C48 — Carrying

Ji Canghai put Lodestar and his men in the place where the mermaids were originally held and seized all of their communication devices to prevent them from tipping their buyer off.



Xiao Yu, however, didn’t quite agree with Ji Canghai’s decision, and took advantage of the time they were alone to ask, “What are you keeping them for? What if they still have a way out?”



Ji Canghai was examining the ship’s trajectory, he turned his gaze to Xiao Yu and asked with interest, “What do you want me to do? In order not to leave any loose ends, get rid of them?”



Get rid of… humans?



Xiao Yu was momentarily speechless; on the Desolate Star, he could have hunted foreign beasts with Ji Canghai for survival. However, they were facing humans, and despite the fact that they were evil, they were, after all, humans.



In Xiao Yu’s education, k-illing was not permitted and was a heinous crime.



Even if it was to punish bad people, it should be based on the law, and he had no right to take away other people’s lives.



Ji Canghai was the person in the world who understood Xiao Yu the most; naturally, he didn’t miss the hesitation and struggle in the other party’s eyes. As a considerate boyfriend, how could he let Xiao Yu have a hard time?



“Strictly speaking, the Independence Army is already considered a country’s army, even if this country is not recognized by the Federation. As the leader of the Independence Army and the executive officer of Changgeng Planet, I have the right to sentence Lodestar on the spot according to the current Interstellar General Law.”



Ji Canghai realized that his little boyfriend didn’t seem to know enough about his power. Not to mention a single evil Lodestar, even if there were ten of them and they died in this area that didn’t belong to any planet’s jurisdiction, no one would dare hold Ji Canghai accountable.



This was the interstellar era; the scope of human activities went far beyond the boundaries of the galaxy, and the binding force of the Interstellar General Law was far from being as big as imagined. Each power had its own law to measure what was right and wrong, which also allowed star thieves like Lodestar to become more and more rampant.



He rubbed the mermaid’s head and said to him in a warm voice, “In the previous Earth, humans couldn’t run out of their planet no matter how much they ran, but even so, transnational cases were very tricky to investigate. Now that the various forces are even more intricate, there won’t be anyone who cares about the death or life of a star thief; you have to learn to get used to it.”



Xiao Yu understood that what Ji Canghai said was right, so why did Ji Canghai still leave Lodestar and the others alive since he didn’t need to be sanctioned by the law and condemned by his conscience? Lodestar didn’t seem like an honest or decent person; keeping him might lead to a disaster.



“He has to live; at least until I uncover who the buyer is, they have to live.” Ji Canghai explained, “The purpose of us controlling this ship is to draw out the buyer behind Lodestar. Once Lodestar is dead, it’ll be bound to scare the snakes, and subsequently, we might still need him to cooperate with us in putting on a show, explaining our presence as a misunderstanding, because I’m worried that the other party might be monitoring the movements of this spaceship at all times, and there’s no guarantee that they won’t find out that we’ve occupied it.”



“It’s good that you’re aware.” Xiao Yu was slightly relieved.



Ji Canghai pondered for a moment and asked him, “Do you want to go meet those mermaids? It’s almost time for them to wake up.”



With Wu Mingzhi around, the lives of the mermaids should be in no danger.



“What would I meet them for?” Xiao Yu’s perception of himself was always human: “You know very well that I’m not really a mermaid.”



Ji Canghai, “Don’t you want to ask some questions?”



Xiao Yu knew that Ji Canghai wanted him to try to get some information. He was indeed curious about how the mermaids were captured by Lodestar on the spaceship, as well as what the world of the mermaids was like and how the mermaids treated the Omegas.



“I’m worried that my identity will be exposed and bring unnecessary trouble.” Xiao Yu frowned.




“Fear not,” Ji Canghai said, smoothing out the creases between his brows. “The effects of the Perfect Inhibitor have not yet worn off; they cannot possibly smell any second gender from you and will only treat you as an ordinary mermaid betas. Xiao Yu, there are some things that you have to face, and avoiding them all together is not the best solution.”



Xiao Yu hesitated and decided to go to the medical room to meet this group of captured mermaids.



It was just that he found that although these mermaids had regained their sobriety under Wu Mingzhi’s rescue treatment, they had pulled their guard up and were unwilling to communicate with anyone.



The medical room was equipped with a pool of water, thought to be used by Lodestar for the mermaids, Ji Canghai pointed to the water in the pool, “Before, it was filled with medicines that would make the mermaids weak, but now it’s all been cleaned out and replaced with clear water.”



Liu Yilian saw that Xiao Yu and Ji Canghai had arrived, so she signalled Wu Mingzhi to stand aside with her.




Wu Mingzhi was unconvinced and muttered, “It’s clear that they were about to agree to the exchange.”




“Come on, there are specialities in every industry, Dr Wu you can cure their bodies but not their hearts.” Liu Yilan clasped her hands on her chest and raised her chin in Xiao Yu’s direction, “This matter has to rely on a professional.”



Wu Mingzhi remembered that Ji Canghai had once told them that Xiao Yu was a mermaid after Liu Yilian reminded him, but Xiao Yu hadn’t shown his mermaid features in front of them, so much so that he gradually forgot about it.



When the mermaids saw that Xiao Yu had arrived, they glanced at each other and both saw the confusion in each other’s eyes.



It was because they smelled intimacy, this man smelled so good that they subconsciously wanted to get closer.



However, they had just had near death experiences and didn’t quite dare to trust others, plus the fact that Xiao Yu was in human form, they didn’t realize that Xiao Yu was also a mermaid.



After thinking about it, Xiao Yu simply took off his top and stepped into the pool.




Under the washing of the clear water and the guidance of his mental energy, his legs gradually turned into a long fish tail, with the fish scales emitting a fascinating lustre.




The mermaids were attracted by his bright scales, and immediately one of them asked him, “Are you a mermaid too?”



Xiao Yu nodded slightly, “I am a mermaid, so I want to know how you were caught on the spaceship. I want to remind my relatives and friends to be extra careful, is that okay?”




Since they were all of the same race, there was nothing to hide, and the mermaids told Xiao Yu the whole ins and outs in one sentence from the east and one sentence from the west.



It turned out that these mermaids were all betas, and in the world of mermaids, a beta was actually quite a lucky gender. Without the thirst for pheromones, they would neither suffer from genetic defects and go crazy like mermaid alphas, nor would they be burdened with heavy responsibilities like mermaid omegas.



It was just that due to the peculiarities of mermaid society, most of the wealth created by mermaid betas were used to cure the genetic defects of alphas. As mundane betas, they weren’t even allowed to have their own private property, and spent their entire lives selflessly dedicating themselves to finding solutions to mermaid genetic defects.



Unfortunately, the mermaid society lasted for so many years, yet there was only one solution to the mermaid’s genetic defects, and that was the mermaid omega’s mental energy



Unwilling to waste all their lives on devotion, this group of poor betas came together to escape the mermaid planet and go to a human planet to live a normal life.



Who knew that Lodestar, who promised to take them away, changed his mind in the blink of an eye and not only dr-ugged them but also sold them to an unknown place?



Learning about what happened to the mermaid betas, Xiao Yu also expressed his deep sympathy and took this opportunity to ask about the ruling status of the mermaid society.




“Currently, it’s the Grand Elder who manages all the mermaid planets; he’s obviously a beta as well, but he helps the alphas ensl-ave us.”



“It can’t be said that way; the Great Elder is doing it for the alpha’s fighting power to remain; otherwise, we would have been slaughtered by beasts long ago.”



Xiao Yu listened to each of their opinions, and in his heart, he had a preliminary understanding of this so-called Great Elder, but he was even more curious: “So what do you guys think of the mermaid omega?”



The crowd of mermaids fell silent in unison.




The mermaid at the head of the group sighed, “There was a time when we were looking forward to the appearance of the mermaid omega. If he could cure alphas genetic defects, perhaps we betas would be able to live a normal life without having to commiserate for the sake of our race’s safety and security. But after all this time of anticipation and hope, the miracle has never favored us. Now we no longer dare to have extravagant hopes, because the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.”



Xiao Yu fell into silence, inexplicably carrying the expectations of the entire mermaid race. This was too heavy for him.



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