C19— Invited Again

Bonus Chap
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The audition site for “Hundred Ghosts”.


Gu Yanshen went to the company in the morning and was called by Qin Yu in the afternoon. When he entered the room, there was an artist auditioning.


The presence of Gu Yanshen was too strong, once he walked in, the eyes that were focused on the artist all turned to Gu Yanshen.


He was wearing casual clothes today and took off the sunglasses hanging on the bridge of his nose after entering, his handsome features were immediately exposed, Qin Yu knocked on the table.


“What are you looking at him for? Continue.”


Gu Yanshen walked to Qin Yu’s left seat and sat down, then he looked at the artist who was still auditioning, Qin Yu gave him a list of names.


“The little friend you mentioned didn’t come?”


Gu Yanshen shook his head and added: “He will come.”


“I’m quite curious about your little friend, how can anyone reject you? I heard that when you recorded the variety show together, he also refused to do it. So this is the second time?”


Gu Yanshen: “So what, he still came.”


“Tsk.” Qin Yu lifted his chin, gesturing for Gu Yanshen to look towards the opposite side. “If you don’t get him here quickly, director Wang is going to give Le Hanfei the role.”


Gu Yanshen didn’t respond, so Qin Yu spoke again.



“You know the strength of Le Hanfei, right? Although he’s a newcomer, his acting skill is really good. He just won the latest outstanding actor award at the end of last year, and his new drama will be released soon, he’s expected to be nominated for the best lead role in the second half of the year.”


Gu Yanshen didn’t even raise his head, his expression remained calm.


“I’ve seen him in dramas, he does have some talent, but he’s lacking in experience and polish.”


“It’s not easy to get your praise, experience can be practiced, everyone starts as a newcomer.”


Gu Yanshen responded, “Hundred Ghosts will start shooting soon, Le Hanfei is on the rise, his agent has probably filled up his schedule for the year.”


Qin Yu raised his eyebrows in surprise.


“For the sake of your little friend, your investigation is quite detailed, you even know his schedule is full.”


“It’s just a reasonable guess.” Gu Yanshen paused and turned his head to Qin Yu, “Also, he’s twenty, not a child.”


“Heh, my nephew is only six years younger than me, you are seven years older than him, how is he not a child?”


Before Gu Yanshen could answer, Qin Yu got back to business.



“You guessed right, but you underestimated Director Wang’s position in the entertainment industry. Director Wang asked his staff to call and ask Le Hanfei’s agent if he would like to try, and his agent immediately agreed.”

Gu Yanshen wasn’t surprised to hear this. Director Wang was a veteran director, and his movies from ten years earlier were now classics. There were few artists who could participate in Director Wang’s films, they even auditioned for roles that had little scenes.


“When will he audition?”




Gu Yanshen didn’t explain, so Qin Yu couldn’t help but ask, “It’s been so many days yet he hasn’t called you, maybe he just doesn’t like filming.”


“No, he likes it.”


“How do you know?” Qin Yu looked at him suspiciously.


Gu Yanshen didn’t bother explaining.


He found out one night when they had finished recording an episode for the show.


At that time, director Wang sent him an electronic version of a part of the script revised by the writers, his computer wasn’t around, and the phone screen was too small and uncomfortable to look at, seeing that Lu Wenxing wasn’t using his tablet, he asked to use it.



Lu Wenxing didn’t say anything, he took out the tablet from the drawer and handed it to him.


But –


Lu Wenxing’s tablet wasn’t locked, so Gu Yanshen checked the tablet and saw some open tabs.


A note app.


There were a lot of notes about movies on it, as well as the perception and understanding of each movie, as well as the recording and analysis of each actor’s performance.



Gu Yan Shen didn’t open the app fully, regardless of Lu Wenxing not minding, in the end, it was his private matter. He just saw it by accident and removed it after his surprise faded.


The reason he was sure Lu Wenxing would call him was because of the notes he saw by accident.



He had repeatedly pulled pieces and records.


No matter what the reason was, at least Gu Yanshen felt that Lu Wenxing didn’t ‘dislike filming’ like he said.


The only thing was that Gu Yanshen was overconfident about his guesses and thought that Lu Wenxing would call him. As a result, several days had passed without even a single text.



Of course, he invited Lu Wenxing to audition, not because he paid attention to films or made notes.



Rather, he really felt that Lu Wenxing was suitable for the role.


“Hundred Ghosts” was a fantasy film, the female lead was Song Jiajia and the male lead was Gu Yanshen.

He was the biggest villain in the drama, the mastermind of all the conspiracies.


Although Gu Yanshen had done many movies and TV series, it was the first time he would act as a villain, so it was a new experience for him.


The villain didn’t care to k!ll to vent his anger, what he liked was playing with people’s hearts.


He locked up the intruders who claimed to be righteous together and set up an illusion to make them feel the despair of dying, and in despair, they resented each other and k!lled each other.

After being besieged, the villain fell deep in the illusion he set up. Then, he met his teenage self, when he was still a reckless and spontaneous, fearless, naive teenager full of aspirations for the future.


At first, the director asked him to play the two roles.


But Gu Yanshen read through the script several times, and then went to read the original book again and again. Finally, he made a suggestion to find a real teenager to play the role.


The director and screenwriter also repeatedly discussed, and finally decided that two people would be more contrasting.


The problem laid in the casting.


The director arranged an audition at that time, but no one was satisfied with the candidates.


For some reason, after listening to the director, he immediately thought of Lu Wenxing.


If it was Lu Wenxing then ……


Lu Wenxing was a junior this year, he was twenty years old, the image was consistent, as for how Lu Wenxing’s acting skills were, he also had to see his audition.



This was the first time Gu Yanshen had an idea of who to act with.


Gu Yanshen retrieved his thoughts and looked at the artist who was auditioning.


“He’s auditioning for Fox Ghost?”



“Right.” Qin Yu added: “The painted skin, the sprites and the judge have all been cast. A dozen of people have auditioned for the fox ghost, but Director Wang wasn’t satisfied.”


After that artist auditioned for the role, the director frowned slightly, his acting skills weren’t particularly good, but he had some redeeming features. Only ……



The artist also caught a glimpse of the director’s reaction and lowered his eyes somewhat lost, but he still bowed earnestly in gratitude.


Gu Yanshen suddenly spoke, “Have you seen the original “Hundred Ghosts”?”



The artist nodded, although the probability of this audition was hopeless, Gu Yanshen speaking to him still made him very surprised, his eyes brightened.


“I’ve read it. I really like the novel, so I read it five or six times.”



“Then try the mandrill.” Gu Yanshen finished speaking and added, “Any line will do.”



The artist’s eyes suddenly widened, he understood Gu Yanshen’s words, he thought he was more suitable for this role, and wanted to give him another chance.


The artist felt hit by this huge surprise, he was still a bit confused, after coming back to his senses he nodded fiercely.






In the evening, Gu Yanshen went back to the south city villa, it had been six months since he last visited.



As soon as he entered the door, the nanny greeted him and turned her head towards the second floor and shouted, “Mr. Gu is back.”



A few minutes later, Jiang Li walked down with an exquisite dress and high heels.


“Yanshen, you’re back.”


“Auntie Jiang.”

“Have you eaten? Should I get you something to eat?”


“No, I’ve eaten.” Gu Yanshen put down the large and small bags in his hand and handed her one of the small white gift bags, “New Year’s gift.”


“Yanning and my father’s are in that bag.”


In previous years it was the same, Gu Yanshen would go home early and bring gifts for each of them, but wouldn’t stay home for New Year’s Eve.


“You won’t be home for New Year’s again this year?” Jiang Li’s eyebrows furrowed, “Your father nagged about you today and asked me to call you. This afternoon Yanning had an incident in school, I was busy and I forgot.”


Gu Yanshen took off his jacket, “What happened to him?”


“He fought with someone.” Jiang Li sighed, “He locked himself in the room, he’s angry, and he’s saying he won’t eat.”


“I’ll call your father, he would have come back earlier if he knew you were back.”


“No need, I’ll leave soon.” Gu Yanshen’s tone was light, “I’m going up to see Yanning.”


Gu Yanshen carried the several bags of gifts for Gu Yanning and went upstairs, he first knocked on the door.


“I’m not eating, let me starve to death.”


Gu Yanshen: “I didn’t ask you to eat.”


A rustling sound came from the room, and after a while the door opened.

“Gu Yanshen, why are you back?”

Gu Yanshen pushed the gift bags into his arms, raised his hand and knocked his forehead, “It’s not the same thing.”


“Hehehe.” Gu Yanning held the gift bags and moved aside to let Gu Yanshen into the room, the he immediately locked the door, obviously not wanting Jiang Li to come in.


“Auntie Jiang said you fought with someone at school?”


Gu Yanning’s hand opening the gifts froze for a moment, his face immediately wrinkled up. “It’s not my fault. My mom is always stern and comes to lecture me every time, I obviously did a good deed.”


“Why did you fight?”


Gu Yanning looked angry, “That idiot bullied our classmate, I was just doing the right thing. Next time I see him, I’ll beat him up till his mother won’t even recognise him.”


“Your courageous act of righteousness is to fight violence with violence?” Gu Yanshen raised his eyebrow.


“I was angry, I didn’t want to fight with him at first, but that stupid person’s mouth is too stinky.”


“As a result, the school suspended you as punishment?”


Gu Yanning quickly complained.


“Brother, why are you and my mother like this? I did the right thing, my classmate was being bullied, shouldn’t I have helped? And it isn’t a punishment, he was also suspended, those stupid bully classmates were reported jointly, their punishment was recorded.”


Gu Yanning quickly continued.


“Anyway, the holiday starts in two days, I won’t have to go to classes anyway.”


“Gu Yanning, you’re already in your senior year.”


The most annoying thing to Gu Yanning was when people talked to him about his studies.


“I know that I can definitely get into a domestic university, C University recruits special art students, I plan to participate in independent admissions, I’m not wasting time, why don’t you guys believe me?”


Gu Yanshen looked at him in surprise, “If you have a plan, why don’t you tell Auntie Jiang?”


“My mother only knows to compare me with you, she’s never asked me what I like and what I want.”


Gu Yanning probably held it in for too long and so he eagerly spoke to Gu Yanshen.


“And Dad too, I don’t want to be an actor or go abroad to learn management. I’m not interested in managing the company at all.”


Gu Yanshen: “…it’s useless for you to talk to me, go talk to your dad.”


“He’s your father too.” Gu Yanning glared at him.



Gu Yanshen hadn’t entered Gu Yanning’s room for a long time, the posters of those female celebrities had all disappeared, that was why Gu Yanshen thought it was strange, Gu Yaning had never been a fan of a male star, Lu Wenxing was the first.


Moreover, when Gu Yanning liked a star, he would put their autographed photos on the room.


But Gu Yanning had bad eyes, after liking one, it didn’t take long before he moved on, last year, Gu Yanning had gone through six or seven stars, all female group members.


Not long ago, Gu Yanning also begged him for Lu Wenxing’s autograph, according to his past practice, he should have hanged the autographed photo on the wall, but he didn’t.


Hanging on the wall were several oil paintings.


“I remember you used to chase female stars, why do you suddenly like Lu Wenxing?”



“Secret.” Gu Yanning turned his head and pointed to the framed oil paintings on the wall, “My paintings are awesome, right?”


Gu Yanshen looked around and his eyes landed on a homo sapiens drawing that was out of place, there was a close-up of a man in a jersey shooting a basketball.


Gu Yanshen couldn’t help but look a few more, he knew Gu Yanning liked an anime character who could play basketball.


However, Gu Yanshen didn’t understand, but Gu Yanning’s friends posted fan made pictures every day, it was probably normal.


But this one in front of him looked extraordinarily familiar.



“This one was also drawn by you?”


Gu Yanning didn’t expect Gu Yanshen to ask. After all, Gu Yanshen wasn’t interested in paintings.


“I didn’t draw this one, it’s a draft I asked a fairy lady for.”


“Which one?”


“Brother why are you suddenly interested?” Gu Yanning was really curious.

“Just asking.”


“Oh.” Gu Yanning didn’t care, and turned to ask him. “Are you going to spend New Year’s Eve at home this year?”


“No, I’m almost ready to go.”


Gu Yanning felt a bit lost, “You’re leaving, huh?”






Tuesday afternoon.


Lu Wenxing was in his room packing his luggage, he was going to take Xie Qingfei back to B City tomorrow, and didn’t forget to remind Xie Qingfei to pack all the things he was going to bring in advance.


He called Mrs. Lu in advance and told her that he and Xie Chengfei were going back, he could hear Mrs. Lu’s happiness over the phone.


Lu Wenxing was also going to pick up some things before he went home, and also to prepare gifts for Ms. Lu.

Worried about forgetting something, Lu Wenxing opened the memo app and wrote it down one by one.


Just as he was writing, the phone rang.


It was an unfamiliar number, but Lu Wenxing answered the call.





“Hello.” At the other end of the phone came Gu Yanshen’s voice with an audible smile.


“Teacher Gu?”




“A little.”


Gu Yanshen asked straightforwardly, “Are you free this afternoon?”


Lu Wenxing froze for a second, he had to go out to buy something in the afternoon, so he said the truth. “No.”


Gu Yanshen felt a bit helpless, he didn’t know whether Lu Wenxing was telling the truth.



“Although this line is a bit like an ancient early idol drama, but you are really the first person who has rejected me three times in a row.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


He seriously thought about it.


First time, he refused the variety show.


The second time, refused to audition.


The third time, was now.


Lu Wenxing could only seriously explain, “I really have something to do this afternoon.”


“Then are you free tonight?”




Gu Yanshen was both helpless and amused, it was the first time he had this kind of worry of being rejected. Hearing the desired answer, Gu Yanshen breathed a sigh of relief, and his teasing voice came through the microphone.


“Then … excuse me, Mr. Lu, who is very busy.”


“Can I ask you out?”





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