scripts, literature, and also chat about light-hearted online novels, or tease each other.


The fans of Gu Yanshen also only later learned that movie star Gu Yanshen liked Zhou Hechen, in the entertainment industry there were many artists who just debuted, that ‘worshipped so and so idol’, or ‘came to the entertainment industry to chase a star’.


Sheng Chao had also asked Gu Yanshen if he wanted to use that route, but Gu Yanshen refused, everyone didn’t need to know about his precious moments.


The most precious wasn’t necessarily for everyone to know, but could also be put in the heart to silently remember. Gu Yanshen knew that Lu Wenxing and he was the same.



So, he never asked Lu Wenxing what he liked about Zhou Hezhen, like was like, maybe because of one of his works, maybe because of one of his words, there was no need to dwell on why.


“Thank you, Mr. Gu.”


Lu Wenxing was really happy to have gotten his idol’s out-of-print vinyl record, but also a bit for reasons he couldn’t even say himself.


“Actually, I have prepared a gift for Teacher Gu as well.”




“It can’t be compared to Mr. Gu’s gift.”




“The value of a gift lies in whether the person receiving it likes it or not, not the value of the gift itself.” Gu Yanshen’s tone was serious.





“I’m curious, what will student Lu give me?”





Lu Wenxing didn’t expect Gu Yanshen to be so curious, after all, for a movie star like Gu Yanshen, there were a ton of people who gave him gifts.



Gu Yanshen’s expectation made Lu Wenxing happy, but he still tried to explain, “I brought gifts for everyone, it’s not too convenient to carry with me, when Mr. Gu has time, I’ll bring it to you.”




What Lu Wenxing didn’t expect was that at the next meeting, Gu Yanshen gave him another special gift.




After the dinner, Wang Man was already sitting in the car, looking at Lu Wenxing on the stairs, with a trace of mockery in her eyes, he was the one who vowed to terminate his contract, and now he was one who couldn’t let go of the entertainment industry.





Lu Wenxing was too lazy to give her a look. When he saw that Wen Yu was leaving, he asked Wen Zheng.


“Won’t Wen Yu come with us?”


Wen Yu just pulled the corner of his mouth, before he had time to speak, Wen Zheng answered for him, “He is used to living alone.”



“…… Well, I just talked to my parents, and I have to catch up on announcements tomorrow so I’ll leave first.” The smile on Wen Yu’s face was faint, and he walked to the car parked at the curb after he finished.





Wen Zheng’s expression was solemn, “Stay away from Wen Yu.”





So far, Wen Yu didn’t do anything to let Wen Zheng catch the handle, not going back to the orphanage to visit wasn’t a handle, but Wen Zheng still trusted his instincts.



He recently discovered that Wen Yu went back to the antique market once every few months, and this kind of place, no matter what you bought, everything was expensive.


Wen Yu was now one of the popular idols, Wen Zheng wasn’t doubting his spending power. What made him doubtful was that, since Wen Yu liked collections, why did he never attend antique auctions?


People who really liked collecting wouldn’t miss any auction, but Wen Yu had never participated.


Three days later, Wen Zheng accompanied Lu Wenxing to Huayin Media.


Worried about the unreliable Wen Yan bringing down Lu Wenxing, he accompanied Lu Wenxing throughout the whole process, with him as an insider, signing the contract didn’t take much time, Lu Wenxing also met with Song Jiajia’s agent.


After signing the contract, Lu Wenxing asked Wen Zheng to take a picture for him.


He took every single one of Lu Wenxing’s award-winning photos when he was a child, which wasn’t as good as a professional, but it was still more than good enough for an amateur.





The photos could be used as wallpapers with the help of Wen Zheng, who was a good-looking person and could withstand all kinds of angles.




Lu Wenxing went on Weibo, posted the photo, and attached a sentence that fans had been waiting for.
[Asteroids, I’m coming to the appointment.]


After the post sent out, the fan base exploded and rushed to the comments section to stand by.


[Wenxing welcome back!]


[ I’ve waited for the one-year appointment.]


[I don’t care, today is the New Year, my heart is setting off fireworks!]


[No one compliments the photo? Wenxing seems more handsome! ]


[His beauty is killing me! ]


[I want to know who took this picture? I declare, from now on this is my star’s royal photographer, advise you not to be insensitive, or I’ll get down on my knees and beg you to take more]


[Congratulations to Wenxing]



After Lu Wenxing’s Weibo post, Huayi Media also forwarded this Weibo post and announced the news that Lu Wenxing and Huayi Media had signed a contract.



[Huayi signed Lu Wenxing?]


[It seems that Lu Wenxing has just returned to China, what kind of luck is this, he was signed as soon as he returned to China. I thought it was going to be a bit tough to come back after a year away]



[Am I the only one who noticed that Lu Wenxing’s agent is Xu Rong?]


[Isn’t Xu Rong the agent of Song Jiajia? It seems that he only takes Song Jiajia with him now, which means that he will start to promote Song Jiajia and Wenxing?]


However, this wasn’t the most exciting news.



After Lu Wenxing signed up with Huayi Media, Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing met again in private that night.



The gift he gave wasn’t as special as Gu Yanshen’s, it was a men’s perfume.



“Why did you give me a perfume?”





The reason why Lu Wenxing didn’t return home for Christmas was because he and his classmates in Y took on a commercial illustration for a brand of perfume. The illustration design was needed for inspiration, and the company’s planning also took them to visit the perfume factory and see the perfumer’s process of making the new product.




Seeing that they were fascinated, the planner asked them if they wanted to try their own perfume, everyone was curious about untouched areas, and Lu Wenxing was no exception.



Of course, this perfume that Lu Wenxing gave to Gu Yanshen wasn’t made by him alone. After all, it also involved industry secrets, and professional things weren’t something laymen could understand, being able to participate in the steps involved greatly satisfied their curiosity.





“Just thought…this perfume is very suitable for you.”



After getting the finished perfume, Lu Wenxing originally intended to use it for himself, but the smell of the perfume reminded him inexplicably of Gu Yanshen.



It was the kind of quietness that was far from the hustle and bustle.



Because it wasn’t an expensive luxury brand, Lu Wenxing hesitated for a while when he sent it.


“Bought in Y country?”


“Sort of.”


When he saw that Gu Yanshen was curious, Lu Wen Xing explained.


“So this perfume is considered to be your blend?”


The words made Lu Wenxing’s ears a little hot, “No, I just participated.”


Gu Yanshen chuckled, “Well, I think you did it yourself. I like it very much.”


Lu Wenxing looked at him suspiciously.


“Mr. Gu didn’t even open the box before saying he liked it, it’s too perfunctory.”


Gu Yanshen, who was said to be ‘perfunctory’, looked at him with an innocent expression.



“I really like it.”



“You haven’t even smelled it.”


Gu Yanshen opened it on the spot to try, it was a very light marine scent, with a bit of quiet wooden incense, seemingly, a more subtle fragrance.



Not a common scent, but also not unique, it was also a niche brand, and Gu Yanshen usually used high luxury brands, so it couldn’t compared, but he liked it.



He liked the scent, also liked this heartfelt gift, also like ……



Perhaps because Gu Yanshen’s family was rich, so he didn’t think the value of the gift from his price tag, rather than spending money on gifts, the thoughtfulness touched Gu Yanshen’s heart.



Since childhood, Gu Yanshen’s parents were very busy, one busy with company affairs, one busy with the entertainment industry. They were willing to invest a lot of money in Gu Yanshen, but rarely spent time with his, even his parents teacher meeting was attended by an assistant.


Every time Gu Yanshen got the first place in the exam or won the prize in the competition, the most frequent words from his parents were, “What reward do you want, I will buy it for you.”


“I really like it.”


Gu Yanshen’s dark eyes are full of seriousness, Lu Wenxing was almost burned by his hot eyes, he quickly looked away.




Before giving him a gift, Lu Wenxing thought that if Gu Yanshen didn’t like it, he had two alternatives, one was a tie, and the other was a picture he drew himself.




The painting was of Gu Yanshen.



During the shooting of “Hundred Ghosts”, Gu Yanshen said he liked Lu Wenxing’s paintings. Lu Wenxing didn’t know if he said it casually or really liked it, so he didn’t mention it.


“Remember the two scripts I asked you to read last year?”



Lu Wenxing responded, “I like that one more, ‘Power and Strategy’.”





“It’s good that you like it.” Gu Yanshen paused, “My studio bought the film and television rights to ‘Power and Strategy’.”



Facing Lu Wenxing’s surprised eyes, the corner of Gu Yanshen’s mouth hooked up.




“Then I am now inviting Mr. Lu to be the male lead actor of this drama …… I shouldn’t be rejected, right?”




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