C11—- A Gentle Scum

Bonus Chap

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When Lu Wenxing finished washing up and was lying on his bed, he remembered the Weibo post by Song Jiajia and couldn’t resist logging on to Weibo to see it.

He didn’t open the photo because he didn’t want to relive the embarrassment of the photo shoot just now. Lu Wenxing opened the comment section directly, and the first comment –

[Who said boys can’t like pink?]

[Pink matches boys.]

[Have you seen a pink star? Now I have ~ 】

[TN: it’s a play on words, Wenxing means star]

[From now on, all the stars I see are pink.]

[Sister Jia! If you can send more, send more, it’s not enough ah!!!]

[I got a nosebleed.]

[I went through all the photos of him on the internet, but they were like morse codes. Thanks to Sister Jia, my phone wallpaper is finally available.]

  The naive Lu Wenxing thought, as long as the show showed that he didn’t like pink, it’d be okay. As a result, reality gave him a heavy blow,  now the whole network thought he liked pink.

  These misunderstandings were all because of Gu Yanshen.

  Lu Wenxing exited Weibo, Gu Yanshen had gone to take a shower, holding his tablet, he didn’t know what to do for a while.

His fingers randomly tapped the screen, and finally landed on his art page, specially registered and certified.

Lu Wenxing usually accepted orders on this App, including private and commercial artworks, but the most requested were actually the two-dimensional fanart.

  Now he had more than 900,000 fans on his Weibo page, several times more than before he was on the variety show.

  Just after logging into the app, a yellow speaker popped up, which was a private message received.

The one at the top of the list was sent an hour ago, and Lu Wenxing clicked on it.

  [Love To Sleep] I’m here for another request.

This was an old customer who had asked Lu Wenxing for seven or eight drawings.

She wouldn’t even look at the draft made by Lu Wenxing, it was only when he gave her the finished draft that she would say ‘thank you, I like it’ every time, followed by a quick transfer.

  Lu Wenxing happened to bring his newly bought tablet and Pen today, so if the requirements weren’t particularly detailed, he could draw it in two or three nights.

Lu Wenxing hadn’t replied, but the other texted again.

  [Love To Sleep] Seeing that you’re online today, I want a full body painting.

  Then she dumped a picture, in a pink plush lounge wear, the model was wearing a hood, its long rabbit ears hanging on his shoulders.


Lu Wenxing felt the pink lounge wear was a little familiar.

[Love to sleep] The clothes should be like this.

Immediately after dumping a few pictures, Lu Wenxing saw the photo, this …… Wasn’t this him?

  The picture was a picture of Lu Wenxing and the bag of rabbits, him hugging them and playing with them.

Lu Wenxing had a bad feeling in his heart, was this what he thought ?

No way.

“Love to sleep” always asked for fanart pictures, Lu Wenxing thought she was interested in two dimensional characters, why was she suddenly interested in a three dimensional character? ? ?

Coincidentally it was him?

  Lu Wenxing denied his guess and sent a question mark.


[Love to sleep] Do you know Lu Wenxing? He quickly became popular because he partnered with the film-winning actor Gu Yanshen.

Lu Wenxing: “…” Yes, and he is sending you a message.

[Love to sleep] My cousin recently started liking him and asked me to commission a drawing of him.

[Love to sleep] The seven bunnies need to be colored. Also color the pink lounge wear and make it a bit ambiguous.

  Lu Wenxing: ???? No, what is this? I should draw myself?

A little more ambiguous? ? ?

How could Lu Wenxing answer this? I’ll draw myself. But also make it colorful and ambiguous?

Then, the other message sent another transfer of 800 yuan.

[Love to sleep] Deposit for two drafts.

[Love to sleep] My cousin is a fan of Gu Yanshen, and she wants a full-length picture of Gu Yanshen.

[Love to sleep] I want him to be a gentle scum, preferably in a suit, suit jacket buttoned to the top, that kind of high- cold abstinent feeling.

  Lu Wenxing: ????

  Gentle Scum? Or cold and abstinent?

Lu Wenxing actually didn’t intend to accept both, but he was very curious when he saw the description sent by the other party.

A Gentle Scum could be abstinent? ? ?

[Love to sleep] Like this [/picture]

Lu Wenxing opened the picture, Gu Yanshen was wearing a formal suit.

  The slightly long tail of his eyes made his dark eyes look more profound, a pair of gold-rimmed glasses were places on his high nose bridge, he looked cold, as if nothing could arouse his interest.

  Lu Wenxing stared at the photo and looked at it carefully, his eyes fell on his crimson lips.

  ”Hmm? You have this photo?”

The low voice rang out next to him, Lu Wenxing was shocked by the sudden voice, the tablet flipped over and smashed on the bed.

  A towel was around Gu Yanshen’s shoulders, his hair a little wet, he was leaning over to look at the tablet, his wide robe collar opened, revealing a solid chest.

  The smell of his shower gel lingered on his body, and the fragrance seemed heavy in the air.

The belt was loosely tied around his waist, and if Lu Wenxing looked down, he could see the abs under the collar.

  But Lu Wenxing had no time to pay attention to the sight of the beautiful man, his light-colored eyes revealed a bit of shock, he was really stunned.

  Lu Wenxing frowned, “How did you walk without making a sound?”

“There was a lot of noise, but you were too fascinated.”

Lu Wenxing: “…………”


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