C36— Heart Rate


Lu Wenxing suddenly smiled, the corners of his eyes curved, and a hint of cunning flashed in his light-colored eyes.



“I would love to say yes, but…I can’t dance female steps.”



“I will.”



Lu Wenxing’s mask covered his expression, but the surprise flowing from the bottom of his eyes was taken in by Gu Yanshen, he smiled in response.



“Can you?”



Lu Wenxing deliberately teased him, but Gu Yanshen got his interest, Gu Yanshen dancing the female steps, seemed a bit interesting?



He put his palm on Gu Yanshen’s hand, and Gu Yanshen took him towards the center of the stage.



The two men came up, the dancers turned to them, all showing curiosity, and a few girls excitedly pulling their male partners to give up a large position.






“So cool, which college are they from?”



“Oh my god!”



“Look at them.”



Y University was one of the universities with the most international students in Y. Students came from all over the country, including Chinese students. When they saw Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen standing up, all eyes were on them.



“Baby, look, ahhhh! Does the taller guy look like my brother Shen?”



“Just a bit, but it’s impossible. How could Brother Shen be here.” He stroked her head, “Maybe he won’t look like him if he takes off the mask. Speaking of which, it’s almost holiday time, and I remember his new movie is coming out soon.”



“Yes, yes, yes! A Hundred Ghosts is coming out next month, aaaaaahhhh, I’m so excited!”






The girl turned her head to look and saw two men standing face to face in the middle of the dance floor, interlocking their fingers.



If Gu Yanshen hadn’t taken the initiative to place his hand on Lu Wenxing’s shoulders, Lu Wenxing didn’t think he would really dance the female steps, he didn’t dare say he knew Gu Yanshen particularly well, but he was sure Gu Yanshen’s idol baggage was extremely heavy, he had been sure he wouldn’t agree.



Without giving Lu Wenxing time to think carefully, Gu Yanshen took the initiative to step back, and Lu Wenxing took a step forward.




After a few dance steps, the two gradually integrated into the dance floor, Gu Yanshen used the female steps but dominated, Lu Wenxing was completely carried by him.



When the dance was over, Gu Yanshen suddenly took a step forward, in a smooth manner, he let go of the hand on Lu Wenxing’s shoulder, with no support, Lu Wenxing leaned back and was forced to remove his hand from his waist. Even wearing a suit, it was difficult to hide his thin waist.


In this waltz style, the boy held the waist of his female partner, the girl lifted her feet and leaned back in the same way.



But Gu Yanshen didn’t go to support Lu Wenxing’s waist, but falsely supported his movements.



He expected that Lu Wenxing’s flexibility was very good, but didn’t expect that in the case without support, Lu Wenxing could also maintain such a standard action, his waist line was the most beautiful presentation.



Gu Yanshen was deeply surprised and appreciated him from the bottom of his heart.



“Your waist strength is really good.”



Lu Wenxing: “……”



The scene suddenly caused screams and also harvested applause.



“Ahhhhhhh!!! What am I seeing?”


“They must be in love.”



“This is love.”


Not only the girls, even the boys present couldn’t help but marvel, and in the corner of the sofa, several students who knew Lu Wenxing violently stood up in shock.



“Wait, is that Xiao Lu?”



“oh, my god!”



Lu Wenxing was able to get up on his own without Gu Yanshu’s help, and walked off the dance floor with Gu Yanshen and the crowd’s eyes on then, and walked straight out of the event hall.





“Are you angry?”



The next move was added by him without permission. In fact, he could see that Lu Wenxing’s ‘can’t dance female step’ was a bluff, so after a dance, he couldn’t help but tease Lu Wenxing.






Lu Wenxing led Gu Yanshen to a quiet place, “When did Mr. Gu come?”



“Yesterday I came to attend the fashion week, tomorrow I will return home, I had time to come to you in the evening. I heard that a masquerade ball was being held, so I came in to take a look.”



“Then how was Mr. Gu sure I would attend?” Lu Wenxing looked at him suspiciously.



“Well.” Gu Yanshen paused for a moment then confessed, “I saw you and your classmates go in.”



“Then your mask?”



“A student gave it to me.”



Lu Wenxing: “…..”


“How is it at the U of Y?”



“University life is pretty good.”



Gu Yanshen looked at him suspiciously, then Lu Wenxing added.



“In my first two years, I was led by Wang Man to take a lot of print advertising, I rarely participated in after-school activities.”



What Lu Wenxing didn’t say was that, even after seventeen hours of working, in addition to drinking water, he didn’t even have time to eat.



From morning to evening, makeup for a few hours, shooting less than half an hour.



Change clothes, makeup, take pictures. Remove makeup, change clothes, put on makeup again, and continue to take pictures.



This state lasted for a long time until later Wang Man tricked him into meeting Jiang Zheng Qin on the pretext of a company party, and then he annoyed Wang Man by making a move on Jiang Zhengqin and his resources were withdrawn.


“Speaking of which, I have to thank Mr. Gu, I know that if you hadn’t helped me, Mang Cheng Entertainment wouldn’t have agreed to terminate my contract.”



“You really want to thank me, then why don’t you do me a favor?”



Lu Wenxing didn’t hesitate, “Yes, as long as I can help.”


“You can.”


Gu Yanshen’s visit to Lu Wenxing today wasn’t entirely on the spur of the moment. He wanted to talk to Lu Wenxing about something. The wechat he sent to Lu Wenxing didn’t mean to invite him to dance, but he was simply teasing him.



But when Lu Wenxing saw the WeChat and raised his eyes to look for him, Gu Yanshen’s heartstrings seemed to be fluctuating and he couldn’t help but walk behind Lu Wenxing.



“May i invite you to a dance?”


When he said this in front of Lu Wenxing, Gu Yanshen was serious.



Under the warm light of the room, Lu Wenxing’s body looked like it was plated with a light, the mask on his face covered his appearance, but even so, he was extraordinarily dazzling in the crowd.



“What does Mr. Gu want me to help with?”



Lu Wenxing’s voice interrupted Gu Yanhen’s thoughts.



“Don’t be in a hurry to say yes, it may take up your after-school time, it’s not too late for you to backtrack.”



Lu Wenxing sat on the wooden bench of the small pavilion, he tilted his head to look at Gu Yan Shen, his eyes were openly teasing.



“Is that not the purpose of Mr. Gu coming to me today? Then if I really refused?”


“I’ll come to you only when I have something to do, I won’t keep in touch if there’s nothing.” Gu Yanshen said helplessly, “Lu Wenxing, it turns out that I am like this in your eyes.”



Lu Wenxing was amused by him, “I was wrong. Mr. Gu is a beautiful and kind-hearted person who cares for his student, so he must have flown to Y to see me on purpose.”



Gu Yanshen found out that since Lu Wenxing arrived in Y, the distance had pulled in the relationship between the two of them.



In the past, when he and Lu Wenxing got along, he was the one who initiated the conversation, and occasionally Lu Wenxing rarely responded to the jokes, as if he was deliberately keeping a distance from him.



Today’s Lu Wenxing not only agreed to dance with him, but also accompanied him in his jokes.



“Then please I’m asking this caring teacher Gu, can you tell me what this matter is? I especially, especially want to help Teacher Gu.”



“Of course.” Gu Yanshen walked to Lu Wenxing’s side and sat down, “I have two scripts on hand and I want you to help me read them.”



“Read the scripts?”



“Right.” Gu Yanshen didn’t explain much, “I’ll pass you the scripts later, there’s no hurry, you can read them when you have time.”



“You purposely came to Y University to find me to help you read the scripts?”



Gu Yanshen looked at him with a surprised face and asked amusedly, “Is there a problem?”


It wasn’t a problem. But shouldn’t Gu Yanshen’s script be referred to by an agent?



“You can talk to me directly on WeChat.”



“That’s not good. I’m not sincere if I don’t come here specially.” Gu Yanshen kept his eyes on Lu Wenxing. “You said that. So I came to see you specially.”



Lu Wenxing didn’t take his words seriously. “It’s no problem to read the scripts. Mr. Gu has helped me so much. It’s just that reading a script is a bit of a loss.”


“Or do you want to treat me to a meal again?”



“Okay.” Lu Wenxing agreed dryly, “If you’re not in a hurry, I’ll take you out of school for a snack.”



The two of them left the school together, Gu Yanshen’s driver was waiting near the entrance of the school and took them directly to the commercial street “What do you want to eat?”



“I’ll eat what you like.”



Lu Wenxing looked at him helplessly, “Mr. Gu, be honest, I know you don’t like to eat spicy food.”



Finally, the two of them found a small bar, ordered snacks and wine, and chatted while eating.



“Are you coming to the premiere of ‘A Hundred Ghosts’?”



“When is it?”



“May 3rd.”



“There is no long holiday for that time in Y country.” Lu Wenxing felt a little regretful, a comfortable school life didn’t prevent him from longing for the holiday, “When I go back to see next month’s class schedule, if there aren’t many classes, I should return home.”



Lu Wenxing also wanted to go back to the Wen family, especially the small garden that he remembered so well, and he also wanted to find out what was going on with Wen Yu.



His parents had never mentioned Wen Yu in the time they had been in Y, but he hadn’t asked.



He couldn’t remember most things from his childhood, and he wasn’t sure if Wen Yu had appeared before he left, or after he left.



In the novel, he was the cannon fodder, and Wen Yu was the main character, or the most favored youngest son of the Wen family, not half related to Lu Wenxing.



But in fact, he was the youngest son of the Wen family, so did Wen Yu know his identity?



Lu Wenxing’s eyes drifted to Gu Yanshen, “Do you know what Wen Yu has been doing lately?”



Gu Yanshen: ????



“You’re asking me?”



Seeing Lu Wenxing nod, Gu Yanshen felt even more puzzled.



“Why would I know what he’s doing? Although I’m sitting here drinking with you now, it doesn’t mean that I’m usually idle.”



“You have no contact?”



“There were conversations on the first two episodes, but he didn’t come on the third one.” Gu Yanshen actually wanted to say that they weren’t even friends on WeChat, but felt it was a bit strange to deliberately emphasize.



Gu Yanshen also asked.



“I remember Wen Yu said on the show that you guys are friends, you don’t know what he’s doing?”



Lu Wenxing was now even more certain that this novel and the real world he was in wasn’t the same at all, and if the world he was in was really a novel, Wen Yu wasn’t quite like the protagonist.



Wen Yu’s presence was really not very strong. Gu Yanshen, on the other hand, fit in with the novel and was like a leading character.


But he didn’t know whether he was the attack or not.

[TN: Attack/gong – top]

Lu Wenxing wasn’t sure about Gu Yanshen’s se-xual orientation. Gu Yanshen was open-minded and seemed to have no taboo against boys.



Being gay didn’t mean there was a difference in getting along with the same sex, but sometimes he kept a distance.



For example, Lu Wenxing himself …… would play around with his roommate. He didn’t mind playing with his best friend like most straight guys did, but Lu Wenxing refused extreme close contact.



So, he ripped Wei Ze from his body every time he jumped up for a bear hug.



Tonight when Gu Yanshen invited him to dance, Lu Wenxing didn’t take it to heart.


Although Gu Yanshen had idol baggage in front of the camera and he maintained his mature and stable image, but it was only in front of the camera.


In private, Gu Yanshen liked to tease people, and both he and Song Jiajia had been his targets.



In Lu Wenxing’s opinion, the fact that Gu Yanshen invited him to dance was him teasing him, so Lu Wenxing deliberately said he ‘couldn’t dance female steps’.



It was just that Lu Wenxing didn’t think he was really willing to use the female steps, but Gu Yanshen later “retaliated”.


Lu Wenxing wouldn’t ask Gu Yanshen about his sexual orientation. First, it was unnecessary; second, it wasn’t important.


Because he could be sure that Wen Yu didn’t like men.


Since this was the case, it was even more unlikely that the plot would become a reality, Lu Wenxing didn’t have much doubt before, he only worried about the novel becoming reality.



But the appearance of deviations one after another, coupled with Lu Wenxing’s successful recognition, this simply couldn’t be caused by the butterfly effect.



Or should he say, the novel was simply not the direction of this world.



“What are you thinking about again?”



Gu Yanshen reached out and waved his hand in front of Lu Wenxing, then sighed deeply, “Have I been so uninteresting that …… even sitting across from you would make you unconsciously wander off?”



“I’m sorry.” Lu Wenxing was amused.



“Mr. Gu, I want to ask a serious question. Why did you choose me to be in the variety show before?”



Listening to the perfunctory ‘apology’, Gu Yan Shen looked at him sadly, “Because you were walking away.”



Lu Wenxing: “……”



“To think that someone is wandering off in front of me, very good! You’ve successfully caught my attention.”



Lu Wenxing: “……” There’s that taste of the Mary Sue domineering president.



Gu Yanshen picked up his phone and took a picture of the snacks and drinks on the table, then Lu Wenxing’s phone buzzed, he tapped on it to see the WeChat group of the “A Hundred Ghosts” crew that hadn’t been disbanded.




Gu Yanshen sent the photo to the crew group.



【. 】 Director Wang, I specially sent an invitation letter to country Y. Could you please reimburse me? @ Wang butu.



[Wang butu] You invited Wenxing?



【. ] Depending on Director Wang



[Wang butu]?



[ET] Mr. Gu means that it depends on whether or not director Wang reports the airfare.



[Song minus minus] Why are you guys secretly hanging out behind my back again ????



[Classmate Lei] and me!!! Every time you eat behind our backs! I’m not sister Jia. I’m not afraid of running laps. Why don’t you call me?



[Song minus minus] Comrade Le, explain 🙂



The group chat was suddenly lively, Gu Yanshen raised his eyes to look at Lu Wenxing, their gazes collided and they shared a smile, Gu Yanshen picked up the wine glass and clinked glasses with Lu Wenxing.



The fresh cocktail was still sweet on the tongue, and Lu Wenxing licked his lips, which were already wet with liquor.



The soothing music in the dim light was a bit intoxicating, Gu Yanshen almost forgot to blink.




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