C49 —- Decision

At some point, Ji Canghai quietly grasped Xiao Yu’s palm. Xiao Yu turned around to look, but he bumped into the gentle and clear gaze of the other person.



Although he didn’t say anything, it seemed like everything had been said.



Xiao Yu quickly got out of the strange emotion; he didn’t forget the purpose of this trip and continued to talk. “Then do you know who wants to buy you from Lodestar?”



The mermaids looked at each other in confusion.



Only one of the mermaids spoke, “I seem to have heard them talk about the Weir Star; maybe it has something to do with that planet?”



Xiao Yu exchanged a look with Ji Canghai and bid farewell to the mermaids, as he knew that it would be difficult for him to get any more useful information from them.



“That… what’s your name?” The mermaid in the lead asked him.



“Xiao Yu.”



“Mr. Xiao,” the mermaid revealed with a pleasing smile. “My name is Li. I’m very grateful to you for saving us, but we really don’t want to cause you any more trouble.”



Xiao Yu could hear the tone of Li’s words, which were nothing more than asking him when they would be able to leave the ship and regain their freedom.



Ji Canghai was about to say something, but Xiao Yu suddenly raised his hand to stop him from speaking.



He then responded lightly, “Li, you may have misunderstood; you are our friends; we will ensure your safety. Travelling with you is very enjoyable; I don’t consider you to be trouble, and I believe that you also think that we are very easy to get along with, right?”



The smile on Li’s face couldn’t hang on; he didn’t know if Xiao Yu was really stupid or pretending to be stupid. “In fact, we’ve done a lot of homework in order to leave the Mermaid Planet, and a number of mermaids, including myself, know how to pilot spaceships and even escape pods. This spaceship may be of another use to you, so could you give us an escape pod and preferably lend us a little more food?”



Xiao Yu’s gaze swept over each and every mermaid, and that slightly warning look chilled the hearts of all the mermaids.



After a long time, he said quietly, “I’m sorry, but in order to ensure your safety, when everything is over, we will send you to wherever you want to go, but not now.”



Li looked at Xiao Yu incredulously and asked, “Why don’t you let us go? Are you going to restrict our freedom just like them?”



“If you leave here, you guys could be captured by the buyer at any time.”



“We are responsible for the consequences. I just want to leave here; I don’t want to stay for a moment!”



Xiao Yu lost his desire to convince Li; he found that these mermaids’ desire for freedom surpassed everything else. Knowing that driving the escape pod to leave would most likely play right into the hands of the buyer, they still stubbornly believed that the spaceship had taken their freedom.



Stubborn and stupid.



Xiao Yu left the pool and took the bathrobe that Ji Canghai handed over to cover his body, and in no time the fishtail converted into legs. As he turned to leave, the exasperated mermaid actually flicked its tail, trying to get Xiao Yu’s bathrobe wet.



Xiao Yu detected the flow of water behind him but was too lazy to care.



What he was wearing was a bathrobe, so if it got wet, it was wet, and the mermaids doing this would only make him feel that these guys were even more ungrateful.



But he didn’t expect that while he didn’t care about the water flow, someone else would care for him.



Ji Canghai didn’t hesitate to use his body to block the incoming current for him and was instantly drenched, but he still asked him with concern, “Are you alright?”



“I’m fine; it’s you who’s not fine.” Xiao Yu hurriedly asked Wu Mingzhi to hand him a clean towel and heartily wiped the water marks on the man’s face. “Silly, I’m wearing a bathrobe; I’d have just gone back and taken a shower.”



Ji Canghai wasn’t amused and deliberately approached Xiao Yu as he responded, “Not to mention water; even if it’s a particle cannon, I can block it for you.”



Xiao Yu: “……”



Yelp, so greasy.



But it was kind of warm.



“Don’t be like that.” Xiao Yu pursed his lips and pinched Ji Canghai’s face to punish him for talking nonsense.



Ji Canghai wanted to take Xiao Yu back to change his clothes, but Xiao Yu pondered for a moment and said, “Wait a moment.” He then turned his head to look at the mermaid who had caused trouble.



The other party still didn’t feel that he had done wrong, and when he saw Xiao Yu turn around, he even revealed a provocative expression.



“I thought that the kindness of a drop of water should be repaid with a spring, and the kindness of saving a life should be repaid with a life, but I didn’t expect that just because I didn’t agree to one of your requests that could potentially lead to all of you in a desperate situation, I’d be rewarded with a grudge from you. Did I forget to remind you that if it wasn’t for us saving you, you would still be locked up in a water prison waiting to die?”



Xiao Yu was very angry. Ji Canghai saved these mermaids for his sake. This group of mermaids didn’t know how to be grateful; that was fine, but they even returned the favour by flinging water at Ji Canghai.




Li also tried to speak for the mermaids: ”Mr. Xiao, you are also a mermaid; why can’t you stand by our side? We don’t want to know who the buyer is; we only care about getting free. Please make our wish complete, Mr. Xiao.”



Xiao Yu: “……”



He sort of understood that the education that these mermaid betas had received was selflessly serving other mermaids, and they had been brainwashed over time. Now, what they pursued wasn’t any so-called freedom; it was just turning selflessness into personal selfishness in order for them to stop being ensla-ved.



Xiao Yu could understand their twisted values but would not agree with them, much less be morally kid-napped by them.



“You guys only care about being able to get free.” Xiao Yu’s eyes were dark. “I can fulfil you all; all I need to do is put a strong poison into the water, and you will go to hell to find your freedom.”



Lisy eyes watched as Xiao Yu opened the drawer and took out a potion of unknown origin, frightening him so much that he desperately shook his head. “Don’t, don’t be like this; let’s talk! We were wrong; we’ll be obedient; please don’t.”



Xiao Yu ruthlessly smashed the potion against the wall, the shards cutting across Li’s cheeks, and he pulled Ji Canghai away.



Walking out of the medical room, Ji Canghai gave Xiao Yu a thumbs up: “Xiao Yu is so powerful; he subdued them all in three words.”



Xiao Yu honestly said, “I just spoke out when I didn’t like what I saw, and it was quite a relief. For the record, don’t blame me for overstepping my bounds.”



“Of course not.” Ji Canghai couldn’t wait to hold Xiao Yu; how dare he blame him? “I was worried about how to convince this group of mermaids to cooperate with us, but I didn’t expect it to be solved by you. Xiao Yu, it’s still you who has the solution.”



If it were him, he would probably have asked Wu Mingzhi to get some potions that would make the mermaids unconscious, but the side effects wouldn’t be as strong, or he’d have simply knocked these mermaids out and taken them out when they were useful.



These options were simple and crude, and the effects should be immediate.



However, in Ji Canghai’s opinion, none of them were as good as Xiao Yu making an example of them.



Xiao Yu wasn’t very able to withstand Ji Canghai’s blunt compliments and coughed twice before talking about business: “Where is the Weir Star that the mermaids are talking about, do you know?”



Ji Canghai nodded slightly, then called up his light device, and after pressing a few buttons, the light device projected a star map.



He pointed at one of the planets and said to Xiao Yu, “This is the Weir Star; this ship is currently near the Ten Thousand Bells Galaxy, and according to the original route, there are at least three more days before it can arrive at the Weir Star. However, the Independence’s sailing direction happens to be the opposite of that, so if we want to go to the Weir Star to find out what’s going on, we’ll have to either moor the Independence or find a nearby planet to land on.”



In other words, it was either delaying the return to Changgeng Planet or continuing to track down the buyer; it could only be one or the other.



Xiao Yu did want to know who was behind this, but returning to the Changgeng Star and no longer paying attention to these troubles with the mermaids was also a good choice. More importantly, he hadn’t been able to take a good rest since he came to this world, and he especially wanted to have his feet on solid ground and embrace the warm sun.




He told Ji Canghai his thoughts, and Ji Canghai pondered for a moment before making his decision: “I’ll have Liu Yilian lead the others to continue tracking down the buyer’s whereabouts, and we’ll pilot Skylight back to the Independence Spaceship.”



“But Skylight’s stealth ability is also limited.” Xiao Yu was a bit worried. “In case they have a detector in their hands that restrains stealth, we’ll be exposed, and the operation to track down the buyer will fail.”



“This is something that can’t be helped; as long as there is any movement in the spaceship, there is a possibility of alerting the snakes.” Ji Canghai shrugged.




Xiao Yu hesitated for a long time and chose, with difficulty, “Then let’s continue to pursue it.”



He had already thought about it; after he helped the mermaids clear up the trouble, he would follow Ji Canghai back to Changgeng Star and never care about the mermaids again. With as much ability came as much responsibility; he wasn’t any saviour; he was just an ordinary person, and what he could do was extremely limited. He could only live his own life; he couldn’t care so much about other things.



The buyer was quite cautious and hadn’t contacted the spaceship for the past three days.



The airship arrived safely at the Weir Star, and Xiao Yu asked Ji Canghai, “The buyer hasn’t contacted us; do we have to land here?”



Ji Canghai wasn’t in a hurry. “If you’re here, you’re here, and that’s a true saying from your world. We’ll just land the ship normally and go shopping as normal. Just put on the mask customized according to Lodestar’s features, and we’ll just do our best.”



According to the script, he was the one to play Lodestar, as he was the only one with a similar height and build to Lodestar among so many people.



Ji Canghai, on the other hand, played the attendant beside Lodestar.



The other few people also had their own duties, and after getting off the spaceship, they each wandered around in their own company, as if they were really on holiday on the Weir Star.



Xiao Yu was no exception; he slapped away Ji Canghai’s hand that wanted to hold his and warned him in a low voice, “You are now Lodestar’s attendant; Lodestar shouldn’t have a hobby of associating closely with his attendants.”




Ji Canghai rightfully retorted, “Then he has now.”



Xiao Yu glanced at him tiredly as Ji Canghai looked solemn. “There is news!”



Xiao Yu quickly asked, “What news is it?”



Ji Canghai pointed at the communicator as he spoke, “It seems that the other party has set up an automatic message to be sent on the spaceship in advance; they asked us to meet in the Twilight Forest a day later.”



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