C38 – Top Match

Xiao Yu couldn’t find a reason to refuse. After all, he was the one who came to Ji Canghai for help, and since Ji Canghai was blind, changing out of his bathrobe could be a daunting challenge for him. If Ji Canghai was left to complete it on his own, he was afraid that a lot of time would be wasted.


As a matter of fact, he didn’t want to refuse; they were already in a relationship, and it was perfectly reasonable and justified for him to receive some appropriate benefits that only a boyfriend was entitled to.


His mouth said, “It’s not a good idea.” But his body was very honest, and he didn’t even forget to close the door.


Ji Canghai took Xiao Yu’s hand and said, “I remember that the wardrobe is on my left hand side; please take me there.”


Xiao Yu agreed; the interior of the room was different from the open space on the Desolate Planet, and he had to remind Ji Canghai at all times, “Be careful; there’s a coffee table next to it.” He simply walked to Ji Canghai’s side, physically isolating him from the hard furniture.

Xiao Yu took a long time to walk the few steps.

Ji Canghai smiled and said, “Don’t be so careful. I have thick skin; it’s not a big deal if I bump into something.”


Xiao Yu thought about it, reminding him that everything was too much of a waste of time, and at this rate, he was afraid Yang Yongning would be swimming in his room.

So he stopped reminding and walked straight towards the wardrobe. Then he heard the sound of collisions and the man’s muffled groans.

Xiao Yu hurriedly turned around and asked, “Are you alright?”

Ji Canghai rubbed his reddened knee and self-deprecatingly said, “Indeed, you can’t brag too much. Isn’t this retribution? It’s okay, just a small bump. I’ll sit here for a while; you can just go to the wardrobe and find a set of clothes.”

Xiao Yu saw that his injuries were not serious, so he helped him sit on the sofa and said, “I’ll be right back.” He had already seen where the wardrobe was.

It had to be said that Ji Canghai’s room decoration was simply extremely luxurious, with a simple wardrobe that used a rotating design. If he didn’t see his favorite outfit at first glance, he could press the button next to the wardrobe, and the items inside the wardrobe would be rotated and replaced at the back, and the new outfit would be displayed.

Of course, the way to use the button was explained by Ji Canghai; if it wasn’t for the purpose of testing the effect of the button, he would probably just pick a set of clothes and be done with it.

Seeing the wide array of clothing, Xiao Yu couldn’t help but stagger, “Why do you have so many clothes?”

Ji Canghai vaguely responded, “When you go in and out of various planets, you have to follow the customs.”

Xiao Yu instantly realized that if Ji Canghai wanted to grow the Independence Army, he would have to compete for all the resources he could obtain. Seeking benefits from other forces, it was inevitable that he would have to come into contact with the leaders of these forces, and it was necessary to respect each of their aesthetics appropriately.

This was currently a secret that couldn’t be talked about in detail.

Xiao Yu had the good sense to choose to avoid talking about it; he picked a white casual outfit and returned to Ji Canghai’s side, but how he was going to put it on him became a big problem.

“Can you wear it yourself?” Xiao Yu asked him.

Ji Canghai got up, and his tall figure instantly enveloped Xiao Yu. Relying on the fact that he couldn’t see, he didn’t bother to pick up the outfit in Xiao Yu’s hands and unabashedly spread his arms. “I’m afraid there’ll be difficulties.”

Difficulties, my arse.

Xiao Yu himself was able to put his clothes on with his eyes closed!

As if he knew what Xiao Yu was thinking, Ji Canghai slowly spoke, “Although I can put it on myself, that would waste even more time, and I’m afraid that you won’t be able to wait.”

Xiao Yu thought about it; he could wait, but Xiao Yang’s plumbing couldn’t.

He had to untie Ji Canghai’s bathrobe.


Getting closer, he could smell the fragrance on Ji Canghai’s body after bathing. He had originally wanted to take a shower; after all, there was no chance to take a good shower on the desolate star. Unfortunately, Yang Yongning’s water pipe broke, so he had to put aside his shower and come to find Ji Canghai in a dusty state.


With his bathrobe spread out, Xiao Yu looked at Ji Canghai’s key areas with both trepidation and anticipation, but the result was: “You’re actually wearing underwear?”

Ji Canghai laughed lowly. “What, are you disappointed?”

Disappointed? Nonsense; he didn’t expect anything! He just couldn’t figure out how someone could wear a bathrobe and underwear at the same time; that was simply fraud!

Xiao Yu pretended that he couldn’t hear Ji Canghai’s words and quickly helped him put on his shirt and trousers.

Tsk, worthy of being the villainous Big Boss; not only did he have an almost perfect face and body, but even the other aspects were top-notch.

He just didn’t know if it was useful or not.

“Xiao Yu, why aren’t you talking?” Ji Canghai asked him with a smile while adjusting his collar.

Xiao Yu glanced at him. “I was wondering why it happened to be when you were taking a bath that Xiao Yang’s water pipe burst?”

Ji Canghai: “You’ve wronged me; the water circulation system and the electrical system in my room are independent; if you don’t believe me, you can turn on the faucet and try it.”

Regardless of whether what Ji Canghai said was true or false, Xiao Yu couldn’t really try it. Although Old Ji’s credibility was negative with him for the time being, he also knew that the other party had no need to lie to him in this regard.

“Let’s find someone to repair the water pipes first.” Xiao Yu pulled up Ji Canghai’s hand and asked as he walked, “Who is responsible for repairing the water pipes here?”

“Xue Qingping is also a militant so he never misses a training session; he must be at the training ground at this moment.” Ji Canghai said.

Xiao Yu hurriedly brought Ji Canghai to the training ground. In the center of the large training ground, two mechas were fighting in close combat; the battle was quite intense.

This was the first time Xiao Yu had seen a mecha battle, and he immediately understood why so many people dreamed of becoming mecha warriors.

It was really too shocking.

Even though neither of the two mechas had taken out their hot or cold weapons and it was entirely a physical battle, the sparks that shot out from time to time still lit a flame in Xiao Yu’s heart.

The two opposing sides and the crowd of onlookers all discovered the chief and the chief’s wife, who had entered the training ground.

They walked towards Xiao Yu and Ji Canghai unanimously, and the mechas were also stowed away in their spatial necklaces.

“Chief, and Mr. Xiao, are you here to guide us in our training?”

Ji Canghai introduced Xiao Yu at the right time: “This person speaking is Xue Qingping.”

“Mr. Xue,” Xiao Yu was very polite. “I came to find you specifically because the water pipe in Yang Yongning’s room broke.”

Xue Qingping nodded slightly. “I’ll take care of this; you guys can continue training; I’ll go over and take a look.”

Xiao Yu also wanted to follow, but Ji Canghai said, “You won’t be able to help much if you go, so why don’t you just stay here and accompany me to guide their training?”

“But I can’t help even more here.” Going there would still allow him to get some information or something.

Ji Canghai laughed. “Who said you can’t help? You can be my commentator here; tell me the information on the field and assist me in guiding them.”

Xiao Yu thought for a moment and agreed that if Yang Yongning was short of people, Xue Qingping would naturally contact them. Moreover, he had said long ago that he would be Ji Canghai’s eyes, and perhaps the two men fighting on the training field were also looking forward to their long-unseen leader instructing them.

He had forgotten, however, that his knowledge of mechas was definitely not as good as Ji Canghai’s subordinates, and if one had to explain, any one of the random people present would be able to do the job.


Ji Canghai, however, only invited him to stay, so it was evident that the wine lover’s heart wasn’t in the cup.


[TN: It was obvious he had ulterior motives.]

The person it concerned was in the dark, but the onlookers understood. Liu Yilian and the others could see this scene clearly, and the crowd smiled silently, then tacitly kept a longer distance from the young couple.


Xiao Yu narrated without any distractions; he could only describe it from the viewer’s perspective, but Ji Canghai was able to translate it into professional terms through his simple description. For example, in Xiao Yu’s eyes, one of the mecha warriors moved one small step forward, then one small step to the left rear, and then one small step to the front, which was very difficult to describe, while Ji Canghai told him what it was called, “Z-jittering. It’s a commonly used footwork to avoid long-distance shooting, and it can be used to hide one’s intention to shoot and to confuse the enemy’s line of sight.”

Xiao Yu listened attentively to Ji Canghai’s explanation, and gradually, what was originally explained by him became Ji Canghai teaching him the combat techniques he saw.

“Red is going to lose; he didn’t dodge the laser cannon fired by Blue; his engine was destroyed, and he lost his fighting ability.”

Sure enough, as soon as Ji Canghai’s words left his mouth, Red fell to the ground, and Blue won.

Xiao Yu had to admire Ji Canghai’s combat literacy; even if his eyes couldn’t see, he could judge the winner of the battle just by relying on the relaying of someone like him, who had little to no knowledge of mechas. Such an ability couldn’t have reached such a high level without the accumulation of hundreds or thousands of battles.

“After watching the battle, let’s go back and see how the plumbing is doing.” Xiao Yu said.


Ji Canghai couldn’t stop him anymore. “Let’s go.”

The others wanted to follow, but Liu Yilian stopped them: “Continue training; the chief and Mr. Xiao need to be alone; it’s not appropriate for us to follow.”

The crowd smiled broadly and murmured.

“It looks like the chief’s good days are not far off.”

“It’s been a long time since our Independence Army had a wedding; the last time seemed to be Old Xue and his wife.”

“It’s so good that the chief finally has a family; the big stone in our hearts can finally be put down.”


Returning to Yang Yongning’s residence, Xiao Yang could be heard crying from a long way away.

Xiao Yu quickly asked, “Are you alright?”

Yang Yongning kept crying as he shook his head. “I’m fine; it’s my wives and husbands who aren’t fine!”

He pointed to the ground, to the scattered ‘corpses’ of the figurines lying silently on the wet ground in a miserable state.

Xue Qingping came out of the bathroom sweating profusely with his maintenance bag on his back. “The water pipe was fixed and the stagnant water was drained; it’s just that the water flow was too strong and washed down Xiao Yang’s figurine wall.”

Xiao Yu still remembers that Yang Yongning’s eyes were filled with stars when he introduced them to him. Xiao Yang really liked these figurines; if they were destroyed just like that, he couldn’t imagine how sad Xiao Yang would be.

“Can the figurines still be repaired?” Xiao Yu asked him.

Yang Yongning wiped his tears while shaking his head. “It can’t be repaired; there are so many parts for these figurines that I can’t even remember them myself. Even if it’s fixed, it won’t be the same as the original.”

Xiao Yu looked at Ji Canghai with a frown on his face and asked Xue Qingping in confusion, “How could the water pipe burst when it was fine? Has Mr. Xue checked what the cause is?”

“It isn’t easy to say.”

“I see.” The light in Xiao Yu’s eyes dimmed slightly, and his grip on Ji Canghai’s hand tightened. “Come with me; I have something to say to you.”



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