C29— Two Choices


The assistant looked at Wen Zheng with surprise, since when did their president care about the entertainment industry?


She answered ‘yes’, turned around and left the office, and in less than ten minutes, the intercom in Wen Zheng’s office rang.


“Mr. Wen, Lu Wenxing has not signed a contract with any entertainment company right now.”


“Okay, got it.”


Wen Zheng hung up the phone, retrieved his eyes from the documents, picked up his phone and dialed a number.



“Hello, Wen Yan.”



“Tch, you should call me uncle.” The voice of Wen Yan came from the other end of the phone, his tone was lazy and he deliberately lengthened his words, “Rare, my eldest nephew called me?”



Wen Zheng paused, “You are a year younger than me.”



“So what, my generation is older than yours.” Wen Yan’s voice was nice, but his tone of his voice was very indecent.


Wen Zheng didn’t bother to talk to him about this problem which he hadn’t been for to get rid of for more than 20 years, and directly stated his purpose.


“Xu Rong is your ace agent, right?”


“Yes?” Wen Yan was confused, he didn’t understand why Wen Zheng suddenly asked this.



“Ask Xu Rong to sign an artist, called Lu Wenxing.”


Wen Yan was stunned for a long time, he doubted whether he heard wrong, “what did you say?”



“Should I ask Xiao Chen to mail you a hearing aid?”



Wen Yan didn’t care to fight him, and he was filled with disbelief, “When did you start working as an agent?”



“You bought a supercar for a little star last week, do you want me to relay that to grandpa?”



“No, no, no! Big nephew, don’t be such a bully, just sign someone? Don’t worry, I’ll make sure it’s done for you. What …… meeting? Good, good. Nephew, I’m busy now, so I’ll go first, I’ll make an appointment when I’m free.”



Wen Yan hung up the phone and turned around to call Ji Yuan.



“Xiao Yan?”



“Sister-in-law, I’m telling you, Wen Zheng is definitely in a situation!”


Ji Yuan was confused, not understanding what situation her eldest son was in.


“What’s wrong?”



“He’s so out of sorts!” Wen Yan fiercely responded, “You know what? He just called me personally and asked me to sign a little star.”



“How rare is that! My great nephew, who spends six days a week at work and one day in preparation for work, I thought he was going to be a loving family with work. But just now, he asked me to sign a star?”

Wen Yan’s voice was full of shock, and he called Ji Yuan to express how shocking this call from Wen Zheng was to him.



“Xiao Zheng asked you sign a star?”


“Yes! Sister-in-law, Wen Zheng must have a situation, this is not something he could do at all.”



Ji Yuan didn’t have a shocked reaction, she just laughed, “Only you’re allowed to buy supercars for little stars? Is it a rare thing for Xiao Zheng to recommend someone?”



“Sister-in-law, how do you know I buy supercars too? No! That’s not the point, this isn’t unusual for anyone else, but this is Wen Zheng! Aren’t you surprised?”



“Xiao Zheng has never let me worry about him since he was a kid, he must have his reasons for what he does.” Ji Yuan was 100% at ease with Wen Zheng, not as surprised as Wen Yan.



“If Wen Zheng just gave an explanation, maybe it was just someone asking him to. But ……” despite what Ji Yuan said, Wen Yan’s surprise didn’t diminish.



“He named Xu Rong to sign that starlet, Xu Rong is our company’s ace agent, not to mention if Xu Rong will be willing, he wouldn’t necessarily be happy to add another artist to Song Jiajia.”



Song Jiajia was one of the pillars of Huayi Media, and she had won major awards. Xu Rong was currently focusing on raising Song Jiajia, and had arranged several assistants to follow her.



Ji Yuan seldom paid attention to the entertainment industry, usually she caught up with dramas or watched movies, but she only focused on the script itself, the Wen family had an entertainment company and everyone in the Wen family had shares, but Wen Yan managed the company.


Wen Yan looked dodgy and unreliable, but he wasn’t worse than Wen Zheng. Since Wen Yan said so, Ji Yuan couldn’t help but ask more questions, she wanted to know why Wen Zheng was suddenly attracted to an artist.



“Which artist did Xiao Zheng ask you to sign?”


“It’s that …… one,” Wen Yan suddenly paused.



F*ck, just now he was so concerned with shock and teasing him that he didn’t remember the artist’s name, what was the name of the star again?



Ji Yuan stared for a while, but didn’t wait for Wen Yan’s reply, and asked again, “What’s wrong?”


“I forgot.”



Although Wen Yan was the youngest uncle of Wen Zheng, he was one year younger than Wen Zheng, and every year he would go to his elder brother Wen Huaizhe’s house for summer vacation, because he liked to play with his elder brother’s younger son, his little nephew Wen Chi.



But Wen Zheng didn’t allow Wen Yan to wreak havoc and he even avoided the presence of Wen Yan, telling to Wen Chi in front of him, “Wen Chi, stay away from Wen Yan.”



The day-to-day life of Wen Yan in his elder brother’s house was also being pinched to death by his eldest nephew, Wen Zheng.


Even now… Wen Yan was still being subdued. This sister-in-law was like a copy and paste of his nephew, although he was unwilling to admit it.



Ji Yuan: “…”


“Since Xiao Zheng has said so to you, you should do as he said, if Xu Rong isn’t willing to take him, change the agent, preferably as capable as Xu Rong.”


“…Got it, I’ll ask again.”



On the other hand, Wen Zheng had already gotten the relevant information of Mang Cheng Entertainment.



Because Xiao Chen’s sister was a fan of Lu Wenxing, Xiao Chen knew a lot about Lu Wenxing.



He had heard Xiao Chen mention him before, saying that Lu Wenxing was oppressed in his original company. Later Wang Man and Jiang Zhengqin’s conversation recording was uploaded on the Internet, it was a big deal, and even Mang Cheng Entertainment suffered a little implication.


Wen Zheng stared at the two pages of information, and his eyes fell on the part that they suppressed newcomers, and repeatedly asked them to ‘sell themselves’ to accompany the insiders.


He was aware of the unspoken rules of the industry, including the fact that many artists who wanted to terminate their contracts could only do so by paying the high amount of liquidated damages.



But Lu Wenxing wasn’t the kind of character that tolerated anger, although they only met once, Wen Zheng could see that Lu Wenxing was the kind of person that as long as you didn’t touch his bottom line, he didn’t take it too seriously.



The company must have done something to make Lu Wenxing leave decisively.



The two weren’t at all on the same level, but now Wen Zheng just didn’t want to let Mang Cheng Entertainment have a good time.



It wasn’t possible to bring down Mang Cheng directly, but it was still possible to make them lose a layer of skin.



The scene of Lu Wenxing’s character’s death was postponed because there were other actors’ scenes in this venue that weren’t finished, so he went back to school first.



In the meantime, the stills taken by the crew a few days ago weren’t all released, but a few were released at a fixed time every day, and the drama fans, book fans and fans of various stars had long learned to squat.



It was nine o’clock in the morning, they were more punctual than employees punching in at work.



There were nine stills, one of which was Lu Wenxing lying in the plum blossom forest.


The ground was thick white snow, Lu Wenxing wore a very light blue Taoist robe, it almost blended into the snow.

Hair half pulled up, black smooth long hair on the snow, his beautiful eyes looked straight up above, a large red plum blossom fell under his right eye, covering his nose.



Plum blossoms were scattered around, like bl00d dripping on the snow, which was amazing at first glance.


Generally people couldn’t suppress the beauty of plum blossoms, but Lu Wenxing could, he had exquisite features, his temperament was outstanding, and viewer could feel an immortal aura across the screen.



Sexy but not vulgar, beautiful but not demonic.



During this time when Lu Wenxing was filming, fans spontaneously set up a support group, and also built several fan groups, including those for people who admired his beauty



Lu Wenxing had never been on his Weibo since the variety show began. He checked Weibo but never paid attention to things related to him. Even so, he still knew that his number of fans had soared overnight, and that more and more people noticed him.


He rarely posted anything related to himself on public platforms, but as his followers grew, he got a large swath of concern and support, but this only made him more unhappy.



To be able to shoot a movie was to fulfill one of his wishes, at least after retiring from the industry, he wouldn’t be so regretful.



Once upon a time Lu Wenxing was by himself, but he now had fans.


The relationship between artists and fans was also mutual, fans liked him, how could he not care about his fans at all?



They would definitely be upset when he wanted to retire.



From the time he appeared in the public eye, he got everyone’s attention and love, but then he turned around and left when the fans supported him, he must be the most irresponsible entertainer.



Lu Wenxing logged in and reposted the stills posted by the official account.



This was probably something he never expected. In less than a minute after the microblog was sent out, the number of comments surged by hundreds and hundreds.



In less than five minutes, there were already more than four thousand comments.



[Ahhhhhhhhh! Wenxing actually posted something! I’m so lucky today]


[Tears, Wenxing finally remembered his password]



[ I didn’t expect the surprise to come so suddenly!]


[ I’m waiting for it!]


[woo woo, can Wenxing often post Weibo in the future, even if it’s forwarding posts?]



[I don’t know where to watch Wenxing since the variety show hasn’t broadcasted any new episode recently]


[Same, I have repeated the first two episodes of “Weekend Without Limits” more than a dozen times]



Lu Wenxing didn’t find it too troublesome, he read every comment carefully, even if it was mixed with discordant comments, but as he saw the enthusiasm of fans, he felt somewhere in his heart become soft.



He grew up separated from his biological parents, but his adoptive parents gave him enough love, Lu Wenxing didn’t lack love, he understood Ms. Lu’s words early, while others give you love, you also need to respond to the love.



Because love was mutual.



Just like he didn’t give up looking for his biological parents, even if he didn’t remember, he missed his biological parents and loved them, and he was sure that his biological parents were the same as him.



Lu Wenxing randomly selected a few comments to reply, the fans who were replied to were surprised, and there were many screenshots to remember or show off.



“Wenxing, Professor Zhang is looking for you.”



The words of a classmate interrupted Lu Wenxing’s continuos replies.






When Lu Wenxing went out, there weren’t many people in the corridor. When he came to school today, many students from other classes gathered at the entrance of their classes to secretly look at him, the more daring ones came directly to ask for autographed photos, there were also those who talked and added him on WeChat.


Then, they were all blown out by the teacher who rushed then to class.



The office was across the street from the school building, Lu Wenxing was tall and long-legged, so he went up to the third floor in a few minutes.



“Wenxing, come in.”



Before Lu Wenxing even knocked on the door, Professor Zhang responded like he had eyes behind his back.






“I thought the final design you handed in last semester was very good, and it happened to coincide with a design competition in several regions, so I took the liberty to send your design to the competition.”



Lu Wenxing didn’t interrupt, he carefully listened to Professor Zhang.



“Congratulations, your graduation design won the award.”



Lu Wenxing was a little surprised, but listening to Professor Zhang’s words, he felt like he had something more to say. As expected, Professor Zhang paused for a second and then continued.



“Y University also has two students who won the award, their president personally contacted our university, wanting to discuss the different teaching styles and philosophies of the two schools, are you willing to go to Country Y as an exchange student?”

On the way back, Lu Wenxing still didn’t come up with a result. To be honest, if he left the entertainment industry, he would certainly take the path of design, and being an exchange student in country Y would be a dazzling stroke on the resume.






His phone vibrated and interrupted Lu Wenxing’s thoughts, his brain cells were all tied up in knots, and he picked up without looking at who was calling.



A clear female voice came through.



“Hello, hello. Is this Mr. Lu Wenxing?”



“I am.” Lu Wenxing paused, “May I help you?”



“Yes. I’m Xu Rong, an agent of Huayi Media, may I ask if you have time to talk to me in detail?”





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