C14— Exploding In Place

“Ahhhhhhh! Wenxing is too good at it, isn’t he? With the flying kiss and the roses.”


“What a mistake! Brother Xiangming and I only know how to sing, Wenxing has a lot of tricks, also, Wen Yu, didn’t he say he could singer? Why did he also dance!” Wen Miao complained to Song Jiajia.


Li Xiangming nodded approvingly, “Hidden too deep, Wen Miao and I went to see them rehearse in the afternoon, but they didn’t let us.”


Speaking of this, Li Xiangming felt remorseful, “I was going to lose my jacket, so I hesitantly got off the stage.”


When the three groups finished their performances, the program staff pretended to be waiters to collect roses from the audience.


Lu Wenxing didn’t take the stairs to get off the stage, he flipped over and jumped off the stage, and Wen Yu followed suit.


“Why did you come over here?” Lu Wenxing was a little surprised.


Gu Yanshen spoke in the same tone of voice Lu Wenxing used earlier.


“Don’t forget to watch your teammate’s performance later.”


This was what Lu Wenxing said to Gu Yanshuang when he left the bar, which was originally a half-joking remark.


The bar was directly opposite the stage, and Gu Yanshen could actually see the performance on stage while standing there, but he still chose to go through the crowd and squeeze into the front row.


Lu Wenxing smiled, “Your teammate performed well, right?”


Gu Yanshen showed a shallow smile and hummed softly in response.


It was almost the end of the task. Several people had gone backstage, Lu Wenxing put some flowers into box number three, which was noticed by the sharp-eyed Wen Miao.

“Xiao Wen, what are you doing! Quickly stop, did you see, he voted for himself.”


Several people turned their heads to see Wen Yu walking away from the third box, when Lu Wenxing brought the roses, he followed, he didn’t expect to be caught by Wen Miao.


“Cheat cheat cheat! Did you guys get the shot?” Wen Miao asked the camera man behind him.


“When Wenxing brought the roses, you stood by and tried to confuse us. Fortunately, I was sharp-eyed.”

“Xiao Wen, how can you be so bad! This isn’t right.” Song Jiajia said righteously, while turning around and throwing the roses in box three into her box.


At once, several people began to grab the flowers, the director didn’t stop them, letting the camera men record their actions.


Good guys!


Some people were superficially first-rate superstars, but behind the scenes they were still stealing flowers.


A few camera men forcibly held back their laughter to the point that they almost couldn’t hold the cameras.


In the end, the director didn’t announce the results, which was related to tomorrow’s punishment.


After returning to the B&B, Lu Wenxing received a text message from the director, asking him to go downstairs alone and not to let Gu Yanshen know that the program was looking for him.


Lu Wenxing put away his tablet, he guessed that there was a hidden task, so he casually made an excuse to go downstairs.

Wen Miao and Zhou Zitong were already waiting on the first floor, and should have received the same text message from the program as Lu Wenxing.


Seeing Lu Wenxing come down, Wen Miao said, “I thought it was just me and Zitong, but it turns out you were also called.”




The three people’s phones rang one after another, it was a text message from the director.


[Please gather at the studio on the first floor.]


The three looked at each other after reading the text message, then Wen Miao asked in confusion, “Why is it so mysterious?”


“Let’s go and take a look.”


Lu Wenxing led the way to the room with the ‘Studio’ sign.


He knocked on the door first, but no one answered.


“Does it mean that we should go in directly?” Wen Miao asked uncertainly.


“I think so, Wenxing, push the door.”


Lu Wenxing turned the door handle and pushed the door open, there was no one else in the house, only a camera and projector.


As soon as the three entered, the projection on the wall began to play.


“Three guests, good evening.” It was the director’s voice.


“After the last show was aired, the audience responded very well and made valuable comments, and they wanted to join the planning for this challenge.”


“What do you mean?”


Zhou Zitong shook his head towards Wen Miao, Lu Wenxing didn’t speak, waiting for the director to continue.


“This episode has added audience participation, next you will get the tasks given by the audience.”


“Meaning, our challenge isn’t arranged by the director, we have to complete the tasks given by the audience?”


The three of them looked at each other, feeling that it wouldn’t be a simple task.


“The audience has left messages in the background with different tasks, you just need to choose one of them.”


“We each have to choose one? Or do we cooperate to complete a task?” Lu Wenxing asked.


“Each person takes a task, the group that finishes first gets thirty points, the second twenty points, and the third ten points.”


Wen Miao: “What about those who don’t complete the task?”


“Ten points will be deducted from the team that doesn’t complete the task.”


Wen Miao: “……”


Zhou Zitong: “…how can points be so easily deducted!”


The two cried, they were still immersed in the shadow of the twenty points deducted because of Lu Wenxing the day before.


“Is there a time limit for the task?” Lu Wenxing always asked the key points.

“Yes, it has to be completed before the total score is calculated, that is, at the latest at noon tomorrow, if it goes beyond the time limit, it will be recorded as incomplete, and this score will be added to today’s challenge votes.”


“Ladies first! Wen Miao goes first.” Zhou Zitong took a step back and left the position to Wen Miao.


“I’m not ready, it’s better for Wenxing to go first.”


Lu Wenxing: “…rock-paper-scissors.”


“Winner or loser first?”


“Winner first.”


After a few games, the winner was finally gotten, Zhou Zitong was the first to go forward to choose a task.


“How do I choose?”


“The projection will scroll through the nicknames of the viewers, you can call ‘stop’ at any time, and for the viewer who is selected, the task they mention is the challenge task you have to complete.”


“Are you ready?”


Zhou Zitong took a deep breath, “Let’s begin.”


The three people stared at the scrolling screen on the projection, the speed was so fast that it was impossible to see the nicknames, after ten seconds or so Zhou Zitong shouted stop.


The screen showed a nickname.


“Zhou Zitong, please listen carefully to your task. Any questions can be raised, failure to complete the task as required due to your own reasons will be considered a mission failure.”


“Your task is ……” The director paused for a few seconds, and Zhou Zitong’s whole heart hung in the air….


“Without deliberate guidance, let your partner sing ‘My Good Brother’ to you in front of the screen. It has to be vocal and emotional, and at least four lines must be sang to pass the task.”


Wen Miao didn’t hold back her laughter, the three of them were on the verge of a big fight, but it turned out to be such a task?


Zhou Zitong was confused for a moment, afraid that he didn’t hear the requirements correctly, he hurriedly asked again, “How can it be considered not deliberate?”


Director: “You cannot directly say the name of the song for the other person to sing, nor can you sing the lyrics yourself for the other person to pick up, and you can’t hum the melody.” The director finished and added, “Writing is also not allowed.”


“How can I get Brother Xiangming to sing to me if I can’t say anything?”


Zhou Zitong instantly collapsed, intending to negotiate with the director to reduce the difficulty of the task. But the director didn’t give him a chance, and swiftly called out Wen Miao’s name.


Wen Miao stood forward, and since it wasn’t a serious task, she wasn’t that tense. “Begin.”


The nicknames on the screen began to scroll, “Stop.”


Wen Miao folded her hands, hoping that the task she drew was normal.


“Wen Miao, without deliberate guidance, have your partner do yoga in front of the camera and complete at least one movement that holds for more than ten seconds.”


Wen Miao: ????


“No, who would do yoga in public? Or when recording a show.”


“That’s your problem.” The director was ‘iron-faced’ and didn’t favor any one.


“You can’t directly ask the other person to do yoga, and in any case, you can’t actively bring up issues related to ‘yoga’.”


“Can’t bring it up voluntarily, meaning if it’s mentioned by Jiajia, I am allowed to answer it, right?”


The director didn’t answer and emphasized again, “In short, you can’t deliberately lead.”


As the two people tried to figure it out, Lu Wenxing had already thought of how they could ‘not deliberately’ guide their partners, but it was impossible for Lu Wenxing to give them advice.


He wasn’t worried about this kind of task, it was too easy for him, if he couldn’t ‘not deliberately’ guide, then he could indirectly guide.


Lu Wenxing was full of confidence and walked to the screen without any burden, “Start.”


The screen began to scroll, less than two seconds Lu Wenxing shouted stop.


Wen Miao and Zhou Zitong couldn’t worry about their own tasks, and pricked up their ears to listen to Lu Wenxing’s task more carefully than they listened to their own.


The two of them were convinced that if they couldn’t complete their task, they would hinder Lu Wenxing’s task.


They all had their own thoughts, Lu Wenxing looked calm and relaxed, he even urged the director, “What is my task?”


The director was silent for a while, making Lu Wenxing wonder if the equipment had malfunctioned.


“Lu Wenxing’s task is…please look at the big screen.”


Lu Wenxing:?


Why was it so mysterious?


He couldn’t say his mission?


The three people were bewildered and looked up at the big screen, and a few seconds later, a line appeared on the blank screen.

— “Can I touch your abs?”


Lu Wenxing:?


Wen Miao was confused for a moment, and after reacting, she laughed out loud nonchalantly.


“Weird, no wonder the director didn’t read it, this line makes me feel weirdly embarrassed.”


The director coughed lightly, “Lu Wenxing, please say this line on the screen to your partner in front of the camera.”

They wanted him to ask Gu Yanshen in front of the entire network audience.


“Can I touch your abs?”


Lu Wenxing: “…………”

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