C3—- Overbearing CEO

 ”It’s settled like that?”

  The artists couldn’t care less about keeping quiet, the shock in their eyes showed without reservation.

  ”Lu Wenxing had reached a peak. He lost his endorsement in the first place, and then he was picked up by Film Emperor Gu.”

  ”This is called a reversal, right? I admire him.”

  ”When Wen Yu intercepted Lu Wenxing’s endorsement, did he ever think that he would be intercepted in the same way by Lu Wenxing?”

  ”What nonsense. The agent gave the endorsement, Wen Yu himself didn’t ask for it, we are all small stars, don’t we still have to listen to the agent?”

  ”Anyway, the magazine endorsement that Wen Yu shot for today was indeed Lu Wenxing’s, Lu Wenxing signed the contract and was replaced by his agent.”

  ”Now Lu Wenxing was chosen to replace Wen Yu in the interview, h*ll! Lu Wenxing is quite cool.”

“In fact, it wasn’t concluded that  Wen Yu would have been chosen.”

  ”Also right.”

The person in question, Lu Wenxing, was neither happy nor unhappy, he was calm compared to the excited emotions of the artists present.

  This plot deviation was more outrageous than he thought, what was he doing? What was this?

  And so on.

Did this mean that no matter how the plot changed, he just couldn’t get rid of the ending of being a cannon fodder?

If there was really a butterfly effect, wouldn’t the script he held in his hand become a waste?

“Congratulations, Lu Wenxing.”

  The smile on the corner of Director Xu’s mouth widened, she felt that the choice to let Lu Wenxing participate was correct, it looked like Gu Yanshen was very satisfied with Lu Wenxing.

  ”Why don’t you quickly thank Teacher Gu.”

  ”Thank you, teacher Gu.” Lu Wenxing said with a smile, but Gu Yanshen somehow saw a little reluctance.

He raised his eyebrows and felt a little surprised, and was about to investigate when Lu Wenxing was hugged by Wei Ze who walked in.

“Congratulations! Xingxing.”

Wei Ze draped his hand over Lu Wenxing’s shoulder happily. “You have to invite me to dinner.”

Lu Wenxing looked at him with an expressionless face, “I’ll treat you to a hammer.”

  Wei Ze: “……”

  Why ah, he was so fierce.

  After Gu Yanshen was invited to the lounge, the artists all left one after another, Lu Wenxing turned to go, but was called back by Wang Man.


Seeing Wei Ze stop along with Lu Wenxing, Wang Man said to him with a cold face, “Wei Ze, go out first.”

  Wei Ze gave a start, turned his head to look at Lu Wenxing, and saw Lu Wenxing nod before he dawdled out of the practice room.

  After Wei Ze left, Wang Man’s face was even worse, she didn’t bother to cover up, as she sneered, “You can really play Lu Wenxing, no wonder you can’t see Director Jiang, so there is a bigger target. With such a big appetite, can you eat it?”

  ”I don’t mind telling you the truth, those stars that tried to use Gu Yanshen’s fame, they can’t even receive resources now since they received his lawyer’s letter.”

“You don’t think you are special in Gu Yan Shen’s eyes, do you?”

Lu Wenxing thought Wang Man would talk to him about the recording, if he knew that he was purposely kept to hear these boring words, Lu Wenxing wouldn’t even give her one more look, it was a waste of time.

  The ignored Wang Man didn’t know what Lu Wenxing was thinking, and only thought that Lu Wenxing was emboldened because of Gu Yanshen, and the fire she was holding in her heart became even greater.

  ”Don’t be complacent, let’s not talk about what attitude Gu Yanshen has towards you, if you dare to make extra moves, Gu Yanshen’s fans will tear you up.”

  ”What are you trying to say?”

Lu Wenxing heard this and understood it. Wang Man didn’t come to insult him to find a sense of existence. She wanted to make him retreat and give up participating in the variety show.

  But Wang Man could never have imagined that Lu Wenxing himself was even more reluctant to participate in the variety show recording than she was.

  When he saw Wang Man’s angry look, Lu Wenxing felt physically and mentally relaxed, he smiled, his tone was full of provocation.

“You think the person chosen today should be Wen Yu? Then it must be really disappointing for you, the person Gu Yanshen chose …… is me.”

  ”Lu Wenxing, the contract hasn’t been signed, isn’t it too early to be proud?”

  ”So what, just because you can change my endorsement doesn’t mean you can sway Gu Yanshen’s decision, it doesn’t matter who you have in mind, what matters is that the person Gu Yanshen now has in mind is me.”

  Lu Wenxing’s tone was arrogant, his attitude was also arrogant, not giving Wang Man a chance to react, he dropped these words and turned around and left.

Lu Wenxing knew that Wang Man’s expression was as black as the bottom of a pot without looking back.

Lu Wenxing had some worries about how to refuse the variety recording. Because of Gu Yanshen’s status as the film emperor, he was a little transparent and couldn’t refuse in public, which could make Gu Yanshen feel insulted.

As for privately, it was even worse for him to contact Gu Yanshen, and it was easy to be misunderstood as someone with ulterior motives, although Lu Wenxing didn’t care what others thought.

  But Gu Yanshen was the main character’s male lead, of course he shouldn’t contact him.

And just now, Wang Man said a bunch of nonsense, but Lu Wenxing was suddenly enlightened.

Wang Man was very determined when she had a grudge, in front of several artists, she said,’ as long as Lu Wenxing doesn’t apologize to Jiang Zhengqin, then he won’t get any resources.’

When he first heard these words, Lu Wenxing didn’t take it seriously.

Since he knew that he was a cannon fodder, he didn’t care about any resources, but now ……

Lu Wenxing couldn’t wait for Wang Man to do what she said.

It was best not to give him any resources, it was even better for her to intercept the variety show. Lu Wenxing deliberately said that in order to annoy Wang Man.

After a period of time together, Lu Wenxing also figured out Wang Man’s character.

Wang Man had a strong desire for control. Even if Lu Wenxing, an unruly artist, had great potential, for Wang Man, a cash cow was far less than a docile tool person who was at her mercy.

Lu Wenxing couldn’t help but praise himself for his ability to improvise just now. Now with Wang Man’s help, he didn’t have to spend time thinking of reasons to refuse, Wang Man would think more thoroughly for him.


“No explanation?”

Sheng Chao stood in front of Gu Yanshen, he was having a headache looking at Gu Yanshen who was preoccupied with a game.

Who the hell would have thought that the movie emperor, who usually gave people the impression of being cool and calm, had a private hobby that wasn’t known to anyone – virtually raising pets.

Looking at several tiger cubs on the screen, as well as Gu Yanshen’s expression as he fed them, Sheng Chao’s eyebrows jumped.

“Are you listening to me?”

“Explain what?”

Gu Yanshen carelessly responded, but his eyes didn’t move away from the phone.

Sheng Chao took a deep breath and comforted himself to be at peace.

“Your selection just now was too casual.”

“I was following Director Chen’s request .”

Sheng Chao asked unexpectedly, “When did Director Chen make the request, how come I don’t know?”

“Choose someone who is impressive, or who fits the eye.” Gu Yanshen repeated.

Sheng Chao: ????

“Lu Wenxing’s self-introduction was just three words, yet it could still impress you?”

 The answer to him was a wave of silence.

  Sheng Chao couldn’t stand it and grabbed Gu Yanshen’s phone, “Don’t even try to play unless you say it clearly.”

  ”Tsk.” Gu Yanshen regretfully withdrew his eyes, “I couldn’t remember the other artists’ names.”

  Sheng Chao: “……”

  He almost forgot, Gu Yanshen mostly had a fish’s memory except when he was filming.

  Most of the artists of Mang Cheng Entertainment were trainees, their specialties were inseparable from singing and dancing, they were just good at different categories of dance, in Gu Yanshen’s eyes, they were no different.

Aside from his special skills and talents, Lu Wenxing was definitely the most dazzling one, regardless of his appearance, temperament or personality.

“If Lu Wenxing wasn’t the last one, but in the middle of the line, after listening to the self introduction of the people after him, would you still remember him?” Sheng Chao asked curiously.

“I would.”

  Sheng Chao looked at Gu Yanshen in surprise and for a moment wondered if he really couldn’t remember people’s names or if he just wanted to choose Lu Wenxing.

“His name is very easy to remember.”

  Sheng Chao: “……”

  Well, he was the one who thought too much.

  ”I don’t have a problem with you choosing Lu Wenxing, but you should at least have an understanding of him, without asking anything, you just settled on someone so hastily ……”

Gu Yanshen didn’t want to listen to Sheng Chao chatter, so he interrupted Sheng Chao.

“Lu Wenxing is not the same as them.”

When it came to this point, Sheng Chao agrees. Lu Wenxing was really different from the artists who attended the interview. He didn’t seem to come to the interview at all, but seemed like a spectator.

During the interview, Lu Wenxing behaved surprisingly calm, and it wasn’t a deliberate disguise.

In contrast to the other artists’ urgent, fervent, yearning, longing eyes, almost carved with the words ‘choose me’ on their faces. Some of these artists were fans of Gu Yanshen, and it was difficult to conceal the fondness that flowed from their eyes.

But a variety show wasn’t a fan meeting, what Sheng Chao wanted was an artist who wasn’t afraid of the camera, who was comfortable with his performance, and who wasn’t a hotshot.

Lu Wenxing fit all of them, because he didn’t look like he was participating in any variety show at all.

.Sheng Chao asked straightforwardly, “Do you think, that is, I personally think that Lu Wenxing doesn’t seem to be interested in participating in the variety show?”

   Gu Yanshen lifted his eyes, suddenly serious, “I thought I was wrong.”

Sheng Chao: “……” so, you also saw it?


Sheng Chao couldn’t help swearing. So it wasn’t his illusion.

But since Gu Yanshen perceived it, why did he still choose Lu Wenxing?

Was it because Lu Wenxing fit the eye, or was it because Lu Wenxing was unwilling to do it?

  In just a few minutes, Sheng Chao had fallen into a variety of untuned speculation.

And the more he thought about it, the weirder it got.

  Following Gu Yanshen’s hobby of raising pets, he seemed to have discovered Gu Yan Shen’s unbelievable secret again.

Sheng Chao’s head began to play the dog blood story of “Overbearing CEO falls in love with my strength and marries and plunders” TV series.

  The female lead was a tough little white flower, facing the strong CEO, she boldly spoke her thoughts.

  ”I don’t want to.”

  ”Heh, woman you dare to reject me?”

  The male lead was a domineering president, everyone pursued him, except the female lead.

  ”No, let go of me.” The little white flower was furious.

  ”I won’t let go, you have successfully caught my attention.”

  Immediately after, the faces of the male and female protagonists somehow turned into Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing.

  ”Aren’t you trying to seduce me dressed like this?” Gu Yanshen’s eyes were three parts arrogant and two parts disdainful.

  Lu Wenxing rolled his eyes and ignored him.

The interest in Gu Yanshen’s eyes deepened, and he held Lu Wenxing’s chin with an evil smile.

  ”Man, don’t you want to do it?”


Then, Sheng Chao was kicked by Gu Yanshen.

  ”Your smile is a bit lewd.”

  There were only the two of them in the lounge, so Gu Yanshen openly looked at him with disgust.

Sheng Chao hurriedly shook his head, trying to shake the horrible brain patch out of his brain.

He shouldn’t have accompanied his girlfriend to watch this kind of drama, it directly opened the door to a new world.

  In order to cover up his embarrassment, Sheng Chao coughed lightly, “Then I’ll go and make a final decision with Director Xu of Mang Cheng Entertainment now.”

  Without waiting for Gu Yanshen to answer, Sheng Chao had already fled.

  When Sheng Chao left, Gu Yanshen remembered that his cell phone was still with him.

   Gu Yanshen thought about it and planned to chase him and make Sheng Chao return the phone to him.

His tiger cubs must be sad and hungry.

  ”Lu Wenxing is so hypocritical, this afternoon in the conference room, he told sister Man he wanted terminate his contract, then he turned around and went to the variety show audition, really f*cking hypocritical.”

  Hearing the word ‘terminate’, Gu Yanshen stopped in his tracks.

The conversation of the people at the corner of the corridor was still going on.

“People who really want to cancel their contracts wouldn’t talk about it. Just like people who want to jump off the building will jump directly instead of standing on the roof to scare people. ”

“I really underestimated Lu Wenxing, no wonder he wasn’t willing to go to bed with Director Jiang, you guys don’t think Gu Yanshen chose him because of a special reason, right?”

“What reason? You’re not going to say that he and Teacher Gu…”

“What are you thinking about? How could Folm Emperor Gu look at Lu Wenxing? I’m saying that Emperor Gu has a lot of experience and knows a lot of people in the industry, so maybe he knows Lu Wenxing’s backer.”

“I heard Cheng Yuan say this afternoon, the pair of shoes on Lu Wenxing’s feet have to be 10,000, his usual clothes are not more than a thousand, where did he get the money to buy them? His backer must have given him.”

“10,000 yuan shoes, the backer is too stingy, right?”

“Hahahaha, Lu Wenxing is stupid, he doesn’t think he is unique, right? I have heard that the circle of bigwigs raise a mistress like raising a fish, it is not just one or two people, it is ……”

The person suddenly stopped, and another artist looked at him in confusion, he raised his eyes to Gu Yanshen’s icy gaze, his heart thumped, and he instantly began to stutter.

“Gu, Teacher Gu.”

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