C100 — Keep Drawing

The Spring Festival holiday soon passed, and the two returned to the set to continue shooting.


Today there was a night scene.


“Are the props ready?”


“Yes, Director Wang.” The assistant walked over holding the clothes and said, “The two teachers are also ready.”


“We’ll start shooting in ten minutes.”


Song Jiajia had just finished filming the previous scene. She was wearing a sleeveless black vest and a pair of military trousers, and with a pair of short boots, her slender and pretty body was vividly highlighted.


Big waves of hair were curled up, with a strand of hair left in front of the forehead. Bruise-like makeup were painted on her forehead and the corners of her mouth. Her right cheek had a knife wound, which was oozing some blo*od. It was the kind of makeup that showed that someone had been abused without making them lose their beauty.


“Sister Jia is worthy of being a national goddess; even with the bruised makeup, she still looks beautiful.”


Song Jiajia raised her eyebrows and said, “I don’t believe you.”


Lu Wenxing blinked, “I’m telling the truth. Ask Xiao Chen if you look beautiful.”


Chen Che stood behind Lu Wenxing, holding a thermos cup in his hand. He looked at Song Jiajia with a serious expression and said it in a business-like tone.


“Good looking.”


Song Jiajia: “…” Oh, another straight man.


Lu Wenxing picked up his mobile phone and took a picture of Song Jiajia’s delicate and beautiful face.


In the photo, Song Jiajia happened to raise her eyes; the angle Lu Wenxing used was what netizens often called the boyfriend’s perspective; even her eyelashes were clearly captured.


Song Jiajia also felt stunned after looking at it.


“Worthy of being an art student, even a casual shot is so beautiful. Send it to me later, and I’ll post it.”


“It’s Sister Jia who looks good.” Lu Wenxing clicked on WeChat and sent it on to Song Jiajia. “If it was anyone else, I couldn’t have taken such a beautiful picture.”


Gu Yanshen walked out of the dressing room, naturally taking the mobile phone from Lu Wenxing’s hand and taking a look at it, giving his approval. “Well, it’s a good shot.”


Song Jiajia glanced at Gu Yanshen as if she had seen a ghost.


Was this the same Gu Yanshen who said she was afraid of being fat, hated running laps, and had to eat less to control her weight?



“Send it to me, by the way.” Gu Yanshen handed the phone back to Lu Wenxing.


“Send it to you for what?” Song Jiajia looked horrified.



She had known Gu Yanshen for so long, and in her inherent labeling, Gu Yanshen was a big straight man through and through.


[TN: straight man/zhi nan is a Chinese slang — A stereotypical zhi nan values video games and sports over his girlfriend (if he could even get one), is nonchalant towards women’s psychological needs, and is often self-conceited.]


In the next sentence, Song Jiajia’s thoughts were confirmed.

“You’re so good-looking; it’s better to introduce you to a date.”

Gu Yanshen took out his mobile phone as if he were looking at a roster. “What kind of boy do you like?”


“Or girls?”


Song Jiajia: “……”


On the surface, he was helping Song Jiajia, but the implication was that Song Jiajia was interrupting his and Lu Wenxing’s two-person world.


Song Jiajia gritted her teeth and said, “I thank you.”


Gu Yanshen: “We’re all colleagues; there’s no need to be polite.”


Song Jiajia: “……”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


For a moment, she couldn’t tell whether Gu Yanshen really didn’t understand or was deliberately making her angry.


“I’m going to remove my make-up.” Song Jiajia hummed lightly, “It’s a joy to get off the set; you two, work hard.”


After Song Jiajia turned to leave, the other artists in the same group had a knocked-out expression.


“Ah, so sweet.”


“So Brother Shen is so possessive.”


“Brother Shen must be jealous.”


“Do you think after we get off set today, Brother Shen will hold Wenxing down in…”




Lu Wenxing coughed, a trace of unnaturalness flashing across his face.


Since their relationship became public, the artists in the same group discussed their CP openly, and it even became a topic that must be discussed every day.


“Please exercise some restraint.” Lu Wenxing had a wooden expression.


“That’s harmful.” The female artist didn’t quite agree: “Xingxing, you’re a mature artist now. Stay away from fans’ lives, especially CP fans.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


The director called out, so Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen walked towards the set.



Late Night.

Zhou Yun, with a pistol hidden in his waist, rolled out the window from the warehouse where the gu*ns were hidden, and just as his feet hit the ground, a beam of torchlight struck down.


“Sure enough, it’s you, Zhou Yun.”


Zhou Yun frowned and stood up straight, looking at the people who surrounded him.


The one walking at the end was Lu Zhuo.


“You hid deep enough.” Lu Zhuo sneered, grabbing the pistol from his men’s side and pointing it at Zhou Yun. “It’s me who underestimated you.”


“Hid deep?”



Zhou Yun shook his head and laughed, not even nervous as he was faced with danger. “Why do you have to say that, Marshal? You never trusted me, did you?”


“Yes.” Lu Zhuo looked at him expressionlessly and said, “It’s just that you’re a bit harder to deal with than I thought.”


“Don’t say that.” Zhou Yun calmly took out his g*un from his waist.



“It’s all because of the great marshal’s good teaching; my shooting skills were taught by you, great marshal; you wouldn’t have forgotten, right?”


“Or does the Marshal want to test my marksmanship?” Zhou Yun raised his eyes to look directly at Lu Zhuo.


The adjutant standing next to Lu Zhuo furrowed his brows and barked an order. “What are you all waiting for? Shoot!”


–Bang bang bang.


Several gu*nshots rang out, and some of the bullets landed on the ground, stirring up a cloud of dust.




Lu Zhuo coldly looked at the adjutant beside him and asked, “Who gave you permission to cross me to give orders?”


The adjutant nervously gulped; just being stared at like this was like having a huge mountain pressed against his back, making his breath falter.


The dust cleared, and there was no longer anyone under the ledge.


“A few of you should follow me in; the rest of you, keep watch outside; there should be two people staring under each window.”


“Yes, Marshal.”


Lu Zhuo ordered, and a bunch of people spread out carrying g*uns.


“Marshal, I…”


“Stupid.” Lu Zhuo’s voice was permeated with coldness. “If he gets away, I’ll send you after him.”


The adjutant wiped his cold sweat, his throat dry.


“He can’t run. He must have hidden in the warehouse.”


That was what he said, but the adjutant had no idea; Zhou Yun had proved to be extremely agile.


Lu Zhuo led a few people into the warehouse and said, “All of you, be vigilant.”




There was a bang.




The adjutant following Lu Zhuo’s side was hit by a bullet in his right foot. He let out a cry of shock and fell to his knees.


A few others looked around in panic with their g*uns. Zhou Yun was in the dark, and they were in the light. Even if there were more people, they might not have the advantage. There were ammunition and g*uns in the warehouse; there was also a small portion of explo*sives, which could also trigger an explo*sion if they were not careful.


Zhou Yun wasn’t afraid to die, but they didn’t want to be buried with him.



For a while, the adjutant provoked anger, and some people whispered a few complaints. The words were blaming the adjutant for giving the order.


A hundred and twenty-thousand percent of vigilance was raised, fearing that they would be the next living target.



“Do you all know where the explo*sives are placed?”


“We know.”


Lu Zhuo nodded. “Be careful to avoid the location of the explo*sives.”





Another person was hit, but this time, although panicking, they all pointed to the location of the sound and fired several shots in the direction of the bullet.



Zhou Yun hid behind the big wooden box and opened the short wooden box next to him. There were not many bullets in the g*un, so he had to deal with the incoming bullets and also had to hurry to find suitable bullets.



The short wooden box contained a semi-automatic machine, which wasn’t convenient to hold and hide.


Zhou Yun made a roll and hid behind a crate on the other side, flipping open another wooden crate.


The sound of g*unfire in the warehouse stopped for a long time. Lu Zhuo had already led his men to lean inside. After a moment of silence, he put his index finger against his lips, signaling his subordinates not to make a sound, and listened carefully to the movements inside.


There was a rustling noise, like the sound of rummaging.


Lu Zhuo raised his g*un and fired several times towards the source of the sound.


With a bang, the box was hit by a bullet. Zhou Yun quickly retracted his hand, and the lid of the wooden box closed with a loud noise.


They all fired towards the place where the sound came from.




Zhou Yun covered his arm.




It really hurt.



A bullet penetrating the skin turned out to be this feeling.


He used his uninjured hand and teeth to work together, deadening a corner of his shirt and casually wrapping it around the wound, but the bloo*d still couldn’t stop pouring out.


Footsteps came closer.




The sound of boots rubbing against the wooden floor.


Zhou Yun frowned and used his uninjured hand to support the ground, rolling towards another place.


Bang, bang, bang.


There were a few more gu*nshots.


“Stop hiding; you’re out of bullets.”



“Hahaha, I thought he was capable; brothers, let’s split up; there hasn’t been movement for so long; maybe he’s injured.”


“If you guys are going to guess like that, then can I bet that he’s both out of bullets and injured?”


Several subordinates spread out towards the center and surrounded it.



“Don’t ki*ll him; I want him alive.”


As soon as Lu Zhuo’s words fell, the subordinates stopped joking and immediately stood up straight. “Yes.”


Zhou Yun wasn’t exactly as calm as he showed; fine beads of sweat oozed from the corners of his forehead; he didn’t know if it was from pain or nervousness.


Opening another case, Zhou Yun murmured in his heart.


“There must be bullets.”



The box opened, and the bullets were neatly arranged. Zhou Yun’s hanging heart finally relaxed. He took out the bullets from the case and unloaded the magazines to load them.


Zhou Yun was afraid of pain; not screaming out was already the limit of his patience. Using his injured hand to load the bullets was a high degree of difficulty for him; he gritted his teeth and used one hand to operate, greatly reducing his speed of loading the bullets.


He remembered that when he first started learning to shoot, Lu Zhuo thought he was slow.


“At this speed, before the magazine is unloaded, the enemy’s bullet will have already shot through your heart.”


His current speed was just as slow as when he first learned to load a bullet.




The magazine returned to its place.


Zhou Yun suddenly felt a coldness in his back, and as soon as he turned around, Lu Zhuo’s boots appeared in front of his eyes.


Lu Zhuo pointed his gu*n at him.


“Still running?”


Because of the loss of blo*od, Zhou Yun’s face was even paler, but he still had that no-nonsense look and hooked his lips up in a smile.


“If you don’t know, right now the Marshal sounds like he’s playing hide and seek with his young lover.”


Lu Zhuo coldly grimaced, not bothering to answer him, and Zhou Yun fiercely stood up and pounced on the black wooden box on the other side.


“Can you hide?”


Zhou Yun laughed without saying anything and casually lifted a black wooden box that was full of explos*ives.


“Want to bet?” Zhou Yun pointed his gun at the explosive box. “Is your bullet faster, or will the dynamite explode faster?”


The others had gathered over; no one dared act rashly and stared at Zhou Yun warily.


“Don’t mess around.”


“I don’t believe you’re really not afraid of death.”


“Zhou Yun, your life is not worth anything; what about the Yu family’s eldest miss?”


Zhou Yun’s expression flinched, and when the few people saw his expression change again, they continued.


“What is your relationship with the Yu Family’s eldest miss?”


“One disguises himself as a playwright, while the other often goes missing. What are you conspiring for?”


Lu Zhuo raised his hand in a ‘stop’ gesture, and several of his subordinates shut up at once.


Zhou Yun smiled; even if he was in a sorry state now, that face was still exquisitely beautiful, and every move of his was so nice to look at.


“It’s a partnership; I am not her father; what does her life have to do with me?” Zhou Yun shook his head. “That’s not right either; her father sold his daughter for glory; he doesn’t care about her death.”


“No one cares if she dies, so just do as you please.”


This sounded extraordinarily cold, but Zhou Yun’s tone was like he was being petulant.


“Sure enough, you really came from a theater background, you are heartless.”


Zhou Yun innocently shrugged, “That’s not true; I don’t have a relationship with her. What kind of love is there to talk about?”


“You ……”


They were choked by Zhou Yun’s words, and for a while they couldn’t think of anything to say in retort.


Lu Zhuo didn’t have the patience to listen to their poor words and fired without mercy. The bullet grazed Zhou Yun’s arm and flew out of the window.


“Hiss. The marshal is the one who is truly merciless. I’m injured in this hand, and you still targeted this hand? It hurts so much.”



This wasn’t at all appropriate for the current atmosphere; it was more like a lover who was complaining and pouting.


But Zhou Yun’s tone wasn’t that relaxed; his entire hand was in a state of stiffness and numbness, and his head ached as the intense pain stimulated his brain.


Lu Zhuo didn’t respond to his petulant words and snorted.


“There are bullets in the gu*n, but are yours… loaded?”


Zhou Yun only had time to load the magazine just now, and then Lu Zhuo appeared behind him.


“Nope. But ……” Zhou Yun smiled charmingly and slowly unbuttoned his jacket, which was strapped with explos*ives. “I had no intention of getting out alive.”


The others didn’t dare to shoot easily; not only Zhou Yun’s body, even the black wooden box around him was also full of explos*ives; a careless move would cause it to go off and detonate.


No one was talking; the atmosphere was at a standstill.


Zhou Yun’s mind was taut, cautiously observing their movements.


His heart was in a state of agitation, but his face remained devoid of any emotion. Zhou Yun’s brain was now spinning rapidly, knowing that he was caught in a predicament, but he still didn’t give up on escaping.


Suddenly, he recalled a time when Lu Zhuo brought him to dinner, and they encountered a surprise attack.


At that time, Lu Zhuo was the one who held him with one arm, while his other hand fished out a pistol from his waist, and with an upward kick of his heel, the g*un was loaded.



Zhou Yun’s heart was beating even faster; he had never tried this way of loading a g*un and was unsure if he could do it all at once.


He thought quickly; behind him was the window, and jumping out was the riverbank. Zhou Yun was good with water; as long as he jumped into the river, he would be able to leave alive.



Zhou Yun had observed that other than Lu Zhuo, the others didn’t dare to shoot easily; they were wary of the explo*sives on him.



And he could escape by jumping out the window as long as he injured Lu Zhuo.


Zhou Yun took a deep breath, the hand holding the gu*n naturally dropped, and the heel of his shoe quickly kicked upwards.




It was the sound of a bullet being loaded.


In the next second, the muzzle of the gu*n was pointed straight at Lu Zhuo’s heart.




The bullet pierced through his chest.




The subordinates were frozen for a split second by the surprise attack, and after they reacted, they gathered around to see Lu Zhuo’s injuries.


Zhou Yun had already turned around and jumped down from the window.


Lu Zhuo covered his chest, his brows furrowed slightly as he gritted his teeth, and he didn’t even stifle a grunt.


Covering his chest with one hand, the person behind him had already caught him, and he gasped heavily.


“…… chase.”


“But ……” Several people hesitated for a few moments, then jumped out after him. Only one person supported Lu Zhuo and rushed at the few people standing guard outside, “The Marshal is injured; quickly call someone.”


As his subordinate twisted his head and shouted, the corner of Lu Zhuo’s mouth hooked up in a faintly undetectable arc.


— not quite stupid.




“It’s been hard work. Go back early and rest.”


The staff, who were with the group, were still discussing the plot with each other.


“F*ck, this part is so abusive.”


Ah! No way, I got hit by a knife. I need to knock on the real CP to calm down.”


Several people turned to Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing. Lu Wenxing just had a diving shot, and although he came up in time, it was still quite freezing on a cold day.



As soon as he came up, Chen Che draped a towel over him and urged him to go change.


“Drink some hot water.”


After changing out of his clothes, the chill on his body didn’t diminish. Gu Yanshen finished changing and walked out, holding Lu Wenxing’s hand.


“So cold.” Gu Yanshen pulled his hand over and hid it in his coat.


“I’ll have Xiao Zhang go buy Guān dōng zhǔ, so you’ll have some later.”


[TN: oden, a Japanese dish made with boiled eggs, processed fish cakes, daikon radish, tofu, etc. in a kelp-based broth]




The two of them went back to the hotel and finished washing up, then they laid under the warm blanket.


Tomorrow morning, the two of them didn’t have a scene, so they could go to the set in the afternoon, and Lu Wenxing didn’t have to get up early, so he leaned against Gu Yanshen’s chest and played with his phone.


He looked at Gu Yanshen, who was still playing the Raising Cub game.


“You’ve been playing this game for a long time; why is it still such a small one?”


Gu Yanshen opened his eyes and said, “It’s a picky eater.”


Lu Wenxing: “I almost believed it.”


Gu Yanshen handed his mobile phone to Lu Wenxing, as if he were complaining.



“It’s so hard to raise; it only eats panko to grow.”


“Then give it meat instead.”



“The only way to grab meat is to win battles and draw cards. There are only three chances per day for matchmaking and card drawing.” Gu Yanshen was unhappy at the thought of this.



“There’s no respect for RMB players at all.”


[TN: players that get ahead of a game with money]


Lu Wenxing: “……” So Gu Yanshen couldn’t battle at all.


“You’re laughing at me.”


“I’m not.”


The laughter in Lu Wenxing’s eyes was almost overflowing.


Gu Yanshen’s expression was wooden: “You’re just laughing at me.”


“Can’t RMB players improve their combat power?”


“Can’t.” Gu Yanshen spoke of the unfriendly aspects of this game: “RMB players can have a luxurious nest with gorgeous decorations.”


To put it bluntly, it was just fancy.


“Did you draw cards today?”


Gu Yanshen shook his head. “It’s already past zero, so it’s been reset.”


“Then I’ll help you.”





Lu Wenxing tapped on the card draw, and there was a red button at the bottom.


Start the card draw.


Ow ow ow ~


The mobile phone sound effects were the sound of a tiger cub screaming; three seconds later, fireworks popped up on the screen.



The pop-up box read — Congratulations to the player, Tiger Dad, for drawing twenty pounds of five-flake meat. Your tiger cub is so happy that he’s wailing.


Lu Wenxing froze for a moment. “You have a really random way of naming things.”


Gu Yanshen snatched the phone and looked at it several more times. “Why is it that I only drew one catty or two catty, yet you drew twenty catty at once?”



Gu Yanshen had ‘this is unscientific’ written all over his face, and Lu Wenxing let out a light laugh. “I’m Ou Huang.”


“Continue drawing.”


To be able to draw this already surprised Gu Yanshen; no matter what he drew next, it didn’t matter; except for meat and weapons, he could buy them all with RMB.


–Congratulations to player Tiger’s Dad for drawing a box of Firecrackers, which can be used to initiate a three-second stun skill during battle to take advantage of a sneak attack.


— Congratulations to player Tiger’s Dad for drawing a Golden Battle Suit, which can withstand ten damage from other players during battle.


Gu Yanshen fell silent.


What he drew every time were all sorts of gadgets—some kind of leather ball or cat teaser—but anyway, they were just small toys that could only amuse Little Tiger.


Seeing Gu Yanshen’s skeptical look, Lu Wenxing quietly laughed.


“It’s really hard for Tiger to follow you.”


Gu Yanshen: “……”


Lu Wenxing returned the phone to Gu Yanshen, took his own phone, and tapped on the video site he frequented most, tapping on the video that had been pushed to first place.



The upload time was yesterday, but the number of plays had already broken ten million.


In the video, Lu Wenxing’s ears were red, and he stood in front of Gu Yanshen, wanting to speak.


Gu Yanshen looked at him and asked.


“Don’t listen to their nonsense; what do you want to say?”


Hearing his voice, Gu Yanshen also put down his mobile phone.


“This is the first variety show we participated in.”


Gu Yanshen remembered this footage, a hidden mission given to the artists by the show’s team, which Gu Yanshen, as a teammate, didn’t know about at the time.



In the video, Lu Wenxing had a look of social death and asked with a numb face.


“Can I touch your abs?”


[I don’t know if Xingxing felt awkward; I only know that my facial mask is cracked.]


[Hhhhhh, what brother Shen must be thinking in his heart is, how could there be such a good thing?]


[Oh my god, they’ve been so good since they were in the variety show; why am I so late in finding this CP?]


[Brother Shen: Feel free to touch them.]


The screen went black, and all the comments were “High Energy Ahead.”.



The scene shifted; it was the project they were currently filming, and the official page had uploaded the blooper reel.


Lu Zhuo’s waist and abdomen were hit by a bullet, and he pulled over Zhou Yun’s hand, asking him to take care of the bullet in his waist for him.


“No, no way.” This was the first time Zhou Yun revealed a panicked look: “I won’t.”


“If you don’t do it, I’ll die from blo*od loss.” Lu Zhuo’s face turned pale as he pulled Zhou Yun’s hand, “Hurry up, I’ll teach you.”


The scene showed Lu Yu’s trust in Zhou Yun, but the direction became strange after editing.


“Can I touch your abs?”


Gu Yanshen pulled over Lu Wenxing’s hand and ostentatiously undid his clothes.


Lu Wenxing nervously said, “No, I won’t.”


Gu Yanshen pulled his hand and placed it on his waist. “Hurry up; I’ll teach you.”


[Crap, I didn’t think it would be this funny before I clicked in.]


[Hhhh, I’m cracking up.]


[The editor is a flat-out little genius.]



[The conversation suddenly changed.]


[How do I explain to my roommate that my bed is shaking because I’m laughing?]


[I don’t have to explain. My mom thinks I’m in love every time I click on a Wangfei CP-related video.]



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