C38—– Birthday Cake

Bonus Chap

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In order not to attract attention, Xie Chengfei’s family took the invitation to enter.



Their position wasn’t together with the Wen family, but it was also the best view of the audience.



“Mom, did you bring the gift?”



Lu Xiaofei looked at him with amusement, “Yes, yes. You were reluctant to talk to your brother yesterday, and today you started urging me to go out before the time came.”

Xie Chengfei was awkwardly biased, but the plump baby fat on his face made people want to pinch it.



“Mom, are you sure the Wen family are my brother’s biological parents?”



He tossed and turned last night and didn’t sleep well. It was all the scenes of Lu Wenxing when he was a child.



When he lost something important to him, Lu Wenxing lowered his eyelashes to cover the loss at the bottom of his eyes, and in turn comforted Xie Chengfei. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll find it. I’m not sad. You’re with me.”



Lu Xiaofei sighed helplessly, “No, I wanted to talk to you yesterday. You were angry again.”



The high school was closed, but there were students who didn’t leave school and chose to study at school. Xie Chengfei was one of them. He didn’t know that his parents had come to C City until the morning of the 2nd.



After talking to Lu Xiaofei on the phone, he went straight to the airport and only saw the Wen family when he arrived. In such a sudden situation, Lu Xiaofei only told him that Lu Wenxing had found his family.



When he saw Lu Wenxing coming out, he wanted to go up and talk to Lu Wenxing, but Wen Zheng was one step ahead of him and took the suitcase in Lu Wenxing’s hand.



This made it difficult for Xie Chengfei to accept it for a while.



“Look, this is the photo left by Auntie Yuan.” Lu Xiaofei fished out the photo sent him to see before from the phone album.



She had created a separate album for Lu Wenxing, all of which were photos of Lu Wenxing when he was young.



“Is it exactly the same?”



Lu Xiaofei usually love to see dog blo-od drama, lost, switched in the hospital, the road home was very bumpy, and even some mother and son were side to side but slow to recognize. And they’d always be stopped by the bad guys, good thing his brother didn’t have many twists and turns.



“The day after your brother flew to Y, the family came to see me. Your Auntie Ji Yuan has long known that your brother is his biological child, but did not rush to recognize him,, but came to find me first and confirmed with me before she dared to recognize your brother, which shows that Auntie Ji Yuan truly loves your brother.”

Xie Chengfei also thought of that day after meeting in the concert hall, they went to the restaurant together, when Ji Yuan was also very gentle and asked Lu Wenxing what he liked to eat, he didn’t take it to heart at the time, only that Aunt Ji Yuan was too enthusiastic, now the signs were there when he remembered.


“They went to Y on the third day to take Wenxing to do the paternity test, afraid that I won’t be at ease, they also deliberately paper photos and the electronic version to me.”



Xie Chengfei suspiciously looked to Lu Xiaofei, “You can do do paternity tests there? Give me the report to see. You don’t know English.”



“Your Aunt Ji was thoughtful and prepared a Chinese version.”



The paternity report was done to reassure Xingxing, but since Ji Yuan passed a copy to her, it also represented a form of respect.



Xie Chengfei clicked on the original paternity test, and after reading it carefully from beginning to end a few times, his eyes rested on the last column.

“Don’t worry about it.” Lu Xiaofei rubbed Xie Chengfei’s head, “Mom knows that you are unable to let go of your brother, but Xiao Cheng, no matter where Xingxing is, he will always be your brother.”



Xie Nian walked on the left of Lu Xiaofei, took the invitation out and handed it to the person at the door to see that they were front row seats, and staff came over to take them in.



“Is it possible to see Gu Yanshen later?”



Xie Chengfei almost forgot, his father was Gu Yanshen’s movie fan, “Yes, brother should be able to get a signature ……”



The words didn’t finish, Xie Chengfei’s arm was bumped.



“Hurry up, I’ll take you guys to the backlot.”



“Gu Yanning?”



“Xie Chengfei? F*ck, what is the good students doing here instead of studying hard at school?”



Xie Chengfei ignored him, “Mom and Dad, let’s go in.”



“Hello, uncle and aunt.” Only then did Gu Yanning notice the two people beside Xie Chengfei, and immediately hid his thorny side and became a good baby.



“Hello! Are you Xiao Cheng’s classmate?”



“Yes, yes, I’m Xiao Cheng’s classmate.” Gu Yanning smiled, and deliberately called the word ‘Xiao Cheng’ especially affectionately.



Xie Chengei’s expression was dark, “Mom, let’s go in, so we don’t block the door.”



Gu Yanning wanted to take his friends to the backcourt to find his brother, but he accidentally bumped into Xie Chengfei.



If it was another time, Gu Yanning would definitely want to go in ahead of Xie Chengfei, but his eyes fell on Xie Chengfei’s parents and he smiled faintly.



“Auntie, you guys go ahead, we’re not in a hurry.”

“Can you really take me to see Gu Yanshen?”



Gu Yanning’s best friend also didn’t know that Gu Yanning and Gu Yanshen were blo-od brothers because the two of them didn’t look like each other. There was also …… Gu Yanshen forbid him to say.



“Why would I lie to you? I even took the premiere tickets to you, and you still don’t believe me.”



“You’re not his fan, where did you get the tickets?”



“Secret.” Gu Yanning smiled, “I don’t like Gu Yanshen, but I like Lu Wenxing.”




About half an hour later, all the people entered. Suddenly, the hall darkened, the big screen in front of them began to play the trailer.



On the huge screen was a huge poster of “A Hundred Ghosts”, the melodious flute sounded, and the first person to appear was Xue Ning, played by Song Jiajia.



“Eldest Brother, is there really a hundred ghosts in the Valley of Ten Directions?”



The man in green stopped playing the flute and turned his head to look at his junior sister. “Yes, are you afraid of this trip down the mountain?”



“I’m not afraid, senior brother will protect me well.” Xue Ning tilted her head and smiled, “The valley master of the Ten Square Valley is the rumored ghost breeder? He is so powerful that he can manage a hundred ghosts?”



“Because he is more fearful than ghosts.”



The scene shifted, smoke filled the room, the hall blazed and sparks flew.






“Help! Who will save my child?”


“Woohoo ……”



“Baby don’t cry, don’t cry.” The woman’s leg was smashed squarely by the falling pillar, and she sat on the ground, enduring the severe pain and coaxing the baby in her arms.



“It’s the Valley of Ten Directions, again!”



“The Tenfold Valley has done much evil, we in the righteous path should work together to put it to death.”



The scene was taken from top to bottom.



The disciples of the righteous sects dressed in different costumes were holding their own banners, all advancing towards the depths of the dense forest, dozens of big sects were in high spirits, it was a spectacular scene.



“Get rid of the devil and defend the way! Stamp out the Valley of Ten Directions.”



“Defend the Way! Stamp out the Valley of the Ten Directions.”



“Must kill Mo Xu that big devil!”





“A Hundred ghosts, listen to my order.”




Mo Xu, wearing purple robes and a half-faced mask, stood on top of a high seat, “The Tenfold Valley hasn’t had a guest for some years, remember to entertain them well.”



“Yes! Master.”



Crimson blo-od spread down the steps, corpses everywhere, the ki-lling continued, swords clashed, blo-od flowed.



“Shit, we fell into an illusion formation.”



“Brother, what is the illusion formation?”



Mist rose, the creepy sound of the zither came, and the low sound of crying could be heard.


Mo Xu was dressed in purple robes, at this moment his face mask had fallen off, looking at the familiar stone inscriptions in front of him, he read out in a low voice.



–Windless Valley.


“Who are you?”



Lu Wenxing as the teenager Mo Xu stood up from the river and walked towards the injured big devil step by step.



Little Mo Xu wore a blue robe, the screen gave a close-up, hair tied up high, sword eyebrows slanted, red lips and white teeth, eyes more beautiful than the stars.




“Sister Xue Ning, you also want to go?” Teenager Mo Xu looked at Xue Ning with reluctance, “You and Ah Yu …… are going together?”



“My senior brother said, I can’t go out.” Teenager Mo Xu tilted his head, his gaze was full of expectation, he looked at the purple-clad youth, “But Ah Yu, I also want to go out with you guys.”




“What hundred ghosts?”




“Where in the world are there any ghosts, even if there are, I’ll kill it.”




“Sorry, I lied to you.” Xue Ning’s voice rang out, the corners of her eyes were red, tears slipped down her delicate cheeks, pulling on the corner of the great devil Mo Xu’s coat.



“I didn’t know it would turn out like this, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.”


“Get lost.”




“You’re leaving?”


“So you’ll come back to see me?”



The trailer ended and the lights came on in the lobby.



The host walks on stage, “Good afternoon, everyone! How do you feel after watching the trailer?”



Today, not only the major brands came to the premiere, each fixed position was seated with the fans of each actor.



“The customary thanks to our devoted sponsors LULU, Famous Apparel ……”



The host paused for a few seconds, “Next, we have the director and the main actors of our “A Hundred Ghosts” on stage.”



“Where is my fan club?”


“Ahhhhh! Gu Yanshen, Gu Yanshen!”



“Song Jiajia! Song Jiajia!”



The fans of each person weren’t willing to show their weakness, and their voices were higher than one another.



“Le Hanfei!”


“Lu Wenxing!”



Lu Wenxing walked behind Gu Yanshen, the director walked in the front, a dozen people made their appearance, and the screams of the fans were about to lift the roof of the studio.



“Introduce yourself.”



“Hello everyone, I am Wang Ruijie, the director of “A Hundred Ghosts”.”



“I’m Gu Yanshen, I play Mo Xu, the Lord of the Ten Guilds in ‘A Hundred Ghosts’.”



“I’m Lu Wenxing, I play the teenager Mo Xu in The Hundred Ghosts.”




After playing a round of games, the hosts went from one interview to another.


When the time had almost passed, a staff member pushed a food cart up with a five-tier high birthday cake.



“Today is the premiere ceremony of The Hundred Ghosts at the same time, it is also the birthday of a member of the crew.”



As soon as the host’s voice fell, Lu Wenxing’s hand holding the microphone stalled, he turned to the nearest Gu Yanshen, covering the microphone.



“Mr. Gu, have you prepared a gift?”



He was even a little surprised that Lu Wenxing would take the initiative to ask him for a gift?


He lifted his eyes to look at Lu Wenxing, but saw that his eyelashes were trembling, and his beautiful face was blank. “What should I do?”


Gu Yanshen:?



“I …… did not prepare a birthday gift.”




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