C41 —- Spiritual Energy Fusion

Wu Mingzhi also advised, “Even if you lose your eyesight, you are still our most powerful chief.”

Ji Canghai’s mind was made up, and his tone carried an undoubted determination: “Continue.”

Xiao Yu suddenly spoke out, “Cang Hai, do you remember what you asked me on the Desolate Star? You asked me if I was willing to join you. At that time, my answer was that I was willing. Now I’m asking you if you’re willing to join me; do you dare to say yes?”

Did he dare to say yes? Did he dare to let him see the memories in his mind? Did he dare to share the secrets in his heart with him?

For a long time, Ji Canghai didn’t respond. The wound on his brain kept bleeding, and the floor of the operation theater was already dyed red, which was very bloo*dy and horrible to look at.

He couldn’t waste any more time; Wu Mingzhi had to remind Ji Canghai, “Chief, Mr. Xiao is asking you.”

Ji Canghai woke up as if from a dream; his gray eyes suddenly opened, clearly without a trace of focus, but Xiao Yu saw the luster in the other party’s eyes. He smiled, as if he were not the one whose blo*od flowed into the river: “I would like to, but I don’t dare to ask.”

At these words, Xiao Yu was slightly relieved; he had taught Ji Canghai these words, and he didn’t expect that Ji Canghai to really remember them.

He inclined his head towards Wu Mingzhi and said, “What do you need from me?”

Was this an agreement? Wu Mingzhi was a bit surprised in his heart. Knowing that Ji Canghai had always been a character who was secretive, he didn’t expect Mr. Xiao to change the chief’s decision in a few words. Ji Canghai’s memory contained too many secrets of the Independent Army, yet after knowing that the secrets might be leaked to Mr. Xiao, Ji Canghai still agreed to let Mr. Xiao’s spiritual energy participate in the operation.

Wu Mingzhi didn’t know where this trust came from, but since it was the chief’s decision, he naturally followed it unconditionally.

“Mr. Xiao, release your spiritual energy and follow my instructions to find the foci in the chief’s brain. My spiritual energy will pull you, and after finding the foci, my spiritual energy will exit at the first opportunity.” Wu Mingzhi said.

He had to use most of his energy for the surgery, and since his spiritual energy wasn’t strong, once he collided with Xiao Yu and Ji Canghai’s powerful spiritual energies, his spiritual energy would surely suffer a backlash. Not to mention continuing the surgery, it was possible to turn into an idiot.

That was why he needed a spiritual energy that was on par with or even surpassed Ji Canghai’s to assist him.

Xiao Yu nodded slightly to indicate that he knew, and then he released all of his spiritual energy without reservation. After reaching adulthood, his spiritual energy was no longer restricted by his emotions, and its strength had stabilized.

He maneuvered his spiritual energy into Ji Canghai’s wound and soon came across two strands of spiritual energy that didn’t belong to him.

“Relax, follow my spiritual energy, and wrap the lesion.” Wu Mingzhi reminded him, “The safety of the chief and I are in your hands.”

Xiao Yu didn’t dare to relax as he followed the weaker spiritual energy and finally saw the full picture of the lesion. Since he was the one who entered the wound with his spiritual energy, the images that he saw were gotten from the spiritual energy, so to him, the lesion was very gruesome, with the dark green toxin spreading in all directions in the form of a tree, exuding an aura of calamity.

He carefully manipulated his spiritual energy, starting from the edges and spreading it out in all directions little by little. The foci seemed to have sensed Xiao Wu’s aggression and began to fight back at the first opportunity. As wisps of pain traveled along the spiritual energy eroded by the toxin, Xiao Wu couldn’t help but frown.

Wu Mingzhi smoothly drew back his spiritual energy as he manipulated the mechanical arm on the operating table to deploy the right instruments to assist him in the surgery.

Xiao Yu then understood the reason why there were no assistants in the operating theater: these mechanical arms were enough to satisfy Wu Mingzhi’s needs and wouldn’t make any mistakes, much better than assistants.

“Bear with it; next you will not only suffer the backlash of the toxin, but you will also feel the chief’s equivalent pain.” Wu Mingzhi injected a tube of painkiller down Xiao Yu’s vein. “The painkiller can only help you relieve some of the pain; the rest is still up to you.”

Xiao Yu wiped the sweat from the corner of his forehead. “I can do it; go on.”

Ji Canghai wanted to comfort his little boyfriend, but he was on his own at the moment. His brain had already been reduced to a battlefield, with foreign spiritual energy on one side and the foci of the disease that was doing wrong on the other. Both sides were fighting non-stop inside his brain, and it hurt so much that he nearly fainted.

Even so, he didn’t bother to grab Xiao Yu’s hand hard, and he could only grit his teeth and endure silently.

Even with the aid of painkillers, Xiao Yu still felt incomparable pain, and as the pain continued to intensify, many images appeared in his mind.

These images, however, didn’t belong to him, and he immediately understood that they were memories belonging to Ji Canghai.

Ji Canghai’s life before he was driven out of the Federation could be described as smooth; his family was a top-ranked military and political family in the Federation, so he had been groomed as the family heir since he was a child. Ji Canghai was always the top student in his school, and after graduating from the military school, he went to the battlefield, accumulated military honors, and became a five-star general at a very young age, which made him a winner in life.

However, the change happened overnight; the Ji family was suddenly exposed for doing human experi*ments in private and was put in jail by the federation. The truth was that at that time, the Ji family, under the leadership of Ji Canghai, was thriving and gradually became feared by the federation’s high-level officers. Coincidentally, at this time, they obtained the perfect inhibitor formula for a higher civilization.

The news was leaked out by someone, and the federation’s high command was worried that the appearance of the Perfection Inhibitor would make Omegas unwilling to be ruled by the status quo and even more worried that after the Ji family got the Perfection Inhibitor, they would use it to seize power, and then they used the so-called crime of human experi*mentation against the Ji family.

At that time, Ji Canghai was still fighting the Zergs and defending the Federation-owned planet. When he triumphed, he found that the Federation had taken advantage of his absence to backstab his family. In a fit of rage, he piloted his mecha, k*illed his way into prison, took his family and loyal subordinates far away from the Federation, and after settling his and his subordinates’ families, he founded the Independence Army, determined to seek justice from the Federation while promoting the Perfection Inhibitor so that all Omegas have the right to choose their own lives.

So that was the whole truth, or at least the whole truth from Ji Canghai’s perspective. If this was all true, then that original book was misleading readers and vilifying Ji Canghai’s image.


Perhaps Ji Canghai’s memories were so shocking to him that even the pain faded away, and he was suddenly a little glad that memories didn’t lie, and instead of believing in a book of unknown origin, he believed more in what he had seen.

Then the next problem was to verify whether the original plot would happen or not.


The easiest way to verify was to meet with the original male lead. The original story had opened a huge golden finger for the male lead, including but not limited to a spirit spring space that could cleanse the essence, an upgrade system that could issue missions and obtain rewards, and a probe table from an advanced civilization that could detect minerals.

All of these things, with the exception of that last probe watch, were products that didn’t belong to this world. If Gu Xijiao really possessed all of them, it would prove that the original storyline was something that was going to happen in the future. If it didn’t exist, then it meant that the original story had nothing to do with reality.

But it was useless to think about this now; he could see Ji Canghai’s memories, so he was sure that Ji Canghai could also see his.

It was still unknown whether he had a future or not.

“It worked!” Finally, Wu Mingzhi excitedly shouted.

Xiao Yu was freed from the long pain and was soaked to the skin as if he had just been fished out of the water.

He wanted to go up to see how Ji Canghai was doing, but his legs went limp, and he collapsed onto Ji Canghai’s body.

Ji Canghai let out a muffled grunt but firmly held him in his arms, his tone tinged with exhaustion and excitement. “I know you’re happy, but there’s no need to be in such a hurry.”

“Nonsense.” Xiao Yu was really tired and pulled away Ji Canghai’s arm, casually finding a chair to sit down. “Dr. Wu, you said his surgery was successful, so will his eyes regain their sight?”

“After that, I’ll give him some medicine and go through a course of treatment; after pulling out the remaining poison in his body, there should be no problem.” Wu Mingzhi reminded him, “I will stitch up the wound now; in these few days, the wound must not touch water, and his eyes must not touch water to avoid diluting the medicine.”

Xiao Yu nodded slightly. “Okay, doctor.”

Wu Mingzhi poured a glass of water for Xiao Yu and then did the suturing surgery for Ji Canghai. After doing so, he initiated a communication request to Liu Yilian, and after briefly explaining the situation, he asked her to arrange for someone to send Ji Canghai and Xiao Yu back to their room.

Xiao Yu was still thinking of refusing, but it turned out that he really couldn’t stand up, so he had to allow Yang Yongning, who arrived afterwards, to help him into the wheelchair and return to Ji Canghai’s room together.

Ji Canghai’s eyes were covered with a circle of gauze, and his head was also wrapped in a circle of bloo*d, making him look somewhat miserable.

“Help me bring over some desserts; anything that can be made in the kitchen or that has already been made, I’ll take one.” Ji Canghai said to Liu Yilian.

Liu Yilian quickly filled Ji Canghai’s table with various desserts and left the room at Ji Canghai’s behest, not forgetting to close the door thoughtfully.


“It looks like you know it all.” Xiao Yu looked towards the wide array of desserts and slowly spoke.

He liked eating sweets, as they could quickly replenish his energy while numbing the pain he felt after boxing training.

Ji Canghai, however, didn’t answer positively and only invited him, “Eat; no one will keep you from eating sweets in the future.”

Xiao Yu pursed his lips. He loved sweets, but his coach didn’t allow him to eat them on the grounds that they would lead to excessive sugar intake and affect his training.

He silently picked up a piece of sweet potato and chewed it. The soft and sweet taste was delightful.

After eating the sweet potato, his mood calmed down a lot, and he even started to flirt: “You prepared so many sweets; do you want me to get cavities?”

Ji Canghai said in disbelief, “If you are afraid of cavities, then feed me more, and I will accompany you to get cavities.”

Xiao Yu somehow suddenly remembered a saying.

If you love him, you will accompany him to decay your teeth.

He rubbed his arms, and goosebumps were all over the place. “Don’t; tooth decay is not a good thing.”

Both of them were silent for a while; the difference was that Xiao Yu was eating sweets while Ji Canghai sat quietly beside him.

Suddenly, Ji Canghai took his hand and said, “I’ll re-introduce myself; my name is Ji Canghai, leader of the Independence Army.”

Xiao Yu smiled and used a towel to wipe the hand he’d use to shake Ji Canghai’s hand, wiping the sticky residue from the dessert on it.

“Xiao Yu, a human who came from the Earth an unknown number of years ago and awakened in the body of a mermaid.”



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