C87 – Sinister Lover [Slice]

He leaned on the shoulder of the man behind him, and a quiet chuckle came from his ear.



In a trance, he saw the face of the person behind him.



He looked exactly like Lan Huai.



His turquoise pupils were deep and seductive, and an ethereal fragrance confused his nerves and thoughts.



“Brother,” the person behind him lightly bit Chu Chen’an’s earlobe, “it’s my turn to kiss him.”



Chu Chen’an felt a creepy coolness rise behind him, the person behind him came in front of him, and gently kissed his lips.



He couldn’t retreat, and he was kissed for a long time.






When Chu Chen’an opened his eyes and woke up, he had already returned to the B&B. The sky outside the window was already dark, mixed with a cool evening breeze.



He looked at the ceiling and froze for a few seconds before sitting up sluggishly.



Was it a dream just now?



Why would he have a dream like that? With two people.



Chu Chen’an’s cheeks reddened, and he rubbed the back of his neck, still somewhat in a trance.



Lan Xu brought dinner to Chu Chen’an’s room; he had changed into a lavender outer shirt. “You’re up? I brought up the food downstairs for you; come and eat.”



Chu Chen’an let out an “Oh” and came to sit in front of the bamboo chair. He took the clear porridge that Lan Xu handed him and softly thanked him.



Chu Chen’an drank a small mouthful of porridge and asked, “I am… how did I come back?”



“You fell asleep after I put medicine on you in the valley,” Lan Xu propped up his chin with his palm, “and then I carried you back.”



Chu Chen’an’s movements lurched, and hesitation flashed in his eyes.



Lan Xu smiled. “Later, He Xuesheng came to find us, and we all returned together.”



Only then did Chu Chen’an dispel the worry in his heart.



Perhaps it was the hallucinogenic effect of that fragrance.



Chu Chenan habitually comforted himself, and he began to eat a full meal.



After eating, He Xuesheng also came to see him.



“Chen’an, does your wound still hurt?” He Xuesheng had just washed his hair and sat down beside Lan Xu with a head of wet hair.



Chu Chen’an: “Much better.”



He wiped his hair, the wound at his neck glowing a deep black color.



“That’s good.” He Xuesheng took a piece of snack on the table and nibbled on it. “When I came back to look for you guys after finding my brush in the morning, I found that you all had disappeared. I searched for a long time but couldn’t find you, then I went back to the B&B to look, and on the way I accidentally stepped on the air and fell into a ditch, and it stank. When I came back, I had to take three showers! I still feel like I still have a smell of shit on me now, and then I saw Lan Xu on the mountain road at the end of the flower field.”



Lan Xu interrupted him, his tone flat. “Have you eaten?”



He Xuesheng paused, stopped his words, and turned to answer Lan Xu’s question, “I just ate.”



Chu Chen’an concentrated on finishing the porridge and glanced at He Xuesheng’s deep black wound, which looked even more serious than in the morning…



He Xuesheng didn’t care much; he scratched his neck and said, “I just saw a lot of people gathering downstairs, it seems they’re going to organize some kind of ceremony; it looks lively; let’s go and have a look too.”



Lan Xu glanced at the grains of rice on Chu Chen’an’s lips and replied, “That’s a wedding ceremony.”



Chu Chen’an, who was concentrating on eating, wasn’t really interested, as he chewed a piece of meat.



Lan Xu raised his hand and wiped the rice grains off Chu Chen’an’s lips. His fingertips inadvertently traced Chu Chen’an’s lips, his movements sluggish.



Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened slightly as he looked at Lan Xu.



Lan Xu smiled, warmly explaining, “Rice.”



For some reason, he always felt that there was an unknown danger hidden in Lan Xu’s moist and bright, harmless eyes.



Chu Chen’an put down the bowl, wiped his mouth with a paper towel, put the bowl and chopsticks on the dinner plate, and finally spoke. “I’m full.”



After saying that, he walked out of the room.



Lan Xu looked deeply at his back; his tongue licked his dry lower lip, seemingly reminiscing.





Half an hour later, he was still pulled by He Xuesheng with enthusiasm, so he went downstairs to the vast open space of the wedding festival.



There were hundreds of people who came to watch the ceremony, and they formed a circle with a huge bonfire in the middle, and inside the circle stood five or six old women dressed very differently, who looked like priests, surrounding a young man and woman, dancing a weird dance on one side, and hissing unintelligible incantations.



The people around them looked serious and indifferent, and their mouths were also muttering something mechanically.



This wasn’t like a wedding ceremony, but rather like a funeral.



Chu Chen’an felt a little numb as he and He Xuesheng slowly approached.



Some people turned back to look at them, the bottom of their numb eyes filled with greed, as if they were looking at food.



Later on, many people also poured into the crowd, and the circle became chaotic and noisy.



There was a loud bang and a sharp flash of fire in the campfire.



The fire burned even bigger, and a strong smell of roasting soon came from the hot flames.



The smell was so unpleasant that Chu Chen’an took a few steps back, and the people behind him rushed in.



He and Xuesheng were seperated.



Suddenly, someone in the crowd pushed him.



He staggered a few steps and fell backwards.



Just as he was panicking, a large palm rested on his back waist, and his back shoulder rested against the chest of the person behind him.



Chu Chen’an turned around to see that it was Lan Xu.



He quickly stood up straight and squeezed his palms in a hasty manner. “Thank you.”



“It’s fine.” Under the light and dark fire shadows, Lan Xu smiled seductively.



Chu Chen’an felt that he couldn’t stay much longer; he wanted to go find He Xuesheng but was suddenly stopped by Lan Xu’s shoulder. “Be careful; that side is lit on fire.”



Lan Xu had just finished speaking when Chu Chen’an saw the bonfire in the distance explode into flames. One of the priests was set ablaze all over her body; she hissed in pain and rolled on the ground.



The surrounding priests retreated in a panic; the flames burned quickly; the person’s clothes were already burnt to a crisp; and the smell of roasted meat was faintly coming from them.



Chu Chen’an was stunned by the scene in front of him; he didn’t notice Lan Xu’s hand on his shoulder for a moment.



The accident then caused the crowd to roar, and the newlywed couple standing at the altar ran down and followed a few youths who ran to help put out the fire.



The old woman, who was rolling on the ground, hissed as a ball of fireworks exploded again, igniting her body as she shrilly hissed and wailed.






Many people around her were trying to put out the fire, but unfortunately the flames burned too fast, the old woman’s hair was almost burnt out, and she no longer had the strength to struggle.



Lan Xu calmly watched, glancing down.



Chu Chen’an looked stunned, his eyelashes trembling timidly as the bright flame bloomed in his good-looking eyes.



“Pretty, isn’t it?”



Lan Xu wore a lazy smile as he whispered, “It’s better not to organise this kind of wedding in the future.”



It was too dangerous.



The surrounding cacophony was too noisy, Chu Chen’an didn’t hear it and said in a trembling voice, “Wh, what?”



It was clearly a very frightening scene, but he felt that Lan Xu was laid back as if he had come to a shopping mall.



“Nothing.” Lan Xu pleasantly smoothed the silver bells on his neckpiece.



Later, a few people found water before they doused the fire on that priest. The priest was burned beyond recognition; her clothes were ragged, and it looked like there wasn’t a single piece of good flesh left.



The surrounding crowd turned from panic to silence. Many people were staring at the charred body, and Chu Chen’an glanced at the person to his left.



That person clearly gulped, but there was no semblance of fear in his eyes.



This wedding ceremony didn’t work out, so the crowd quickly dispersed.



That priest seemed to still have a breath left in her, but she was still rudely put into a burlap sack by the several priests around her, it wasn’t known where she was going to be transported to.



Chu Chen’an was in shock.



“Chen’an!” He Xuesheng’s voice rang through the crowd: “Chen’an, where are you?”



Chu Chen’an tilted his head to look; He Xuesheng was trying to find them.



Chu Chen’an waved to him, and He Xuesheng then saw them.



He quickly squeezed through the crowd.



Lan Xu reluctantly removed the hand on his shoulder.



“Let’s go back,” He Xuesheng yawned. “I thought it’d be so much fun, but it turned out to be so scary.”



Chu Chen’an nodded. “Hmm.”



The three of them went back to the B&B together, and when they reached the downstairs of the B&B, Lan Xu said goodbye to them.



Lan Xu stood at the door of the B&B and said in a warm voice, “Rest early.”



Chu Chen’an nodded and walked ahead to quickly walk up the stairs first, with He Xuesheng following closely behind.



Lan Xu watched Chu Chen’an’s back and narrowed his eyes.



After waiting for the people to walk away,.



The shop manager downstairs stood eagerly at Lan Xu’s side, his voice hoarse. “Why did you… save him?”



The shopkeeper looked at He Xuesheng’s back.



Lan Xu’s voice turned cold, but his smile narrowed. “Let all those dirty things under the ground be at peace.”



“But… priest, they all need blo-od,” the shopkeeper bowed and finished his words with trepidation, “otherwise they won’t live long.”



“Can’t live then don’t raise them, how many years have you raised these things, aren’t you getting tired?” Lan Xu’s tone was eerie, “If you want to keep those things, don’t let the stench waft in here.”



His An’an shouldn’t smell it.



The shop manager respectfully nodded his head, “Yes … yes …”



Soon, Lan Xu’s figure disappeared into the black curtain.





After Chu Chen’an finished his bath, he pressed a armful of mahogany swords under his bed and placed the ocarina that Lan Xu had given him on a bamboo chair outside the bamboo building’s promenade.



He checked the door lock twice to make sure it was correct before he dared to lie down on the bed.



He wore a set of loose white pyjamas with shorts that came down to just above his knees, his calves were white and tender, and there was some faint pink around his knees.



[ding ~ live broadcast automatically opens]



[Hi, baby wife.]



[Woohoo, clean and fragrant wife, quickly let me bite (X52 gold coin)]



[Wife this copy seems to have no mainline task yeah, it seems to be to experience 3* happy life hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe]



[Honey, don’t be afraid tonight; just cry louder. (X520 gold coins)]



[This is the first time I’ve encountered such excitement X55 gold coins.]



[Good Lord, 3* happy life!]






Chu Chen’an looked at the screen. From time to time, he’d answer some of the questions that could be answered. He looked around and found that the word “3*” plus a blocked word constantly appeared.



He thought for a while but couldn’t figure out what this blocked word was.



[Does wife like biscuits, the kind that are sandwiched together (color)]



Chu Chen’an wiped his hair. He smiled faintly, slightly curving his pink lips. He saw this comment and thought they were simply asking him.



His peach blossom-like eyes were clueless and innocent; he answered seriously, “Not particularly, but I like to eat strawberry-flavored ones.”




[Ow, ow, ow, help, he’s so good (X555 gold coins)]




[Wife ended up being the strawberry (X25 gold coins)]



[Yeah! ]



[I’m such a bad person; how can I think of so much waste? Won’t my conscience be condemned?]



[I can’t wait to see a threesome!]



[I can’t wait to see my wife get caught in the middle of a frying pan.]



[I want to see my wife being switched in a row!]



Chu Chen’an wasn’t very good at reading comments; he only caught one key word: “three people.”.



Three people?



Soon, the live broadcast was turned off, and Chu Chen’an then turned off the lights as well.



Chu Chen’an closed his eyes and placed his hands on the outside of the quilt, all the while thinking about what the comment on the screen meant.



Could it be that something happened in the live broadcast last night for the people in the live broadcast to see?



The more Chu Chen’an thought about it, the more he couldn’t sleep, so he lay flat on his back with his eyes closed.



The light in the room was very dark, the sound of the melodious ocarina came from the half-open window from time to time, it must have been coming from the opposite side, like Lan Xu was playing the ocarina.



Why wasn’t he sleeping in the middle of the night? what kind of ocarina was he playing?



Chu Chen’an frowned and rolled over, feeling his drowsiness disappear.



After a long time.



Chu Chen’an closed his eyes but still couldn’t sleep.






A wind movement came from the quiet room, followed by a strong fragrance.



Chu Chenan’s heart thumped, he didn’t dare to open his eyes, holding his breath to maintain his sleeping position.



He vaguely felt the chill that came to his face, there was a cold hand that went along his arm then stroked his neck, the movement was slow and gentle.



His consciousness was fully there at the moment.



This wasn’t a dream?



Chu Chenan’s eyelashes fluttered slightly, and he felt like his heart was about to beat out.



He closed his eyes, and that cold touch stayed at his neck.



Slowly, that cold and piercing hand stroked his chin, then his lips …



Chu Chenan’s nerves were taut, he didn’t dare to move a bit.



That hand pinched Chu Chen’an’s chin, and that person branded a gentle kiss on Chu Chen’an’s lips.



Chu Chen’an felt his heart stop for a split second.



That person’s kiss was lingering and loving, and his tongue swept over his teeth, biting down hard on Chu Chen’an’s lower lip.



Chu Chen’an called out in pain in his heart.



“An An, you’re so afraid of me.” The man’s voice was ghostly cold, and he licked the lip that had been bitten.




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