C10—- Bags Of Rabbits

Bonus Chap

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 Lu Wenxing was the first to step forward to open his gifts. In order to maintain the mystery and sense of anticipation, the directing asked Lu Wenxing to turn his back on the others.

  ”Let’s start from the left.” A staff member came forward to help Lu Wenxing open the gift boxes.

  The first gift box was a pink box with a butterfly ribbon.

  Lu Wenxing lifted the lid, and the staff member curiously went forward to see.

  The box was surrounded by white paper strips, and a model of a classic car was placed in the middle.

The car model was very beautiful, a bit commemorative, very suitable to be placed on the display shelf as an ornament, but ……

  The model car was leather-pink.

  Lu Wenxing: “……?”

Was this for Song Jiajia or Wen Min ????

  The staff took the label paper, “Which one do you want to use?”

  Lu Wenxing was silent for a moment, “I’ll look at the other ones first.”

  Then, Lu Wenxing unwrapped the second gift, a set of rabbit loungewear.

  The hat had a pair of long rabbit ears hanging down, and a fur ball tail.

  It could be said that it was very cute, and it was also pink.

  Lu Wenxing: “…………”

  The third gift, was a luxury cruise ship model.

  Well, again, it was pink.

  Lu Wenxing expressionlessly looked at the director team, and quietly asked.

  ”Are you sure there’s no mistake?”

He doubted that the three boys present were the ones who gave the gifts.

Was this straight thinking?

  Did straight men think girls liked pink?

  ”Do you think a girl can wear such a big loungewear?”

  Lu Wenxing: “……”

  Although he was very reluctant to accept the reality, Lu Wenxing could only continue opening the fourth gift without expression and without expectation.

  The fourth gift box was the largest among them, with in the staff’s assistance, he opened the outer plastic sealing bag.

  Inside the box was a pink square cotton pillow bag.

Lu Wenxing unzipped the pillow and inside was a whole bag of rabbit figures?

  Oh, it was pink again.

  Lu Wenxing took out the bobbleheads in the pillow one by one and placed them on the table, seven of them.

Was this a rabbit meeting?

  Lu Wenxing had gotten immune to pink, but seeing the seven pink rabbit figurines, his expression finally cracked.

For the last time, he asked the same question, “It’s really not a mistake?”

  The director laughed so hard that he couldn’t stand straight, he held a small speaker and said to Lu Wenxing, “I think you and these seven rabbits are very compatible, take a picture later and the family will be complete.”


Lu Wenxing didn’t answer, and opened the fifth gift box in a businesslike manner –

  A Bluetooth speaker.

  Lu Wenxing looked at this last gift with surprise, as it stood out in a crowd of pink.

It had the shape of an old-fashioned radio, with a brown color, giving it a retro feeling.

  Lu Wenxing didn’t hesitate to put five hearts on the fifth gift box.

  ”It seems that Wenxing likes this gift.”

  ”What is it? What is it?”

  Several other people waited anxiously and confident that the gift they gave would definitely be loved by Lu Wenxing.

The director thought for a moment, then temporarily added a deduction clause. “If you receive a gray heart with a crack, ten points will be deducted from the group that gave the gift.”

  ”What? Director, you’re being unkind, it isn’t easy to get points, but it can be deducted?”

  Hearing these words Lu Wenxing eyes lit up, what? There was a such good clause!

  His depression from getting a bunch of pink gifts instantly faded.

He speedily gave the other four gifts gray hearts.

  ”Wenxing, is this a friendly sticker? It’s OK.” The director held back his laughter and had the others turn around, “Now I’ll announce the results.”

  The crowd was suddenly wide-eyed, their ears perked up, ready to listen to the announcement of their victory.

“Except for the green team where Lu Wenxing is, twenty points have been deducted from the other two teams.”


  ”Director did you read it wrong?”

  The director took the trumpet and said to them, “Just now Wenxing asked me this same question. He asked me if you guys sent the wrong gifts.”

  The others looked at Lu Wenxing in disbelief like a bolt fell from the blue, Song Jiajia was the first to react, and she accused Lu Wenxing with a sad expression.

  ”You big liar.”

  Lu Wenxing:?

  ”Didn’t you say that you’d like whatever I sent?”

  Lu Wenxing: “……”

  ”I didn’t know which one Sister Jiajia sent.” Lu Wenxing reacted quickly, his light-colored eyes were dripping with innocence.

  Song Jiajia refused to be soft-hearted, she righteously accused Lu Wenxing’s behavior.

  ”You don’t know which one is sent by me, so you failed almost everything? Student Wenxing, I am extremely disappointed in you, even elementary school students know, friendship first, competition second.”

Lu Wenxing didn’t know what to say. The only person who hadn’t been deducted was Gu Yanshen. He didn’t expect Lu Wenxing to have this tacit understanding with him.

Before he opened the gift, Gu Yanshen didn’t even have time to tell Lu Wenxing what he had sent, but he didn’t expect Lu Wenxing to give him a five heart rating among a bunch of gray heart reviews.

  The director was keen to stir up trouble, “Wenxing, may I ask why all the other gifts were classified as disliked and only the gift given by Mr. Gu was given five hearts?”

 Before Lu Wenxing could answer, Li Xiangming and Zhou Zitong jumped out, “Shady! It’s definitely a black operation. You two cheated!”

  Lu Wenxing, who hadn’t had a chance to cheat, was honest, “There was no cheating, it was based on my preference.”

  Song Jiajia suddenly remembered something, she walked to the table, “I want to see all the gifts.”

  Then, Song Jiajia looked for a difference in a crowd of pink gifts, picked up the wood-colored speaker and asked. “Who sent this?”

Gu Yanshen slowly stood out, “Me.”

  Song Jiajia: “????”
“You sent it? Why did you pick this color?” Song Jiajia’s target turned to Gu Yanshen. “You said Wenxing likes pink, so all of us sent pink, then you sent a brown gift.”

  ”What a deep heart!”

  As soon as Song Jiajia finished speaking, several other people also reacted and immediately launched a protest, “Did the director secretly tell Brother Gu! So he deliberately gave me false information?”

“That’s right, we didn’t even know that the gifts given were going to be used as the first round.”

“I didn’t know either.” Gu Yanshen was in a good mood and said without haste. “Besides, I didn’t ask you guys to send pink gifts.”

Li Xiangming didn’t expect Gu Yanshen to deny it, “You told sister Jia that Wenxing like pink. There are chat records as proof!!!”

  Song Jiajia cooperated by turning over the chat logs, “Look, the evidence is overwhelming.”

  Gu Yanshen pointed to the word ‘pink’ in the chat records and said, “I also sent a question mark.”

  Gu Yanshen’s expression was blank. “The question mark indicates doubt, that is, I wasn’t sure.”

  Everyone’s expressions were different, who would have thought that the usually calm and steady Gu Yanshen was such a rogue, they didn’t know what to say.

Lu Wenxing wasn’t happy, Gu Yanshen and Song Jiajia’s chat log, reminding him of the pink bath towel seen by Gu Yanshen.

  The embarrassment that was so easy to forget surfaced once again.

  Gu Yanshen looked at a few people’s ashen faces and very deliberately showed a look of dawning realization, “So Wenxing doesn’t like pink, fortunately I didn’t send it.”

The crowd: “…………”

Why did they think Gu Yanshen was acting like a green tea?

  Gu Yanshen was very shocked when he saw the pink bath towel, but after all, he and Lu Wenxing stayed in the same room, with careful observation, he could also make a reasonable guess.

If Lu Wenxing really liked pink, in addition to the bath towel, there must be other pink things, but Gu Yanshen didn’t see.

  Instead, he saw Lu Wenxing wearing blue slippers and blue pajamas, as well as a blue tooth cup and toothbrush.

“The green team has another ten points, so that is, twenty points. The green team has 20 points.” After the director announced the current score, several people exploded.


They turned to the director instead of complaining about Gu Yanshen. “Why did you deduct 10 points for each person, yet you gave Gu Yanshen’s team 20 points?”

The director smiled and explained, “Five hearts praise equals ten points, but if five hearts is given to a teammate, then extra ten points is given for tacit understanding.”

  Song Jiajia looked at the director woodenly, “Director, tell me straight. How much money did Brother Shen give you, I’ll give you double.”

Several people who were still sad were suddenly amused by Song Jiajia, agreed.

  ”Right! Our sister Jia is magnificent, she’ll give double.”

  Gu Yanshen, who had wandered away from several people, somehow met the gaze cast by Lu Wenxing.

Lu Wenxing suddenly revealed a bright smile, “Explain?”

  Gu Yanshen: “……”

  ”I like pink?”

  Gu Yanshen: “……”

  ”It was a tactical decision.” Gu Yanshen’s features were deep, and when he didn’t make expressions, he gave the illusion of being stable and trustworthy, “Look, we scored twenty points at once, and they started the game with minus twenty.”

  Lu Wenxing didn’t believe him.

If the director hadn’t made this competition, Lu Wenxing couldn’t have said anything when he received the gifts from the others face to face.

  And then…

The whole network would think he liked pink.

  Gu Yanshen still didn’t know that because of his deliberate misdirection, he had been included in Lu Wenxing’s book of grudges.


  As there was a gap between positive twenty points and negative twenty points, it wasn’t so easy to catch up later.

  So it was no surprise that the group with the highest score this time was Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen.

  They once again got the help of the guest.

  ”Who is the guest this time?”

  ”Yeah, why isn’t he out yet?”

  ”He won’t come until tomorrow, so you can relax tonight.”

 ”Wait.” Song Jiajia suddenly said, “Wenxing, I remember what you said, I also have a screenshot.”

Lu Wenxing:?

“You said you would like the gift I gave you.” Song Jiajia smiled gently and affectionately, “As long as you promise me one thing, I won’t care about your heartless negative points just now.”

Lu Wenxing was wary, “What is it?”

Song Jiajia took out the bag of bobbleheads she gave from the pile of gifts.

“I want you to hug and take pictures with it!!! I’ll decide the pose.”

Lu Wenxing: “I refuse.”

Wen Min stepped forward in time, “Or does Wenxing want to try the rabbit pajamas I gave him?”

Lu Wenxing: “……”

Gu Yanshen held back his laughter, “You can’t lie to a girl, a man has to do what he says.”

He was only teaching Lu Wenxing to be true to his word, definitely not because he also wanted to see it. Gu Yanshen managed to convince himself and didn’t think he was selling out his teammate.

The crowd reached a unanimous goal to lobby Lu Wenxing.

“That’s right! A boy should be a gentleman, since you made a promise, you can’t go back on it, otherwise you’re a scum.”

Lu Wenxing: ????

It was that easy to be a scum?

Finally, Lu Wenxing expressionlessly hugged the rabbits.

  Song Jiajia was satisfied and put the seven bobbleheads into Lu Wenxing’s arms, “Hold these in your arms, and hold this in your hand.”

  Lu Wenxing hand was stuffed with a small pink rabbit doll.

Before he could complain, Song Jiajia continued.

“The rabbit is so cute, won’t you kiss it?”

Lu Wenxing: “……”

Wen Min took the phone and already started taking pictures.

Song Jiajia was still not satisfied, “Be happy, Wenxing. You like everything I give you.”

Lu Wenxing was pressed on the sofa, with dozens of seven rabbits, and he had to look very willing and happy for the camera.

  He was like a doll at the mercy of others, in fact, his features were more delicate and beautiful than dolls, as if carefully carved out.

Soft chestnut hair, fair skin, long, thick, curly eyelashes, and light-colored eyes.

  As Lu Wenxing was forced to kiss the rabbit, a faint embarrassed blush covered his cheeks.

A few people in the room couldn’t help but look stunned, this was like a beautiful boy from a cartoon!

Li Xiangming resisted the urge to grab his cheeks, Zhou Zitong looked with envy as Song Jiajia ordered Lu Wenxing around and sighed. “I finally know why girls like dolls, I also want!”

Gu Yanshen didn’t say anything, betraying Lu Wenxing must have made his conscience uneasy, because his heartbeat was a little out of control.

“OK, Minmin, send the photos to me, I want to post it on Weibo!”

Lu Wenxing: ????

Song Jiajia looked at the photos and fell into deep thought, Lu Wenxing’s face was really too good looking!

Five minutes later.

[Song Jiajia v] The rabbits given to Wenxing, he likes it very much.

Nine photos were attached.

In less than 30 seconds, the comment section was occupied.

[Wenxing likes rabbits?]

[So cute! I’m now sure, a cute boy should be with a cute rabbit.]

[This nosebleed can’t be stopped!]

[I want to see Wenxing and the rabbits lying in bed ……]

[A big pink bed.]

[What are you saying!!! I want to see Wenxing wearing rabbit pajamas.]

Lu Wenxing, who had already accepted the reality, was cold-faced, and his eyes turned to the culprit, Gu Yanshen.

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