C23—- Wanting More

The crew arranged a hotel, but the main actors like Gu Yanshen and Song Jiajia or big stars like Le Hanfei would stay in the big suites on the higher floor, while Lu Wenxing stayed in the ordinary standard rooms on the third floor with the other minor supporting actors.


For Lu Wenxing, it was comfortable to stay in a single room, his first scene was scheduled for the afternoon, but he still arrived early on set with the artists who had scenes in the morning.



He moved a small chair and sat next to director Wang, he observed the actions and alignment of the camera, once he stopped the scene, he focused on Lu Wenxing’s observation.



“Xiao Lu, your part is in the afternoon.”


Director Wang showed his fondness for Lu Wenxing on the day of the audition, it wasn’t that his acting skills were superb, but that Lu Wenxing was very aware, a talented and hard-working type that was able to see the subtle differences.


Lu Wenxing was a natural talent.


“I know, because I have no experience in filming, I cane to the set in advance to learn a little.”


The director actually saw Lu Wenxing when he first came, he just didn’t bother, before there were small stars squatted in the set 24/7 for show.


But it wasn’t really necessary.


Director Wang didn’t need the actors to show how serious they were, he just needed the artists to do their part.




The morning passed, Lu Wenxing neither took out his phone to pose, nor did he look for someone to help him take pictures, he seemed quite serious.


In the monitor, Song Jiajia pointed a sword pointed directly at Gu Yanshen, they glared at each other, the battle was about to start. In the green screen without special effects, the fight scene was actually very easy.


However, Lu Wenxing could see that there was drama in their eyes, especially when they looked at each other, he got goose bumps.


The stare-down scene was over, director Wang called for a break.


“How does it feel?”



Lu Wenxing answered without thinking, “The set isn’t quite the same as I imagined.”


“Oh?” This answer made director Wang a little surprised, he thought Lu Wenxing would surely give a compliment first.


“What did you imagine the set to be like?”


“The fight scenes would be awkward.”


Lu Wenxing had seen the post-production footage and could see how attentive and serious the actors were on set. Many of the live fight scenes looked very good, but without the post special effects added, it seemed a bit funny.


“Sister Jia and Mr. Gu’s rivalry scenes made me forget that it was a scene.”


Lu Wenxing couldn’t say anything about acting insights, or rather, in front of two seniors with rich acting skills, it felt like everything he said was bland.


When director Wang saw that he was genuinely learning, his tone eased up a bit.



“Actually, you don’t have to be too nervous, you can let Yanshen bring you along.”



The next scene was between the female lead Xue Ning and the male lead’s senior brother Song Yuan, director Wang called on Gu Yanshen to practice the afternoon scene with Lu Wenxing, if the two people had more contact, it would be easier for Gu Yanshen to bring Lu Wenxing into the scene.


Lu Wenxing knew the script by heart, and his lines were sure to be correct. It was OK when he auditioned and he practiced it several times at home, but if he acted with Gu Yanshen, he wasn’t sure he could keep up.


“You look a little nervous.”


Gu Yanshen took the script in Lu Wenxing’s hand and casually flipped through the pages, “First act the scene then find the problem.”


“Okay.” Gu Yanshen handed the opened page to Lu Wenxing, “Try this. Can you remember the lines?”


Gu Yanshen didn’t choose the scene in the afternoon, but the later episode.


“It’s all memorized.”


“Okay, then let’s start.”



It was the scene where the demon Mo Xu recovered from his injuries and intended to leave the Windless Valley, the little Mo Xu didn’t want him to leave, but at the same time he longed for the world outside the valley.


Lu Wenxing took a deep breath and instantly entered the scene.


“Leaving tomorrow?”


“Mm.” The man lowered his eyes, suppressing the subtle change of emotions in his heart.


“Then can you send me a letter?” Mo Xu sat across the big devil, eyeing the friend he had made so easily.


“I still want to hear you talk about the outside world.” Mo Xu was a little frustrated, “I have a year before I turn eighteen, if you’re not here I’ll be so bored. Senior brother rarely visits me either.”



Mo Xu has gotten used to talking to himself, many times the big devil didn’t respond, he just wanted to talk, he actually didn’t need his response.



“It’s not fun outside.” The big devil lifted his head. “It’s not what you think it is.”


“I don’t believe it. If it’s not fun outside, why do you and senior brother both like to run outside?”



The conversation ended here, because the great devil didn’t know how to explain to him, and he didn’t want to destroy the teenager’s longing.



Gu Yanshen nodded and said to Lu Wenxing.


“Actually, it’s not a big problem, and none of them are particularly complicated scenes, do you want to try the afternoon’s scene?”





When it came to work, Gu Yanshen was very serious, when it came to artists who were really open-minded and seeked advice, Gu Yanshen was still willing to help, he choose Lu Wenxing at first because he thought his appearance was particularly close to the original.



Later, the first invitation was met with rejection, Gu Yanshen suddenly realized that Lu Wenxing and Mo Xu had something in common.


Gu Yanshen invited Lu Wenxing several times because he was suitable and cherished his talent.


Mo Xu yearned for the outside world, and Lu Wenxing also yearned for filming.


Gu Yanshen saw the young Mo Xu and himself in Lu Wenxing. At that time, his father strongly opposed Gu Yanshen’s entry into the entertainment industry, and Gu Yanshen didn’t deliberately fight against it.


He was the same as Lu Wenxing.


In addition to schoolwork, he watched a large number of novels, movies and TV series, he also took notes which was secretly disobeying Father Gu, then after the college entrance examination, he changed his major.


Later, Gu Yanshen was thrown out of the house, Father Gu threatened him, unless he promised to study abroad, he would never set foot in the Gu family door in this life.



The young and vigorous couldn’t withstand the excitement, Gu Yanshen didn’t admit his mistake, he took this opportunity to leave home, his father stopped all his affiliated cards, but he underestimated his determination.


Gu Yanshen had a delicate mind, from elementary school, he showed unusual maturity and stability, he wouldn’t make such a spontaneous choice, as early as a few months ago he predicted that it would be so. Not only was he not as depressed as Father Gu imagined, but he even had a good life.


Gu Yanshen didn’t know why Lu Wenxing stopped, but he could see from Lu Wenxing’s handwritten notes that Lu Wenxing was very attentive in this regard.


When recording the variety show, he saw Lu Wenxing holding a tablet to focus on painting. Thinking of that scene, Gu Yanshen seemed to see Lu Wenxing taking notes with the same concentration. When encountering a plot worth pondering over, he might analyse it again and again.


Because it was an accidental sighting, Gu Yanshen’s first reaction was to exit the app, although he hadn’t seen the specific content of the notes, the neat handwriting and meticulous classification of the notes could be seen as Lu Wenxing’s own longing that he didn’t even notice.


After eating lunch, the crew gave a half-hour break and started work at 1:30 p.m. sharp.


After nearly forty minutes of Gu Yanshen’s ‘individual coaching’, Lu Wenxing no longer felt the tightness of the morning.



“Since you like filming, enjoy the process and don’t be too concerned about whether you can do your best.”


This was what Gu Yanshen said to Lu Wencing, in the case that the ability and expectations were equal, what was presented was naturally the most perfect.


“Xiao Le.” Director Wang was a little surprised to see Le Hanfei coming over, “Do you want to learn from Xiao Lu?”


Le Hanfei sat on the small chair brought by Lu Wenxing and stared Director Wang’s monitor, “I want to know where I lost in the audition?”


The scene that Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen would act in the afternoon was the same scene that Le Hanfei used in his audition.


Director Wang joked with him, “Yo, you’re not convinced?”


Le Hanfei was straightforward and said what he had to say, “Yes, I’m waiting for Xiao Lu to convince me.”


“Xiao Lu, did you hear him?” Director Wang made another joke, “Xiao Le is ready to fill in for you at any time.”


With the small talk and contact during the lunch break, Lu Wenxing also felt that the atmosphere of the whole crew was quite comfortable.


He smiled and joked with them as well. “It’s okay, I won’t give him a chance to replace me.”



“Then I’ll wait and see.” Le Hanfei put up a full stance and looked like he was eager to give it a try.


Song Jiajia stood next to him and said excitedly, “Don’t just talk, fight! I love to see handsome guys fight.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


Le Hanfei said speechlessly, “Sister Jia, your taste is quite unique.”



“You don’t understand.” Song Jiajia justified, “I believe that the majority of fellow women and I think the same. Who doesn’t like to see handsome men fight? How exciting!”


Song Jiajia was still a little excited as she thought about it.


Gu Yanshen coldly responded, “They’re not fighting for you.”


Song Jiajia: “……”



Le Hanfei chuckled impolitely, and Lu Wenxing smiled. Gu Yanshen was so cold that when he occasionally showed a “bad” disposition, it was shocking, which Lu Wenxing had understood after a long time.


At the first meeting, Gu Yanshen mocked him for entering the women’s room because of his improper remarks about “choosing a concubine”.


The second time they met, Gu Yanshen mocked him for going the wrong way and it was misunderstood by the director as two people who knew each other and he was led into the interview site.


After that, Gu Yanshen misled others and almost made the whole internet audience misunderstand that he liked pink.


There was also that time in front of the camera, Gu Yanshen’s ‘choose a concubine’ sneer, only Lu Wenxing knew that Gu Yanshen was retaliating against him.


Lu Wenxing gave Song Jiajia a sympathetic look.




“It’s ready.”


The staff was ready, when the director heard the assistant director’s voice, he picked up the speaker and started shouting, “Get ready to start.”


After the field notes hit the board, Gu Yanshen appeared in the monitor.


He was wearing a dark red robe, one hand covering the b-lood gushing out from his waist and abdomen, as he walked deeper into the dense forest.


Mo Xu was surrounded by the righteous sects one second, and the next second he landed in this strange place, he walked forward vigilantly until a boulder buried deep in his memory, familiar and unfamiliar, appeared in front of him.


Carved on it were the big words ‘Windless Valley’.


The great demon Mo Xu was suspicious and defensive.



At the sight of the place where he lived as a child, his first reaction was not nostalgia or emotion, but caution and careful to be on guard.


Then, he met Mo Xu, a teenager who was throwing stones at the river.


Lu Wenxing restored the scene of the novel, but he couldn’t do what was described in the novel. The stone jumped on the lake twice and sank.



The stones on the lake couldn’t be filmed in the distant view. Later, someone would be asked to specially make a close-up of the water drift. Lu Wenxing could continue to perform as long as he continued.



After hearing footsteps, Lu Wenxing turned around, and here the camera advanced and gave Lu Wenxing a close-up.


The hair of the teenager in the monitor was tied high with a blue hair band, he had a handsome face, sword eyebrows and starry eyes, he was pleasing to the eye, a beautiful young man.


The big devil frowned and stared quietly at the teenager.


“Who are you?” The teenager’s clear voice broke the silence.


In the background setting, the great devil escaped from the fire and came out with a face that was already different, he practised the healing art to cure the wounds on his face, but he no longer had the face he had as a teenager.


Therefore, the teenager couldn’t recognize the big devil, but the big devil knew that this was once him.


He didn’t say anything, and the teenager stood up and walked towards him curiously.



“How did you get in? There is a boundary in the valley, outsiders cannot easily break in.”


The deep-hearted great devil hadn’t figured out the reason, so he cautiously tested the ‘self’ in front of him.


“I am not an outsider.”


The young man frowned, his eyes fell on the wound on the waist and abdomen of the great devil, “But I’ve never seen you.”


“You have.”



Hearing these words, the teenager raised his eyebrows, only to see the man in front of him suddenly reveal a shallow smile, as he said word for word, “Because, I …… am you.”



The teenager smiled, completely tickled with interest, a wry look crossed his eyes, but his expression was curious.


“I don’t believe it, unless you can prove it to me.”

“When you’re in a good mood you like to sit here and play with rocks, when you’re in a bad mood you’ll practice your sword in the woods, you’ve stolen rabbits raised by the master, and ……”




The young man’s eyes were wide, of course he didn’t believe that there could be another him in the world, but what he just said was true, he didn’t want to hear embarrassing things about himself from the mouth of a stranger, so he interrupted the man, changed the subject and circled him.


“Although you can tell what happened to me when I was a child, it only proves that you have investigated in detail.” The youth took a step forward, “What are you doing here in our Windless Valley, and who told you to come?”



His stance was full, like a master of the house. “Windless Valley is isolated from the world, if not deliberately investigated, you must have ulterior motives, why did you find this place?”


The big devil looked solemn, “If you don’t believe me, I can still talk about other things.”


“Stay there.”


The man braced himself for vertigo, his face pale with blood loss as his lips moved slightly.


He knew what was going on, he had fallen into an illusionary formation someone had set up, it seemed very real.


Staring at the teenager in front of him, the man said, “I’m injured, you have to save me, or you will die too.”


He didn’t face the fear of death, but rather like a commanding officer, he was ordering the teenager.


The teenager snickered, “Do you think I’m a three-year-old?”


“If you die, I’ll still be alive and well.”


The great devil was in no hurry, he knew himself too well, even his old self, so he was sure that the teenager would save him. Not because he believed his words, but because, once upon a time, he was kind to the point of stupidity.


Even as he fell down, the man still looked calm.





“How about it, do you understand?” Director Wang turned to Le Hanfei, “Convinced?”


Le Hanfei clapped his hands, “I probably know where I lost.”


It wasn’t the acting skills.


It was the lack of thorough understanding of the role, or that he played ‘Mo Xu’ and Lu Wenxing as ‘Mo Xu’ presented two personalities.


Lu Wenxing’s Mo Xu was confident, bold and full of curiosity. He didn’t just act Mo Xu.


Mo Xu, who yearned for the outside world, would have great curiosity about outsiders, but he was definitely not cautious.


There was another point that Le Hanfei had to admit, Lu Wenxing’s appearance was also much closer to Mo Xu.



When Lu Wenxing was called to stop, he froze for a second, it was true that there was a big gap between acting and practising, also as Gu Yanshen said, the process of filming was enjoyable, but also a little … a little too short.




Gu Yanshen saw Lu Wenxing’s interest, he really didn’t misjudge the person, Lu Wenxing’s love for filming was definitely no less than his.


“Very interesting.” Lu Wenxing’s eyes shone brightly, “Thank you very much, Mr. Gu.”


Gu Yanshen raised his eyebrows, the corner of Lu Wenxing’s lips raised, and he half seriously and half jokingly said.



“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to audition and not giving up on me even when I refused you without knowing what was good for me.”


Gu Yanshen nodded, “Just a verbal thanks?”


“Actually, I wanted to invite Mr. Gu to dinner on the day of the audition, but Mr. Gu was busy with casting that day.”


“I’m not busy today.”


Lu Wenxing smiled, he turned to Gu Yanshen and asked very seriously.


“Then may I ask if Mr. Gu who isn’t busy can give me a chance to have dinner with you?”



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