C28— Latest Stills

It’s been more than a month since the filming of “Hundred Ghosts”, and Lu Wenxing was about to finish his work, he was asked to take pictures by the director.


The two or three sets of costumes had been changed, and even the hair and makeup had been slightly changed.


No matter the makeup or hairstyle, Lu Wenxing still looked like a teenage boy.


“Wenxing, this photo doesn’t need to be edited.”


“It’s a good shot.”


“I like Wenxing.”


The final photos of every actor in the cast were taken by photographer Xu, and every photo in his hand looked like it had been edited, and Song Jiajia praised him more than once, and half-jokingly asked him if he wanted to be her special photographer.


“Wenxing is good-looking, plus Brother Xu’s professional photography skills, the stills are really great.”


“After editing, we can post it.” The director stared at the photos and suddenly spoke, “When Yanshen has changed his clothes, Wenxing, you need to take few pictures with him.”


Because Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing were playing Mo Xu, the director wanted a photo with a strong sense of contrast.


The two of them took several consecutive shots, but the director wasn’t satisfied, either the shot wasn’t good, or was still a little short of feeling.


Lu Wenxing looked at several photos, they were both good-looking, but there was no strong sense of contrast. He played Mo Xu as an innocent teenager, Gu Yanshen played Mo Xu, who had experienced too much betrayal, and finally repaired the heartless road of the big devil.



Turning to the last photo, Lu Wenxing was holding a snow-white rabbit in his arms, the smile on his face was clean and pure, sitting next to him – Gu Yanshen wore a black robe, his fingers were still stained with blood.


-One was saving, – one was k!lling.


But it wasn’t enough.



Lu Wenxing fell into thought, his eyes inadvertently turned to Gu Yanshen, the two looked at each other – Lu Wenxing suddenly had an idea.


“I have an idea.”


The people in the room all cast curious glances at Lu Wenxing.



“In the novel, Mo Xu cared for his teenage self, even if it was only an illusion. But for him, the teenager reappearing in front of him, is – a kind of irony of the past, irony of his inability to know people, irony of his excessive naivety, in short, the past he doesn’t want to recall.”



The director nodded, Lu Wenxing’s interpretation of the original was quite in-depth.


“After Mo Xu fell into the illusionary realm, he used the teenager’s kind-heartedness to get rescued, but during his recuperation in Windless Valley, he got the idea to kill the teenager several times.”


Le Hanfei said, “Yes, I was reading the novel, that part was quite exciting.”


“But in the end, Mo Xu didn’t do it.”


The main line of “A Hundred Ghosts” wasn’t a confrontation between good and evil, it could be considered Mo Xu’s revenge notes, the story ended Mo Xu’s successful revenge, but unlike what he imagined, he didn’t have the thrill of a great revenge.


He – all his life in order to get revenge, he cultivated hard, but when he succeeded in revenge, he felt empty, then he realized that after leaving Windless Valley, his life became meaningless.


“Mo Xu is actually envious of himself who was treated gently by his master and brothers and sisters in Windless Valley, he probably hopes that the darkness he experienced was just a – a nightmare, and after waking up he is still the same innocent young boy who can still see his master and brothers every day.”



“Since director Wang wants contrast, how about… let me and Mr. Gu swap our makeup and costumes. The post-production can be made into a mirror image, with Mr. Gu outside the mirror and me inside.”



“That’s it!”


“Me too! It’s so exciting to think about, I’m looking forward to Mr. Gu’s and Wenxing’s costume change.”


Director Wang also didn’t object, “You can try, today is for the main stills, if we’re fast, we can post it tomorrow.”



“If Wenxing and I swap, the sense of contrast will indeed be stronger.”


Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen went to change their costumes, the prop team also rearranged the shooting site.



It took quite a bit of time to re-do the makeup, on the other side – Song Jiajia and other artists were shooting other scenes, when Gu Yanshen walked onto the set, everyone’s eyes fell on him in unison.


“Ah!!! Brother Gu looks so good in blue clothes, I’m dead!”



Gu Yanshen acted as young Mo Xu in Windless Valley, his hair was tied up high with a blue head rope, the makeup artist redid the eye makeup with the corners lifted, he completely looked like – a proud youth.


His eyes looked carelessly at the crowd, he was no longer a cold-blooded devil, he looked like a clean and pure man.


“I love the contrast, oh my! Teacher Gu is so handsome.”


-Pedestrians gathered around Gu Yanshen, discussing his new costume, the director’s mouth held a wide smile. Regardless of the effect of the photos to be taken later, the current outfit could be used to take more pictures.


Lu Wenxing came out after Gu Yanshen took the picture, he was dressed in a dark red robe, his originally long hair was re-tied and draped around the waist, the side of the hair was picked and dyed – burgundy, the end of his eyes had a little red eyeshadow.



Fair face, light-colored eyes turned into dark red pupils, makeup elongated the end of the eyes, and fingers stained with blood red.




The people in the audience were so shocked that they couldn’t speak until Lu Wenxing walked up to them, and director Wang pulled him to praise him repeatedly, “It’s time to give the makeup artist a bonus!”


“Really? I heard that!” The makeup artist had bright eyes, “Everyone heard it, director Wang isn’t allowed to back out!”


Director Wang couldn’t stop smiling, “Quickly, you and Yanshen stand together to show me the effect.”


Lu Wenxing went over and stood with Gu Yanshen, the obvious contrast came out.



Gu Yanshen’s eyes didn’t fall anywhere, which vividly showed the pride of young Mo Xu in his daily life. Even Lu Wenxing couldn’t help exclaiming. No wonder director Wang once thought to let Gu Yanshen play two roles.


There was no sense of incongruity.

“Wenxing, do you want to try this hairband?”



The cameraman Xiao Xu from the props group took – a narrow white hair band, “Wipe the ‘blood’ on your hand. You will pull this hair band with both hands later, and your eyes will be blurred.”


Lu Wenxing: ????


What do you mean by “blurred”?


The cameraman gave the hairband to Lu Wenxing, “You two can experiment, try to get the feeling of looking in the mirror. Wenxing is the person in the mirror, Mr. Gu is outside the mirror.”


The cameraman readjusted the camera, “You two can come closer – a little.”


“Mr. Gu.”


Lu Wenxing picked up the hairband in his hand, the – end he held had been stained with blood red, the other – end was still white and flawless. “You tug on the other – end, right?”


Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing looked at each other -, he instantly understood Lu Wenxing’s meaning and pulled up the other end that was unstained, the two stood facing each other.


In the camera, Lu Wenxing half squinted his eyes, the corners of his mouth unnoticeably hooked up with a light smile, Gu Yanshen frowned slightly, eyes severe, lips tightly pursed, as if in a tug of war with the person in the mirror.


A few of the onlookers instantly took a deep breath, and somehow just subconsciously held their breath.




The shutter sounded, the photo was taken, and those present then came back to their senses and came forward to see the photo.


“Wait, let’s take a few more.”


After the photos were taken, they were all transferred to the computer, and a group of people gathered around the computer, urging the director to open it quickly.


The screen showed the scene where the picture was taken.




“It’s so sensational! Wenxing’s eyes are k;lling me. I so love this murderous demon setting.”


“Yes, yes, this one is good.” The director said three times in a row, “Let’s edit the photos later. The frames between Xingxing and Yanshen can be slightly slanted, reflecting a sense of separation.”


The next day, the official website of “Hundred Ghosts” put up a video of Lu Wenxing practising with the sword.


Within a few minutes, the comment section was brushed with tens of thousands comments.


[So handsome!!! I thought Wenxing’s street dance was handsome enough, but I didn’t expect the sword dance to kill me! ]


[Isn’t it just a sword dance? What’s the big deal, I’ve only watched it a few hundred times.]


[So handsome! Handsome! So handsome ah!]

[collected a small video before going to bed.]


[to tell you the truth, Lu Wenxing’s ancient costume is amazing!]


[Lu Wenxing has never acted in a movie, but there is something in this sword dance.]


[I want to see my brother]


[ Where is my goddess? Where is my goddess?]



When the netizens were leaving comments on this video, the official website of “Hundred Ghosts” was updated with another set of stills.



The netizens just climbed out of the previous tweet and fell heavily into the latest one.


[brother Shen is so handsome! Awsl]


[My Wenxing.]



[Sh*t, I love Wenxing’s outfit. He looks like a polite scum]


[I feel the same way upstairs!!!]


[ Abstinence with a bit of astringency]


[sorry, I’ll just like this – once ]


[Decent teenager attack x villain devil shou?]



Ding Yao stared at the photo with glowing eyes, the soul of the rotten girl in her body was burning, she resisted the urge to scream and tugged her colleague, “Look! This set of photos is amazing! Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing.”



Her colleague looked sideways at Ding Yao’s computer screen and couldn’t help but marvel, “The photos are so good, I’m already looking forward to the movie.”


“Right! Wenxing will definitely get better in the future.”


“You like Wenxing too?”



Originally, it was just Dingyao chatting with her colleagues, but several colleagues who heard the discussion couldn’t help coming over.



“To tell you the truth, when I was in junior high school, I just wanted to plunge into the arms of Gu Yanshen.”


“I hope Wenxing will have more works in the future, I don’t know where to gush about him, the photos are really too little.”



“No agency was tagged on Wenxing’s Weibo page, where did he go after his termination of contract with Mang Cheng Entertainment?”



” It shouldn’t be that he didn’t get offers, any company would be happy to sign him.”


“It can’t be that he hasn’t signed with a new company yet, right?”


“He’s getting better and better now, there should be many entertainment companies looking for him.”


“Maybe there is no ……”


“No what?”


The colleague who spoke suddenly stopped speaking, making several other people interested, “Say it, how can you stop at half.”


“Shh, get quickly back to the position, Mr. Wen is here.”



Just after her words, Wen Zheng appeared in front of them.


“Mr. Wen, good morning.”


The colleagues awkwardly smiled and slipped back to their positions, the assistant came over from her work station, “Mr. Wen, do you want coffee?”




Wen Zheng answered in a low voice and didn’t say anything, several people were relieved to see him leave.


The female assistant came to Wen Zheng’s office, put down the coffee and was about to leave, when Wen Zheng, who was looking down at the documents, suddenly spoke.


“Ask Xiao Chen to find out which entertainment company Lu Wenxing signed with.”





DONE RETRANSLATING THE MISSING CHAPS. I really wanted to cry but I’m finally done with ARFTEI.


On a brighter note, it was my birthday yesterday, I is older 😥.

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