C15—- Breaking The Can

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What kind of shameful lines were these?


Lu Wenxing suspected that the viewer who suggested this task should be a fan of dog blood novels.


“Can I draw again?” Lu Wenxing asked tentatively.




It was the expected answer, but Lu Wenxing still found it difficult to accept, the calmness before drawing the task no longer existed, he was left raw.


He didn’t have a shy nature, but he couldn’t stand such shameful lines. But, if it was someone familiar to Lu Wenxing, such as Wei Ze or Lu Wenxing’s roommates, this would be an extremely simple task.


But the target was Gu Yanshen ……


Lu Wenxing thought to himself: it would be better to let him perform an in-situ explosion.


“Can I exchange tasks?” Lu Wenxing’s gaze shone, staring straight at Zhou Zitong.


Zhou Zitong looked wary, he didn’t want to say such lines in front of the whole network.


Wen Miao looked at Lu Wenxing with a smile, “Wenxing, do you want to switch with me.”


It wasn’t easy to get Song Jiajia to practice yoga without being deliberately guided by her, but it was really easy for her to say that line to Song Jiajia.

Lu Wenxing hadn’t said anything, when Zhou Zitong spoke, “How? Sister Jia doesn’t have abs. ”


“Sister Jiajia has a V line, it also counts as abs, right?”


Zhou Zitong: “But can you imagine the picture of Brother Shen doing yoga?”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


Wen Miao: “…… I just said it casually, no need to be so serious.”


Although Wen Miao was joking, the director still felt the need to emphasize, “No exchange of tasks. Please complete your tasks as required by noon tomorrow.”


“Wait, I have a question.” Wen Miao looked amused, “Is it okay for Wenxing to just say this line in front of Mr. Gu? Or does he really need to touch it?”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


Zhou Zitong’s eyes widened, he was also curious, “When Brother Shen filmed ” Re-entry “, he showed his eight pack, it should be quite hard.”


Wen Miao let out an exaggerated “wow”, “Wenxing, is this a task? This is clearly fan welfare ah! I can already imagine, after the show is broadcast, the comments will be filled with screaming chickens.”


Fan welfare?


Lu Wenxing looked at her expressionlessly, “Do you want me to give it to you?”


“No, no need.” Wen Miao immediately put away her smile.


Just kidding, this was Gu Yanshen, even if she had a thief’s heart, she didn’t have the courage.




After Lu Wenxing returned to the room, Gu Yanshen was already lying on the bed playing with his phone.


Listening to the familiar background music, Lu Wenxing knew he was playing the animal rearing game again, looking at Gu Yanshen who knew nothing and even had the leisure to play a game, Lu Wenxing couldn’t help but sigh.


“What’s wrong?”


As soon as Gu Yanshen raised his head, he saw Lu Wenxing standing in the same place.




Lu Wenxing closed the door of the room, took off his jacket and hung it in the closet, then he took out the pajamas he had changed out of.


“It’s very late, still not sleeping?”


“I’ll sleep.” Gu Yanshen answered.


His tiger cub had gone to bed, he turned off the game and put the phone on the side, when he looked up he saw Lu Wenxing taking off his shirt.


Gu Yanshen: “……”


Lu Wenxing’s back was to him, his back curve was beautiful, and his skin was smooth and white.


As Gu Yanshen breathed in and out, Lu Wenxing had already worn his pajamas and turned his head to meet his gaze.


“What?” Lu Wenxing asked.

“… Nothing.” Gu Yanshen withdrew his gaze, “Go to bed early, good night.”


“Good night.”


The next day, in the morning.


Gu Yansgen was once again awakened by Lu Wenxing’s alarm clock.


The two of them had been living together for four nights plus the recording of the first episode. Gu Yanshen bizarrely found that he had gotten used to this disturbing little alarm clock, and even naturally got out of bed and grabbed the little rooster that tried to slip away.


Pressing the red button, the beeping sound abruptly stopped and the bedroom returned to silence.


Lu Wenxing rolled over, bracing himself as he lifted his eyelids, Gu Yanshen was already walking to the bathroom. He yawned and wanted to wait for Gu Yanshen to come out of the bathroom before getting up, but he ended up falling asleep again.


After Gu Yanshen was all dressed up, Lu Wenxing still showed no sign of waking up, so he walked up and shook him awake.



“Lu Wenxing, get up.”


“No.” The more Lu Wenxing slept, the more confused he became, and even pushed a hand in front of him, “I won’t look.”


Gu Yanshen: ????


He was talking in his sleep?


“I also have …… I don’t want to touch.”

Gu Yanshen always thought that people only dreamt at night, yet he was still dreaming when he couldn’t afford to stay in bed.

He was a little curious about what Lu Wenxing dreamt of and what he didn’t want to touch?




A knock on the door interrupted Gu Yanshen’s inquiry, so he walked over to open the door.


“Teacher Gu, good morning!”


The person outside the door was Wen Yu, he wore a white down jacket today, showing off his gentle temperament.


“Good morning.”


“Isn’t Wenxing up yet?”


Gu Yanshen looked at the camera man who intended to follow Wen Yu in, “Awake, he’s showering.”

“Then isn’t my mission a failure?” Wen Yu lowered his head, leaving the camera with a side view that accentuated his regret.




“Ah, yes.” Wen Yu rubbed his nose in embarrassment, “I had a task to wake you up today, but I ended up sleeping late and you all woke up by yourselves.”


“We’ll be downstairs in a moment.” Gu Yanshen didn’t have the intention to let Wen Yu inside.


Wen Yu was also smart and replied in a cooperative manner. “Okay, then I’ll go downstairs and wait for you guys.”


Before closing the door, Gu Yanshen heard Wen Yu start speaking to the camera.


“Lu Wenxing.” Gu Yanshen returned to the bed and directly pulled Lu Wenxing up from the bed, “It’s time for work.”



Lu Wenxing sat up, and as soon as Gu Yanshen let go, he laid down propped up, not wanting to get up.


It was almost half past eleven when they returned to the B&B yesterday. After taking a bath in turn, Lu Wenxing went downstairs. They probably went to bed after twelve o’clock.


It was 8: 30 in the morning, so the rest was absolutely sufficient, but why was Lu Wenxing this sleepy?


In desperation, Gu Yanshen could only use his killer move, he sent the little rooster on the field.


He didn’t put the little rooster on the ground, but held it in his hand, timed it and held it as it rang.


One minute later.


Lu Wenxing rubbed the corners of his eyes and sat up by his body memory. Gu Yanshen understood that it was useless for him to try to wake Lu Wenxing. It was only useful for this rooster to crow. Although he didn’t want wake up, he was already up.


“Don’t scream, Daddy is here.” Lu Wenxing lifted the blanket, opened his eyes with difficulty, and then –


Saw Gu Yanshen’s cold and handsome face.


Lu Wenxing: “……”


The two looked at each other for a second, Lu Wenxing completely woke up. After reflecting on what he had said, his ears went red and hot, he blinked and looked at Gu Yanshen with an innocent expression.


Gu Yanshen: “……”




Lu Wenxing sat upright and nodded his head obediently, like a little student being lectured.


“Go wash up first.”


Ten minutes later.


The fully dressed Lu Wenxing appeared in front of Gu Yanshen, wearing a down jacket, jeans underneath and sneakers on his feet, he had a clear youthful aura.


As the two went downstairs, several other people were already sitting at the dining table sharing the breakfast sent by the program team.


Seeing Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen walk over, Wen Yu smiled faintly, “It’s still hot, come and eat.”


“We’ll record in the B&B this morning, so feel free to take it as a relaxed activity.”


Li Xiangming looked at the director in surprise, a bit in disbelief, “No assignment today?”


“No.” The director denied it quickly as he sat among the staff and enjoyed the leisurely morning time with them.

“I can’t believe there is no mission, why am I unconvinced?” Li Xiangming looked at the artists at the table in amazement.


“It’s not going to be a hidden mission again, right?”


Song Jiajia’s eyebrows raised high, she really disliked hidden tasks, the task itself was already difficult, for hidden tasks, she wouldn’t even know what the task was, but she’d have to do it.


Gu Yanshen wasn’t affected, he slowly and methodically ate breakfast, Li Xiangming looked at him, “Brother Shen, why aren’t you worried ah?”


“Worried about what?”


“The hidden mission!” Li Xiangming took a sip of soy milk, “I hope it’s not an odd mission.”


They discussed the hidden mission, but the three people sitting across from them, all had different thoughts, thinking about how to complete yesterday’s mission.


“There’s nothing to worry about.” Zhou Zitong had already finished his breakfast and was planning to start his mission challenge. “We’re all sitting here, there’s definitely a task to be completed together, isn’t that right Wenxing?”


“Huh?” Lu Wenxing, who was burying his head in breakfast, reacted half a beat slower as he took a sip of his soup and responded in a cooperative manner.


Li Xiangming didn’t hear Zhou Zitong’s other meaning, but both Wen Miao and Lu Wenxing understood that Li Xiangming was indirectly leading.


Originally, Wen Miao, who had no plans, immediately felt blessed, and didn’t consider continuing breakfast.

“Eh, there are dumbbells here.” Wen Miao’s tone was very straightforward, “It’s good to exercise after eating.”


Wen Miao lifted the dumbbells and started working out, under the differing gazes of several people, in less than a minute’s time, she …… couldn’t lift it anymore.


Lu Wenxing and Zhou Zitong almost laughed out loud.


Wen Miao finished with the dumbbells and started moving her legs again, “It’s been a long time since I stretched.”


“What’s wrong with her?” Song Jiajia was confused. “Miaomiao don’t, really, you just ate steamed buns.”


“I’m not as standard in weight management as Sister Jiajia, so I have to work out for a while.”


Song Jiajia:???


Was this how?


Looking at Wen Miao’s exaggerated movements, Song Jiajia stood up, “Let me teach you a few.”


Wen Miao snapped back, her face overflowing with the smile of ‘about to win 30 million’, “Really? Sister Jiajia, you are really a good person.”


Song Jiajia: “……” There’s no need to send a nice guy card like that, really.


Lu Wenxing and Zhou Zitong looked at each other, how could they expect Wen Miao to be so fast?


“Sister Jiajia.” Lu Wenxing opened his mouth and interrupted Song Jiajia who was about to demonstrate to Wen Miao.


“What’s wrong?”


“Ah, that ……” Lu Wenxing went through all the words he could think of in his head, nothing was a suitable excuse, so he kicked the ball to Zhou Zitong.


“Zitong said that he really likes the drama you’re in and wanted to take the opportunity to discuss it with you during his free morning.”

Zhou Zitong:????


“Ah yes, what Wenxing said.” Zhou Zitong immediately picked up the conversation.


“Sister Jiajia, you guys can talk later, I need you.” Wen Miao looked at Lu Wenxing and Zhou Zitong angrily.


“What are you three doing? This is such a strange morning.” Li Xiangming also realised something was wrong.


“Yes?” Zhou Zitong gave an awkward smile and forced an explanation, “Because, because the recording of this episode will soon end, I feel a bit reluctant.”


Zhou Zitong thought about it all night yesterday and couldn’t figure out how to get Li Xiangming to sing “My Good Brother”.


Lu Wenxing was no less attached to the task than the two of them, so much so that last night’s dream was full of Gu Yanshen ……’s abs.


His task was actually much simpler than Zhou Zitong’s and Wen Miao’s, as long as he overcame his shame and said it.


Lu Wenxing encouraged himself, he took a deep breath, “Teacher Gu.”


Zhou Zitong and Wen Miao looked at Lu Wenxing with nervous eyes. If Lu Wenxing said it, they would lose.

The two people looked at Lu Wenxing nervously, only to see Lu Wenxing walk to Gu Yanshen, he faltered for a while, before finally opening his mouth.


“Teacher Gu …… you work out a lot, right?”

Zhou Zitong: “……”

Wen Miao: “……”


Gu Yanshen nodded and waited for Lu Wenxing to continue, but then there was nothing.


Gu Yanshen: “……?”


Seeing that Lu Wenxing had no intention to speak, Wen Miao and Zhou Zitong laughed a few times and mocked him mercilessly, “Wimp Lu.”


“What are you three playing at?”


Wen Miao gave Lu Wenxing an inexplicable nickname, making Song Jiajia more curious, and she was sure that Zhou Zitong and Wen Miao were the ones who knew.


“Does Wenxing have something to say to Brother Shen?”


Wen Miao didn’t expect her teammate to suddenly start assisting, she immediately put down the jump rope in her hand and pulled Song Jiajia, “Sister, didn’t you say you wanted to teach me?”


Song Jiajia’s curiosity was aroused, how could she have the heart to teach anything? She was dying of curiosity, “Wenxing, quickly say it!”


Li Xiangming watched for half a day before joining the chat, “Wenxing, you’re a man, but you’re squirming like a young boy in love, who’s shy to confess.”


Lu Wenxing: “…………”


After Li Xiangming spoke, the atmosphere became more awkward.


In this bizarre atmosphere, Lu Wenxing wanted to dig a hole to bury himself.


Gu Yanshen raised his eyes to look at Lu Wenxing, his tone was calm, “Don’t listen to them, what do you want to say?”


“I ……” Lu Wenxing only felt his hot face, with the gaze of the crowd on him, he gritted his teeth, and straightened his stance.


He tilted his head, topped with a death-defying look, and once again took a deep breath.


“I, can I touch your abs?”


Li Xiangming: “!”


Song Jiajia: “!”


Gu Yanshen: “……?”

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