C35 – Dropped Disguise

After Xiao Yu boarded the airship while holding Cang Hai’s hand, he was immediately attracted by the interior decoration of the airship. The first thing that caught his eye was the spiral corridor, with bright lights hanging on both sides of the corridor, making the whole corridor look splendid.

The crowd behind them also followed. Liu Yilian quickly came to Xiao Yu and Ji Canghai’s side and said, “Chief, Mr. Xiao, you two have been running around for a long time; why don’t you go to the medical room to check your health first?”

Xiao Yu immediately understood the woman’s meaning. He glanced at Cang Hai, who had his eyes closed, and asked nervously, “Can his eyes still be cured?”

According to the reasoning of today’s medical prosperity and advanced technology, as long as it wasn’t congenital blindness, there should be hope for a cure for Cang Hai’s eyes.

Liu Yilian pondered for a moment and answered rigorously, “We still need to conduct an examination to be sure.”

That meant there was still hope?

Xiao Yu hurriedly agreed, “Then we’ll go to the infirmary first; Cang Hai’s eyes are in your hands.”

Liu Yilian nodded without changing her expression, but in fact, she was secretly happy. Listening to Xiao Yu’s tone, he clearly treated Ji Canghai as one of his own, so it seemed that the chief’s future was guaranteed, and she didn’t need to worry about it anymore.

The others were also winking at each other; perhaps Xiao Yu himself didn’t realize it yet, but what he was doing showed that he didn’t treat Ji Canghai as an outsider. Even in front of his companions, who might have gone through life and death with Ji Canghai in the past, there was still no change at all.

Ji Canghai gently rubbed the back of Xiao Yu’s smooth hand, and his tone was clearly pleasant. “Just listen to Xiao Yu; lead the way.”

The interior of the airship was even more spacious than Xiao Yu had imagined, and it was clear that from the outside, the airship wouldn’t be able to contain such a large space.

“The spaceship uses space folding technology inside,” Ji Canghai’s explanation arrived at the right time. “It can play the role of compressing space, making the spaceship more spacious. The principle is similar to my spatial ring, only that it is slightly inferior at the technical level.”

Xiao Yu listened attentively, unaware that the others were listening with their pupils dilated. The chief/boss had actually told Xiao Yu the secrets of the airship as well as the secrets of the Heart of the Ocean! It seemed that they would have to be more dedicated to treating the chief’s wife well.


The medical room was on the inner side of the corridor, and it didn’t take more than a few steps to get there.

The doctor personally came to greet them, then he walked straight to the wardrobe, changed into a white coat, and shook the non-existent dust in a very coquettish manner. “Let me introduce myself. My name is Wu Mingzhi, and Mr. Xiao can call me Xiao Wu, or he can call me Mingzhi.”

Ji Canghai impatiently voiced out to interrupt him, “I know what to do, Xiao Yu, come with me.”

Xiao Yu gave Wu Mingzhi an apologetic look and followed Cang Hai into the room.

Wu Mingzhi helplessly winked at the people probing outside the medical room before walking over to them and muttering in a low voice, “The chief is too protective of Mr. Xiao; it wouldn’t have taken much time for me to say a few more words. Besides, the chief can’t see now, so I wanted to help Mr. Xiao change his clothes.”

As soon as these words came out, Liu Yilian admired his boldness: “You dare to tease even Old Ji’s man; I think you’re tired of living.”

“Making a friend is just making a friend.” Wu Mingzhi snapped.

He really just wanted to show his face and be familiar with the leader’s future wife.

Inside the dressing room.

Ji Canghai said solemnly to Xiao Yu while taking off his shirt, “Stay away from that guy just now; he’s not a good person; even though he’s a doctor, he doesn’t look like a doctor at all.”

Xiao Yu couldn’t help but swallow his saliva as he stared blearily at Cang Hai’s muscles, revealing themselves bit by bit from the removed shirt.

No matter how many times he looked at it, it was still hard to take his eyes off such a perfect body.

Ji Canghai didn’t hear Xiao Yu’s response and thought that Xiao Yu was unwilling to listen to his suggestion. He frowned slightly in bitterness and continued to belittle his subordinate: “Wu Mingzhi’s looks are indeed good, but he relies on his face and has harmed others with it, so don’t be deceived by his looks.”

Xiao Yu muttered in his heart; he didn’t know what bad things Wu Mingzhi had done that warranted Cang Hai cautioning him like this.

“I know; I will treat him with caution.” Xiao Yu said, storing the clothes that Cang Hai had taken off into the wardrobe before changing into inspection-specific clothing with Cang Hai.

Ji Canghai wasn’t very satisfied with Xiao Yu’s answer; he didn’t know why. As soon as he thought that guy Wu Mingzhi might be coveting Xiao Yu, his fists hardened uncharacteristically, and he couldn’t wait to grab Wu Mingzhi and take him to the training ground to torture him properly.

But he also knew that, as a doctor, Wu Mingzhi didn’t need to train like other warriors.

Perhaps covering his face with a sack would be a good choice.

The two of them walked out of the locker room hand in hand. Wu Mingzhi greeted them with a smile on his face and arranged for them to lie down on the instrument used for examination.

He operated the instrument skillfully and suddenly touched his neck, which suddenly felt cold.

Was it possible that the temperature control system had made a mistake?

He let the instrument operate automatically and found the remote control to adjust the temperature, but found that it wasn’t a problem with the temperature control system at all.

Then it was strange; could it be that someone was thinking about him?

Alas, being handsome meant having the trouble of being missed.

The instrument slowly pushed Xiao Yu into the confined space, and he saw a beam of green light shining down from the top while moving from the soles of his feet to his upper body. It would return to its original point after the green light probed the top of his head.

After repeating this twice, the instrument table pushed him back out.

He saw that Cang Hai had also completed his examination and was about to get up to help him, but was stopped by Wu Mingzhi, “There’s no rush; there are still other items to be examined.”

So for some time after that, Xiao Yu completed blo*od collection, X-rays, and a variety of tests he couldn’t name in turn.

After doing all these, even Xiao Yu, who was as energetic as he was, felt a hint of fatigue.

Wu Mingzhi was recording their various data, and when he saw Xiao Yu leading Ji Canghai towards him, he waved his hand at them and said, “The examination is complete, and it will take about one star hour at the earliest to produce the results. The two of you can go eat first and come back later.”

Xiao Yu eagerly asked, “Then Cang Hai’s eyes?”

“Whether or not surgery can be performed and whether or not the cure can be successful, we need to wait for the results of the examination before I can make a judgment.” Wu Mingzhi patiently explained, “Even if it can be operated on, I still need a little time to simulate the surgical plan. I know you are anxious; in fact, we are also anxious. For you, Cang Hai is your lover. But for us, Cang Hai is our leader, our faith; he is just as important to us.”

Xiao Yu was stunned. Was this strict and sincere Wu Mingzhi in front of him really as bad as Cang Hai said? He clearly looked very decent and reliable.

Ji Canghai quietly listened to Wu Mingzhi’s performance, but seeing that he was supporting and praising him in front of Xiao Yu, he had no intention of pursuing the previous matter.

When the two left the medical room, Liu Yilian, who had already prepared the meal and came to invite them to move to the living room.

The décor of the living room was different from the corridor filled with a sense of technology and the cold and monotonous medical room; the carpet in the living room was thick and soft, and the colors were inclined towards warm tones.

There were also large crystal chandeliers at the top of the living room, each tassel embellished with magnificent and rare crystals, adding a touch of luxury to the living room.

A long table was placed in the center, which was filled with sumptuous food.

Xiao Yu visually estimated that there were six seats on each side of the long table, a double seat in front of the long table, and none at the back.

This made a total of fourteen seats; they added up to thirteen people; Wu Mingzhi didn’t seem to here; subtracting one more only left twelve, which was completely enough.

As Liu Yilian introduced the living room furnishings, she also didn’t forget to mention, “Originally, there was only one seat at the head of the long table, but ever since you came, Mr. Xiao, I’ve changed the original head seat to a double seat. I hope that the chief won’t blame me for taking matters into my own hands.”

Ji Canghai was very satisfied with Liu Yilian’s arrangement; she was worthy of being his most capable subordinate; even his thoughts were so well understood.

However, he couldn’t act too forcefully, and after pondering for a moment, he threw the question to Xiao Yu, “What do you think? If you are unwilling, you don’t have to force yourself.”

“I’m fine with both.” Xiao Yu couldn’t help but sigh at Liu Yilian’s ability to do things.

Regardless of whether he was willing to share a double seat with Cang Hai or not, there were plenty of seats, and no matter how he chose, he couldn’t go wrong.

“Please take your seats. Since we don’t know Mr. Xiao’s tastes, we arranged for the usual food that the chief loves to eat. If Mr. Xiao has any preferred foods or taboos, you can talk to me.”

“I don’t have any taboos.” Xiao Yu didn’t like to trouble others.

Liu Yilian smiled faintly. “Well then, we will leave you two alone.”

Xiao Yu glanced at the table full of food in confusion and asked, “Aren’t you guys going to eat together?”

Liu Yilian shook her head. “These are all prepared for you guys; we’re not hungry yet.”

At this time, Ji Canghai snapped, “There’s no harm in sitting down and eating together.” He knew Xiao Yu’s nature, so this was also a good opportunity for Xiao Yu to get used to his status and position.


The crowd took their seats, and Ji Canghai also led Xiao Yu to sit beside him.

Ji Canghai got close to Xiao Yu’s ear and whispered, “I want to eat stewed prawns and stir-fried chicken gizzards; can you clip them for me?”

The man’s low voice flowed around Xiao Yu’s ears, and his warm breath scalded the tips of his ears. He rubbed his ear quickly and whispered, “Okay.”

This place was different from the Desolate Planet; on the Desolate Planet, there were no outsiders, and they could eat whatever they wanted.

But now that there were outsiders, they would have to pay attention to some table manners.

Xiao Yu was afraid that Cang Hai would put all the food with shells in his mouth and chew them as before, and although Cang Hai’s teeth were good, it was inevitable that he would make a noise when chewing.

In order to maintain Cang Hai’s dignity as an alpha, Xiao Yu took the initiative to take on the task of shelling the prawns.

“Thanks a lot.” Ji Canghai accepted Xiao Yu’s feeding without any psychological burden.

Everything was perfect, but at that moment, an uninvited guest intruded into the living room.

“Ow, ow, ow!”

The long-haired ball pounced on Ji Canghai, his two paws tightly grabbing his clothes and his watery eyes expressing his longing.

“Aojia, do you miss me? Yang Yongning, go to the kitchen and prepare a rice bowl for Aojia.” Ji Canghai tenderly stroked Aojia’s long hair.

Little did he know that Xiao Yu was now covering his mouth, unable to conceal his shock.

Aojia was white, long-haired, resembling a dog yet not a dog.

Wasn’t this the pet of the villainous Big Boss Ji Canghai?



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