C82 – Pathological Secret Admirer

Chu Chen’an gripped the sheet tightly, his knuckles slightly white.



He couldn’t help but tremble lightly.



“No, I don’t want this.”



Chu Chen’an forgot how many times he had been through this, and he looked pitifully at Pei Yan, fear filled his eyes.



“Don’t be afraid, baby,” Pei Yan stroked his slightly disheveled hair and said gently, “We can be together forever this way.”



His tone was flat with an undertone of pleasure as he looked at Chu Chen’an with fascination.



He kissed Chu Chen’an’s forehead, all the way to Chu Chen’an’s red lips.



Chu Chen’an was held tightly in his arms.



Feeling Pei Yan’s intense love.



The door to the master bedroom in the late afternoon stayed closed.



The floor-to-ceiling curtains leaked sweet sobs through the sunlight, accompanied by bursts of an unsteady voice begging for mercy.



Chu Chen’an forgot how many times he shouted ‘husband’, but Pei Yan wasn’t moved.



He realized how angry Pei Yan was.



Because of his multiple disappearances and because of his evasion.



Chu Chen’an had promised Pei Yan a lot of things, but a lot of times he’d run away.



Pei Yan used this as a way to make him learn his lesson.



He thought before passing out.



Pei Yan stroked the hair in front of Chu Chen’an’s forehead and gently rubbed his cheeks with his fingers.



Chu Chen’an woke up again in the night.



He rolled over with difficulty and raised his hand to click on the system control panel.



On the control panel, although his mission two was complete, it hadn’t completely turned green. He clicked on mission two’s mission box in the lower right corner of the drop-down button.



The task box expanded downward, and a line of tiny text appeared:


[Additional task: disclose the hiding place of the missing students’ bodies from Beiyuan Boys’ High School and expose their crimes.]



Chu Chen’an sat up and looked around the room he was in.



This room was dark, and the windows and doors were closed.



When he moved, the chains on his ankles tugged with him, making a crisp ringing sound.



He couldn’t find any electronic devices in this room.



Chu Chen’an felt vaguely uneasy; Pei Yan wouldn’t keep him locked up all the time, right?


[Ding ~ live broadcast automatically opened]


[Wife is so beautiful, nosebleed (X520 gold coins)]


[My wife’s collar is a bit big; I like it.]



[I”ve just had an X. There are strawberry marks on my wife’s neck.]






[My wife isn’t wearing any trousers, is he? (I’m not wearing any trousers, am I?)]



Chu Chen’an’s quilt wasn’t fully covered, revealing a small section of tender white calves.



[Quickly lift the quilt and let me see! (X22 gold coins)].



[Holy sh*t, there are a lot of hickeys on his calf (X888 gold coins)]



[Badass old top, he actually bit there (X66 gold coins)]


[Little Black Room Play.]





[So astringent, my wife is still wearing a silver chain on his feet!! (X55 gold coins)]



[Wow, wow, imprisonment play. I love it so much (X55 coins).]




The comments were still full of people saying they were taking their trousers off, but Chu Chen’an was already used to this.



He gathered his clothes, pursed his lips into a smile, and greeted the live camera, occasionally answering a few questions that he could.



Thirty minutes quickly passed.



The gold coin reward value reached 6K+.



Pei Yan came in with his dinner. He sat down by Chu Chen’an’s bed and wrapped his arms around him. “What was baby doing just now?”



“Nothing.” Chu Chen’an shook his head and used his consciousness to turn off the system control panel.



He looked at the chain glowing with silver light and raised his eyes to glance at Pei Yan: “Husband.”



Pei Yan: “Hmm?”



Chu Chen’an pleasingly leaned against him, his hand climbing on Pei Yan’s neck as he whispered, “Can you not lock me up? I’ll be good; I won’t run away again, really.”



Besides, even if there was a chance for him to go, he wouldn’t go again.



Pei Yan glanced at Chu Chen’an’s well-behaved eyes and gripped his hand tightly. “After baby gives me a child, I’ll let you out.”



“I’m a boy.” Chu Chen’an tried to break Pei Yan’s dream of a baby, saying, “I can’t have a baby.”



“Baby, you promised me.” Pei Yan stared at him and said,.



Chu Chen’an lowered his head in vain and pinched his fingers. “But… but I can’t get pregnant.”



“The medical level in this world has developed fast in these years; baby may not know,” Pei Yan’s palm smoothed down his back. “A special research dr-ug that can make men conceive has already been widely sold on the market three years ago.”



“What,… what?” Chu Chen’an was a bit shocked.



Pei Yan said, “But this type of special research medicine is not applicable to all men; it needs to select men with an applicability rate higher than 80% by checking their DNA samples.”



Chu Chen’an’s cheek pressed against Pei Yan’s neck and he muttered in a small voice, “Then I’m definitely not 80%.”



“Hmm.” Pei Yan kissed Chu Chen’an’s face.



Chu Chen’an sighed in relief as he hid in Pei Yan’s arms like an ostrich.



Then he heard Pei Yan add, “Baby’s applicability rate is 98%.”



“How is it possible?” Chu Chen’an sat up straight, his eyes full of incredulity. He moved back. “I don’t want to take that medicine; I don’t want to get pregnant.”



He didn’t want to leave the baby in the void copy world; he would leave sooner or later; it would be cruel.



Pei Yan held Chu Chen’an’s back, seeing that he was scared.



Sighing softly, he soothed him: “Baby won’t if he doesn’t want to; I’ll wait until you’re willing to; husband won’t force you, okay?”



Chu Chen’an was coaxed by Pei Yan. He reluctantly leaned back into Pei Yan’s arms again. He muttered in a small voice, “Then, what if I’m not willing all the time?”



“Then don’t.” Pei Yan kissed the side of Chu Chen’an’s face and said, “It’s enough for me to have you, as long as baby stays with me all the time.”



After finishing dinner, Pei Yan then wrapped his arms around him and said a lot of things in his ear.



Pei Yan was a quiet person, but tonight he talked to him for hours.



He hid his thoughts and love in those words, making Chu Chen’an’s heart beat faster.



Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped as he was held in Pei Yan’s hand. The warm touch that came from his palm felt as if it had spread all the way to his heart.



It was difficult to quell this feeling.



He was unable to control his heart.



Around twelve o’clock.



Chu Chen’an shook his head and didn’t think much more.



Leaning against Pei Yan, he closed his eyes.



He’d been in that small room for four or five days now, and Pei Yan had been with him almost all the time.



Tirelessly, both during the day and at night.



Chu Chen’an’s eyes were red, and he didn’t know how many words he used to beg for forgiveness, but Pei Yan still didn’t soften his heart.



Early one morning.



As soon as Chu Chen’an woke up, he wrapped his arms around Pei Yan’s neck.



“Oooh, husband, I don’t dare anymore.” His eyes were wet, brimming with tears. “Can’t you stop locking me up? I’ll be good. I won’t run away, really.”



He said these words less than dozens of times; it was almost becoming muscle memory.



Pei Yan finally softened. He touched Chu Chen’an’s head and said, “Then baby has to do what he says.”



“Mmm!” Chu Chen’an instantly withdrew his tears; his eyes were soulful and clear as he nodded repeatedly.



His begging proved to work.



Pei Yan took him back to the master bedroom.



After being kissed by Pei Yan for twenty minutes to the point where his mouth was swollen, he got his freedom as he wished.



He took advantage of the fact that Pei Yan had gone to make soup, and quickly exited the game interface, he sat on the sofa and clicked on a certain forum interface, then he started typing rapidly.



[Title: The students who have disappeared over the years from Imperial City’s Beiyuan Boys’ High School have in fact all died in the basement chemical pool of the abandoned building.]



He wrote about five or six hundred words, from the basement of the abandoned building to the lake, making it unusually detailed and specific. This caused thousands of people to reply to the post, and all kinds of speculations came out. It also caused a lot of people to be shocked and panicked.



Unlike the last copy, there was no actual photographic evidence of this incident, and although it caused a lot of discussion, there were still quite a few people who thought it was a rumor.



Chu Chen’an clicked on several more social media platforms and used the account provided to him by the system to promote this matter profusely, and various official media outlets then began to report on it.



The popularity on the post continued to rise, and it had already made it to the number one spot on the popular boards of all the major platforms.



The reason why Chu Chen’an’s post had caused such a big reaction was because he had stated it with too much deliberation and specificity, completely revealing himself as the image of a person in the know, making it hard not to draw attention to it; the second was that there had been weird rumors about Beiyuan Boys’ High School year after year.



But this topic had always been secretly and obscurely discussed, only as gossip after dinner and tea.



And today, finally, someone dared to come out and speak out, which also provoked a lot of people who knew to also stand out, and there were even past Beiyuan Boys’ high school graduates that came out to speak out.



This incident intensified, and tens of thousands of people in the comment section were requesting a thorough investigation of Beiyuan Boys’ High School.



In less than half an hour, the official account of Beiyuan Boys’ High School urgently came out to dispel the rumors and claimed that it was willing to open up the school and accept inspections and supervision from all walks of life and sectors of the community.



Immediately after, the posts about this matter were all deleted, and the popularity was strongly suppressed.



Chu Chen’an frowned as he clicked on the forum to post again, when he heard Pei Yan’s footsteps from outside the door.



“Baby stop playing, it’s not good for your eyes.” Pei Yan said.



Chu Chen’an hurriedly exited the forum background, cleaned out all the history, and closed the computer, “Oh.”



Pei Yan pulled open the curtains, he just wanted to go and hug Chu Chen’an when the phone’s ringtone rang.



His movements lurched, and in front of Chu Chen’an, he accepted it and sat down next to Chu Chen’an.



“Hello,” Pei Yan’s tone was cold; he listened to the person on the other end of the phone and was silent for a long time. “Did you find the IP address?”



Chu Chen’an sat up straight and looked nervously at Pei Yan.



They should be talking about what happened just now.



Pei Yan inclined his head and glanced at Chu Chen’an. He saw Chu Chen’an’s round eyes widen as he stared straight at him.



Pei Yan raised his hand and rubbed his small earlobe, saying to the person on the phone, “I do hold the highest investment stake, but this matter has nothing to do with me. I said long ago that this matter can’t be hidden for long, so you guys do well.”



Chu Chen’an exhaled.





Pei Yan didn’t seem to intend to care about this matter.


“Baby.” Pei Yan hung up the phone and hugged Chu Chen’an.


Chu Chen’an raised his eyes nervously. “Hmm?”


Pei Yan asked, “What were you doing just now?”


“Playing games, ah.” Chu Chen’an whispered, “What’s wrong?”


Pei Yan pressed the remote control and turned on the projection TV while saying, “Something happened in Beiyuan Boys’ High School.”



The news was playing on TV.



Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped. “Really, what happened?”



“It says that a student posted that there were dead people in the school lake.”



Pei Yan said, glancing at Chu Chen’an, and he continued in a calm tone, “And the IP address that the school found out was our house.”



Chu Chen’an was exposed; he buried his face in Pei Yan’s arms and sullenly tried to explain, “I just can’t stand to look at it. When I was browsing school posts, I couldn’t help but post one.”



“Baby doesn’t like that school?” Pei Yan dotedly patted Chu Chen’an’s back.



Chu Chen’an: “Yeah.”



Who would like that da-mned place?



“Well, hubby knows.” Pei Yan kissed the top of Chu Chen’an’s hair and said, “Don’t worry, that school won’t be open for long.”



Chu Chen’an sat up straight.



His face rubbed against Pei Yan’s neck, indicating that he understood.



Pei Yan’s throat knot rolled as he rubbed against him. “Right, baby, the thing you promised me last time hasn’t been done yet.”



“What thing, ah?” Chu Chen’an was confused.



“The customized school uniform is ready,” Pei Yan said, wrapping his arms around Chu Chen’an. “Does baby want to try it on?”



Chu Chen’an had refusal written all over his face.



Pei Yan was talking about the thing he said before taking him to the basement.



At that time, Pei Yan said that he wanted to see him in a school uniform.



It sounded simple enough.



But was that school uniform an ordinary school uniform?



It was specially tailored!



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