After Lu Wenxing stepped down from the stage, Gu Yanshen calmy walked over, he knew he had found the right person, Lu Wenxing was perfect for this role, both in terms of costume and performance.



There was no trace of acting, his acting was natural or he really became ‘Mo Xu’ when he was on stage.



“It was a very good performance.” Gu Yanshen smiled faintly. “Shall I ask Sheng Chao to take you back?”



Lu Wenxing originally wanted to invite Gu Yanshen to have a meal, but hearing him say so, he knew he still had things to do.



“No, tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, I’m going back to B City for the New Year. See you next year for Weekend Without Limits.”



Gu Yanshen smiled, “The shooting of ‘Hundred Ghosts’ starts at the end of February, which is earlier than the start of ‘Weekend Without Limits’, why not see you at the set of ‘Hundred Ghosts’?”



“Then I’m looking forward to it.” Lu Wenxing smiled in response.



“I look forward to Mr. Gu’s ‘Mo Xu’ and the opportunity to work with Mr. Gu a second time.”



There were two auditions today, Director Wang and the producer were here for the auditions. Gu Yanshen and the assistant director in the next room were also watching the auditions, he was the investor of the film, naturally he had to pay attention.



Since the work had been divided, the progress would be much faster, and the auditions were recorded, if there were any problems, they could also use or watch the video to discuss.




When Lu Wenxing came out, he didn’t expect Qin Siyu to still be at the door, so he went up and said hello.



“You’re waiting for Sheng Chao?”



Qin Siyu: “I was waiting for you.”




“I saw you perform from the door just now, I didn’t expect you to act so well.”



“Thanks.” Lu Wenxing asked, “Do you need to ask something?”



“Yes.” Qin Siyu said, “Just now I was worried about affecting your state of mind, so I didn’t dare to chat with you much.”



“What is it?”



“Wenxing, are you and Wen Yu on good terms? I was watching Weekend Without Limits, and Wen Yu said that you two are friends.”



Lu Wenxing didn’t expect it to be this question, for a moment he didn’t know what to say, of course his relationship with Wen Yu wasn’t considered good, but the problem wasn’t with Wen Yu, it was with Lu Wenxing himself.



Qin Siyu thought that this question was difficult for Lu Wenxing, so she explained. “Sorry, it’s okay if it’s not convenient to answer, I just wanted to see Wen Yu.”



“You’re a fan of his?”



“No.” Qin Siyu shook her head.



“I think he looks a lot like a friend I knew when I was a kid, but I’m not sure. It’s okay, I’m just asking casually, you don’t have to take it to heart.”



Lu Wenxing didn’t pursue the question, Qin Siyu added, “You have something to do, go back first, I’ll wait here for Teacher Yansheng to come.”



“Okay, bye.”




Lu Wenxing went back to school to pick up his luggage before driving to Xie Chengfei’s school to pick him up.



Lu Wenxing had bought the car a few months ago, but he rarely drove, because parking spaces in C City were too difficult to find, many times it was more convenient to take a taxi, so he didn’t have to consider the parking problem.



When Lu Wenxing was arriving, he sent a text to Xie Chengfei.



After arriving at the entrance of the school, he saw him pushing a black suitcase, there were several girls standing around, laughing and talking to him.



After seeing Lu Wenxing’s car, Xie Chengfei pushed the suitcase and walked over. Lu Wenxing opened the trunk for him to put the suitcase.




“Fasten your seat belt.”




“Brother, what did you buy? There’s so much stuff in the trunk.”



“It’s not much, a New Year gift for Mrs. Lu and Mr. Xie.”




C City wasn’t far from B City, after a two-hour drive, they reached their destination.



Knowing that the two brothers were coming back, Mrs. Lu had prepared the ingredients early, just waiting for the two brothers to arrive so they’d have a reunion dinner.




The small town of B City was obviously filled with excitement for the New Year, and when the two arrived, Xie Nian was cleaning the yard.




“Dad.” Some distance away, Xie Chengfei began to shout.



“You’re back.”



A smile immediately appeared on Xie Nian’s face as he opened the courtyard door and let Lu Wenxing’s car drive in.



“Beautiful Mrs. Lu, your sons are back.”



Xie Nian shouted into the house, after a while Lu Xiaofei came out carrying a spatula, unable to hide the happiness on her face.




“Chengfei, Wenxing.”



The two people were embraced by Xie Nian and Lu Xiaofei and pulled into the house, “Are you hungry?”



“No, I’m not hungry.”



Seeing that her sons had arrived safely, Lu Xiaofei was in a very bright mood, “You’re tired from driving, right? I’ll ask your father to pour you a glass of water.”



“No, I’ll do it myself.” Lu Wenxing stood up, “I want to drink juice.”



“I’ll drink too, pour me a cup.” Xie Chengfei didn’t want to move once he sat on the sofa.



“Can’t you pour it yourself?” Mrs. Lu pinched Xie Chengfei’s slightly chubby cheeks quite comfortably.



“Hey! Mom, I’m going to be eighteen, yet you’re still pinching me like this, people will laugh at me.”



“What is there to laugh at? What’s wrong with me pinching my son’s face?”



Lu Wenxing poured three cups of juice and a cup of warm water for several people, the warm water was for Ms. Lu, her stomach wasn’t very good and she needed to avoid many things, basically she only drank warm water.



“Wenxing, is it fun recording a variety show? I think you have a good relationship with Gu Yansheng. Is your agent nice to you? You received such a good resource. ”



Lu Wenxing had always reported good news but not bad news, so he didn’t talk about his cancellation of the contract with Mang Cheng Entertainment. He just changed the subject with a few vague answers.



“Mrs. Lu, this is a beautiful outfit, it’s very elegant.”



Lu Wenxing and Xie Chengfei would occasionally follow Xie Nian’s example of shouting ‘Mrs. Lu’ and also follow Lu Xiaofei’s example of shouting ‘Mr. Xie’.






Lu Xiaofei stood up and turned around, “It was quite expensive, I couldn’t afford it. Your father said it looked good and had to buy it for me.”



Lu Wenxing and Xie Chengfei were used to the couple’s love show anytime and anywhere, Lu Wenxing saw Xie Nian still in the kitchen and got up to help.



Lu Xiaofei poked Xie Chengfei’s waist. “What happened to your brother?”



Xie Chengfei was bewildered, “What’s wrong?”



“In the past, when I ask him about work, he always answers in detail, but today he doesn’t seem to want to mention it. Is there something wrong with the job?”



Seeing Lu Xiaofei’s worried expression, Xie Chengfei shrugged helplessly, “Do you think brother will talk to me if something happens? But he went to a movie audition this afternoon, so there should be no problem with work.”




“Is that so?”




Lu Xiaofei looked suspiciously at Lu Wenxing who was helping Xie Nian cut fruits in the kitchen.



The next day, New Year’s Eve.



Lu Xiaofei and Xie Nian cooked a big table of New Year’s Eve dinner and urged Xie Chengfei and Lu Wenxing to come over to eat.



They ate happily, after dinner, the family sat on the sofa to watch the Spring Festival, then Lu Wenxing brought out the gifts he prepared.




“Happy New Year, Mom!” Lu Wenxing handed her two or three gift boxes.




“You child, I told you not to buy gifts. You are twenty years old, later on you have to get married and buy a house.”




“Mom, I made a lot of money from the variety show this time, after the New Year, I plan to buy an apartment in C City for you and Dad.”



“No, your father and I are used to living here.” Lu Xiaofei thought for a moment, “I heard that buying a house in a big city is expensive, so be careful not to be cheated.”



“I know.”



Lu Wenxing took another gift bag and handed it to Xie Nian, “Dad, Happy New Year.”



“You can just buy a gift for your mom, I don’t need it. I have to wear work clothes at work, it’s a waste to buy clothes for me.”



“Who says it’s a waste, you can wear it for the Chinese New Year.”



“What about me? What about me?” Xie Chengfei stared at the remaining bag, impatiently wanting to open it.



Lu Wenxing handed a white gift bag to Xie Chengfei, who was filled with joy as he opened …… the gift was inside the box gave him déjà vu.



The bag of rabbits that Song Jiajia gave to Lu Wenxing in “Weekend Without Limits” was packed in this box.



Looking at the neat litter of rabbits inside, Xie Chengfei’s smile froze.



“Why are you giving me this?”




He looked at Lu Wenxing in disbelief.



“Didn’t you say you liked it in my dorm last week?”




Xie Chengfei fell into silence, last week he went to Lu Wenxing’s dormitory and did compliment the rabbit dolls, but he was mocking Lu Wenxing.




When Lu Wenxing asked him if he liked it?



He deliberately opposed Lu Wenxing and said ‘yes’.




Now ……




This nest of rabbits became his New Year gift.




Xie Chengfei: “……”




So, Lu Wenxing didn’t understand his mockery?



Xie Chengfei still looked confused, he looked up at Lu Wenxing and found that the other was holding back his laughter, then he realized that he had been tricked, he clearly did it on purpose.



Lu Xiaofei saw the nest of rabbits and touched it in awe, “So cute. I wanted it so much when I watched the variety show.”



Xie Chengfei snatched it back, “This is my gift.”



“But you don’t like it?”



Xie Chengfei raised his head, “I didn’t say I didn’t like it.”




Lu Xiaofei deliberately let out an exaggerated “oh”, “Is it like that? You shouldn’t be so arrogant, to tell you the truth, you won’t get a girlfriend if you’re so arrogant. ”



“Mom, I’m not yet eighteen.”





“It isn’t that young, after the college entrance exams you can fall in love, your father and I met in college ……”




“OK OK OK. I know, I’ve heard your love history countless times, be nice to the single dogs at home.”



Lu Wenxing liked this warm picture, it seemed that the rabbits weren’t the wrong gift.



The rabbits were exactly the same as the ones given by Song Jiajia, but it wasn’t Song Jiajia’s. Whether he liked it or not, Lu Wenxing wouldn’t give someone else what was given to him.



He asked Song Jiajia for the rabbit purchase link and also placed an order for the same model.



“There’s more.”



Lu Wenxing had also wanted to tease Xie Chengfei, of course he didn’t just give him a bag of dolls for New Year’s gift.




“What is this?”




Xie Chengfei was a little wary. He was worried that Lu Wenxing would give him the set of gifts he received on the show.



The thought of a bunch of pink gifts made Xie Chengfei feel suffocated.



“Open it and take a look.”



Xie Chengfei took out from the bag, inside was a shoe box, he took out a pair of N sneakers, “Brother, where did you get it from?”



Although N’s sneakers wasn’t particularly a high luxury brand, new models were always difficult to buy.



“This pair of shoes has to be several tens of thousands.” Mrs. Lu had seen a relative’s child wear them.



“He’s just a high school student, is it necessary for him to wear such expensive sneakers?”



Lu Xiaofei didn’t understand boys’ fondness for shoes, but nevertheless, on Lu Wenxing’s birthday, Lu Xiaofei, who couldn’t afford to spend thousands on clothes, still asked her relatives’ family to bring Lu Wenxing a pair of sneakers worth 10,000.



“He won the first place again at the end of the year, so take it as a reward.” Lu Wenxing said.



“First place?”



“Mom, you don’t care about me at all. My brother even knows my grades, yet you haven’t even asked.”



Lu Xiaofei: “What’s wrong with that, you often get it anyway, it’s not something new. Your dad was also number one in his grade in high school, I thought he was great at the time ……”



Xie Chengfei: “……”



It wasn’t new if he took first place, but it was great that his dad took first place.



Wasn’t Mrs. Lu too biased?



The family chatted while watching the Spring Festival dinner, and occasionally teased each other.



The time passed quickly, it was almost past twelve o’clock, Lu Wenxing then remembered, he hadn’t sent New Year messages.




He went back to his room to get his phone, WeChat alerts rang out one after another, it should be from the WeChat group sending New Year wishes.



Lu Wenxing unlocked the screen and found there was a missed call, two hours ago.



The caller – Teacher Gu.



Lu Wenxing’s first reaction was to call back, but only after calling did he remember that it was about to be past twelve, and perhaps Gu Yanshen was with his family for New Year’s Eve.



He was about to hang up when he picked up the phone.






Lu Wenxing paused, “Teacher Gu, happy New Year’s Eve!”



“Hmm.” Gu Yanshen answered, “Lu Wenxing, congratulations!”



The only reason for Gu Yanshen to congratulate him was the audition for the casting yesterday.



“See you next year on the set of ‘Hundred Ghosts’.”



“Thank you, Teacher Gu.” Lu Wenxing was still quite surprised that he had got the role. “A casting decision so soon?”



“Yes, Director Wang was planning to make the notification after the New Year.”



“Then why did Teacher Gu tell me in advance?”



Lu Wenxing was particularly fond of and happy about the ‘New Year gift’ that Gu Yanshen suddenly gave him.



“Mr. Lu is so busy, if I don’t make an appointment in advance, I’m afraid you’ll run away.”




Lu Wenxing instantly lost his smile, “I won’t run, I’m looking forward …… to working with Teacher Gu.”



“I’m also looking forward to it.” The tone of the voice on the other end of the phone lightened.



“Lu Wenxing.”








Lu Wenxing subconsciously answered, and Gu Yanshen’s low voice came out from the phone.



“Did you hear that?”







“The sound of the second hand moving.”



–Tick, tick.



Lu Wenxing froze for a second, Gu Yanshen wasn’t at home on New Year’s Eve?



— Dang! Dang! Dang!





The clock struck zero.



Lu Wenxing heard it, the sound of the big bell ringing!



“Lu Wenxing.” Gu Yanwhen’s voice seemed to pass through the fireworks of ten thousand homes and landed in Lu Wenxing’s ears.



“Happy New Year!”






The sky of B-town exploded with fireworks, dazzling in the darkness of the night.



Lu Wenxing looked at the splendid fireworks, his voice softened along with it, he held the phone and responded.



“Happy New Year!”




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