C3—–Meal Ticket Big Brother

“That’s too much.” Xiao Yu said, but his tail honestly threw itself into the arms of Cang Hai.


Cang Hai opened his hand, the ring on his index finger flashed with light, and a palm-sized instrument appeared in his hand out of thin air.


He placed the instrument on Xiao Yu’s wound, and immediately turned on the switch.



The warm blue light covered Xiao Yu’s bloody wound, greatly reducing his pain, but he had no time to feel it all.


He pointed at the instrument in the man’s hand and couldn’t figure it out no matter what: “Where did you take it out from?”



While judging the extent of the trauma on the fishtail with his fingers, Cang Hai replied, “The space ring.”


So he wasn’t dazzled, Cang Hai really took the thing out from a ring.


How was that possible? When did the world have such advanced technology, no, it wasn’t just ‘advanced’ anymore.



Space ring, wasn’t that only in science fiction and mystery novels?



Xiao Yu’s mind was shaken, no matter how hard he tried to deny it, what Cang Hai was doing was tearing his knowledge apart bit by bit, making him see the reality without mercy.





A stinging pain came from his tail, and Xiao Yu couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air.



Cang Hai moved his finger to the side: “Sorry, I can’t see your wound, I can only feel it.”



Only then did Xiao Yu notice that in order to heal hi!, Cang Hai’s fingers lingered on his tail, his scales looked hard, but in fact, they were similar to the sensitivity of his skin.


When crawling on the sand, the rough sand and stone contacted with his tail in a large area, but it didn’t feel extremely uncomfortable.



But when Cang Hai’s slightly calloused fingertips, repeatedly rubbed his scales, the feeling of only a few scattered scales being taken special care of, was really …… difficult to explain.



Xiao Yu was so embarrassed that his tail fin curled up.


He raised his eyes slightly, even the sea and the afterglow of the setting sun wasn’t as dazzling as Cang Hai.



Xiao Yu always knew that Cang Hai’s appearance was excellent, but when Cang Hai closed his eyes and carefully explored his wound, his heart still skipped a beat.


After Xiao Yu secretly scolded himself for staring, he looked away with difficulty, “Why don’t I do it by myself? Can you teach me how to use it?”

Cang Hai nodded slightly: “Okay.”



After saying that, he handed the healing instrument to Xiao Yu, who took it with great care: “Thank you.”


The treatment instrument was very simple to use, he just needed to press the switch, the probe below would emit blue light.


This blue light could accelerate the healing of wounds, and also decompose the toxins and other harmful substances on the surface of the skin, which was quite convenient and magical.


“Can’t it heal your eyes?” Xiao Yu asked.


To be honest, he still didn’t quite believe that a blind man who couldn’t see anything could easily save him from the monster’s tentacles.



Cang Hai shook his head, “It can only heal external injuries, my eyes are not considered external injuries.”



And then he paused for a moment and added: “Broken ribs don’t count either.”


Xiao Yu: “……”



I know, I know, next time I will save people gently.


The healing effect of the treatment instrument was outstanding, Xiao Yu followed Cang Hai’s instructions to let the blue light evenly irradiate the injury, not long after, the bloody tail grew a layer of pink and white skin.


Xiao Yu was surprised, the wound was itchy, he couldn’t help but reach out to scratch.


But was stopped by Cang Hai: “The skin has just grown, it’s still very fragile, so you can’t touch.”



Xiao Yu looked at the wrist that was clasped tightly, his movements were swift and precise, it was hard not to be suspicious: “Cang Hai, are you really blind?”


Cang Hai smiled and slightly inclined his head, from Xiao Yu’s angle, he could see the man’s deep three-dimensional to sculpture-like features. The sunlight also seemed cautious, not daring to stain the man’s handsome face.



Even if Cang Hai’s eyes were tightly closed at the moment, it didn’t detract from his handsome beauty, it made him curious, when these eyes opened, wouldn’t it be magnificent?


Xiao Yu was lucky enough to see his eyes.



It was a dull gray with no life in sight, like Venus with a broken arm, making people feel sorry for them yet they couldn’t help but be enchanted.



“I really can’t see,” Cang Hai’s low voice ran out, “the loss of vision doesn’t mean anything, I can judge the time by the temperature change, can choose the direction of the sword swing by the sound, the flow of seawater also contains a lot of information, these things don’t need eyes to see, and even some times, vision is rather a liability.”



Xiao Yu admitted that Cang Hai’s words were powerful, but as long as he was clear headed, he wasn’t so easily fooled: “If it’s really like you said, what do you need me to do?”



Cang Hai was silent. After realizing that Xiao Yu wasn’t easy to fool, he changed his strategy: “Octopus ocellatus is a relatively low level species in this ocean. You can’t even deal with it, and soon you will starve to death because you can’t find food. We can cooperate. I’ll be responsible for hunting, you’ll be responsible for guiding the way, and we will live together.”


Live together.



Xiao Yu was touched by these words, after experiencing a series of changes like shipwreck, coming back from the dead and then becoming a mermaid, he suddenly found that nothing was more important than living.



Cang Hai was right, with his fighting ability he couldn’t survive in the deserted star, he needed food, and Cang Hai needed eyes, they’d just take what they needed.


There couldn’t be a more compatible partner than them!


“Okay,” Xiao Yu smiled, “I’ll be your eyes from now on.”



Cang Hai mused, “Then I am your ……”



He was momentarily short of words, after all, mermaids were originally creatures of the sea, and it was the first time he had seen a mermaid who couldn’t hunt.



Xiao Yu took over: “You are my meal ticket, so meal ticket brother, do we have our dinner?”


What’s a meal ticket?


But Cang Hai didn’t deny it, kind of acquiescing to Xiao Yu’s name for him.



“Pick up all the cut tentacles on the beach, it’s our dinner.” He said.



Because of Xiao Yu’s tail injury, he hadn’t moved during Cang Hai’s treatment for him.



After being away from their bodies for so long, they were still able to squirm, the barbs and scales on their tentacles were clearly visible, and they were even oozing outward with blackened pus and blood.



Xiao Yu didn’t hide his doubt: “This thing can really be eaten?”



Perhaps sensing Xiao Yu’s difficulty, Cang Hai kindly changed his task: “Fill it up with water.”



Xiao Yu was amused and hurriedly took the container from Cang Hai.



The container caliber was about a palm wide, the style roughly looked a bit like a thermos bucket, when he opened the lid, there was a ladle in the liner for fetching water.


Most likely, Cang Hai also took it out of the space ring.


It was easy to get water. Xiao Yu didn’t spend much time filling the container.


He turned around and was ready to take credit to Cang Hai when he saw Cang Hai pick up the last tentacle with his sword and put it into a large pot.


“You even have a pot?” Xiao Yu’s pupils shrank slightly, “You must still have a lot of food in your spatial ring, right?”



Cang Hai heard Xiao Yu’s resistance to the tentacles, the corners of his mouth raised unnoticeably, “I ate all my food before I came here.”



That was to say, Cang Hai also experienced a long journey before falling into the sea area.



Xiao Yu was somewhat curious about this man’s origin, but he knew that rashly prying into the other’s past would have no benefit other than satisfying his curiosity, and might even affect their cooperative relationship.


So he thoughtfully chose to sidestep the question, “The pot is there and so is the water, is it time to make a fire?”



“No need.” Cang Hai stretched out his hand and gestured for Xiao Yu to give him the container filled with water, with Xiao Yu’s confused gaze on him, he attached the container and the pot handle together.



A moment later, a wisp of green smoke emerged from the pot.



Xiao Yu felt the pounding heat and finally understood: “This is …… water to generate electricity?”


In his world, burning water to generate electricity was very common, but it was definitely not this efficient.



Cang Hai patiently explained, “Water energy converter, it’s able to convert water into energy, but the conversion rate is limited.”



But it was enough to improve the world’s energy shortage!



If he could bring this technology back …… would he be able to go back?


Xiao Yu felt melancholy, but soon, he was attracted by the aroma of food and had no time to be sentimental.


He didn’t know what Cang Hai added to the pot. At that moment, the smell became stronger and more attractive. It went straight to his nose.


Xiao Yu couldn’t control the secretion of saliva, his belly roared.



Not wanting to be embarrassed in front of his new friend, he hurriedly pinched his nose and held his red face.


“No need to hold back, to be honest, I’m about to drool too.” Cang Hai sounded more relaxed.



Xiao Yu obediently let go of his fingers and breathed heavily, only to have the scent take advantage of the situation, even before he started eating, he felt the taste of food between his lips and teeth.


To divert attention, Xiao Yu asked what condiments Cang Hai had added.


Cang Hai also didn’t hide: “I dried the deep-sea cod and ground it into powder, and then I added the grass juice of condensation grass and the pollen of geocache flower.”



Xiao Yu wrote it down silently, and heard Cang Hai say with slight regret: “Unfortunately I can’t see it, otherwise I’d cut these tentacles into slices, it has a special flavor.”


Xiao Yu’s expression changed slightly: “Eat it raw?” Just like eating sashimi.



Cang Hai kindly reminded: “The outer skin of the tentacles can only be softened with a high temperature of more than one thousand two hundred degrees, it also carries its own toxins, it must be cooked to eat.”


Xiao Yu blushed, he couldn’t be blamed for being whimsical, it was because he didn’t understand this world at all.



Fortunately, Cang Hai thought he was an indigenous mermaid, otherwise he still had to think about how to explain this.


Once the box was opened, Xiao Yu took the opportunity to ask a number of questions, he also learned from Cang Hai about the origin of the Desolate Star.


Desolate star, as the name suggested, were those that were uninhabitable to humans, deserted planets.



Most of the desolate stars were barren, and only a few of them had the conditions to breed life, and it happened that this M7381 deserted star, where Xiao Yu was, belonged to the deserted stars that could breed life.



“No wonder I couldn’t find where the sun was.” He thought that the clouds were too thick and blocked the sun, but it turned out that the light source of this desolate star was the meteorite belt outside the star.



The huge heat generated by the collision of the meteorite belt happened to meet one of the conditions for the deserted star to nurture life, so even the hideously described black bearded octopuses could be considered a miracle of life.


As they spoke, the tentacles in the pot were already cooked.



“Taste it.” Cang Hai fished out two pairs of knives and forks from the spatial ring, and one of them was given to Xiao Yu.



Xiao Yu saw that although Cang Hai couldn’t see, he was able to fumble and cut off pieces of meat to eat without his help, so he raised the knife and fork and couldn’t wait to cut off a piece of meat into his mouth.



The tentacle meat was more tender and juicy than he thought, his teeth only managed to bite through the outer skin, and the hot soup gushed out and filled his mouth instantly.



It was so hot that Xiao Yu lifted his neck and breathed, but he was reluctant to spit out the delicacy in his mouth. He held the fork and fanned his mouth while moving his chin, so that his teeth could take the opportunity to bite off a piece of meat.


Xiao You was disgusted with his own etiquette.


“Is it delicious?” Cang Hai teased.



Xiao Yu didn’t look up: “It’s really good!”





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