C4—- Hot Search

  At the end of January, the university went on holiday. Lu Wenxing’s roommates went home the next day after the holiday. After seeing off the last roommate, Lu Wenxing planned to draw pictures in the dormitory.

  In the past, when he didn’t have a job, he drew to earn extra money.

  A week had passed since his audition for the variety show, during which Lu Wenxing didn’t get any news, which he defaulted to as a precursor to the change.

  Then, Lu Wenxing received an unfamiliar call.

“Hello, are you Lu Wenxing?”

Lu Wenxing wasn’t surprised that the other knew his name and answered ‘yes’.

  ”Hello, Mr. Lu. I am Gu Yanshen’s agent Sheng Chao, we met in your company two weeks ago.”

  Lu Wenxing didn’t answer and waited for Sheng Chao to continue.

  ”Is Mr. Lu recently planning to terminate his contract?”

  Lu Wenxing was silent for a second, “May I ask what you are calling about?”

Sheng Chao didn’t expect Lu Wenxing to be so defensive and said after a pause.

  ”Mr. Lu, don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean anything else, I just want to ask if you need any help.”

  ”No, thanks.” Lu Wenxing coldly refused.

  ”Mr. Lu, don’t rush to refuse first, we just want to talk to Mr. Lu about a mutually beneficial cooperation.”

The ‘we’ in Sheng Chao’s mouth referred to Sheng Chao himself and Gu Yanshen.

  Cooperation referred to the two parties helping each other in order to achieve a common goal.

  But Lu Wenxing didn’t think he could offer any help to Gu Yansheng or Sheng Chao, this cooperation was a bit inexplicable.

  ”Wang Man is Mr. Lu’s agent, right? I received a call from her the other day.”

Sheng Chao didn’t need to say that Lu Wenxing knew that Wang Man was looking for him for a replacement.

  ”Wang Man said that Mr. Lu doesn’t want to participate in this variety show, and that she was sorry and would provide the right person to participate. Is this your personal wish?”

Lu Wenxing replied dryly, “Yes.”

  ”Other entertainment companies give resources to their agents, and the artists will have to take the resources. This is the first time I know of a company in the entertainment industry that respects the wishes of artists so much. I’m deeply surprised, I called Director Xu, and her reply to me was -”

“You are very willing and honored to work with Film Director Gu.”

Lu Wenxing: “……”

  Lu Wenxing, who was exposed by Sheng Chao, didn’t feel embarrassed, “Wang Man didn’t lie, I didn’t want to participate due to personal reasons. But it is indeed an honor to work with Mr. Gu, and I believe that every artist of Mang Cheng Entertainment is looking forward to it.”

  ”Does that include you as well?”

The voice suddenly changed. A cold, low voice came in, startling Lu Wenxing into almost throwing his phone out.

It was Gu Yanshen.

  Nowadays, were movie stars so idle? He could eavesdrop on people talking on the phone.

   “Of course.”


  Lu Wenxing: “……”

  ”Sheng Chao, you talked for almost half a day, yet you still didn’t get to the point?”

Lu Wenxing: “……” Do you know your persona just collapsed?

  ”Ahem …… I’ll briefly talk about it.” Gu Yanshen coughed and took Sheng Chao’s phone.

  His tone was proper and serious, “Later your agent will call you and ask you to go to the company to sign the contract.”

Lu Wenxing was about to say ‘I won’t sign’, the words came to his lips but he didn’t interrupt Gu Yanshen.

“I asked Sheng Chao to talk to your company. I only took a fancy to you as the variety show guest, and I don’t want to change people.”

Lu Wenxing: ????

“I have said this, you should know what to do, right?”

  Lu Wenxing was stunned for a moment and was enlightened.

  Gu Yanshen was really helping him?

  Lu Wenxing couldn’t care less about his surprise, he thought about Gu Yanshen’s words, and then it dawned on him.

As long as Gu Yanshen didn’t relent, Mang Cheng Entertainment would try to get Lu Wenxing to sign a contract, and at this time the dominant power would be Lu Wenxing’s.

Compared to that recording, Gu Yanshen’s refusal was his biggest bargaining chip.

He could use this to talk to Wang Man about canceling the contract.

Lu Wenxing didn’t say thank you and calmly stated the truth. “I know it’s easy for Mr. Gu to help me, but there’s probably nothing I can do to help Mr. Gu.”

“You can.”

Gu Yanshen said with certainty, but didn’t intend to talk to Lu Wenxing in detail.

The phone call was cut off not long after, Lu Wenxing received a call from Wang Man.

  There was no pleasantries, she went straight to the point.

  ”Come to the company this afternoon to talk about the variety contract.”

  Lu Wenxing didn’t think too much. As for Gu Yanshen’s cooperation, Lu Wenxing couldn’t make guesses for the time being.

After estimating the time it would take in the afternoon, it was highly probable that there would no time to draw, so Lu Wenxing could only hurry up and paint the drawing at hand first.


Three o’clock in the afternoon.

Lu Wenxing walked into Wang Man’s office.

The overly strong fragrance of flowers in the office made Lu Wenxing  sneeze.

  Seeing him come in, Wang Man’s chin lifted, “Sit.”

  Wang Man pushed the contract in her hand to Lu Wenxing, “Take a look at the contract, and sign it if there is no problem.”

Lu Wenxing didn’t even look at it, putting up an arrogant attitude.

  ”No, I want to cancel my contract.”

  Wang Man’s fingertips tapped at the table hard.

Before today, Wang Man didn’t take Lu Wenxing’s words seriously, her gaze flickered slightly as she seriously examined Lu Wenxing.

After a long time, her bright red lips moved.

  ”You really found a backer?”

  ”Not feeling well or not being able to schedule, these two are your most usual excuses.” Lu Wenxing’s tone was full of mockery.

Wang Man cursed in her heart, she didn’t know that Sheng Chao would contact Lu Wenxing.

At the same time, Wang Man felt strange.

  Because, every time she took away Lu Wenxing’s resources, Lu Wenxing didn’t show any emotion and didn’t seem to care at all.

  It was as if he only took the resources to fulfill his contractual obligations, but it wasn’t quite true to say that Lu Wenxing was reluctant.

Wang Man had seen the state of Lu Wenxing when filming, he was serious like a shining star.

  If he really didn’t care about resources, there was no need for Lu Wenxing to take every shot so seriously.

  Wang Man couldn’t figure it out, and for the first time, she felt that Lu Wenxing was more difficult than she thought.

But even if it was difficult, as long as Lu Wenxing’s contract hadn’t expired, Wang Man was still able to sway him.

  ”Wenxing, you are smart. You shouldn’t give up your promising future just because of a little thing.”

  ”You know that by being on this variety show, you’ll successfully be on the big screen. Don’t you like acting? As long as you seize the opportunity, when the variety show is released, there will naturally be people with scripts to come to you.”

  ”I admit that I am biased towards Wen Yu, people are selfish, he can bring me more benefits than you.”

“But when you reach a certain height, you will not be replaced by just anyone, and there will be no more resources being cut off.”

  Lu Wenxing gaze fell on Wang Man, a trace of mockery flashed in his eyes, “Your time is precious, I can’t afford to delay.”

Lu Wenxing was too lazy to argue with Wang Man, he directly took out the termination letter and pushed it in front of Wang Man, indicating his attitude.

The atmosphere in the office suddenly cooled down, and Wang Man also lost her patience, throwing the termination letter to the side.

  ”But can you afford to pay the breach of contract?”


  Wang Man’s cell phone rang, breaking the tense atmosphere between the two.

  ”Hello, Miss. Xu.”

  Lu Wenxing couldn’t hear what was said on the phone, and only saw Wang Man’s face gradually become gloomy.

  A few minutes later, Wang Man put down the phone, looking furious.

“Lu Wenxing, I really underestimated you.”

Lu Wenxing:?

  Wang Man snorted, “The people above agreed to terminate your contract, and you don’t have to pay the breach of contract.”

Lu Wenxing hid the amazement in his eyes and remained calm.

  ”I don’t know how you hooked up with Film Emperor Gu and managed to get him to call specifically to confirm the contract.”


  There was a knock on the office door.

“Come in.”

“Sister Man, this is Lu Wenxing’s termination contract.”

  The girl pushed both the termination contract and the contract for recording the variety show in front of Lu Wenxing, “Miss. Xu said, after signing the variety show contract, you can sign the termination contract.”

  Lu Wenxing suddenly understood that the cooperation Gu Yanshen mentioned originally referred to participate in the variety show recording.

But why did Gu Yanshen want to help him? He couldn’t want to participate in a variety show with him, could he?

This was ridiculous.

  Lu Wenxing didn’t understand, but without Gu Yanshen’s help, he wouldn’t have been able to get out of his contract so quickly.

  Looking at the two contracts on the table, Lu Wenxing hesitated for a few seconds, if he refused again, he would look stupid.

  But signing the contract also meant that he would have to go on a variety show with Gu Yanshen.

In a few seconds, Lu Wenxing thought a lot and after weighing the pros and cons, he chose to sign.

  No matter what, it was more important to get rid of Mang Cheng Entertainment, and he definitely couldn’t afford to pay the 10 million yuan breach of contract. The most he could do with that recording was to threaten Wang Man, and it couldn’t be considered as a bargaining chip to break the contract.

Lu Wenxing thought for a moment, and felt that he could use the pay he got for recording the variety show to thank Gu Yanshen. Although the other may not need it, this was the only way that Lu Wenxing could think of for the time being.

  When he walked out of Wang Man’s office, Lu Wenxing felt a little happy and ignored the frustration in his heart.

He didn’t rush to leave the company and went to the dance studio downstairs.

  Lu Wenxing pushed open the door of the dance studio, and several furry heads looked up together in panic, he wondered what they were looking at.


Lu Wenxing deliberately coughed, Wei Ze reflexively hid his phone behind him, looked up and saw Lu Wenxing and then sighed with relief.

“Xingxing, you scared me to death.” Wei Ze patted his chest exaggeratedly.

  ”What are you guys watching if you’re not practicing dancing?”

“Brother Wen Yu’s interview.” Wei Ze picked up his phone again and his furry head came closer and closer.

The blue haired boy beside Wei Ze sent an invitation to Lu Wenxing, “Brother, do you want to watch it?”

Lu Wenxing walked over and took a look, the location shown in the screen was very familiar, “The company lounge?”

  ”Yes, it’s upstairs.” Wei Ze took the time to answer.

  Lu Wenxing took a look, Wen Yu was wearing a white suit, smiling radiantly.

Someone suddenly sighed, “After being in the company for so long, I haven’t spoken to Wen Yu.”

“I haven’t either.”

“I have.”  Wei Ze was somewhat proud. “Brother Wen Yu is very gentle. I met him in the bathroom before. He handed me paper and asked me if I had enough.”

  Unlike what Wei Ze thought, the focus of several other people didn’t fall on Wen Yu, but on him.

“You didn’t bring any paper to the toilet?”

Wei Ze: “……”

Lu Wenxing couldn’t hold back his laughter and rubbed a handful of his gray hair, “Envious of Wen Yu having an exclusive interview?”

Wei Ze blushed and nodded slightly, then Lu Wenxing poured a pot of cold water on him. “That won’t do. Do you want the whole network to know that you don’t take paper when you go to the toilet?”


“Hahahahahahahaha, I’m dying.”

Wei Ze’s eyes widened, for a long time he didn’t know how to retort, he puffed up and looked at his teammates who laughed until they rolled all over the floor.

“I, I won’t say anything.” Wei Ze didn’t have much confidence to refute. Seeing that everyone didn’t believe it, he put an arm around Lu Wenxing’s neck from embarrassment.

  ”Why did you come to the company today?”

“To cancel my contract.”





Four furry heads snapped up and stared at Lu Wenxing in disbelief, Wei Ze was the first to react.

  ”You want to cancel the contract? But, but the breach of contract ……”

  ”Already signed the termination contract, shh.”

Wei Ze and the others immediately made a zipping action over their mouths, but they were really curious.

  ”Then, then you won’t come to the company in the future?” Wei Ze was a little sad.

  Looking at his fleshy cheeks, Lu Wenxing gave it a squeeze, “Practice well and debut early, I will go to see your concert.”


Lu Wenxing nodded, Wei Ze emotions were still low, so several teammates patted his shoulder and rubbed his head to comfort him.

  ”It’s good for Wenxing, his manager is not good to him at all.”

  ”Yeah, we should wish him well.”

“I know, I just kind of can’t let it go.”

Although Lu Wenxing wasn’t a group debut, he had taken dance and vocal classes before, and he had been in the same class with Wei Ze and the others.

Because Lu Wenxing didn’t want to form a group, Wang Man wanted him to develop in the direction of modeling.

Lu Wenxing looked amazing. Although he wasn’t well-known, some small brands would look for Lu Wenxing to shoot cover advertisements.

  ”Xingxing, do you want to see our new dance?” Wei Ze’s two eyes shone brightly.

  Lu Wenxing suspected that if he didn’t agree, Wei Ze would cry.

Seeing Lu Wenxing nod, Wei Ze excitedly pulled up several teammates who were sitting on the ground, “Hurry up, let’s practise.”

  The teammates had a grumpy look on their faces, “Didn’t we say we would rest for half an hour? It hasn’t even been twenty minutes.”

Wei Ze usually loved being lazy, but now he suddenly wanted to dance for Lu Wenxing.

  The music was replayed and the volume was cranked up.

Wei Ze and the others posed, once the gentle music started, they all followed the rhythm.

Lu Wenxing eyes followed Wei Ze, he couldn’t help but marvel, a few months ago, the teacher mocked Wei Ze for dancing like a zombie.

Somehow, looking at Wei Ze’s serious expression, Lu Wenxing couldn’t help but follow their moves.

This dance wasn’t difficult, the most important thing about the debuting wasn’t difficult dance movements, but to be stable and not to make mistakes.

Lu Wenxing had a dance foundation, many dance movements were similar, he only had to see it once to roughly understand.

By the time the second verse started, Lu Wenxing had taken off his jacket and joined the four people dancing.

The last beat fell and the five men stopped at the same time.

“Xingxing’s eyes can kill me.”

Wei Ze wanted to scream. “If I had known you earlier, I would have drawn you into our group.”

  ”Wenxing learned too fast, we only danced once.”

  ”This dance isn’t difficult.” Lu Wenxing said modestly, “Many of the moves have been danced before, just in a different order.”

  ”The dance is indeed not difficult, it’s Wei Ze that can’t dance.” The teammates said words of dislike, but they still accommodated Wei Ze in their hearts.

“I have learned very hard, ask Xingxing, haven’t I improved?”

“Yes.” Lu Wenxing didn’t mince words, “Much better than before, very handsome!”

“Look, look. Xingxing praised me for being handsome.” Wei Ze’s tail almost went up to the sky, he proudly leaned on Lu Wenxing’s shoulder.

  ”When I become famous, in a year I’ll have hundred or eighty concerts, you have to come to every concert. I’ll give you a VIP ticket with excellent view, so you’ll enjoy my handsome dance.”

“Wake up, don’t dream in broad daylight.” His teammate relentlessly broke Wei Ze’s daydream, “We haven’t even had one.”

Wei Ze liked to be high-mouthed. He said everything when he was excited. “I don’t care. We will definitely be the most popular male group in the future.”

  In the evening, Lu Wenxing sent the drawing to the customer and immediately received the final payment.

  After finishing, he finally remembered to send a text message to Sheng Chao.

  –Thank you, also help me thank Mr. Gu.

After waiting for a while and not receiving a reply, Lu Wenxing estimated that he was busy, it was too early for him to be asleep.

He opened his phone in bed, and WeChat notifications rang one after another.

[Top Streamer Wei] Xingxing! ! ! !

[Top Streamer Wei] Look at Weibo! ! !

[Top Streamer Wei] Ahhh Ahhh! ! ! Me, me, and you.

[Top Streamer Wei] Ahhh, I’m so excited! ! ! Oh my God! Is this real?

Lu Wenxing looked for half a day but didn’t understand what he wanted to express, so he opened Weibo.

He didn’t what Wei Ze told him to look at, Lu Wenxing swept through the private messages, except for posts, there was no message from Wei Ze.

What should he look at?

[Top Streamer Wei] Xingxing, we’re on the hot search.

[ET] Don’t daydream at night.

Then Wei Ze sent two screenshots.

Lu Wenxing clicked on the first one, it was a screenshot of Weibo hot search, and the last one was circled.

Lu Wenxing’s heart jumped and he clicked on the second screenshot.

It was a screenshot of a video.

The familiar dance studio with four gray heads in the middle and Lu Wenxing’s light maroon hair.

Lu Wenxing: “!”

They were really on the hot search list.

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