C12— A Delight To The Eyes

  Lu Wenxing was worried that Gu Yanshen would misunderstand.

  He didn’t mind telling him Yanshen about his online work, but what if Gu Yanshen didn’t believe him?

He could show Gu Yanshen the chat record?

  But Lu Wenxing didn’t want to reveal his hidden identity, and there was also Lu Wenxing’s photo on the chat log, which Gu Yanshen would probably see.

Thinking about that, Lu Wenxing decided not to tell Gu Yanshen, but it was still necessary to explain.

Before he was on the show, Gu Yanshen’s agent Sheng Chao contacted Lu Wenxing and they signed a private agreement.

First of all, he wasn’t allowed to use Gu Yanshen’s fame.

Lu Wenxing didn’t, even when recording the show he still tried to keep a certain distance, not even making non-essential contact.

  The second point, he couldn’t like Gu Yanshen.

  In order to reassure Sheng Chao and Gu Yanshen, he behaved very submissively throughout. Gu Yanshen helped him leave Mang Cheng Entertainment, not to mention the agreement of ten clauses, even if it were a hundred, he would have still signed it.

  Although Gu Yanshen never said he wanted Lu Wenxing to do anything in return, Lu Wenxing didn’t like to owe people favors, so he would try to pay him back when he could.

Lu Wenxing tried explaining, “Someone sent it to me, so I opened it to take a look.”


  Lu Wenxing: “……”

  Was it believable or not?

  In order to increase the credibility, Lu Wenxing added another sentence. “She’s your fan, she was complimenting you.”

  Gu Yanshen was about to take the towel for wiping his hair back into the bathroom, when he heard Lu Wenxing, he froze.

  ”What did she say?”

  Lu Wenxing: “……”

  Gu Yanshen was extremely different from his imagination, the movie emperor also cared how others complimented him?

  How was he going to answer?

She said he looked cold?

  Or was it a gentle scum?

  It didn’t sound like a compliment.

  Lu Wenxing was silent for a few seconds and replied dryly, “She complimented you on your good looks.”

  ”No more?”

  ”…no more.” Lu Wenxing replied expressionlessly.


  Lu Wenxing: “……”

  Gu Yanshen stopped pursuing the question, he turned and walked into the bathroom, so Lu Wenxing picked up the tablet, ‘Love To Sleep’ had sent several more messages.

  [S] Sorry, I won’t take the ambiguous Wenxing commissions.

[Love To Sleep] Why? My cousin likes your style of painting so much, can’t you consider it? If it’s because you’re too busy lately, I can wait, and it’s okay to increase the price.

He didn’t expect her to be so persistent. Every artist had a different style of painting, and it was indeed a bit difficult to find one with a similar style of painting.

[Love to sleep] Please, madam, please think about it. My cousin’s birthday is next month. I want to give her this as a gift.

[Love to sleep] If you really can’t now, you can think about it [/please]

[Love to sleep] Madam, think about it for a few days. It doesn’t matter if you don’t reply. Just think  about it, please.

‘Love To Sleep’ was considered one of Lu Wenxing’s ‘big spenders’, so Lu Wenxing didn’t reject it directly in the end.

  He clicked on another message.

  [Got up earlier than a chicken] Madam, can I make a request? [/cute][/cute]

  [S] What do you want?

  [Get up earlier than a chicken] Want a new anime painting.

  This person liked anime characters.

Lu Wenxing often drew this kind of images, it wasn’t complicated and didn’t take much time.

He leaned back on the pillow, holding the tablet in one hand and a Pen in the other, he drew a draft picture.

  When Gu Yanshen came out after blow drying his hair, he saw Lu Wenxing’s eyes lowered as he drew.

  His chestnut colored bangs softly fell on his forehead, with his eyes lowered, his thick eyelashes were like butterfly feathers, and as his cherry red lips were pursed, he looked focused and serious.

His white and long fingers held the pen, while his beautiful wrist turned slightly, like a dynamic picture, he couldn’t bear to disturb him, so Gu Yanshen consciously lightened his footsteps.

The side face of the drawing on the tablet was visible, and the facial features hadn’t been carefully drawn, but he could see the sharp face from the scrawled lines, the teenager’s body was slender and powerful, he was dunking a basketball.

With Lu Wenxing’s dexterous wrist, the speed of the pen tip falling on the flat tablet became faster, and the person on the drawing gradually took shape.

  The details of his hair and clothing were depicted little by little, and the wrinkles on the jersey were also carved out very clearly.

Gu Yanshen’s eyes fell on the jersey. He didn’t know about Lu Wenxing’s secret job, he only thought Lu Wenxing liked him.

“You like him too.”


  Lu Wenxing’s movements didn’t stop, his expression was still focused on his drawing.

  ”A friend of mine also likes him a lot.”


This wasn’t the first time Gu Yanshen said that word. The first time was in the last episode, when they found his poster in Gu Yanshen’s suitcase, what he said at that time also involved his friend.

 Lu Wenxing was a little surprised, he had thought Gu Yanshen would make friends similar to him.

But when he mentioned it, Lu Wenxing inexplicably felt that the friend wasn’t too old, or the friend should be younger than Gu Yanshen.

  The one who wanted Lu Wenxing’s autograph and the one who liked anime may be the same ‘friend’, if so ……

He asked Gu Yanshen to bring his signature, and he remembered his preferences.

Lu Wenxing suddenly stopped. In the last episode, Gu Yanshen didn’t have a spark with Wen Yu, he didn’t even try to get close at all.

This couldn’t be … Did Gu Yanshen already have someone?

  ”Why did you stop?”

Seeing Lu Wenxing stop, Gu Yanshen couldn’t help but question it.

  What he didn’t say was that he found Lu Wenxing’s concentration very pleasing to the eye.

  Lu Wenxing couldn’t ask directly. He had no right or need to ask about Gu Yanshen’s private affairs.

Lu Wenxing yawned and looked at the time. It was almost 11: 30, he blurted out, “Are you sleeping now?”

For the first time, Gu Yanshen felt his thoughts weren’t pure, his throat knot rolled and he answered in a low voice.

“…… Yes.”

  Lu Wenxing put away the tablet, put it into the drawer in the bedside table, and nestled into the comforter.

  The place they were recording in this time was a small town near G City, because the teammates and roommates were decided on during the last episode, no one mentioned it, they all directly went with their teammates to their rooms.

The director saw that Gu Yanshen calmly entered the same bedroom with Lu Wenxing, so he swallowed the announcement that there was still one bedroom left.

  After the last recording, Gu Yanshen’s agent called and said that he wasn’t used to being in the same room with others, and asked the director to leave a room for Gu Yanshen.

There were only six people in total, and rooms were actually available, but the team didn’t let them sleep in separate rooms in order to make the guests communicate more with each other.

But look at Gu Yanshen’s relaxed expression, how was he uncomfortable?

  The next day, after breakfast the director began to announce today’s task.

  ”In the evening we will go to one of the most lively music bars in town.”



“Are the drinks all inclusive?”

“The program team is so generous!”

 ”What are you thinking about?” The director interrupted the excited artists, “You are challenged to be waiters and resident singers today.”

 ”So exciting!”

  ”I’ll interview everyone, do you usually go to bars?”


  ”A music bar is quite suitable for relaxation.”

  ”I go when my friends ask me out.”

  Lu Wenxing rarely took the initiative, he usually spoke after everyone had finished speaking, or when he was asked.

  The director was a bit worried, how come Lu Wenxing’s desire to perform wasn’t particularly strong?

It was very difficult for a star to get an opportunity for exposure, Zhou Zitong and Wen Min knew how to draw attention to themselves.

  But the audience was also a very magical thing, Lu Wenxing’s last appearance rate was the lowest, but he got the most fans.

“Wenxing is now a junior in college, right? Do you usually go to bars with your classmates?”

  ”Yes, I’m a junior. There is a music tavern near our school, many students go to listen to songs and drink on weekends.”

  ”Do you go there often?” The director asked again.

  Lu Wenxing thought about it and told the truth. “In my freshman year, before I was signed to an entertainment company, I did a part-time residency at a bar.”

  ”Oh?” They all looked at Lu Wenxing in surprise, “Wenxing must be very good at singing, right?”

  ”I thought Wenxing was just a great dancer, but it turns out he can sing?”

“Wait, comrades.” Song Jiajia suddenly interrupted them, “What is our mission today?”

  ”Waiters and resident singers ……” Wen Min’s words got stuck in her throat as they turned to Lu Wenxing.

Then she turned sadly to the director, “Did Brother Shen really give the program team money? Did he predict the task of this episode in advance, so he chose Lu Wenxing as his partner?”

  Gu Yanshen was also very surprised, to be honest, he didn’t know Lu Wenxing very well, he chose Lu Wenxing randomly, he didn’t pay attention and didn’t ask Lu Wenxing about his talents.

  He didn’t expect that a random selection would give him a singing and dancing partner who could draw.

On the first episode Lu Wenxing showed his superb dance foundation, this episode, he’d showcase his voice? Then the third episode…showcase his painting skills?

  ”I also just learned that Wenxing was a part-time resident singer.” Gu Yanshen immediately came out to clarify, “I was as surprised as everyone when I saw him dancing in the last episode.”

  Lu Wenxing felt a bit helpless, “It was only a part-time residency, Xiangming is a professional singer, and Wen Min’s soprano is very powerful.”

  Wen Min waved her hand, “Although my group has released an album, I haven’t performed live, I don’t know if I’ll have stage fright.”

Li Xiangming nodded approvingly, “I’ve had concerts but I just sang, we’re definitely not as good as Wenxing when it comes to livening up the atmosphere.”

  ”That’s right, that’s right.” Wen Min immediately echoed.

  Lu Wenxing, who had never released an album or had a concert: “……”

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