C13—- Hands Have A Fragance

 ”Our guest has arrived, please welcome him with a sense of anticipation.”

The director had just finished speaking when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll go and open the door.” Wen Min got up and walked towards the door, “Wow!”

Hearing Wen Min’s exclamation, several people followed and turned around.

“It’s Wen Yu!”

“Eh, is the guest a regular?”

“Let’s welcome Wen Yu.” The director took the lead and clapped his hands twice.

Wen Yu’s appearance was quite surprising.

They all thought that the guests were changed every episode, but Lu Wenxing wasn’t too surprised, he heard Gu Yanshen last night, the guests would be changed every two episodes, the recording location too.

The location of the third recording hadn’t yet been determined, but it wouldn’t be in G City.

“Hi, how come you all seem disappointed?” Wen Yu said half-jokingly as he looked at their surprised expressions.

“Welcome Xiao Wen.” Song Jiajia clapped after the director and said to Wen Yu. “It’s no fun for Xiao Wen to be in a group with Brother Shen for two episodes, want to come to our group?”

Song Jiajia tried to dig the wall, in her opinion the more people in her team, the better their chances of winning.

“Start grabbing him ah!” Li Xiangming saw Song Jiajia wasn’t polite, so he also issued an invitation to Wen Yu, “Come to our group ah, us two brothers will take you to the winners’ spot.”

“I’m looking forward to being in a group with Wenxing.” With a smile, he continued, “I was sad that I couldn’t partner with Wenxing in the last episode because he was ill. I didn’t expect to receive an invitation from the program team for this episode, so I’ll cherish this opportunity.”

The two of them were facing each other, Wen Yu’s smile seemed very warm.

“Wenxing is very popular.”

“Xiao Wen and Xingxing are friends, of course their relationship should be better.”

Song Jiajia couldn’t resist making trouble when she was idle, she turned her head and asked, “Wenxing, who do you want to partner with more, Wen Yu or Yanshen?”

Lu Wenxing: “…they are both my partners now.”

Song Jiajia didn’t listen to his official answer, “I wanted to team up with you, Brother Shen didn’t agree, I want to invite Wen Yu to team up, and Wen Yu wants to be with you. If you can only choose one person between Yanshen and Wen Yu, then who do you choose?”

“Wow! Sister Jiajia is asking a bold question.”

Hearing Song Jiajia’s question, Gu Yanshen raised his head to look at Lu Wenxing, he knew that Lu Wenxing wouldn’t fall into the pit dug by Song Jiajia, but he was also curious about what Lu Wenxing would say.

With the attention of several people on him, Lu Wenxing had no psychological burden. “I choose Teacher Gu.”

As his clear voice fell, the people present were stunned, Gu Yanshen was also a bit surprised.

He thought Lu Wenxing would give a compromising answer, or wouldn’t answer positively, but he didn’t expect Lu Wenxing to answer so bluntly.

“Why?” Song Jiajia asked again.

“Because without Mr. Gu, I wouldn’t have had the chance to be on this show.”

“Oh~” Song Jiajia deliberately stretched the word, the director looked at the hilarity and kicked the ball back to Lu Wenxing, “Just because of gratitude?”

This question wasn’t easy to answer, because no matter how he answered it, it would seem ambiguous.

“Indeed, I have to thank Mr. Gu for not only giving Wenxing a chance, but also giving me a chance.”

The person who spoke was Wen Yu, and he interjected skillfully, expressing his gratitude as well as relieving Lu Wenxing from the situation, taking the crowd’s eyes away from Lu Wenxing.

He wasn’t expecting Wen Yu to help him, Lu Wenxing was a bit surprised, as he turned his eyes to look at him, Wen Yu caught his gaze and smiled at him.

“It seems that Xiao Wen and Xingxing are really close, he’s so eager to help Xingxing out.”

“Xiao Wen mentioned it last time, he and Wenxing are friends.”

“That’s nice eh, good friends can still work together on the show.”


MY Music Bar.

“There are so many people today.”

Chen Li received the news of her promotion today, and as soon as she got off work, she couldn’t wait to celebrate with her best friends at the bar.

“Are there three ladies in your table?”

“Yes.” Chen Li answered and received a rose from the waiter.

“There is a competition in the store today, and roses can be given to the singer you like.”

“Is it a PK competition between singers?”

“Yes.” The waiter gave each person a rose, “Today there will be three groups of contestants, the roses in the hands of the young ladies represents a vote, giving the rose to the singer you like can help them score a point.”

Chen Li often came to this bar with her girlfriends, but this was the first time she ran into a PK competition, so she was excited.

She pulled her friends inside, “Let’s sit in front, maybe we’ll see a handsome little brother.”

At 9:30 p.m., MY bar was getting more and more customers.

According to the program’s requirements, one person from each group would perform on stage, while the other pretended to be a waiter.

Lu Wenxing’s group had the help of Wen Yu, so the two of them decided to perform together on stage, while Gu Yanshan chose to play the waiter to canvass for votes.

The waiters also had a scoring criteria, they would carry scoring machines, the customers they served could give them a score, with the final scores and the votes of their teammates added together, the highest scoring group would win.

Today’s customers weren’t people invited by the program, but guests of the bar. In order not to expose their identities, all staff members were wearing masks, covering half of their faces.

In addition, the bar was dimly lit and the music was loud, so it wouldn’t be so easy to be recognized by the customers.

Lu Wenxing was the last one to go on stage and was in no hurry to get ready, there was still time to go around the venue to look for Gu Yanshen.

He went around the guest area and didn’t see Gu Yanshen dressed as a waiter. After looking at the waiters in uniform clothes and wearing the same mask, Lu Wenxing wondered if he had passed him.

“Xiao Zhen said she was at the bar, let’s go there, there’s a new bartender who’s extremely handsome!”

“Isn’t he wearing a mask? How does she know he’s handsome?”

“She took a video, he seems so elegant, and his bartending skills are really attractive!”

Hearing this, he also walked towards the direction of the bar, as he got there, the bar was surrounded by a circle of people.

There were three waiters standing in the middle, and Lu Wenxing immediately recognized Gu Yanshen.

He was tall and had an outstanding temperament, even if he covered half of his face, he could still see the handsome outline.

His long and slender fingers clasped the crystal glass, the wine in the glass clinged to the wall of the glass, with Gu Yanshen’s movements, it gently swayed.

Lu Wenxing walked closer and saw a girl cover her cheeks and ask shyly, “Can you mix a drink for me too?”

“Yes, what do you want to drink?”

“I want a cup of ‘Not going home tonight’.”

Gu Yanshen’s voice was low and mellow, “That one has a very high percent, it isn’t recommended.”

The girl took her friend’s hand and replied in a small voice, “No, it’s okay. I won’t drink it, I just want to see you mix it.”

Gu Yanshen didn’t say anything else and poured four base liquors into the low cup.

Several people had taken out their phones and started recording, the girls didn’t know much about drinks, they just thought he looked very powerful.

Lu Wenxing had had a part-time job in a bar, so he immediately recognized the base spirits mixed together, which were whiskey, tequila, white rum and Galliano, each with forty percent or more.

The ‘not going home tonight’  was at least sixty to seventy percent, not to mention the girls, if boys drank it, they also couldn’t go home.

But what surprised Lu Wenxing wasn’t that Gu Yanshen could mix drinks. But he mixed them without using a measuring cup, pouring it directly into the glass, which required a very accurate estimate.

 After mixing the base liquors together, Gu Yanshen picked up the lighter and lit around the wall of the glass. Pouring the wine from the lowball glass into the cocktail glass, the blue flame trickled into the glass along with the drink.

The blue-orange flame pulsated on the mouth of the glass, causing the girls to shriek in awe.

Gu Yanshen didn’t push the glass to the girls, but put it on the bar for them to take pictures.

Seeing Lu Wenxing coming over, Gu Yanshen lifted his eyes and looked straight at him, “What do you want to drink?”

Lu Wenxing didn’t need to pretend to be a waiter, he was wearing a suit for his performance, and he was wearing the same mask as Gu Yanshen, like a little prince attending a masquerade ball.

Hearing Gu Yanshen ask, Lu Wenxing smiled and his clear voice rang out, “I’m too nervous to participate in the competition later, is there anything that can ease my nervousness?”

Inspired by the atmosphere of the scene, Lu Wenxing subconsciously blurted out.

Gu Yanshen’s hand paused for a moment, and then he withdrew his gaze.

“Wait a moment.”

One of the girls standing in front of the bar asked him excitedly, “Are you a contestant in today’s competition?”

“Yes, I’m number three. If you like my performance, remember to vote for me with the roses in your hand.”

One of the girls half-jokingly asked Lu Wenxing, “Does little brother have a girlfriend? Can I add you on a WeChat? I’ll throw you a rose.”

“Okay.” It was Gu Yanshen’s voice, he interrupted the girl’s question and pushed the glass to Lu Wenxing. “Try it?”


Lu Wenxing didn’t ask what kind of drink it was, he brought the glass closer to his mouth, the fruity aroma was mixed with the faint smell of alcohol.

“Not bad.”

The cocktail was a small one, Lu Wenxing finished it in one gulp and said to Gu Yanshen. “Thank you, don’t forget to watch my teammates’ performance later.”

“I won’t forget.”

The girls on the side also encouraged Lu Wenxing, “We will vote for you, little brother, Cheer!”

“Thank you.”

“I will also vote for you.”

“And me.”

Lu Wenxing hadn’t gone on stage yet, but his canvass for votes already captivated several customers in front of the bar.

Gu Yanshen couldn’t help but look at Lu Wenxing, he heard when they said Lu Wenxing was captivating, it seemed undeniable now.

He didn’t do anything, yet he already made the scales in people’s hearts tilt.

“I’ll go first, remember to vote for me. With this brother bartender as a witness, you guys are not allowed to cheat ah!”

 Lu Wenxing also cued Gu Yanshen before he left, the girls laughed and agreed.

Li Xiangming was the first to go on stage, his voice was unique, and as soon as he opened his mouth, the customers in the venue applauded.

“Why do I think this voice sounds like Li Xiangming.”

“I’m a fan of Li Xiangming, I can’t mistake his voice, it really sounds like him!”

“Impossible, how could Li Xiangming be singing in a bar? It’s probably an imitation of Li Xiangming’s voice.”

“Ah, it’s really similar, I have the illusion that I’m in my brother’s concert.”

Li Xiangming’s voice was actually not easy to imitate, his voice was ethereal but didn’t lose emotion, it could touch people’s hearts intensively.

At the end of the song, the audience was dazed, and many people wanted him to come back for another song.

“Sorry, this is a competition, there are other contestant behind. Don’t be stingy with the roses in your hand if you like me.”

The second person on the stage was Wen Min, she came out with a mask and in a sailor suit, causing the audience to scream.

As Lu Wenxing knew, Wen Min’s soprano voice was clear and recognizable, with an endless aftertaste.

The last to perform was Lu Wenxing and Wen Yu, who were performing together and had found a practice room to rehearse in the afternoon.

As the music started, Wen Yu walked on stage wearing a suit, while Lu Wenxing came up the stairs from the other side of the stage.

The two of them had the same pace, even their suits were exactly the same, and the pockets on the top of their clothes had roses.

The first lines were sung, leaving the audience stunned.

The two raised their hands, their thumbs brushed against their lower lips, and their bright red lips looked like they had been dipped in red wine, making them even more enchanting in the light.


At the bridge of the song, Lu Wenxing’s index finger was placed against his lips and he sent a flying kiss amidst the screams.

“Ahhhhhhhhh !!!!”


The audience sitting in the front row stood up and shook the glow sticks in their hands, the atmosphere was fully mobilized.

Lu Wenxing held Wen Yu’s shoulder, the two exchanged positions, holding a microphone in their hands, they danced and sang at the same time, their vocals weren’t disturbed by their movements, and the two worked well together.

With the last spin, they faced the audience.

At the end of the performance, Lu Wenxing took out the rose in his pocket, lightly kissed one of the petals and walked to the front of the stage.

He wanted to give away the rose in his hand.

“Little brother, give me !!!!”

“I want I want!!! Little brother look here.”

 ”Ah ah ah ah ah ah, this side, this side, little brother, me, me, me!”

Lu Wenxing put out his hand, and a slender hand moved over the heads of several girls to catch the rose.

His hand accidentally grazed his thumb. The two were stunned at the same time.

He saw that Gu Yanshen had somehow crossed the front of several people and was standing close to Lu Wenxing, holding the rose that Lu Wenxing had kissed lightly in his hand.

The next second, a low voice penetrated the noisy crowd, loud in Lu Wenxing’s ears.

“Thank you, I like it a lot.”

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