C50 – Unexpected Harvest

The Twilight Forest was located in the northwest of the airship’s port of call and belonged to Cobner City, so it didn’t take more than half an hour to get there on the magnetic levitation train.



Liu Yilian and the others spontaneously stayed on the airship, but Ji Canghai urged Xiao Yu to go out to play: “It’s rare to come here; wouldn’t it be a pity not to take a stroll?”



It was rare for Xiao Yu to see Ji Canghai being so unreliable, and his tone was clearly disapproving. “You still have the heart to go shopping when the enemy is at hand?”



“I’m not interested in shopping, but the thought of shopping with you makes me want to do it.” Ji Canghai said, “Ever since you came to this world, you haven’t had a good feel for how humans live nowadays, right? Don’t you want to see the world of the future with your own eyes and feel the changes brought about by technology?”



It had to be said that Ji Canghai’s proposal was indeed very tempting.



Ji Canghai sensed Xiao Yu wavering and silently winked at Liu Yilian.



Liu Yilian, who was worthy of being Ji Canghai’s right-hand man, immediately responded, “Mr. Xiao, leave this place to us, and you and the chief can go and enjoy the happy time that belongs to the two of you. Our presence will be useless if we can’t help the chief.”



Xiao Yu: “……”



The way she said this, it was like a soft nail in the coffin, as if by not going out to enjoy life with Ji Canghai, he was denying Liu Yilian and the others their ability to do their jobs. The point was that he couldn’t refute it; why did he suddenly feel like hitting someone?



“Let’s go.” Xiao Yu had no choice but to agree with Ji Canghai.



If he didn’t agree after all was said and done, it would be too disrespectful to everyone. No matter how unsociable he was, his emotional intelligence wasn’t that low.



As he walked down the gangway, he was greeted by a bustling crowd of people, all of whom were crowding at the registration desk to register their information.



When Xiao Yu saw that they had to hand over their light devices for the registration personnel to check their information before they could pass, his brows instantly wrinkled, and he asked Ji Canghai in a low voice, “I don’t have a light device; can I get in?”



Ji Canghai calmly looked at him and led him to an unattended counter with a suspended service sign on it.



Xiao Yu was a little puzzled. What was Ji Canghai doing bringing him here when the service was suspended?



The counter clerk had the same doubts, and he pointed to the sign on the table and said, ”Are the two of you not seeing this sign? If it’s an access card you want, you can go to those counters next to it.”


Ji Canghai smiled faintly as he handed over his light device while shaking the ring on his hand.



The other party’s eyes immediately changed. “What do you need? Just place an order.”



“Two access cards.” Ji Canghai tapped the desktop with his index finger and said, “We’re in a hurry.”



“Alright, I’ll arrange it for the two of you right away!”



Within half a moment, two freshly made access cards were delivered to Ji Canghai and Xiao Yu.




Xiao Yu, an unregistered person without a light brain, just walked into Cobner City in a dignified manner.



“That ring, it seems extraordinary.” Xiao Yu remembered that Ji Canghai’s spatial ring was called the Heart of the Ocean, and the space contained within was much larger than ordinary space tools.



However, he didn’t expect that it actually had other uses.



Ji Canghai nodded slightly. “It is the identity symbol of the Independence Army, and by holding it, you can freely pass through all the forces that are on good terms with the Independence Army. Of course, the other side will also get the news of our arrival in Weir at the first opportunity, and perhaps soon our surroundings will be filled with eyes.”


Xiao Yu subconsciously looked around; although everything was normal as far as the eye could see, he still felt uneasy. “Then won’t we be exposed?”



They were travelling to find out about the buyer, not really to tour the planet.




“Why do you think the buyer set the location in Weir?” Ji Canghai said in a deep voice, “It must be because they think they have something to rely on in Weir planet. I just want to let the top brass in Weir know about the movements of the Independence Army, stir up the situation in Weir, and see if the buyer still dares to show up or not.”



“What if he doesn’t dare?” Xiao Yu asked rhetorically:



“Then I’ll make a big deal out of it, alarming the executives of Planet Weir and gathering the entire galaxy’s capabilities to find out the buyer. Those guys are hiding in Weir anyway; they can’t run anywhere.” Ji Canghai looked like he was in control of the situation.



Xiao Yu didn’t have the same standing as Ji Canghai, so naturally, it was difficult to have the same outlook on the big picture as Ji Canghai, but he agreed with Ji Canghai’s approach. In fact, it was the same as an octagonal cage fight; Ji Canghai’s behaviour was equivalent to placing them and the mermaid’s buyer in the same octagonal cage, and unless one side conceded defeat, the fight would never stop.



“Let’s not talk about business,” Ji Canghai said, tightening his grip on Xiao Yu’s hand. “I’ll show you around.”



Xiao Yu: “…” Actually, he was more interested in talking about business.



However, since his boyfriend wanted a date so much, Xiao Yu wouldn’t brush him off, so he let Ji Canghai lead him away.



Ji Canghai took him on a hover train to the centre of the city. Xiao Yu sat by the window of the hover train and looked out curiously.



As far as the eye could see, there were mostly high-rise buildings, and each floor was equipped with a place similar to a tarmac. Xiao Yu also saw people driving flying machines and landing on the tarmac.



With the addition of various flying machines, the roads became less crowded, and with vehicles and flying machines each travelling on their own tracks, it had to be said that the traffic in the future world had been greatly improved.



“The flying machines driven by everyday people are somewhat like flying cars, but there are no established roads or traffic lights in the air; won’t there be a tragedy where two flying machines collide?” Xiao Yu asked.



Ji Canghai replied, “Most of the vehicles and flying vehicles nowadays use the autopilot mode, and the autopilot system will help people avoid all sorts of risks, including the danger of a collision.”



Xiao Yu nodded. The rapid development of technology had greatly improved the daily lives of humans, and the car crashes that ranked among the top in terms of death rate in his previous life had been perfectly solved by the autopilot system.



“We are about to arrive at the Lute station ahead; please prepare in time for the passengers who are going to get off the train.”



Xiao Yu heard this familiar yet unfamiliar electronic voice and actually felt a bit like he was separate from this world.



“We should get off.” Ji Canghai was a little flustered in his heart; the way Xiao Yu looked at him just now made him feel a hint of remoteness. It was as if, if he didn’t firmly grasp this person in front of him, the other person would leave him forever.



Xiao Yu returned to his senses and nodded slightly at his words, “Okay.”



They walked off the hover train together, and Ji Canghai brought him to a holographic game experience pavilion, where he wanted to bring Xiao Yu to try something that might be very new to him.



“Holographic games?” Xiao Yu was stunned. “I have heard of holographic games, but it was merely a concept in that world of mine.”



“So I brought you to get a good taste of the charm of holographic games.” Ji Canghai put on the game helmet for Xiao Yu.



In the holographic game, whether it was the flowers and trees on the road or the wind blowing in the distance, everything seemed so real.



Xiao Yu followed Ji Canghai’s instructions and created his character, doing quests and going through the plot under Ji Canghai’s guidance, and a few hours quickly passed.



Xiao Yu successfully completed the novice quests and came to the main city for the first time when he saw someone say this in the regional channel: “Truss, have you arranged everything? The transaction in the Twilight Forest tomorrow can’t stop halfway; otherwise, Afton won’t let us off the hook.”



After that, the other party seemed to have sensed that he was on the wrong frequency, and no matter how much he asked, he never appeared again.



Xiao Yu and Ji Canghai glanced at each other; this could be an unexpected gain.



He hoped that the one named Afton would be a bit more generous and not let them down because of such a small mistake.




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