C47 —- Occupying the Spaceship

This was Xiao Yu’s first time piloting a mecha, and it was a novelty; it was as if his entire body had been placed in a bed that fit his body perfectly, and he could feel a slight squeezing sensation without it restricting his movements.



He could clearly feel the increase in the mecha’s power – the swirling goggles enhanced his vision, making his sight clearer, and the bone conductors on the sides of his helmet enhanced his hearing.



This was only the enhancement of the five senses, the strongest part of the mecha was the enhancement of the human body’s functions.



He just wanted to move his body slightly, but found that he appeared five metres away in the blink of an eye, his speed was unbelievable.



“How does it feel to pilot a mecha? Isn’t it a novelty? Originally, I wanted to wait for you to return to Changgeng Planet before training with mechas, but I didn’t expect such a collision, so it’s good to let you feel it in advance.” Ji Canghai also called out his mecha.



This mecha was sky blue in color, and if you looked closely, it was as if there was a layer of watery light flowing on its shell. The waist of the mecha was equipped with two gu-ns, which should be the mecha’s weapons.



Ji Canghai introduced, “This mecha is called ‘Skylight’; it is the spare mecha on the ship. Although its grade is not high, only level 6, and its various attributes are far inferior to those of the Wind Chaser, it is already the best of the spare mechas. Its shell is made of special paint, and it has the ability to be invisible, and with these two particle gu-ns, it can maximize its role in the battlefield.”



This was the most important reason why Ji Canghai chose the Skylight. Indeed, the Skylight’s individual ability was slightly lacking, but its special stealth ability could play a huge role in a melee, and its comprehensive strength wasn’t inferior to some Grade 8 mechas.



However, in order to bring Xiao Yu to experience this w-ar from a close distance, Skylight’s stealth ability couldn’t be used; after all, even if he himself was stealthy, there was no way to be stealthy together with Xiao Yu.



“Stay close to me.” Ji Canghai took Xiao Yu’s hand and maneuvered the propulsion device behind him, taking him along with him out of the airship to fight side by side with Liu Yilian and the others.



The hostile spaceship probably hadn’t realized what kind of disaster it had incurred, rampaging through the Independence’s (Ji Canghai’s) established route without the slightest intention of avoiding it.



Ji Canghai didn’t treat him politely either, drawing out the particle g-un at his waist and pulling the trigger towards the ship.



A beam of high-energy particles coalesced from the tip of the particle g-un, and it shot sharply towards the cockpit of the spaceship in an unbiased manner.



The hostile spaceship dared to call the Independence’s bluff, so it was more or less a bit strong. The high-energy particles slammed into the ship’s protective shield and emitted a strong explosion, and the dazzling light fell into Xiao Yu’s eyes, causing him to squint.



Ji Canghai raised his hand to bring down his goggles and said, “Don’t look directly at the too bright light; it’s not good for your eyes.”



Xiao Yu nodded. “That ship seems to be unharmed.”



“Then fire away.” Ji Canghai blocked Xiao Yu behind him and held his g-un in both hands.



Countless high-energy particles poured towards the protective shield, and in an instant, there were cracks in the shield.



The others weren’t vegetarians either. Led by Liu Yilian, they rushed towards the hostile spaceship in unison, their lightsabers chopped down without mercy, only to hear a ‘piercing’ sound. The protective shield shattered in response.



“Chief, the owner of the airship initiated a communication request.” Liu Yilian’s voice reached everyone’s ears through the mecha’s internal channel.




Ji Canghai sneered, “It’s too late to ask for peace now. Continue the attack and occupy the spaceship.”







Without the protective shield, the spaceship was like meat on a chopping board, with no resistance at all.




Within half a moment, it was breached by the charging squad formed by Liu Yilian and the others, and the owner of the spaceship had to open the entrance and surrender to Ji Canghai.



Ji Canghai led the crowd into the ship, and even though the owner of the ship was right in front of them, unarmed, he didn’t retrieve his mecha.



“This gentleman, you see that we are all incapable of resisting; why don’t you release your mecha and let’s talk face-to-face?” The owner of the airship was a blue-haired, red-eyed middle-aged man with full cheekbones, coyly following behind Ji Canghai.




A lion fighting a rabbit also needed all its strength; one could never take the enemy lightly at any time. Even if Ji Canghai had the upper hand at the moment, he didn’t take it lightly. “I can see you; as for you, you’re not qualified to talk to me about conditions yet.”



The middle-aged man lowered his head in remorse. If he had known that the owner of that spaceship was so strong, he wouldn’t have dared to ignore the other party’s communication request if he had borrowed a hundred guts.




Right now, he could only hold his tongue. “What is your name?”



“My surname is Xiao.” Ji Canghai said without changing his expression, “This waste of time ends here; why don’t you tell me what you’re playing at by blocking my ship’s route?”



“Injustice, I really didn’t know that this was your route! The reason we didn’t go through your communication request before was because we had just been hacked and were afraid of being hacked again. Mr. Xiao, please believe me; I really don’t have any ill intentions; everything is a coincidence; blame me for being too cautious!” The man cried out.



Not to mention Ji Canghai; Xiao Yu didn’t believe even half a word after hearing this.



He was somewhat curious about what Ji Canghai would do with this middle-aged man.



A hint of a playful smile appeared on Ji Canghai’s face that was covered by his mecha helmet as he said with a meaningful answer, “Having come, I can’t go back empty-handed; after all, I still have so many people to feed. In order to intercept this ship of yours, it took a lot of our energy.”




The middle-aged man hurriedly said, “Good, good, what do you want? As long as you want it, as long as I have it, I will give it all to you.”



Right at this moment, Liu Yilian and the others grabbed everyone else on the spaceship.



“Is everyone here?” Ji Canghai asked.



Liu Yilian said, “All the rooms have been searched; they should be all together.”



Ji Canghai glanced at Liu Yilian. “I didn’t ask you; I’ll ask again. Are all the people together?”



Invisible pressure came from Ji Canghai, and with his inquiry full of threats, the middle-aged man panicked, “All together, all together, all together!”




“There’s a price to pay for deceiving me; don’t blame me for not reminding you.” Ji Canghai coldly said.



The middle-aged man’s back had already been sweating like pulp; he couldn’t imagine what kind of person the man in the mecha was or why his aura was so powerful that he couldn’t afford to put up half a fight.



Ji Canghai walked slowly, not in a hurry at all.



The others escorted the prisoners, tying the members of the spaceship together one after another and pulling them forward.



Xiao Yu somewhat hesitantly looked towards the mecha hands that he and Ji Canghai were holding. The mecha shell was able to provide good protection, so holding hands like this was actually meaningless; neither he nor Ji Canghai could feel each other’s temperature.



Moreover, in the presence of so many people, there was something wrong with two mechas holding hands.



But whenever he wanted to pull out, Ji Canghai always managed to grip his mecha fingers just right.



To be honest, he was nothing; he was afraid of undermining Ji Canghai’s prestige.



After all, the bosses all walked in a row alone, followed by a group of minions; that was how it worked.



Suddenly, Ji Canghai stopped in his tracks.



His gaze landed on a wall.



Xiao Yu followed his gaze. Could it be that there was something else behind this wall, just like Independence’s cabin and basement were hidden behind a wall?



He stole a glance at the middle-aged man, and sure enough, he detected a trace of trepidation on the other man’s face, as if there was some secret behind that wall.



“Open it.” Ji Canghai ordered.



The middle-aged man maintained his ingratiating smile: “Mr. Xiao, you’re looking at it wrong, aren’t you? It’s just a mediocre wall. What are you looking for? The storehouse is this way; all the wealth on the airship is here.”



Ji Canghai, however, disdained the wealth in his mouth, saying, “I’m afraid the real wealth is inside this wall, Lodestar.”



As soon as the middle-aged man heard Ji Canghai call out his name, his face instantly turned white. “How do you…”



“The infamous Star Pirate Leader, specializing in some human traf-ficking, I’ve really heard a lot about you.” Ji Canghai smiled and said, I’ve heard a lot about you, but the particle g-un in his hand was already aimed at the top of Lodestar’s head.



“Don’t!” Lodestar fell to his knees and pleaded with Ji Canghai to spare his life: “I’ll give you whatever you want; behind that wall are the goods I brought on this trip; I’ll give you all of them if you want! Please, spare my life!”



Ji Canghai used the particle g-un to press his head even lower. “Open it!”



“Yes, yes!”



Lodestar didn’t dare disobey Ji Canghai’s order and obediently opened the wall.




Ji Canghai pulled him up as he pushed the particle g-un against the other’s back and pushed him forward.




Xiao Yu followed closely behind and was soon stunned by the scene within the wall.



It turned out that the ‘this batch’ that Lodestar had spoken of was actually referring to a group of mermaids! These mermaids were immersed in large, transparent containers; most of them were in a comatose state, and the few that were awake did not look very energetic.




Xiao Yu’s heart thumped. When did even mermaids fall into the category of goods for sale? Humans and mermaids clearly resided in different galaxies; how could someone extend their claws into the territory of mermaids?



“Who is the connector?” Ji Canghai didn’t show too much surprise. “Who bought these mermaids from you? And what was their purpose in buying the mermaids?”



Lodestar replied honestly, “I really don’t know; all I know is that they contacted me through the communicator, but my attempts to track their positioning have repeatedly failed. They didn’t tell us the location of the delivery at all; they only gave us a route map to follow, and they would actively look for us halfway through.”



Ji Canghai’s brows furrowed deeply; these mermaids staying here would cause trouble. If it were before, he wouldn’t have wanted to take over these hot potatoes; the w-ar between the Independence Army and the Federation had already left him too burned out to care about anything else, and he was also unwilling to cross swords with other forces for no reason.



But now it was different; Xiao Yu was a mermaid, a mermaid Omega, that the mermaids had been thirsting for for hundreds of years, and since he was with Xiao Yu, he was inevitably connected to the mermaids.




Regardless of how Xiao Yu planned to face the mermaid community in the future, it was necessary for him to inquire about who was actually doing the buying of mermaids in private. He had a hunch that what that power wanted to get might be related to Xiao Yu.



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