C30 — Making Up Your Mind



The crew of “Hundred Ghosts” finished filming all the scenes in the ancient town of E City and had to move on to a new location.



Because they would reach their destination in the early hours of the night, the director team didn’t arrange any work in the morning, but let everyone rest until noon, the official start was in the afternoon.



Today was Lu Wenxing’s last scene, the teenage Mo Xu’s farewell scene, other actors’ scenes were moved to the back, Director Wang intended to use the afternoon to get the perfect shot.


After Lu Wenxing changed his costume, he came out of the dressing room and bumped into Song Jiajia.



“You’re getting into the scene too fast, right?”



Lu Wenxing:?



“You haven’t even started filming yet, yet I can already see the parting scene from your face.”



Lu Wenxing: “……”



Lu Wenxing was acting the last scene with Gu Yanshen today. Now he had no tension like he did when he first entered the crew, and there was no tension for an important farewell scene like today.



“By the way, I have something to ask you.”



Song Jiajia suddenly lowered her voice and looked around, when she saw that the staff around her were busy with their own work, and only then did she approach Lu Wenxing and whisper.


“You don’t want to sign with Hua Yi?”


Seeing Lu Wenxing’s confusion, Song Jiajia added, “Don’t you know that I signed with Hua Yi as well?”



“I know.”



Lu Wenxing just didn’t expect Song Jiajia to know that an agent from Hua Yi Entertainment company had approached him.



Song Jiajia said expressionlessly, “Because the agent you rejected is my agent.”



Lu Wenxing met Song Jiajia’s agent, but didn’t know the other party’s name, so when Xu Rong called yesterday, Lu Wenxing didn’t match her with Song Jiajia’s agent.


“So that was sister Jiajia’s agent.”



“A few days ago my agent called me crying, I comforted her for a long time.”



The crying was fake, Xu Rong just came to express her shock.



Song Jiajia imitated Xu Rong’s tone and deliberately exaggerated it, “Generally I don’t want to take the artists, there has never been an artist refused me. Man, you’ve managed to get my attention.”



Lu Wenxing: “……



“It’s a little exaggerated, tone it down a bit.”



“No way, right? I think that’s pretty much it.” Song Jiajia stared sideways at Lu Wenxing, “So, why didn’t you say yes? It couldn’t be that a better entertainment company approached you, could it?



The more Song Jiajia thought about it, the more likely it seemed, “Which one? It couldn’t be Gu Yanshen ……”



“What’s wrong with me?”


Song Jiajia jumped, then she saw Gu Yanshen standing behind her, “Brother Shen, how can you walk without making a sound?”



“It’s you who was talking too intently.”



Song Jiajia smiled cheekily, “I didn’t say anything bad about Brother Shen, Brother Shen is like a god in my heart, whatever Brother Shen does is right.”



Gu Yanshen had long thought about signing Lu Wenxing, but hadn’t yet spoken to Lu Wenxing, during this period of time and his busy schedule, he mentioned him to the company, his original intention was to wait for Lu Wenxiing’s last scene.



Before this, Gu Yanshen didn’t think Lu Wenxing would refuse.



Because of Lu Wenxing’s usual performance, anyone could see his dedication and focus on acting, such a person was naturally suitable for this career.



It wasn’t that Lu Wenxing wasn’t good enough before, but his exposure wasn’t high enough for Hua Yi to discover this treasure.



He didn’t hear their full conversation, but from the last two sentences, it wasn’t difficult to guess what they said before, the fact that Lu Wenxing didn’t agree to sign with Hua Yi was surprising to Gu Yanshen.



Before Lu Wenxing had a chance to say anything, director Wang had already started shouting with the loudspeaker.



“It’s time to start work, it’s time to start work.”



“Then we’ll talk about it tonight.”



Gu Yanshen turned around and walked towards the set, Lu Wenxing followed behind him.



Director Wang gave them a talk about the effect he wanted the scene to have, and the two of them rehearsed several times on set, and tried out different acting styles.



“Later, when the camera turns around, Wenxing will withdraw. Look at Xiao Zheng’s gestures.”



An hour later, his last scene officially begun.



The plot of the teenage Mo Xu’s death was carefully and deliberately arranged by Mo Xu, the great demon, in order to complete the wishes of young Mo Xu.



Wearing white clothes, Lu Wenxing stood in front of the green curtain, he jumped down from the high platform, holding a long sword in his hand, just like a god of salvation.



Even without special effects, this vertical leap wasn’t unattractive, with the set of movements, he looked as light as a fairy.



Different from the first time using the suspension wires, after staying in the crew for a month, Lu Wenxing got used to and was comfortable with the wires.



Mo Xu stood up in front of a few stranded villagers, the villagers were surprised by the sudden encounter with the ferocious beast.



“It’s the immortal!”



“The immortal elder is here to save us, everyone need not be afraid.”



“Why don’t you quickly bow to thank the immortal elder.”



“No need.” The teenage Mo Xu’s tone was calm, he copied the demon Mo Xu’s profound and unpredictable expression, he changed into a white outfit, even his temperament became elegant.



In the place where several people didn’t see, he secretly snickered: “No wonder Ah Yu talks so little, it makes him look really cool.”

Mo Xu coughed lightly, “Don’t be afraid.”



He put up a full stance and looked at the beast with cold eyes.



“Don’t even think about hurting anyone.”



Then there was a fight scene, it didn’t last long, Mo Xu easily won. The villagers who survived the attack looked at Mo Xu with gratitude in their hearts.



“Many thanks to the immortal elder.”



“I have no way to repay the immortal for saving my life, I can only kowtow to thank him.”



“Many thanks to the immortal elder for saving my life.”



Mo Xu raised his hand to call a halt, lightly stepped on the rock wall under the several people’s gaze, he flew to the top of the mountain, leaving the villagers’ sight.





Reaching the end of this scene, the stylist and makeup artist went up to Lu Wenxing to check the makeup and hair accessories, then gave the director an ‘OK’ gesture.



The mountain just now wasn’t there, it was just a green screen in the high platform, a mountain would be added using special effects.



The next shot was the scene at the top of the mountain, the crew reached the top of the mountain, so they just moved the equipments.



The set was ready and Gu Yanshen was wearing a dark red robe with a black half face mask for the last shot.


Mo Xu was still immersed in the euphoria of saving people, and couldn’t care to pretend to be deep, with a happy smile towards the adult Mo Shu, he looked like he was begging for praise.



“Ah Yu, was I handsome or not?”



Ah Yu gently looked at Mo Xu.





“Really? Then can you take me out of the valley with you?” Mo Xu looked at Ah Yu with a hopeful expression, expecting this outsider who had been rescued by him to take him out.



“Mo Xu.” Ah Yu’s light smile faded away, a trace of movement crossed his eyes, his long eyelashes blinked, then all emotions were well hidden.



“I know, you will not take me.”



Mo Xu hung his head with a lost expression, “Then you have to promise me that you will come back to see me often in the future, do not be like those brothers, who go out of the valley and never come back.”



Ah Yu suddenly smiled, “I’ll take you out.”






As Ah Yu’s words fell, it seemed like something quietly changed.


At this point the camera turned to Gu Yanshen, Lu Wenxing saw the assistant director waving at him, he knew he could leave the camera, so he turned around and walked off the field.



The camera turned back again, facing Gu Yanshen’s line of sight.



At this moment, the direction that Ah Yu looked at was no longer on Mo Xu’s figure, as if he had never existed, Gu Yanshen reached out to the void, as if he could still feel the presence and body heat of the teenager.



“Cut, beautiful!”



“Congratulations to Wenxing.”






“It’s not convenient to be on top of the mountain, so let’s prepare a small ki-lling party for Wenxing. When this drama is officially finished, Wenxing must come back to attend the ending party.”



Because going up and down the mountain took most of the day, in order to finish filming the scene on the mountain earlier, the actors and crew would stay on the mountain these days.



The crew rented a few coaches parked at the top of the mountain, the cast and crew could sleep in the sleepers on the bus at night.



Song Jiajia, Gu Yanshen, Le Hanfei and several main actors got their assistants to drive caravans up the mountain, filming often had made them develop a habit of sleeping in seconds, so where they would sleep wasn’t a problem.



In the evening, the five-layer cake ordered by director Wang arrived.



It was prepared for the death scene of Lu Wenxing’s character, as well as the red envelope.



Not only the director, several main actors also gave him large red envelopes, Lu Wenxing was a little flattered, but he didn’t have the courage to take them.



“Take it, take it.”



Director Wang took the red envelopes directly from their hands and stuffed it into Lu Wenxing’s hand, “The small red envelope is for good luck, and congratulations on finishing your first role.”



“Thank you all.”



The top layer of the cake was the shape of a five-pointed star, it could be seen they were very attentive, under the eyes of the crowd, Lu Wenxing cut the cake, and then the staff began to divide it.



The director also opened wine, because they still had to continue filming tomorrow, they could only drink a little.




“Wenxing, you’re not filming tomorrow, drink more.”



“Then I won’t be able to leave tomorrow.” Lu Wenxing waved his hand and responded with a smile.



“Hahahahaha, then stay here with everyone.”



These days everyone was exhausted, they rarely had a moment to rest, so the director didn’t care this time, he let them relax and rest.






“Sister Jia.”



Song Jiajia sat beside Lu Wenxing, “Now you can tell me why, right? Or do you have any concerns?”



The temperature difference between morning and evening on the mountain was a lot, especially the noon that was hot like summer and the night felt like winter, Song Jiajia and Lu Wenxing were wearing white down jackets, it was custom-made for the crew, to prevent the actors or staff from getting a cold.



When Gu Yanshen walked over, he happened to hear Lu Wenxing’s response.



“My school gave me a place as an exchange student to Y University, it’s for a year.”



“Good-looking and an academic bully! I envy you!” Song Jiajia was first surprised, then theatrically showed a look of regret.



“If I was born a few years later, then I would definitely chase you as a boyfriend.”


Lu Wenxing smiled, “Sister Jia looks just the same age as me.”



“Did you eat several extra bites of cake? Your mouth is so sweet.” The smile on the corner of Song Jiajia’s mouth widened, then she circled back to the main topic. “So, you’re hesitating to leave the country?”



Lu Wenxing nodded his head, but in fact he only hesitated the other day, he had made his choice.



Gu Yanshen didn’t deliberately eavesdrop, he just came over to deliver milk tea, he inserted a straw into the milk tea in his hand before handing it to Lu Wenxing, “It’s hot, to drive away the cold.”



“I also want.” Song Jiajia saw the milk tea and straightened up, “do they do deliveries to the mountain?”



“You want the delivery man to ride up the mountain with a small electric bike? Then I guess I won’t be able to drink it tomorrow.” Le Hanfei came over with a smile. “It’s the middle of the night, no one dares to go up the mountain.”



“It’s the cook that the crew hired that made the milk tea.”



The crew recently lived in the mountains, ordering meals to the mountain was tedious, so they directly hired a cook, Director Wang specifically rented a car as a kitchen, solving the three meals, but the food was simple.



Song Jiajia took a sip, “No pearl, no soul.”



Le Hanfei: “…… sister, there is a drink, be content with it.”



Song Jiajia didn’t know whether to continue the topic, Lu Wenxing was talking to her, but she didn’t know whether Lu Wenxing minded if Gu Yanshu and Le Hanfei heard, so she didn’t intend to continue the topic.



On the contrary, Gu Yanshen bluntly asked.



“You didn’t sign with Hua Yi, if my company wants to sign you, you won’t agree to it either?”



Lu Wenxing blinked in surprise and met Gu Yanshen’s dark eyes, he was speechless for a moment.



Song Jiajia was also stunned for a second, “How come the big movie star wants to steal people.


“Fair competition.”



“Wenxing’s choice will be based on the company’s ability.”



Two companies had now thrown an olive branch to Lu Wenxing, which he hadn’t thought of before.



But now, Lu Wenxing had made a decision, so ……



“I’m sorry, the school reserved a spot for me as an exchange student, the odds are I will go.”


Lu Wenxing said euphemistically.



Just when several people were silent, Gu Yanshen’s low voice rang out.



“Is there a conflict between the two?”



Gu Yanshen’s words made Song Jiajia, who was caught in a misunderstanding, snap back to her senses.



“Yes, there is no conflict between the two! Wenxing can still go abroad as an exchange student even if he signs with Hua Yi. Are exchange students not allowed to do other things?”



Lu Wenxing’s eyes lit up, and all of a sudden it was like a star that lit up in the night sky.


Gu Yanshen resisted the impulse to touch Lu Wenxing. He sat there calmly and talked with Lu Wenxing from the perspective of the past.



“The road ahead is still long, the acting industry is both big and small, choosing this road doesn’t mean you have to reject the industry. To have the opportunity to study abroad, no matter what profession or field, it’s helpful to your personal growth.”



Song Jiajia agreed, nodded and echoed.



“Movie star Song, the great goddess Wen, the host of CI Channel…they have been in the entertainment industry for so long and have chosen to further their studies one after another in previous years, and it has been proven that learning is the right thing to do.”



Gu Yanshen’s ‘calm persuasion’ finished, then he added a sentence.



“Of course, I’ll tell you the truth. You are now on the rise, temporarily leaving the entertainment industry will cause a decrease in fans. There is no choice that will give the best of both worlds, the choice is still yours.”



“If Wenxing continue to stay in the entertainment industry, perhaps in less than a year you can become the next popular star. But I can see your love for acting, and your ambition is not just to be a popular star.”



Song Jiajia took a sip of milk tea and continued, “I entered the entertainment industry at the age of twenty-three. I don’t think it’s too late, if I entered the circle at twenty maybe I won’t be this Song Jiajia now.”



Talent, hard work and luck were all important.



Song Jiajia and Gu Yanshen’s few words enlightened Lu Wenxing.



He previously moved in the way of the plot development, but in fact the plot had long deviated, he was just bound by his own thoughts, but he didn’t notice.



As early as his termination of contract with Mang Cheng Entertainment and his participation in the variety show began, the butterfly effect had already been created, and he was previously worried that the plot changes would be influenced by the ‘world consciousness’, causing him to be forced to go on a cannon fodder plot.



But in fact, it had already gone far ahead.



In the original, he was transparent from the beginning to the end, but now he not only took the variety show but also filmed a drama, but nothing happened.



Did it mean that… it wasn’t a mandatory plot?



Lu Wenxing wasn’t sure, but Gu Yanshen and Song Jiajia were right, people were like high places, why should he give up this opportunity? He could give himself a one-year deadline.



He’d go abroad as an exchange student for a year for experience and also to avoid the plot, if he came back and the protagonist subject and the protagonist attack didn’t have any emotional progress, then it meant that the butterfly effect wouldn’t cause a substantial impact.


Really, he should be glad he had a script in his hand and try his best to change the direction of the plot, rather than avoiding the plot in order not to be cannon fodder.



A stone on the ground didn’t have to be a detour, even if he couldn’t cross it, he could still choose to move it, so why change his direction because of a stone?



“Thank you, Mr. Gu, and thank you, Sister Jiajia.”



Lu Wenxing took a deep breath, his tone sincere, his eyes shining brightly.



“Like Mr. Gu said, don’t stick to a circle. I like filming and want to take the path of an actor, but it doesn’t mean I have to give up my studies and give up the opportunity of being an exchange student.”



Gu Yanshen had a little smile in his eyes, he liked the way Lu Wenxing was confident and pursued his goals, because such a Lu Wenxing was really like a shining star.



“Lu Wenxing.”



Gu Yanshen whispered his name. Lu Wenxing lifted his eyelids. He saw the smile in Gu Yanshen’s eyes.



“Your debut role after returning to China, can I make an appointment in advance?”




Sorry for the extremely late updates, for the old readers that know, back in December/January, I went to stay with my grandma after she had a stroke and I made arrangements to keep visiting but sadly she passed away on the 10th. I cried like a baby but I’ve had time to process, the last moments I spent with her were precious and I’m glad she and I had that. Sorry for the heavy stuff, next chapter should lighten it 💙

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